Canada launches probe into veiled women

Breaking Travel News 4 August 2010

Canadian authorities have a launched a probe after an amateur video showed two fully veiled women boarding a passenger plane without showing their faces. Canada’s minister of transportation John


Veil video prompts Canada airline probe

BBC 3 August 2010

Canada's Minister of Transportation has ordered an investigation after a recent video showed two veiled women boarding a flight without showing security their faces. Under Canadian law the


Honour and terror

Dawn 22 July 2010
By Rafia Zakaria

The killers of 16-year-old Aqsa Pervez were convicted on June 18. Mohammad Pervez and Waqas Ahmed, Aqsa’s father and brother, were sentenced to life in prison by a jury in Ontario, Canada. Aqsa


It’s OK to Kill Your Muslim 14-Year-Old Daughter in Canada

Putting a Calgary mom who strangled her promiscuous 14-year-old daughter in jail would smack of vengeance, a judge said Thursday, in handing her probation instead. Justice Sal LoVecchio placed


Trio jailed in transatlanticjet bomb plot Montreal, Toronto flights targeted

Montreal Gazette 13 July 2010

Three men were jailed yesterday for plotting mass murder in a conspiracy to blow up transatlantic flights using liquid bombs. Ibrahim Savant, Arafat Waheed Khan and Waheed Zaman will serve at


Video: Honour killings and Canada

Vlad Tepes 13 July 2010

An Afghanistan family attempts to murder their daughter for reasons of Muslim honour:

It seems that Canada had yet another attempt at a Muslim honour killing of a daughter. The good news is Canada’s clear, unmitigated, non-politically-corrected, not-culturally-relativist (even if the


Seattle cartoonist targeted by Islamic extremist

There is no sane or humane creed that would justify putting Seattle cartoonist Holly Norris on an execution list, but there is little that is sane or humane about radical Islam. Yemeni-American


The Honor Killing of Aqsa Parvez

Human Events 29 June 2010
By Robert Spencer

Muhammad Parvez and his son Waqas murdered Aqsa Parvez, Muhammad’s daughter and Waqas’s sister, on December 10, 2007, because she wasn’t behaving the way a good Muslim girl should. Last Wednesday, a Canadian court gave them both life sentences for this honor killing.

But what is being done to stop the next Islamic honor killing in North America? Next to nothing.


Dogs 'unclean' - should not be kept as pets, says Islamic cleric

Examiner 23 June 2010
By Helena Sung

It's a fatwa on Fido. A senior Islamic cleric in Iran has issued a religious ruling (fatwa) declaring dogs to be dirty and and not fit to be kept as pets, reports the Calgary Herald, citing a


Toronto Islamic conference speakers known for 'hate' comments

National Post 23 June 2010
By Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Toronto - A massive upcoming Islamic conference in Toronto, which was to be headlined by an Indian televangelist until he was recently banned from Canada for his inflammatory statements, features a


Canada to bar Islamic preacher

Global Toronto  22 June 2010
By Kathryn Blaze Carlson

An Indian Muslim televangelist who was banned from Britain last week for "unacceptable behaviour" will not be allowed into Canada to speak at an upcoming conference in Toronto, sources familiar with


Muslim states push for action on 'Islamophobia' 17 June 2010

Muslim governments on Wednesday pressed the United Nations to step up investigations of Western countries to root out what they call "Islamophobia" defined by them as discrimination against people


Canada: The immigration debate we don’t want to have

Globe and Mail 17 June 2010
By Margaret Wente

After the sensational 2007 murder of Aqsa Parvez, the 16-year-old girl who disobeyed her traditional family, many Muslim girls in Canada discussed the story on Facebook. "That’s my story too,” some of


Father, brother plead guilty to so-called 'honour killing' of 16-year-old girl

Globe and Mail 16 June 2010
By Kate Allen and Joe Friesen

Just two days before she was killed, 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez went to the movies for the first time. She had fought her parents for the right to wear Western clothing, and to jettison the hijab


Bruce Bawer "I’ve Become an Enemy of the People for Speaking the Truth About Islam"

Pajamas Media 15 June 2010
By Bruce Bawer

I’ve now been singled out, in a report commissioned and funded by the government of Norway, as a perpetrator of Islamophobia. Am I about to be hauled into court?

When it comes to the right to speak one’s mind about Islam, the record of the last few years makes it clear which direction the West is moving in. In France and Italy, Oriana Fallaci is put on trial for disparaging Islam. In Canada, Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant are hauled before "human rights commission” tribunals for criticizing Islam in print. In Australia, an Islamic organization sues two pastors for "vilification of Muslims.” In Britain, a Daily Telegraph columnist is arrested on charges of hate speech for having written negatively about Islam, and the Archbishop of Canterbury proposes that Parliament pass stronger laws against such speech acts. And in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, the head of the Freedom Party, which performed so well in the June 9 general elections that Wilders may end up in the governing coalition, still faces trial for having made a film about the Koranic foundations of terrorism.


Montreal mother to undergo psychiatric testing following daughter's stabbing

Montreal Gazette 15 June 2010
By Katherine Wilton

MONTREAL - Tony Raso pulled up in front of his Dorval home about 2:30 a.m. and was surprised to see his neighbour Ebrahimi Ebrahim outside in the middle of the night. Ebrahim waved, as he normally


Canada Gives $30 Million to Muslim Terrorists

Before It's News  2 June 2010
By David Livingstone

Canadian government for a "global center to promote diversity." None of the Opposition parties bothered to ask why the Canadian government gave this tidy sum to one of the richest men on the planet.


The Islamization of Canada

FrontPage Magazine 15 May 2010
By Christine Williams

Seven years after its application, Al Jazeera English has been launched in Canada. The three largest cable providers (Bell TV, Rogers and Videotron) are carrying the digital channel. Al Jazeera


Blame Canada

Gates of Vienna 4 May 2010
By Baron Bodissey

Vlad Tepes lives in the Frozen North — Ottawa, to be precise. He’s convinced that his country is responsible for foisting modern politically correct Multiculturalism on


Blame Canada

Gates of Vienna 4 May 2010
Baron Bodissey

Vlad Tepes lives in the Frozen North — Ottawa, to be precise. He’s convinced that his country is responsible for foisting modern politically correct Multiculturalism on the rest of the Western world, and has made the following video to illustrate his point:

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