Michael Zehaf-Bibeau Did What?! New Details Show Muslim Jihadist’s Actions Clever, Not Crazy; RELEASE The Video! His Parents’ We 29 October 2014
By Debbie Schlussel

Newly released details show Canadian Muslim jihadist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau wasn’t so crazy after all. Just "crazy” like a fox, like a clever jihadist. The same might be said for


As Canada mourns its fallen soldier, Nathan Cirillo, murdered by a Muslim terrorist in Ottawa last week, his grieving dogs patie

BareNakedIslam 28 October 2014

Canadian military reservist Nathan Cirillo was killed at gunpoint this week by a jihadist gunman in his nation’s capital, leaving behind a loving family and several adopted


O Canada, we salute you for standing up to terrorists

Jamaica Observer 28 October 2014

There's great significance in the decision of the Canadian Government to reopen the grounds of Parliament Hill three days after a gunman shot dead a soldier at a war memorial


Geert Wilders: 'Nothing is Being Done to Make Our Own Countries Safe

Breitbart 27 October 2014
By Diana West

I am sitting with Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands’ Party for Freedom, and the news has just flashed that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Canadian convert to Islam who terrorized Ottawa on Wednesday, had previously had his passport lifted by the Canadian government as an officially designated "high-risk traveller.”


Ottawa gunman prepared video

Sky News 27 October 2014

Canadian police say a gunman who shot and killed a soldier at the national war memorial and then stormed Parliament before he was gunned down had prepared a video recording of


Homegrown Extremism in Canada Is Nothing New

Vice News 27 October 2014
By Raf Katigbak

Following the brazen attack on two soldiers in Quebec this past Monday, and the terrible events that unfolded at Canada's Parliament Hill Wednesday, the reaction in Canada and


Local residents scrub hate messages off Canadian mosque

The Telegraph 27 October 2014
By Jessica Winch and Richard Spencer

Residents of the small Canadian city of Cold Lake have scrubbed away hate messages that appeared on the walls of the local mosque and replaced them with posters reading "Love


The Islamic Madness Persists

Canada Free Press 26 October 2014
By Alan Caruba

The lull in the coverage of all things Islamic was broken by two terrorist attacks in Canada, a reminder that so long as the world does not unite to destroy the Islamic State, we shall all remain vulnerable. A "lone wolf” terrorist can kill you just as dead as one in a terrorist organization, particularly one encouraging


Canada’s Jihad Denial

Frontpage Mag 26 October 2014
By Robert Spencer

Canada has experienced two murderous jihad terror attacks in the last three days, not long after the Islamic State called for such attacks – but the denial and obfuscation are as thick as ever. On Monday, Ahmad Rouleau, a convert to Islam, hit two Canadian soldiers with his car, murdering Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.


Ottawa and Quebec Terror Attackers Followed Britain's Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary

International Business Times 26 October 2014
By Gianluca Mezzofiore

The two Muslim converts who carried out attacks against Canadian soldiers in Quebec and Ottawa shared a common interest in radical British hate preacher Anjem Choudary,


Canadian, British leaders struggle with homegrown Islamic radicalism

Hot Air 26 October 2014
By Noah Rothman

In the space of less than one week, two Canadian citizens described as Muslim coverts attacked sources of government authority. In two separate attacks, radicalized Muslim men


Ten Obvious Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

The Muslimim Issue 26 October 2014

#1: 18,000 deadly terror attacks committed explicitly in the name of Islam in just the last ten years. (Other religions combined for perhaps a dozen or so). #2: Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, had people killed for insulting him or for criticizing his religion. This included women. Muslims are told to emulate the example of Muhammad.


Two Terror Attacks in Three Days; More to Come?

Cherson and Molschky 26 October 2014
By Rachel Molschky

Two terror attacks in three days. In separate incidents, two Muslim converts in Canada have murdered two Canadian soldiers. Islam is the perfect excuse to commit murder.


Why is the West creating crazy, killer converts to Islam?

FOX News 26 October 2014
By Keith Ablow

Wednesday, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a 32-year-old Canadian man, killed Nathan Cirillo, a soldier standing guard at the War Memorial in Ottawa. He then stormed Parliament, where he


Canada: A Hero's Welcome In The House Of Parliament

Tundra Tabloids 26 October 2014
By Lydia Warren

The heroic sergeant-at-arms who shot dead a lone gunman in Canada’s Parliament on Wednesday has been greeted back to work with a lengthy standing ovation. Kevin Vickers, 58,


Video: Analysis: Canada Terror Attacks the New Normal 26 October 2014

I discussed this week's terror attacks in Canada and what they mean on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson today. Our Q and A comes after a brief report by my CBN news colleague


The digital journal of a Montreal-born jihadist

CBC 26 October 2014

In the season premiere of Enquete, Radio-Canada’s investigative journalism program follows the digital journal of Sami, a young man in his 20s who left his Montreal home to


Canada must be careful when trading liberties for security

The Global And Mail 26 October 2014
By George Petrolekas

For years, Canadians have lived in cocoon of belief, that terrorist actions would never be directed towards us. We were the peaceable kingdom, the evils that have visited


Halifax police arrest man, recover firearm from bus

The Star 26 October 2014

Police in Halifax say they have arrested a man and recovered a firearm from a nearby city bus. Police have not yet confirmed whether the arrest and the firearm are


Gunman in Ottawa Attack Planned to Leave for Syria

Israel National News 26 October 2014
By Ben Ariel

The gunman who carried out Wednesday’s shooting attack in the Canadian capital Ottawa had recently applied for a passport and was hoping to leave for Syria, the country’s top

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