Malaysian gov't wins right to appeal 'Allah' case

Sacramento Bee 22 August 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Malaysia's government on Thursday won the right to appeal a court ruling that allowed the country's non-Muslim minority to use the word "Allah" to


Keep calm, let court decide on ‘Allah’, Catholic Church pleads

The Malay Mail Online 21 August 2013

Fearing another flare-up over its claim to "Allah”, the Catholic Church called on Putrajaya to step in and douse the religious fire that has been lit ahead of its court hearing


‘Allah’ is for Muslims only, Malaysian minister tells Christians

Al Arabiya News 19 August 2013

The word "Allah” is reserved only for followers of Islam and non-Muslims must stop challenging this "absolute” right, Malaysia’s Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi


U.S. Allies Lead in Female Genital Mutilation

By Lloyd Billingsley

    UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, has issued a new report on FGM/C, female genital mutilation/cutting, that raises troubling questions about the practice and the American response to it, particularly in nations such as Egypt

"Girls and women are made to have their external genitalia removed fully or partially– some when they are just infants, others when they hit puberty,” explains UNICEF, "in the


Fasting month, so pupils told to take recess meals in bathroom – Updated

malaysiaedition 25 July 2013

A decision by a primary school administration to order its non-Muslim pupils to have their meals during recess in what appears to be the school’s shower room has gone viral and


Malaysian Muslims ask Vatican to recall envoy over use of "Allah”

The Washington Post 23 July 2013
By Richard S. Ehrlich

The Vatican’s first envoy to Muslim-majority Malaysia should quit and go back to Rome, angry Malaysian Islamists said after the Roman Catholic cleric said Christians may use


Female genital mutilation: 30 million girls 'at risk'

BBC News 23 July 2013

More than 30 million girls are at risk of being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) over the next decade, a study by Unicef has found. It said more than 125 million


Fatwa prohibits 4 Muslim finalists from taking part in beauty pageant 22 July 2013

Four Muslim finalists have been dropped from the Miss Malaysia World 2013 pageant due to a fatwa banning them from joining such events. Organiser Datuk Anna Lim said the


Malaysia sex bloggers charged over pork posting

france24. 19 July 2013

A Malaysian couple known for a sexually explicit blog were charged Thursday with sedition after they caused outrage by posting a Ramadan greeting on Facebook which showed them


London visit takes Malaysia-UK ties to greater heights

The Borneo Post 9 July 2013

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s four-day visit to the United Kingdom (UK) which ended on Thursday has taken Kuala Lumpur-London relationships to greater


From Islamist to Freethinker

Wall Street Journal 2 July 2013

At age 19, Amir Ahmad Nasr was perched awkwardly between a politicized religious culture and modern skeptical rationalism

Amir Ahmad Nasr was born in 1986 in Sudan, but when he was still a little child his father's career brought the family to Qatar and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and young Mr. Nasr


Two-thirds of Maldivians back moratorium on flogging: survey

Minivan News 27 June 2013
By JJ Robinson

Nearly two-thirds of Maldivians support a moratorium on flogging, according to the results of a survey conducted by Asia Research Partners and social activism website


Islam in a Nutshell Brochure

Citizen Warrior 26 June 2013

Islam in a Nutshell (PDF document)

The Counter Jihad Coalition in California put together a brochure entitled "Islam in a Nutshell." Here's what the creators of the brochure said about it:

What we have found is that many people still do not know Islam. And they do not want to take much time to learn it. This simple short brochure gives a good summary about the doctrine in 10 minutes of reading.


Pamphlet to Hand Out at Protests and Elsewhere 18 June 2013

The following is a pamphlet someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) wrote for the protest in Manchester, Tennessee.

It is meant to be printed on both sides and folded in half. You have the author's permission to use it in any way you want.


The Least Peaceful Countries in the World are Muslim

By Daniel Greenfield

So much for the Religion of Peace trademark.

With so much of strife and violence dominating our world, and the aftermath of the Arab Spring, its violent protests and repressive regimes adding their bit, it is not


North Aceh Head Bans Women From Dancing in Public

JakartaGlobe 27 May 2013
By Camelia Pasandaran

A women’s rights group has criticized a move by North Aceh’s district head to ban women in the area from dancing in public places. Muhammad Thaib, the district chief, on


Child rape case sparks outrage in Malaysia

The Sydney Morning Herald 27 May 2013
By Lindsay Murdoch

A 40 year-old Muslim man charged with raping a 12 year-old girl and marrying her in Malaysia says he sees nothing wrong with his actions under sharia or Islamic law. "There


Death to Churches Under Islam: A Study of the Coptic Church, Part II

Right Side News 30 April 2013
By Raymond Ibrahim

    Jesus painting splattered with the blood of Christian worshipers killed during the 2011 bombing of the Church of Two Saints

The Modern Era

After some 14 centuries of persecution and church attacks,Egypt’s Copts ushered in the 2011 new year by having one of their largest Jesus painting splattered with the blood of Christian worshipers killed during the 2011 bombing of the Church of Two SaintsJesus painting splattered with the blood of Christian worshipers killed during the 2011 bombing of the Church of Two Saintschurches attacked:


Malaysia Company Knowingly Profiting from the Taliban

The Jawa Report 14 March 2013

UPDATE by Rusty 3/13/13: Despite several assurances that this was being escalated to a "Senior Administrator", SKS Technology in Malaysia continues to illegally provide the


Asian Security Officers Killed in Sultan Conflict

Wall Street Journal 4 March 2013

Fears of a wider confrontation between a Filipino Muslim clan and security forces in Malaysia's eastern Sabah state sharpened Sunday after Malaysian police said unidentified

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