Saudi Arabia

Muslim world turns to Turkish model of education

Post Gazette 24 August 2010
By Nichole Sobecki

Children crowd into a large, open room an hour drive from Peshawar, Pakistan, their young bodies packed together despite the lingering heat. A small boy with a serious face sits in the back, a copy


Organization of the Islamic Conference backs Iran’s nuclear stands - Iran 16 August 2010

Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said Sunday evening he supports Iran’s nuclear stands, praising Iran’s strategic role in the international


The lighter side of supremacist agendas and deceptive claims

Jihad Watch 12 August 2010
By Marisol

Did you know...

... that, according to Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Mecca is "in perfect alignment with the magnetic north"?

... but, according to Abdel-Baset al-Sayyed of the


Saudi columnist misunderstands Islam, says "There is no Islam without jihad"

Jihad Watch 9 August 2010

And he means war. Clearly he is a Misunderstander of the Religion of Peace™. "Saudi Columnist: 'There Is No Islam without Jihad,'" from MEMRI, August 6 (thanks to all who sent this in):


The Horrors of Islamic Gender Apartheid: Dr. Phyllis Chesler Speaks Out

Intellectual Conservative  21 July 2010
By Fern Sidman

Unlike many of her feminist colleagues, Dr. Phyllis Chesler takes a stand against brutal misogynistic Islamic practices such as female genital mutilation, stoning and immolation of women, beatings,


Saudi Conference comes to Manchester

The 4th Saudi International Conference 2010 (SIC04) will be held at The University of Manchester from July 29-31. The conference brings together Saudi students who are abroad to discuss papers,


Kingdom top terror finance fighter

ARAB NEWS 15 July 2010

Saudi Arabia has won the first position among Arab countries and 10th among G20 countries in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) report on its compliance with international resolutions on


Saudi academic: Women journalists ’soldiers of satan’

Bikya Masr  15 July 2010

A Saudi professor of religion at the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh has sparked the ire of Arab human rights advocates after he said female journalists were "soldiers of Satan.”


UAE 'issues fatwa on vuvuzelas'

Digital Spy 12 July 2010
By Mayer Nissim

The United Arab Emirates has reportedly issued a fatwa (non-binding Islamic opinion) on vuvzelas. According to AFP, the ruling from the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments has


Saudi Textbooks: Still Teaching Hatred

National Review Online 29 June 2010
By Nina Shea & Bonnie Alldredge

Saudi royals are regularly hailed for their philanthropy. Their fans should take a closer look at the content of the kingdom’s 1–12 education

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah will be received by President Obama in Washington today, nearly two years after the deadline by which the kingdom’s educational curriculum was to have been completely reformed. As the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom wrote to the president last week, "This promise remains unfulfilled.”


Saudi Arabia: The Worst Place in the World

Youtube 25 June 2010

A short animated movie about the plight of women in Saudi Arabia.


Best Seller

the Dry Bones Blog 17 June 2010

This is one of the cartoons that I did while watching the Flotilla affair from America and not from back here in Israel. Many Jews back in America and here in Israel now understand that virulent


Saudi Telecom sees more users in India

Saudi Telecom Co, the Arab world’s largest phone company, predicted subscription growth will accelerate "significantly” by the end of the year on expansion in markets including India. The company,


Saudi Princess to Religious Police: Loosen Your Grip on the Population and Fight Government Corruption

In her column in the government daily Al-Madina, Saudi Princess Basma bint Saud attacked the Saudi religious police, accusing it of instituting religious terrorism. She claimed that it operates


Foreign mosque money - Arabs to help pay

New York Post 25 May 2010

The imam behind a proposed mosque and Islamic community center near Ground Zero will turn to Arab and Muslim nations around the world to help finance the estimated $100 million project, he has told a


Gulf Cooperation Council Sukuk Market Stalled in 1st Quarter

The GCC conventional bond market recorded a poor performance in the first quarter of 2010 amid Dubai-linked and broader sovereign debt fears, NCB Capital, the largest investment bank in Saudi Arabia and a subsidiary of National Commercial Bank, reported.


Analysis: Has Amnesty International gone astray?

GlobalPost 30 April 2010
By Christopher Livesay

How former Amnesty officer Gita Sahgal’s thorny opinions became too hard to defend. For nearly 50 years, Amnesty International has been a pre-eminent voice on behalf of victims of human rights abuses. Since


Spain to be hub of Islamic finance 29 April 2010
By Richard Shulman

Islamic rules of finance are laid down by Sharia, Islamic law. As I have reported, a speaker at a rally in New York explained that Sharia requires Muslim business to donate to charity, but these


• Muhammad's Own Words - Islamic Science

Prophet of Doom 28 April 2010
Foreword by Henrik R Clausen

While it is a core axiom of Islamic theology that the Islamic scripture is flawless and that the life and conduct of Muhammad is an example to follow for all faithful Muslims, the attempts of the Quran and the Hadith to resolve scientific and medical questions casts some doubt over that assertion. Below is a selection of quotes from the Islamic scripture on these subjects, that you may judge for yourself which is more credible, Islamic scripture or Western science.


Suing Mohammed’s Heirs for Libel

Gates of Vienna 20 April 2010

In August of last year, a Saudi law firm brought legal action against all the Danish newspapers that published the Mohammed cartoons. It was a blatant probe of the infidel system of defences, using lawfare to breach the virtual walls of Danish society in order to inflict maximum damage on the culture that dared to insult the prophet.

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