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Terrorist Wanted: How ISIS Recruits Western Women

Brown Political Review 10 December 2014
By Kanika Khanna

Recruitment within terrorist organizations was long considered a homegrown issue, where groups attracted new members within the countries that they operate, drawing from


British 'Vicar of Baghdad' claims Isis beheaded four children for refusing to convert to Islam

The Independent 9 December 2014
By Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith

Isis have beheaded four Christian children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam, a British vicar based in the country has claimed. Canon Andrew White, who is known


UK Gov't Unveils Sweeping New Anti-Terror Measures

the Clarion Project 9 December 2014
By Soeren Kern

If approved by Parliament, the new laws would give the United Kingdom some of the 'toughest powers in the world' to fight Islamic terrorism. The British government has unveiled sweeping


Indian-Origin Teacher Claims Harassment for Teaching 'British Values'

NDTV 9 December 2014

London: A Sikh teacher has claimed that he was forced out of a school in Britain for "giving children British values", a media report said on Monday. Balwant Bains, who ran


Canada and United Kingdom shut embassies in Cairo

Deutsche Welle 9 December 2014

The Canadian Embassy in Cairo has closed over security concerns, a day after Britain's also suspended its services over safety worries. Both embassies are in Cairo's Garden


FBI suspected British men of spying at US airports used by Thatcher and Major

The Guardian 9 December 2014
By Jon Swaine in New York

A group of British men were questioned by US and UK authorities after being discovered monitoring flights at a series of American airports used by Margaret Thatcher and John


Sikh Headteacher at 'Trojan Horse' School Claims He was Forced Out for Teaching 'British Values'

Breitbart 9 December 2014
By Nick Hallett

A head teacher who ran a school that was investigated by the 'Trojan Horse' inquiry has said that he was forced out for "giving children British values". Balwant Bains, who


Trojan Horse school former head: "I was pushed out for teaching kids British values"

Birmingham Mail 9 December 2014
By Emma McKinney

The former head teacher of a Birmingham school at the heart of the Trojan Horse plot claims he was forced out after a campaign of "emotional harassment” by Muslim


Islamic Charities Fund Terror While Feted by UK Gov't

The Clarion Project 9 December 2014
By Sam Westrop

The response to the murder of four Israelis praying at a synagogue in Jerusalem on November 18 was, in some quarters, one of jubilation. Although Palestinian President


Britain Unveils World's "Toughest" Counter-Terrorism Law

The Gatestone Institute 9 December 2014
By Soeren Kern

The government argues that the new powers—intended to prevent British jihadists from fighting abroad and to stop them from returning if they do—are necessary to keep Britain


Rise in Muslim population one of 'main reasons' behind pub closures, says former Marston's director

Stoke Sentinel 9 December 2014

A former director of the brewery company Marston's has said Britain's growing Muslim population is one of the main reasons for pub closures. Lord Hodgson, of Astley Abbotts,


Islamists' Political Power In The U.K. And U.S.

Right Side News 9 December 2014
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

Tony Blair got it right. When asked about the consequences of the West’s intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq, Britain’s former Prime Minister, once again reiterated "the reason


Headteacher at 'Trojan horse plot' school claims he was pushed out by Muslim governors for giving children British values

The Daily Mail 9 December 2014
By Martin Robinson

A Sikh headteacher who ran a school at the centre of an alleged 'Trojan Horse' plot said today he was forced out because he was 'giving children British values'. Balwant Bains


Dog-walking British senior citizen fighting for his life after savage attack by three Muslim teens

Bare Naked Islam 9 December 2014

The 78-year-old man was walking his dog in a Luton park when he was brutally punched and kicked to the ground and left to die in a pool of his own


When Liberal Preferences Meet Islamic Principles

Canada Free Press 9 December 2014
By Selwyn Duke

There was a recent scandal that, as much as anything else, illustrates the intellectual emptiness and moral ennui of the modern liberal man. It occurred in Britain but reflects


FGM must be classed as child abuse - not seen as a race issue, says top police officer

Manchester Evening News 3 December 2014
By Amy Glendinning

Genital mutilation of girls in Greater Manchester must be treated as child abuse - not a cultural issue, a top police officer has warned. Det Chf Supt Vanessa Jardine, GMP's


EDL planning to protest against Dudley mosque

expressandstar.com 3 December 2014

The English Defence League is planning to return to Dudley in protest at the controversial decision to grant planning permission for a new mosque.


Britain Confronts Turkey Over Trading Its Nationals In Hostage Swap with ISIS

International Business Times, India Edition 3 December 2014
By Johnlee Varghese

Turkey is in trouble after Britain confronted it for handing over two British nationals to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) reportedly in a hostage swap to to secure


Cash-strapped Islamic academy charity 'spent £1m of taxpayers' cash building sister school in Pakistan'

Daily Mail 3 December 2014
By Emma Glanfield

A cash-strapped Islamic school has been accused of spending £1million of taxpayers' money on a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Pakistan. Council chiefs are


Feminists ignore the real root of misogyny

Herald Sun 1 December 2014
By Rita Panahi

Writer and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a formidable woman of substance, intellect and courage. Naturally that makes her a loathed figure in the modern feminist movement. We can’t have a fiercely intelligent woman talking about worthy issues when there’s trivial nonsense to be bleating about; why worry about female

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