Toronto 18 terror cell ringleader to be sentenced

Toronto Star 25 October 2010
By Isabel Teotonio

Fahim Ahmad was an average teen who worked at Harvey’s and had a penchant for sports, movies and chasing girls. But after Sept. 11, “everything changed,” he says. Questions surfaced about his Islamic


Canada gets its first Muslim mayor

Sify  20 October 2010

Calgary, Canada has created history by electing its first Muslim mayor. Naheed Nenshi, a Harvard-educated Ismaili Muslim, defeated two white candidates to become the mayor of Calgary Monday


The Left Just Wants You To Shut Up

Philadelphia Bulletin 18 October 2010
By James G. Wiles

Have you noticed how, both here and in Western Europe, Canada and elsewhere in the Anglosphere, liberals, progressives and the Far Left no longer want to debate? They just want conservatives to shut up.


Canada requires selective migration

StarPhoenix 15 October 2010
By David B. Harris

Harris is an Ontario lawyer and director of INSIGNIS Strategic Research's international and terrorist intelligence program. Amidst their confused discussion about immigration in the opinion piece, Don't


Second accused in alleged Ottawa terrorism plot gets bail

Ottawa Citizen  14 October 2010
By Andrew Seymour

OTTAWA — A London, Ont., doctor and former Canadian Idol contestant has become the second of three men accused in a homegrown terror plot to be released on


Muslim porn charges thrown out 08 October 2010

BRAMPTON, Ontario, Oct. 7 -- A court threw out child porn charges against a Muslim cleric targeted as a terrorist by Canadian authorities, ruling purported evidence was gathered


Halal: Another Invasive Tentacle of Islam

Dakota Voice 07 October 2010
By Bob Ellis

I keep trying to shout from the rooftop to warn everyone of the creeping Shariah law in our midst, but I wonder if anyone is listening. Tuesday, I read on Robert Spencer’s website that Campbell’s


Media Neglect Sources of Homegrown Islamist Extremism

International Free Press Society 21 September 2010
By Rory Leishman

Following the arrest of three more Canadian citizens on terrorism charges last month, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews warned: “We are not immune from international or home-grown radicalization. I have said this


A Badge of Muslim Courage  

FrontPage Magazine 20 September 2010
By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Raheel Raza, a leading Muslim reformer, award winning writer, professional speaker, diversity consultant, documentary film maker and interfaith advocate. A


Video: Mark Steyn on Danish Television

Gates of Vienna 13 September 2010

"You have to have something to assimilate to... There’s a huge hole in the heart of where European identity ought to be.”

This interview is in English with Danish subtitles, but there are no English subtitles on the Danish portion.


Forgotten Islamist terror plot targeted Toronto

Toronto Star 1 September 2010
By John Goddard

Almost everybody has forgotten the first homegrown Islamic terrorist plot on Toronto. In 1991, five black Muslim followers of the Pakistani movement Jamaat Al Fuqra stood accused of conspiring to


Canada still target in eyes of jihadists

Canada is an oasis. The poorest among us enjoy comforts that, for most people on the globe, are a dream. Our good fortune has made us smug. We're smug about our role in the world, which is a


The struggle against jihad

Ottawa Citizen 31 August 2010
By Tarek Fatah and Salma Siddiqui

While Muslim parents pack public meetings with pronouncements that 'Islam is a religion of peace,' their sons and daughters are being taught something else


Greens may push to decriminalize polygamy

cnews 23 August 2010

TORONTO - The Green Party of Canada will consider a motion Sunday on whether or not they will push to decriminalize polygamy. Party members in a workshop on Saturday evening voted to send the


Security officials are afraid to look out for our safety

Ottawa Citizen  11 August 2010
By David Harris

Undue deference to Islamic face coverings poses a threat to airport security, writes David Harris. When government ministers decide to sound ministerial, the result can be a strange mixture


Niqab Security Outrages at Canadian Airports

Canada Free Press 5 August 2010
By Daniel Pipes

I visited Toronto in early March 2010 and as I left the country I passed through the usual security check at Pearson International Airport. What made it different is that the next passengers after me


Canada launches probe into veiled women

Breaking Travel News 4 August 2010

Canadian authorities have a launched a probe after an amateur video showed two fully veiled women boarding a passenger plane without showing their faces. Canada’s minister of transportation John


Veil video prompts Canada airline probe

BBC 3 August 2010

Canada's Minister of Transportation has ordered an investigation after a recent video showed two veiled women boarding a flight without showing security their faces. Under Canadian law the


Honour and terror

Dawn 22 July 2010
By Rafia Zakaria

The killers of 16-year-old Aqsa Pervez were convicted on June 18. Mohammad Pervez and Waqas Ahmed, Aqsa’s father and brother, were sentenced to life in prison by a jury in Ontario, Canada. Aqsa


It’s OK to Kill Your Muslim 14-Year-Old Daughter in Canada

Putting a Calgary mom who strangled her promiscuous 14-year-old daughter in jail would smack of vengeance, a judge said Thursday, in handing her probation instead. Justice Sal LoVecchio placed

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