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Turkish woman recounts difficult life in Saudi Arabia with book

Hurriyet Daily News 15 February 2011

The difficulties of living as a woman in Saudi Arabia are the subject of a new book by Turk Zekiye Yüksel, who lived in the country for three-and-a-half years. "You can never walk alone. You


Shariah the only path for Arabs: Al-Qarni

Arab News 7 February 2011

DAMMAM: A popular Saudi author and religious scholar says the current ferment in the Arab world can be traced to the denial of power to Islamists in the past. Only Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf


Anti-Semitism: The New Necessity for Arab Regimes

Hudson New York 3 Februar 2011
By Mudar Zahran

For more than sixty years of conflict, the carefully government-channeled hatred revolved around Zionism and Israel, rather than around Judaism and Jews.

Since 2008, however, the Jordanian printed media has been launching a fierce attack on almost everything Jewish. Why would the supposedly-moderate Jordan adopt a strong anti-Semitic agenda?


• Hiding in plain sight: The Muslim Mafia

EuropeNews 28 January 2011
Book essay by Henrik R Clausen

Muslim Mafia:
Inside the Secret Underworld that's Conspiring to Islamize America
By P. David Gaubatz & Paul Sperry (author of Infiltration)
448 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-1935071105

This book is a thriller. It's about the secret agenda a seemingly benign and relevant organisation promoting "civil rights" for religious minorities. A secret agenda deceptively aiming to undermine the Constitutional order of the United States of America, replacing it with religious law. The group deceptively presents itself as promoter of dialogue and mutual understanding, a peaceful alternative to the terrorist-supporting fundamentalists, yet never contributing materially to stopping terrorist plots. That group is CAIR.


The Menace of Radical Islam and the Radical Left

FrontPage Magazine  26 January 2011
By Stephen Brown

"We knew that once there was no moral confusion…once good and evil were kept separate, the Soviet Union’s days were numbered.” Natan Sharansky In the above illuminating quote, former Soviet


Rights group says Saudi Arabia jailing activists

Washington Post 26 January 2011

An international human rights group says Saudi Arabia's government is harassing and jailing activists, often without trial, for speaking out in favor of expanding religious tolerance in the kingdom


Watchdog Slams UN, EU's Human Rights 'Cowardice'

Common Dreams 25 January 2011

BRUSSELS - The UN and EU were accused of "cowardice" for claiming to tackle human rights abuses in places like China or Uzbekistan through quiet dialogue and cooperation,


Man held for molesting boy in Saudi

Emirates 24/7 21 January 2011

Saudi Islamic police arrested a Bangladeshi expatriate after he tried to rape a child in a deserted area in the Gulf Kingdom, a newspaper said on Thursday. The man confessed to members of the


Sunni Islamists slit the throat of a Christian mother in Somalia

Pakistan Christian Post 20 January 2011
By Lee Jay Walker

The reality of Islam in all its hatred can be seen in Afghanistan, the Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen, and a few other nations, where converts from Islam face the death penalty. In Somalia,


Video: Islam`s 72 virgins described in detail

AbrogatingIslam 19 January 2011

the good old she camel in heat ...


The Muslim Brotherhood Path to Victory: Part Two (of Three)

Family Security Matters 14 January 2011
By Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld

For the past five decades most funding to MB-affiliated organizations around the world – especially those involved directly in terrorist activities – has come from oil rich countries in the Middle


What is Hillary Clinton Smoking – and Inhaling – During Her Middle East Tour?

newsrealblog 14 January 2011
By Phyllis Chesler

In 2009, President Obama declared that America is really "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” He also bowed low to Saudi King Abdullah and proudly defended America’s stand


Interpol Alert For 47 Saudi Terror Suspects

MEMRI 14 January 2011

The international police agency, Interpol, issued an alert on January 11 to police worldwide for 47 Saudi nationals with suspected links to al-Qaeda who are wanted on terrorism charges. Interpol


Iranian Daily: Wahhabism Is the Dark Side of Islam

Memri 12 January 2011

The Iranian daily Javan, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards Corps, called Wahhabism "the dark side of Islam," and illustrated this with an image of a skull wearing a red keffiyeh half of


Saudi murderer gets beheading sentence

Brunei News 11 January 2011

A Saudi national was beheaded Monday in capital Riyadh after being convicted of murder, a media report said. A Saudi national was beheaded Monday in capital Riyadh after being convicted of


• EN wishes everybody a Merry Christmas!

EuropeNews December 24 2010

Here at EuropeNews, we are taking time off for celebrating Christmas with friends and family. While the need to stay vigilant for freedom isn't over, it is good to take some time off and for a while let the pure joy of Christmas blow fears and worries away. Below the break is a bit of Christmas music, recommended for all.

Also, at EN we are not "Christmas cowards" - no "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" here. Rather, we wish all our readers, as well as everybody else, an exceedingly:

Merry Christmas!

From Christmas through New Year, there will be light posting at EN.


Saudi Arabia girls' schools investigated over 'illegal' sports day

Telegraph 22 December 2010

The Dec 8 event involving 200 females from six Jeddah private high schools broke ministry rules against girls' sports in schools, a ministry official said. "We don't have any regulations that say


Muslim persecution of Christians

Catholic Insight  14 December 2010

Various examples have recently been recorded by The Voice of the Martyrs, Canada ( of persecution of Catholics and other Christians in Muslim-controlled countries. The idea


Wikileaks shows Saudi wild party with Alcohol, drugs, sex and prostitutes

Pravda 10 December 2010

An American diplomatic document reveals a secret party of a Saudi Prince with alcohol, drugs, sex and prostitutes. In yet another flurry of secret documents of U.S. diplomacy, the site WikiLeaks


Saudi Arabia is biggest funder of terrorists

Independent 09 December 2010
By Rob Hastings

Saudi Arabia is the single biggest contributor to the funding of Islamic extremism and is unwilling to cut off the money supply, according to a leaked note from Hillary Clinton. The US Secretary

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