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University of Kent bans extremist Islamic preacher Haitham al-Haddad from giving talk on sharia law

Kent Online 18 March 2015
By Gareth Arnold

An Islamic preacher accused of promoting homophobic and antisemitic views has been banned from speaking at the University of Kent. Haitham al-Haddad, who presides over a


Terror attack fears lead Leicester Secular Society to apply to install CCTV

Leicester Mercury 18 March 2015

The Leicester Secular Society wants to install CCTV at its base in the city because it fears it will be targeted by Islamist terrorists in a Charlie Hebdo-style attack. The


Glasgow 'jihadist' Aqsa Mahmood denies recruiting London girls

BBC News 18 March 2015
By James Cook

The parents of a so-called "jihadi bride" from Scotland have said their daughter denies recruiting three London girls to the cause of Islamic State. Khalida and Muzaffar


UK Unveils New Law in Wake of Child Sex Abuse Gangs

FrontPage Magazine 16 March 2015
By Mark Tapson

The UK’s Daily Mail reported last week that the British government is introducing a new criminal offence for teachers, social workers and counsellors who turn


Luvvies line up to star in Jihadi John apologist film

Blazing Cat Fur 16 March 2015

Two of Britain’s most distinguished actors are set to star in a L6million film ‘co-written’ by a leading figure of the Jihadi John apologist campaign group, Cage. Sir Ben


Lib Dems BLOCK new law banning hate preachers from universities

Daily Express 16 March 2015
By John Twomey

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was said to have personally vetoed the plan during private talks with David Cameron. Radical preachers are feared to have targeted student


Muslim Brotherhood: Government report concludes they should not be classified as a terrorist organisation

The Independent 16 March 2015
By Nigel Morris and Ian Johnston

David Cameron is braced for a diplomatic row with Saudi Arabia and Egypt when the Government today publishes a long-awaited review into the Muslim Brotherhood which is set


NHS Doctor Turned Taliban Fighter Killed By Pakistani Intelligence

Breitbart 16 March 2015
By Donna Rachel Edmunds

A former NHS doctor turned extremist fighter has been killed in Afghanistan alongside three other jihadists by Pakistani intelligence officers working under cover. The


MPs criticise 'chasm' between FGM prosecutions and reports

BBC 16 March 2015

MPs have criticised the "chasm" between the number of reported cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK and the number of prosecutions. The UK has a "lamentable"


Designer vaginas: Under 18s should be banned from having the surgery, MPs say

The Independent 16 March 2015
By Cahal Milmo

A blanket ban should be introduced on so-called designer vagina surgery on under-18s to meet concerns that the law which prohibits female genital mutilation is ambiguous


Obama’s Counterterrorism Messaging Promotes Islamic Takeover of UK

FrontPage Magazine 16 March 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

Under its new boss Rashad Hussein, Obama’s Counterterrorism Communications, mainly consisting of its Think Again Turn Away Twitter account has gotten really, really bad.


The Roots of Muslim Rage: British-born Extremism

Redbrick 16 March 2015
By Aqib Khan

Aqib Khan offers a Muslim perspective on the rise in emigration to fight with extremist groups, and examines its causes in our national culture and lack of religious


Jihadi John keeps his bank account after Treasury freezes assets of only a handful of Islamic terrorists

Telegraph.co.uk 16 March 2015
By Robert Mendick and Robert Verkaik

Only six out of more than 600 British jihadists have had their bank accounts frozen under special terror laws, according to an official report. The review also shows just


Video: Ex-UK PM Blair: Islam must resolve its internal 'issue'

CNBC 16 March 2015
By Hadley Gamble and Matt Clinch

There is an issue within Islam that must be resolved before the Middle East can move forward, the former prime minister of the U.K., Tony Blair, told CNBC. "If you believe,


Syria girls: First missing London schoolgirl named

BBC News 16 March 2015

The first of four missing London schoolgirls who have travelled to Syria has been named as Sharmeena Begum. The 15-year-old, from Bethnal Green, is thought to have left the


'He caressed my neck with the blade but kept talking: "Feel it? Can you imagine the pain?"'

Daily Mail Online 16 March 2015
By Jennifer Smith

A kidnapped journalist who survived Jihadi John has told of the blood-chilling moment the British extremist ran the cold blade of a sword across his neck in a mock execution at


Islam's Troubled Historic Record and Dome of the Rock

Right Side News 16 March 2015
By Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian

Today, with Dr. Janosik's help, we are going to share a different perspective on the history of Islam. Those of you who follow this ministry are familiar with the traditional teachings on the


The Lessons of Rotherham

National Review 16 March 2015
By Daniel Allott, Jordan Allott and Ben Allen

Political correctness played a major role in a shocking child-sexual-abuse scandal. Last August, Rotherham, an industrial town in northern England, was thrust into the headlines when a government report detailed how gangs of local men had raped and trafficked at least 1,400 girls, some as young as eleven


A Closer Look at the "Muslim Manifesto” for the U.K.

islam-watch.org 16 March 2015

Louis Palme's articles and the analysis that followed drew my attention to this "manifesto”. Here I take a more holistic look on the issue. Those familiar with the "Cairo


Racist? No Nigel Farage is simply stating the obvious

The Daily Mail 16 March 2015
By Richard Littlejohn

Nigel Farage finds himself embroiled in yet another bogus race row simply for having the audacity to challenge the cosy consensus of our arrogant political elite. Even though

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