Canadians targeted on radical Islamic website

Vancouver Sun  22 December 2010
By Tobi Cohen

The RCMP is aware of an al-Qaida linked website that has posted the names of Coptic Christian Canadians it accuses of trying to "tarnish the image of Islam." The Canadian names are


Canadian diplomat's grave moved in Turkey after Muslim complaints

National Post 15 December 2010
By Tamsin McMahon

The remains of a Canadian diplomat buried in Turkey were reportedly forcibly removed from a local cemetery after a prominent Muslim family said they weren’t comfortable praying next


Canada: Guards scolded over Muslim group prayer

Calgary Sun  10 December 2010

TORONTO - At least eight security guards at a west-end immigration detention centre are being disciplined for allowing a group of Muslim detainees to pray together, their co-workers say. One Group


Polygamy's many wives don't capture 'market value'

Vancouver Sun 10 December 2010
By Daphne Bramham

Economist Shoshana Grossbard admits she was naive when she did her doctoral thesis on polygamy more than 30 years ago at the University of Chicago. Then, she believed that a simple


Polygamy an issue for immigration officials

Winnipeg Sun 07 December 2010
By Brian Lilley

OTTAWA — The Conservative government is quietly reminding embassy and consular staff around the world that Canada doesn't accept immigrants who plan to practise polygamy


Iraqi refugees find peace and security in Canada

Toronto Star 29 November 2010
By Nicholas Keung

The 2003 Iraq War shut down Anoosh Awades’ family jewellery store. To make a living, the Armenian woman found a housekeeping job, working for the Americans. Like many Christians in Iraq, she was deemed a


Canada won't attend Durban anti-Israel hatefest

Jihad Watch 26 November 2010

If only we had leadership like this in the United States. "Canada won't attend Durban racism 'hatefest,' Kenney calls it 'charade,'" from The Canadian Press, November 25 (thanks to Ima): OTTAWA - Canada


Education and the Global Culture of Hate

Family Security Matters 25 November 2010

In the last part of his series, we featured a report from Ynet News, detailing how Australia has an increased amount of prejudice on campus in the state of Victoria, including verbal insults and assault. Now, a


Canadian Authorities Investigating Terror Suspect's US-Hosted Hate Site

Web Host Industry Review 24 November 2010

According to a report published Sunday by Canadian newspaper the National Post, police are investigating a website recently launched by a Canadian “jihadist” already sought by the Ontario Provincial Police


Could Canada be the first Western Islamic Caliphate?  22 November 2010
By Barry O'Regan

The newest intelligent report stating hard-line Islamist groups in Canada such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizib-ut-Tahrir are looking to build an Islamic caliphate utopia in Canada. Vancouver may sing a different


Police probe fugitive extremist's new website

National Post 22 November 2010
By Stewart Bell

TORONTO — Police are looking into a newly launched Internet site, run by a wanted “jihadist” from Ontario, that urges terrorists to kill Canadians using dirty bombs. The website is registered to Salman Hossain,


Journalist slams British 'appeasement' of radical Islam

Canadian Jewish News 17 November 2010
By Janice Arnold

MONTREAL — Britain today is “the world leader in the appeasement” of radical Muslims, provocative British journalist and author Melanie Phillips said on her first visit to Montreal. Phillips, a columnist for the Daily


Muslim 'parallel society' within Canada a threat: Report

Montreal Gazette  16 November 2010

OTTAWA - Islamists aim to build a "parallel society" in Canada that risks undermining its democracy and multiculturalism and becoming a "catalyst for violence," warned a national security report published Monday.


Ex-Muslim: Proposal that Islam is Tolerant is Fallacious, Dangerous

Canada Free Press 15 November 2010
By Lillian Kwon

WASHINGTON – Though most Muslims are tolerant and peace-loving, Islam itself is not a religion of tolerance, a former Muslim asserted. Outspoken activist and author Ayaan Hirsi


Islamist groups seek ‘parallel society’ in Canada: report

National Post 15 November 2010
By Stewart Bell

TORONTO — A newly released intelligence report says hardline Islamist groups want to build a "parallel society” in Canada, which could undermine the country’s social cohesion and foster


Jews for Injustice Against Jews

The Spectator 10 November 2010
By Melanie Phillips

No sooner had the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared his principled stand in support of Israel and against anti-Jew bigotry – even at the expense of his country’s seat on the Security Council of the Club


International Extremist Flees Canada, Interpol Asks Your Help

Technorati 9 November 2010
By Tim Paynter

An international extremist has disappeared from radar recently after Toronto Police issued a warrant for his arrest. The 25-year-old Canadian asks terrorists to attack Canada, and could be anywhere.


• A Bill of First Amendment Protection and Redress

EuropeNews 4 November 2010
Speech to the Jewish Defence League in Toronto, October 1, 2010
By Lars Hedegaard, President of The International Free Press Society

Thank you, JDL for seeing us here in Toronto. If you have difficulties telling the two Larses apart, I'm the one from Denmark. Vilks is from Sweden. The difference between us is that I will deliver a serious sermon, and Vilks will tell all the jokes. That's the way the official playground has been organized here.


Video: Mark Steyn speaks on Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

vladtepesblogdotcom 1 November 2010

Contribute to Elisabeth’s Voice: An Appeal

Mark Steyn spoke at a dinner tribute to Ezra Levant in Ottawa Oct. 30 2010. James Cohen, formerly of the International Free Press Society, spoke with Mr. Steyn about Ms. Wolff's situation in Austria.


Canadian former child soldier sentenced at Guantanamo

France24 1 November 2010

A US military tribunal has sentenced a Canadian citizen to 40 years in prison for killing a soldier in Afghanistan, but a plea deal means the former child soldier will serve up to eight years behind

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