Anti-Islamic Dutch politician a protest target

24 Hours Vancouver 9 May 2011

TORONTO - Protesters are getting ready for Geert Wilders' first Canadian visit as the controversial anti-Islamic Dutch politician rolls into town Monday night to give a private speech to local


Geert Wilders Comes to Nashville

Gates of Vienna 6 May 2011

The Canadian chapter of the International Free Press Society is bringing Geert Wilders to North America next week. After visiting three Canadian cities


Is Europe Doomed?

FrontPage Magazine 3 May 2011
By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Hege Storhaug, the information director of Human Rights Service in Norway and the author of several books on immigration and integration, forced marriage, women


WikiLeaks: Montreal mosque ‘is a top Al Qaeda recruiting zone’

FavStocks  29 April 2011
By Atlas Shrugs

An Islamic terror cell linked to a mosque in Montreal were planning an attack on Los Angeles Airport. The Mapping Sharia project found that three out of four mosques preach hate and incitement to


Pentagon lists Qaeda recruiting mosques

Arab Times 28 April 2011

Al-Qaeda recruited and trained militants at mosques and Islamic centers in cities around the world from Montreal to Karachi, according to a Pentagon list leaked Tuesday.


Intelligent Muslim: Only Support Dhimmi Candidates Who Agree To Make It "A Hate Crime To Associate Islam To Terrorism"

Blzaing Cat Fur 28 April 2011

The following voting advice appears in the latest issue of the Canadian Islamic Congress' Friday Magazine. The author Ayub Hamid "is a past member of the CIC Board of Directors


Canadian Muslim Group: "Only Support Non-Muslim Candidates Who Are Willing to Make it a Hate-Crime to Publicly Associate ...

Weasel Zippers 27 April 2011

The next federal election is set for May 2, 2011 and campaigns are in full swing. Canadian Muslims’ reactions to elections and political campaigns vary significantly; some participate for personal


Muslim community denounces document describing Montreal mosque as terror hub

The Canadian Press 27 April 2011
By Sidhartha Banerjee and Jonathan Montpetit

MONTREAL — New WikiLeaks documents that describe a Montreal mosque as a terror hub are defamatory, says a local Muslim spokesman. The newly leaked U.S. documents claim a


Free Speech, State Censorship, and the Prosecution of Dutch Politician Wilders

The New American  15 April 2011
By Bruce Walker

Most Americans — blessed with an inimitable Constitution written by men of great character and wisdom who understood the profound importance of human liberty — take freedom


Canada among countries debating niqab bans

Global Montreal 13 April 2011

TORONTO - On Monday, France became the first country to enact a ban on full-face veils in public spaces. France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy initiated the ban two years ago, equating the veils as


26/11 Rana names ISI, Pak govt - US court dismisses defence, trial to begin on May 16

Calcutta Telegraph 13 April 2011

Chicago: Tahawwur Hussain Rana, the Pakistani-origin Canadian accused in the 26/11 Mumbai attack case, has reportedly said in his defence documents that he helped the Mumbai


Ex-KKK leader featured on Muslim group's website

National Post 11 April 2011
By Stewart Bell

A Canadian Muslim group is making no apologies for its Internet site, which features a video address by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. In the 12-minute video on the Canadian


Islamists on Welfare

AINA (press release) 6 April 2011

In 2008, the Toronto Sun reported [1] that "hundreds of [Greater Toronto Area] Muslim men in polygamous marriages -- some with a harem of wives -- are receiving welfare and social benefits for each


Islamist Group Promotes KKK Conspiracies

The Propagandist 6 April 2011

Their featured video on their home page is called Mubarak And The Fall Of The Zionist Running Dogs! -- which includes an insightful presentation by former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. So much for


Charter No Excuse For degrading Canadian Culture

Sudbury Star  23 March 2011

The most poignant comment I have read on the topic of having primitive religious practices forced on our Canadian culture was written by Ezra Levant recently in the Toronto Sun. Mr. Levant


Quebec Town Embraces Dhimmitude

Jawa Report  18 March 2011

Such voluntary subjugation hasn't been seen since the French surrendered to Pepsi during the Cola Wars. A poor, rural Quebec town is so desperate to become dhimmis, they are


Quebec mayor reaches out to French-speaking Muslim immigrants

Globe and Mail 18 March 2011

Like small-town mayors everywhere, Stéphane Gendron is trying to entice newcomers to settle in his community. But he may be the only one whose enticement offers include a promise to build a mosque


The Scandal in Vancouver

Chronicles Magazine 4 March 2011
By Diana Johnstone

I am not alone in being utterly astounded by the fact that Dr. Srdja Trifkovic has been refused entry into Canada. This amazing decision is all the more scandalous in that it was taken ad hoc in


Srdja Trifkovic, author of Sword of the Prophet, barred from Canada

JihadWatch 26 February 2011

Palestinian jihadists' fabrications of Israeli atrocities are amply documented now, although the mainstream media still retail them; less well known is that the jihad in the Balkans also has a busy propaganda arm. Dr. Srdja Trifkovic, author of the excellent book on Islam and jihad, The Sword of the Prophet, ran afoul of it yesterday, as he was barred from entering Canada. The Serbian Youth League (thanks to George) explains this latest Freedom of Speech Death Watch Alert:


The protest letter of the IRGC to the President of the of the University of British Columbia

Institute for Genocide 18 February 2011
By Emir Ramic

The protest letter of the Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada {IRGC } to the President of the of the University of British Columbia Dear Professor Stephen J. Toope The Institute for

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