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Jihad and Dhimmitude: The Vicious Cycle

Diana West 17 December 2014
By Diana West

Way back in the summer of 2006, I was guest-blogging at Michelle Malkin's website and wrote a post called "Jihad and Dhimmitude: A Real-Life Test Case." I am re-posting


Homophobia taints the British Asian community

Telegraph.co.uk 17 December 2014
By Patrick McAleenan

I’ve written previously about my experience of coming out to my parents. Despite being practising Catholics, a religion which rejects homosexuality as a sin, they accepted and


Female genital mutilation campaigners call for action

BBC News 17 December 2014

Experts say a growing numbers of girls in the Midlands are at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) - also known as female circumcision. One hospital in the region says 1%


UK: Hamas-linked Interpal Enjoys Mainstream Support

Gatestone Institute 16 December 2014
By Samuel Westrop

Peter Oborne's claim, that "it is almost impossible not to deal with Hamas... if you're a charity working [in the Gaza Strip]," is demonstrably untrue. First, scores of


Video: Islam Is NOT a Religion of Peace, Mr Cameron - Paul Weston

youtube 16 December 2014
By Liberty GB

Liberty GB Chairman Paul Weston challenges David Cameron to admit that Islam is not a 'religion of peace'.


Faceless ‘Sharia-compliant’ doll launched in UK

RT 16 December 2014

A £25 faceless doll – which goes along with a strict interpretation of Islam that forbids the depiction of faces – has sparked backlash among some Muslims after it was launched


Britain could be hit 'at any moment' by Sydney-style lone wolf terror attack, Cameron warns MPs

Daily Mail 16 December 2014
By Matt Chorley

Britain could be hit 'at any moment' by a Sydney-style terror attack, David Cameron told MPs today. The Prime Minister said the Australian attack, in which two hostages


Europe Falling Under the Heel of Islam

english.pravda.ru 15 December 2014

In the middle of November, German Police made arrests of supporters of terrorist organizations Islamic State, Ahrar al-Sham and Junud al-Sham. According to the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine", 9 people were arrested, about 240 police officers were engaged in the operation in the North


House of Lords debates FGM and Sharia Law in the UK

Secularism 15 December 2014

On Thursday 11 December, there were debates in the House of Lords on female genital mutilation (FGM) and the "impact of Sharia Law on the United Kingdom." In the first debate.


Nigel Farage Blames Muslims For Anti-Semitism

Inquisitr 15 December 2014

Ukip leader Nigel Farage says that Muslims are to blame for the "sharp rise in anti-Semitism” in Britain and Europe, according to The Jewish Chronicle Online. In a recent


A Sikh Principal, Too English for a Largely Muslim School

Skeptical Science 15 December 2014
By Dave Gamble

Balwant Bains, was the head of Saltley School and Specialist Science College in Birmingham, but because of utterly unreasonable pressure applied by the Muslim-dominated


Polygamy practised on mass scale among Muslims in UK: Study

Economic Times 12 December 2014

LONDON: Polygamy is being practised on an enormous scale among Britain's Muslims with a large number of women being denied basic legal rights, a new study in the UK claimed.


Perfect stocking filler for a jihadist: T-shirt featuring quote from White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite goes on sale

Daily Mail Online 11 December 2014
By Corey Charlton

T-shirts bearing an ironic slogan from the notorious 'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite are being sold online in the run-up to Christmas. The t-shirts, currently available to buy on


New report on UK sharia ‘marriages’ exposes "tip of the iceberg”

National Secular Society 11 December 2014

A report by a human rights group has exposed the vulnerability of Muslim women living in Islamic 'marriages' in the UK.


Britain presses Turkey over detention of suspected British jihadis

theguardian.com 11 December 2014
By Rowena Mason

Britain is requesting that its intelligence agencies are given more information on UK citizens when they are detained in Turkey on suspicion of trying to join Islamic State


British Future Report Says 25% of British Adults Want All Immigrants Repatriated

Liberty GB 11 December 2014
By Robert Henderson

The think-tank British Future has recently published the report How to talk about immigration based on research conducted by ICM, Ipsos MORI and YouGov.


Muslim World ‘Outraged’ With UK Court Decision

Sputnik 10 December 2014
By Juliet Spare

A leading counter terrorism expert told Sputnik UK in an exclusive interview that the 12 year jail sentence handed to a man in Britain whose mother informed police after he


Lord Mayor leaves Islamic charity lunch after his lady consort told she had to sit downstairs

Skeptical Science 10 December 2014
By Dave Gamble

Sometimes I never cease to be amazed at the weird behaviour of some religious people. So the story is that Labour councillor John Thomas (pictured), 70, the Lord Mayor of


Mass polygamy in UK Muslim community – claim

Telegraph.co.uk 10 December 2014
By John Bingham

Polygamy is being practised on an "enormous” scale within the British Muslim community without any official attempt to stop it, it has been claimed. A new study of the


I'd welcome Turkey into the EU, says PM: Cameron says it remains 'long-standing goal' for country to join despite his drive to r

Daily Mail 10 December 2014
By Tamara Cohen

David Cameron wants Turkey to join the European Union, despite his drive to reduce net migration to tens of thousands. The Prime Minister said yesterday that it remained a

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