Benghazi: US Foreign Policy and the Influence of Shariah Doctrine

Center for Security Policy 13 November 2012
By Dr. Andrew Bostom, Diana West and Stephen Coughlin

The Center for Security Policy is pleased to present a live-streamed panel discussion with three of America's top experts on the shariah doctrinal threat to national security. Dr. Andrew Bostom, Diana West and Stephen Coughlin will be joined by Frank Gaffney to discuss, "Benghazi: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Influence of Shariah Doctrine."


Anti-Sharia Activist Takes Leeds City Council To Tribunal

International Civil Liberties Alliance 5 November 2012
By Chris Knowles

Chris Knowles a human rights activist from the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) has confirmed that he has initiated Employment Tribunal proceedings against Leeds City Council.  Mr Knowles’ case for unfair dismissal is scheduled to be heard by the Employment Tribunal on 13 March 2013.


U.A.F. aka Unite Against Facism:the truth behind the logo 28 October 2012
By 13matlee

Just thought i would post this to show the British based Leftist Militant Terrorist Group the U.A.F. and its supporters for who they really are nothing but vicious,hypocritical Leftist,Islamic Extremists appeasing thugs who think its ok for them to waste tax-payers money and riot and attack Police Officers but if any other group does it then in their hypocritical eyes its wrong?


The great Turkish rip-off

New Europe 28 October 2012
By Robert Ellis

When he was in Ankara two years ago, the British Prime Minister David Cameron came with a fulsome declaration of support for Turkish EU membership. and at the same time declared Britain’s intention to double its mutual trade with Turkey over the next five years. A recent visit by a British trade delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg underlines this intention.


Tommy Robinson in Durance Vile (Again)

Gates of Vienna 28 October 2012
By Baron Bodissey

A source close to EDL leader Tommy Robinson just sent the following message about the conditions under which Tommy is being held in Wandsworth Prison:

Kev Carroll has asked me to release the following info to you regarding Tommy.

1.   He is still in the same clothes he went to prison in.
2.   They are refusing to allow him clean/fresh clothes — family members took clothing in, but they would not allow it to be handed over.
3.   He has received no mail or money from anyone and he knows his wife gave in a Postal Order for a large amount whilst visiting.

4.   He is being refused all privileges.
5.   With no money he cannot purchase razors, food etc. and is having to eat the slops provided.
6.   He was arrested with £90 but at the Prison when asking for his money he was told he didn’t have any; where has this £90 gone?

Please pass this information far and wide and include it in web posts.


Geert Wilders at the Swedish Free Press Society

GeertWilders Weblog 28 October 2012
By Geert Wilders

Dear friends, I am very happy to be in your midst today. Thank you, Ingrid, for inviting me to address the Swedish Free Press Society. No demonstrator will prevent me to speak in Sweden. I love Sweden and its people. One of my great heroes, Raoul Wallenberg, was a compatriot of yours. Wallenberg embodies all that is good and generous in the Swedish people. He defended the freedom and dignity of others. He protected those who had been marked for death by an evil ideology. And he gave his own life for it.


Chairman of the Danish Parliament speaks at Ramadan dinner 17 August 2012
Translated by Nicolai Sennels

"Parliamentary Chairman Lykketoft sends a video greeting tomorrow at the fifth Ramadan dinner inside the Parliamentary canteen Snapstinget to celebrate the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan


Video: Why Romney Chose Ryan

Gates of Vienna 14 August 2012
By Dymphna

Not that running for President of the United States hasn’t become a full-time job for the current resident of the Oval Office…well, except for his other job, golf - or his third job, jabbing. But now that Romney has made his vice-presidential choice public, the real blood, sweat and tears will begin to flow. As Obama said, "bring a knife”…that’s the good old Chicago Way, especially if you’re agin guns and such.


Video: Sacked for his political beliefs

International Civil Liberties Alliance 14 August 2012
By Michael Coren

Michael Coren interviews Chris Knowles, who has recently been sacked from Leeds City Council after 17 years of loyal service. Chris has been fired for "improper activities", and for having political views different from those of the city council. Michael Coren inquires how this can be possible in a supposedly free society under the Rule of Law, and asks if it has anything to do with the fact that Chris is critical of Islam and Sharia.


Romney's Remarkable Speech in Jerusalem 30 July 2012
By Daniel Pipes

Mitt Romney, the all-but-official Republican presidential candidate, delivered a stem-winder of a speech to the Jerusalem Foundation today, packing emotional support with frank policy statements. The contrast with Obama could hardly be more dramatic.

Indeed, one could go through the speech and note the many refutations of Obama. For example, the opening comment that "To step foot into Israel is to step foot into a nation that began with an ancient promise made in this land" directly contrasts with Obama's crabbed statement in Cairo about "the aspiration for a Jewish homeland [being] rooted in a tragic history."


Center for Security Policy Reveals Radical Islamist Views of Huma Abedin's Mother

Center for Security Policy 24 July 2012

A book published and translated by the mother of Obama administration State Department Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin provides fresh evidence that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's closest aide has deeply problematic foreign associations that could, in violation of departmental guidelines, "create... a heightened risk of foreign exploitation, inducement, manipulation, pressure, or coercion."


Mutual Respect

Citizen Warrior 28 June 2012

On An Inquiry Into Islam's Facebook page, I posted a quote by Bernard Lewis: "The object of jihad is to bring the whole world under Islamic Law." And someone made this comment: "Respect


Brotherhood Victory Opens Door for Islamists

Right Side News 28 June 2012

The Investigative Project on Terrorism Islamists across the globe are hailing the victory of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammad Morsi in Egypt's presidential election, particularly


Secularist academic jailed in Turkey 27 June 2012
By 2

One of Turkey's most prominent academic reformers, Kemal Gürüz, was arrested and jailed yesterday. The move was condemned by human-rights activists and some Turkish scientists, who say that


Women in the New Egypt: "Please God. Please make it stop.”

Atlas Shrugs 27 June 2012
By Pamela Geller

Obama's legacy ...... history will not be kind to him. Dalia Mogahed was appointed in 2009 by President Barack Obama to serve on his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood


Iran, Hamas Relish Muslim Brotherhood Win in Egypt

FrontPage Magazine 27 June 2012
By P. David Hornik

In comments posted by Iran’s Fars News Agency that are ominous but not surprising, Egypt’s newly elected Muslim Brotherhood president Muhamed Morsi said Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel


Democracy Dawns in Egypt with Victory for Muslim Brotherhood

After centuries of being reigned by pharaohs, followed by several decades of dictators, Egypt has its first democratically elected president. The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohammed


Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: Personal, to Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton

Gatestone Institute 26 June 2012
By Tarek Heggy

I cannot believe the "rumors" that the US wants to see members of the Muslim Brotherhood as Egypt's new rulers. If this "rumor" is correct, that policy decision will be the most gigantic,


Brotherhood leaders promise ‘mass rage’ if election result delayed or partial revote ordered

The Times of Israel 25 June 2012
By Elhanan Miller

Officials in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood warned of a second popular revolution accompanied by "mass rage” if the country’s governing military authorities postpone the announcement of the

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