Islamic Terrorism in Australia, Again

CultureWatch 20 April 2015
By Bill Muehlenberg

It is getting almost to be routine now, much like in England and many parts of Europe: another planned terrorist attack from the religion of peace; another bunch of dhimmi


Brothers, believers and brave mujahideen: how to counter the lure of Islamic State propaganda

The Conversation AU 20 April 2015
By Anne Aly

In an unassuming house in the suburbs, a teenager sits alone in a dark room, his face lit only by the projection of his computer screen. As he watches, the barrage of images tugs at his


Mustard sisters claim they were “ambushed” at brisbane airport

Winds of Jihad 17 April 2015

Nada Tawfeek, a 21-year-old Canterbury University student, and her sister Hannah, 18, were pulled aside at the Australian terminal by a security guard asking “a bunch of intimidating,


The halal racket makes our taxpayer funded abc educators work overtime

Winds of Jihad 14 April 2015

Imagine Western politicians in the 1930s and 40s saying we should ease up on criticising the Nazis, and not make things hard on our economy by not doing business with them.


AUS council slammed for asking non-Muslim women to wear hijabs to raise awareness and combat Islamophobia

Daily Mail Online 10 April 2015
By Liam Quinn

A local council has created controversy by asking non-Islamic women to wear hijabs in a 'social experiment' to increase awareness and education. The City of Greater Dandenong


Pauline Hanson links halal certification to terrorist organisations a day after nationwide, anti-Islam protests 7 April 2015

In an interview with Today with co-host Deb Knight, the One Nation party leader said it was wrong for Prime Minister Tony Abbott to say “Australians don’t have an issue with [halal]”.


Tony abbott is “comfortable” australian companies are paying islamic groups for halal certification

Winds of Jihad 31 March 2015

THE prime minister believes Australians want to see certified agricultural businesses thrive by being able to export produce to Muslim countries.“If we want our exports to grow all the


UN adds JI’s "humanitarian” wing to Al Qaeda sanctions list

Money Jihad 28 March 2015

The UN, Australia, and Canada have added the Hilal Ahmar Society Indonesia (HASI) to their list of sanctioned Al Qaeda entities according to Mr. Watchlist. HASI is also known


Your Daily Muslim #655: Amir Hossein Raisolsadat (Part 2)

Your Daily Muslim 28 March 2015

Canadian Muslim Seyed Amir Hossein Raisolsadat, most commonly known as Amir Raisolsadat or Amir Hossein Raisolsadat, a member of the Chemical Weapons Industries (CWI) group,


SBS Sharia Promo

Winds of Jihad 27 March 2015

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘Sharia law’? Terrorism? Extremism? Perhaps if you’re Palmer United Party’s Jacqui Lambie, who recently backed a campaign to ban burqas,


Australia foils 230 Muslims trying to leave the country to join the jihad

Jihad Watch 27 March 2015
By Robert Spencer

Is this supposed to be a feel-good story? A “Wow, the counterterrorism squads are doing a great job” story? But what now? Australia authorities aren’t going to dare to do a


Australia a Puzzling Hotbed of Islamic State Recruiting 25 March 2015
By Rod McGuirk

A nightclub bouncer who reportedly became a terror group leader. A man who tweeted a photo of his young son clutching a severed head. A teenager who is believed to have turned


Australian Islamic School Teaches ISIS is a Western Conspiracy

Daily Mail Online 25 March 2015
By Sarah Dean

A principal has claimed radicalisation is not a problem at his Islamic school because he tells pupils that the Islamic State death cult is manufactured by Western countries. Al-Taqwa


Forum told Islam’s goal is Australia under Sharia law

Toowoomba Chronicle 25 March 2015

ABOUT 200 people turned out to a forum in Buddina on Sharia law and political Islam, among them Buderim State MP Steve Dickson. Sunshine Coast Safe Communities Inc president Ron


Islam is Islam: ‘Peaceful’ Muslims are not real Muslims

blazingcatfur 18 March 2015

"…The truth is that Islam is Islam: there is no "Islam of ISIS,” "Islam of Al-Qaeda,” "Islam of Turkey,” "Islam of Hamas,” or "moderate Islam.” Islam is based on the Quran and


The Jihad Triangle (David Wood)

youtube 18 March 2015
By Acts17Apologetics

Many people are confused by jihad. If Islam is a religion of peace, why is there a persistent problem of radicalism in the Muslim world? If Islam is the problem, why are there


Australian counter-terror police 'stopping 400 per day'

BBC News 18 March 2015

Australian police are stopping hundreds of people every day at airports in an attempt to prevent would-be jihadists leaving the country. A new counter-terror unit conducted


Australian Jihadist Mocked On Islamic Propaganda Website

Women Against Shariah 18 March 2015

An Islamic State propaganda website geared towards celebrating the sacrifice made by Melbourne teenage jihadi, Jake Bilardi, has done anything but glorify the actions of the


Sydney Muslims counter mainstream media with TV studio

Web India 18 March 2015

Members of Sydney's Muslim community have set up a new television studio to counter the mainstream media's treatment of Islam in Australia, a media report said on

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