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Russian Blonds Wanted for Islamic Sexual Slavery

AINA (press release) 14 June 2011
By Nonie Darwish

When Muslim Sheikhs discuss the topic of sexual slavery of women, which is allowed in the Qur’an, it comes out a bit politically incorrect even to the taste of the majority of Muslims, who have long


'From now, embarrassment will end': Saudi King bans men from selling lingerie

Daily Mail 7 June 2011

He's probably not the first person you would have on your mind as being the face of lingerie, but King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has become something of a hero to women in his home country. He has


Talabani: Our Relations With Saudi Arabia Are Strategic

MEMRI 7 June 2011

In an interview with the London daily al-Sharq al-Awsat, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani characterized his country's relations with Saudi Arabia as "necessary and strategic."


Yemen Faces Abyss Despite President's Departure

Spiegel Online 7 June 2011
By Charles Hawley

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh may have left the country for medical treatment, but a peaceful transition of power is by no means assured. German commentators say that urgent action is required


Men should have sex slaves, says female Kuwaiti politician

The National  6 June 2011

KUWAIT CITY // Salwa al Mutairi, a former parliamentary candidate, said in a video posted on You Tube last month that sex slaves should be legal and prisoners from war-torn countries, such as


Moldova: Liga Islamica and the (Limited) Religious Tolerance

Global Voices Online 3 June 2011
By Diana Lungu

The Islamic League (Liga Islamica) was officially registered early this spring in Moldova, after having been denied this right for several years. Moldova's Muslim community is rather small, numbering


Islamic Schools of Child Sexual Abuse

AINA (press release) 1 June 2011
By Frank Crimi

Recently released American diplomatic cables have revealed Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirate donors to be spending $100 million a year to fund a Pakistani network of jihadist religious schools.


Saudi Royal Family Organizes Fight against Arab Democracy

AllGov 1 June 2011
By Noel Brinkerhoff

Under the guise of combating instability in the Middle East and countering Iranian influence, the royal family of Saudi Arabia has taken military and diplomatic steps to reduce the


Global Jihad Marches: Muslim Women's Rights and Sharia Law

Right Side News 30 May 2011
By Vin Ienco

The (lack of) Rights of a Muslim woman

The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia is in the news again this week, with the arrest of a 32 year old female Computer Security Consultant named Manal al-Sharif.

Manal was arrested by Saudis religious traffic police for ‘inciting women to drive’ and ‘inciting public opinion’. Two days prior to her arrest, Manal had posted a video of herself on youtube, defying what is in effect a religious ban or ‘fatwa’, on driving.


Video: YouTube Saudi woman driver faces further 10-day jail term

The Guardian  27 May 2011
By Robert Booth and Mona Mahmood

A Saudi Arabian woman who posted a video online of her driving her car is facing another 10 days in prison, according to reports from the kingdom. Manal al-Sharif, a 32-year old mother who drove


Arab Drought: Oil for Water

Gates of Vienna 26 May 2011
By Nicolai Sennels

Nicolai Sennels returns with a guest-essay about the looming water crisis in the Middle East, and a modest proposal for how it might be used to the West’s advantage.

Arab drought: An "Oil for water” policy is an option

Soon our tankers may not travel empty on their way south, but be filled with water. Soon the West may be able to sell the Arabs water at the same price as we buy their oil.


Saudi Macho-Male Facebook Effort To Deter Women From Driving As Women Wage Another Campaign To Get Behind The Wheel

MEMRI 25 May 2011

Some 4,861 participants on the social network site Facebook vowed to physically beat men and women who support Saudi women driving their own four wheels. The anonymous founder of


$100m donated to Islamic schools

Independent  24 May 2011

Donors in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are sending an estimated $100 million (L61m) annually to radical Islamic schools in Pakistan that back militancy, according to a leaked US


Saudis arrest female driver to stem protest

3News NZ 24 May 2011
By Maggie Michael

A Saudi woman was arrested for a second time for driving her car in what women's activists said Monday was a move by the rulers of the ultraconservative kingdom to suppress an Internet campaign


Female Saudi doctor appeals to top court for right to choose a husband

Christian Science Monitor 24 May 2011
By Caryle Murphy

Samia is a surgeon who, as she says, is "supposed to be a grandma by now." But she's not even married yet. As with many women in Saudi Arabia, choosing a husband was not solely up to her. Her


Islam's Apartheid

Family Security Matters 23 May 2011
By Amil Imani

The dictionary defines apartheid as: An official policy of racial segregation promulgated in the Republic of South Africa with a view to promoting and maintaining white ascendancy.

In 1973, the General Assembly of the United Nations opened for signature and ratification the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (ICSPCA). It defined the crime of apartheid as:


Saudi woman held by police – for driving

Independent  23 May 2011
By Abdullah Al-Shihri in Riyadh

Authorities detained a Saudi woman yesterday after she launched a campaign against the driving ban for women in the ultra-conservative kingdom and posted a videotape of herself behind the wheel on


Geert Wilders: A Warning to America

Partij voor de Vrijheid 14 May 2011
By Geert Wilders

Dear friends from Tennessee. I am very happy to be in your midst today. I am happy and proud to be in this impressive church.

My friends, I am here to speak words of truth and freedom.

Do you know why America is in a better state than Europe? Because you enjoy more freedom than Europeans.

And do you know why Americans enjoy more freedom than Europeans? Because you are still allowed to tell the truth.


Six girls flogged after 'act of mischief' at Saudi Arabia orphanage

Daily Mail 12 May 2011

Six orphan girls aged between 12 and 18 were flogged in Saudi Arabia after being convicted of attacking the head of their orphanage, an official said today. The girls received 10 lashes each under


Osama bin Laden: The Most Wanted Man Ever 2 May 2011
By Kate Zernike, Michael T Kaufman

New Delhi: Osama bin Laden, who was killed in Pakistan on Sunday, was a son of the Saudi elite whose radical, violent campaign to recreate a seventh-century Muslim empire redefined the threat of

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