Saudi Arabia

Saudi police close 10,000 Twitter accounts for 'religious violations'

Christian Today 17 December 2014
By Lucinda Borkett-Jones

Saudi Arabia's religious police have shut down 10,117 Twitter accounts in the last year on the grounds of "religious and ethical violations". The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue


Qatar Not Alone in Supporting IS - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Involved: Experts

Sputnik International 16 December 2014
By Svetlana Alexandrova, Daria Chernyshova

Qatar was supporting a range of Islamists in Syria and Iraq from the Muslim Brotherhood to Salafi Jihadist groups along with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, experts told Sputnik News


Terrorists Disguised As Women: Al Qaeda Militants Attempt Border Crossing In Yemen Wearing Niqabs

International Business Times 15 December 2014
By Philip Ross

Several militants with suspected ties to Al Qaeda were shot dead at a border crossing Saturday by Yemeni soldiers. The militants were allegedly attempting to enter Saudi Arabia


Female Saudi fan red-carded for entering men-only stadium

The Daily Star 15 December 2014

A female fan who disguised herself to infiltrate the male-only domain of a football stadium in Saudi Arabia has been red-carded, a police statement obtained on Sunday says. Men


Saudi women still assigned male 'guardians'

USA TODAY 10 December 2014
By Caryle Murphy

Sara's husband walked out 15 years ago, but never bothered to officially divorce her. He never sent money, although Sara cares for their daughter and her disabled mother-in-law.


Islamic State: Coalition 'pledges more troops' for Iraq

BBC News 9 December 2014

The US-led coalition fighting Islamic State (IS) militants has pledged to send an additional 1,500 troops to Iraq, a top US commander has said. Lt Gen James Terry, who is


Two Saudi women held for driving, to serve 25 more days

Irish Independent 8 December 2014
By Aya Batrawy

Two Saudi women detained nearly a week ago for violating the kingdom's female driving ban were ordered to be held for 25 more days yesterday, according to a relative. The women


Saudi Arabia records higher number of women forced to marry relatives

Al-Arabiya 8 December 2014

Saudi Courts reported an increase in “tahjeer” cases where the male relative of a woman strikes an agreement with her guardian to marry her without consultation and she is then


Saudi Women Continue Their Fight for the Right to Drive

VICE 2 December 2014
By Helen Nianias

On Sunday night, 25-year-old activist Loujain al-Hathloul was ?banned from entering Saudi Arabia from the UAE. She had her passport confiscated by border police and was forced


Filipino in Saudi spared from death

Manila Standard Today 2 December 2014
By Vito Barcelo

An overseas Filipino worker who killed another Filipino in Saudi Arabia in 2008 was spared from the death penalty after the victim’s relatives forgave him and might be reunited


Qatar and Terror

Breaking Israel News 25 November 2014
By Denis MacEoin

Although outwardly more liberal than the Saudis, the Qataris have surpassed them as financiers of extremism and terrorism. U.S. officials reckon that Qatar has now replaced


Saudi Arabia: Ban on women in restaurants draws praise and criticism 24 November 2014
By Habib Toumi

Manama: A move by some restaurants in Saudi Arabia to ban women from their premises has drawn praise and criticism on social networks. As “Women are not allowed” signs have been


Saudi reform center for jihadists offers alternatives to extremists

CBS News 19 November 2014
By Holly Williams

Islamic terrorist groups get many of their recruits from Saudi Arabia. It's a sore subject for the Saudis, who are part of the U.S.-led coalition conducting air strikes against


Austrian Saudi school ‘teaching anti-Semitic values’

RT 18 November 2014

The Saudi School – a private institution for Middle Eastern immigrants in Vienna – is being investigated for allegedly teaching anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories, according


ISIS executes nearly 1,500 people in Syria in 5 months

Al Arabiya News 18 November 2014

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has executed nearly 1,500 people in Syria in the five months since it declared the establishment of a "caliphate", a monitoring group


Muslim scholars' union slams UAE 'terrorist' label

The Middle East Monitor 18 November 2014
By Muslim scholars' union slams UAE 'terrorist' label

The International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) expressed its surprise on Monday over the decision by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to include the bloc on the country's list


Co-conspirator of 9/11 attacks says Saudi prince financed operation

RT USA 18 November 2014

A former self-described Al-Qaeda collaborator serving a life sentence in prison now says he wants to testify in court about what he claims to know about a Saudi Arabian prince’s


Al-Arabiya Chief: No Evidence Islam is Compatible w/Democracy

Frontpage Mag 17 November 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

No Western writer could have gotten away with this. But Politico surprisingly did publish this from the D.C. bureau chief of Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya network; think a less


How Amnesty International Suppresses Free Speech

Gatestone Institute 12 November 2014
By Alan M. Dershowitz

Last month the Columbia University chapter of Amnesty International invited me to deliver a talk on human rights in the Middle East. I accepted the invitation, anxious to


Study: 29% of young Saudis spendthrifts

Arab News? 12 November 2014

A total of 29 percent of young Saudis spend their entire salaries five days before their next payday, according to a recent survey by the Prince Salman

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