That so-called "moderate” Muslim country where young boys learn how to beat a man to death

Bare Naked Islam 19 September 2014

With the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia is where Barack Hussein Obama attended a madrassa for several years as a child. I wonder if he learned how to do this?


The Islamic State Comes to Indonesia

Foreign Policy 19 September 2014
By Joe Emont

One day in July, worshippers gathered in a small mosque on the outskirts of Malang, a mid-sized Indonesian city, to learn about the achievements of the latest Sunni insurgency


Indonesia arrests four Turks over links to Islamic State

The Times of Israel 16 September 2014

JAKARTA — Indonesia’s anti-terrorism police have arrested four Turks suspected of being linked to the Islamic State jihadist group, a spokesman said on Sunday. The elite


ISIS IN ACTION: Photos of Islamic State savagery the media will not show you (WARNING: Very Graphic)

BareNakedIslam 11 September 2014

You’ve seen a lot of these photos already at BNI. Here are some more. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…


Borobudur, Islamists target Indonesia’s most important Buddhist temple

AsiaNews 26 August 2014
By Mathias Hariyadi

The complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, risks being destroyed like the Buddhas of Bamiyan. Authorities strengthen security measures. Citizens invited to participate in the


The Arab Empire

National Review Online 25 August 2014
By Josh Gelernter

A map has circulated showing the Islamic State’s five-year plan: a caliphate that stretches from the Iberian peninsula to western China, including all of India, north Africa,


ISIS raises cash in Indonesia for Iraqi jihad

Money Jihad 4 July 2014

Time reports that it’s legal to raise money for terrorism in Indonesia. Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is taking advantage of this by fundraising openly around the capital.


Christians "Most Persecuted Group in World"

Gatestone Institute 25 June 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

The most historic and emblematic sign of Muslim persecution of Christians returned in February: Christians in Raqqa, Syria, under the occupation of the Islamic State of Iraq


Indonesia Destroying Churches as Islamist Influence Grows

The Clarion Project 11 June 2014
By Ryan Mauro

Churches are being shut down in Indonesia at a rate of 40 per year, according to an Indonesian think-tank promoting religious tolerance. Despite its reputation for moderation,


Dubai Islamic Bank to buy Indonesian bank stake

Peninsula On-line 20 May 2014

DUBAI: Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) will purchase a 25 percent stake in Indonesian Islamic lender Bank Panin Syariah, it said on Monday, as the United Arab Emirates-based bank


Bekasi’s Embattled Ahmadiyah Mosque Sealed Once Again

The Jakarta Globe 19 May 2014
By Camelia Pasandaran & SP/Mikael Niman

Jakarta. The municipal government of Bekasi, West Java on Friday resealed a mosque belonging to members of the beleaguered Ahmadiyah religious movement after officials noticed


Young Widow to Be Caned After Gang Rape by Sharia Vigilantes

the Clarion Project 14 May 2014

A young widow in Aceh, Indonesia will be caned for having an affair with a married man under the province’s sharia law after being gang-raped by her accusers. Extramarital


Aceh Rape Victim Caning Prompts Soul Searching in Indonesia

The Jakarta Globe 14 May 2014
By Josua Gantan

Jakarta. The order by authorities in Aceh to have a woman and her married lover caned for adultery, even after she had been gang-raped by vigilante enforcers of Shariah, has


Video: Shari'a Law: Gang-rape victim faces public whipping on adultery charge 8 May 2014
By Timothy Whiteman

In what appears to most Western eyes as a scene straight out of the seventh century, a yet to be identified victim of a gang-raping is facing the very real possibility of being at the receiving end of a public whipping for violating Islam's über-strict Shari'a Law.


Indonesia: Vigilante Sharia Enforcement Group Gang-Rapes Woman Accused of Adultery, Covers Her in Sewage

Answering Muslims 6 May 2014
By David Wood

Muslims in America and Europe keep telling me that the West needs Islam to help us deal with immorality. But the method of dealing with immorality in Muslim countries always


Muslim youths urge Czech Republic to offer apology for raid

Antara News 2 May 2014

The Indonesian Muslim Youth Movement (GHPII) has demanded that the Czech Republic offer an apology to the Indonesian people for a recent police raid on the Islamic Foundation


Video: Indonesia: Beheadings, behandings, and horrific mutilations of adults and children

Bare Naked Islam 23 April 2014

Indonesia, the country which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proclaimed to be a “shining example of a modern, moderate Muslim nation.”


Noah Movie Banned in More Muslim Countries as Indonesia and Malaysia Block Film

The Christian Post 11 April 2014
By Morgan Lee

Two more Muslim majority countries have opted to ban Darren Aronofsky's Noah, citing concerns of unrest and fear of controversies. Malaysia and Indonesia have joined the


Indonesian 'blood money' saves maid from Saudi execution

Yahoo!7 5 April 2014

Jakarta - Indonesia has agreed to pay $1.9 million to stop the impending execution of an Indonesian maid on death row in Saudi Arabia for murder, a minister said


Cleric arrested in porn case

The Jakarta Post 21 March 2014

The police have arrested Saeful Sardi, a Muslim cleric in Puncak, Cisarua, Bogor, for allegedly appearing in a pornographic video with two women thought to be school teachers

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