Indonesian woman admits ordering hit on British hubby

The Rakyat Post 23 October 2014

The wife of a British man found with his throat slashed and dumped in a ditch on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali has admitted ordering the killing, police said on


Is this ISIS's weirdest Western jihadi? The dorky Australian 17-year-old who vows to fly Islamist flag over Buckingham Palace an

Daily Mail 22 October 2014
By Daniel Piotrowski and Sarah Dean

Relatives of a ginger Australian jihadist have condemned him for appearing in an Islamic State propaganda video in which he says the terror group will not stop their murderous


ANU academics withdraw from IS forum after member of Hizb ut-Tahrir invited to speak

Sydney Morning Herald 22 October 2014
By Megan Gorrey

The Australian National University has defended a decision by several of its academics to withdraw from a public debate on terrorism after they found out a representative of


Australia lifts Parliament veil ban 20 October 2014

Australia's Parliament House lifted a short-lived ban on facial coverings including burqas and niqabs after the prime minister intervened. SHARE The government department


Islamic Centre graffitied as al-Furqan preacher Harun Mehicevic again linked with backing jihad

The Age 16 October 2014
By Nino Bucci

The controversial al-Furqan Islamic Centre has been daubed with graffiti, as the "sheikh" who preaches at the Springvale South centre was again linked with supporting


‘Slaughter the Christians’: Muslim teen charged after Sydney Maronite College targeted by Islamic State threats

Pamela Geller 15 October 2014

As the global jihad grows and the lines are more definitively drawn, the West must implement restrictions on Muslim immigration from hostile nations. We need elected


ustralia’s Special Forces troops Iraq bound for Islamic State fight stuck in UAE

Australia’s 200 Special Forces are stalled in the United Arab Emirates, awaiting legal clearance to kick off their mission assisting the Iraqi Security Forces in repelling the


Australia to deny visas for radical Islamist preachers

Pan Armenian 10 October 2014

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Wednesday, Oct 8, that he is ordering a crackdown to prevent radical Islamist preachers entering the country, amidst rising


Video: FAKE! PHONY! PURE CRAP! Muslim-produced social experiment attempts to show how Australians...

Bare Naked Islam 9 October 2014

How would Australians react if they witnessed a Muslim person being abused? In a social experiment orchestrated by Muslim filmmaker Kamal Saleh, we see Muslims in Islamic


Muslim student claims she was told "Take off your headbag (hijab) and hang yourself with it”

Bare Naked Islam 6 October 2014

A number of Muslim students have experienced serious incidents of racial (what ‘race’ is Islam?) vilification on University of Sydney campuses in recent weeks. In one incident,


• Existential fears of Buddhists in embattled Burma and Buddhist nations

LankaWeb 29 September 2014
By Shenali D Waduge

Why has it become customary to view affairs only from the lens of Christian West nations and through their communication channels? If the world can ask ‘why is the world


Jihadist’s family out of business after secret $9 million transfer to Lebanon

Money Jihad 29 September 2014

Australian financial authorities have foiled an ongoing attempt to keep millions of dollars in transactions off the books by a remittance company owned by a terrorist’s sister


"Supporters of sharia law are "maniacs and depraved humans” who will not stop committing "cold-blooded butchery and rapes until

sheikyermami. 29 September 2014

Senator Lambie says sharia supporters are ‘maniacs and depraved humans’ . Jacqui Lambie to introduce private member’s bill to ban the burqa in public places . Senator


Revealed: Half the men detained in Sydney terror raids are 'involved in same Muslim street preaching group'

Daily Mail 29 September 2014
By Lucy Thackray for Daily Mail Australia

Seven of 15 men detained during Sydney's terror raids were members of a Muslim street preaching group, led by wanted terrorist Mohammad Al Baryalei, it has been


Home front terror: Elite Australian soldiers fear extremists will target their families while they fight terrorists in Middle Ea

The Daily Telegraph 29 September 2014
By Andrew Rule

ELITE commandos sent to the Middle East to lead Australia’s part in the fight against terror fear they are leaving their families vulnerable to attack by extremists. It is


Letting in the wrong refugees

Michelle Malkin 27 September 2014

Fresh terror busts in Australia expose a common Achilles’ heel of the West: Indiscriminate refugee policies turn free countries into breeding grounds for jihad. It’s the same game in America.


Australia: Teen Muslim who screamed "Slaughter the Christians” outside Christian college charged with intimidation

Jihad Watch 27 September 2014
By Robert Spencer

He is fourteen years old. He was a passenger in the car. Who was driving? It is likely that he is reflecting the culture of his home and community. Is anyone looking into that,


"We Will Enslave Your Women by the Permission of Allah.”

Frontpage Mag 25 September 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

The Islamic State has another reminder that Muslim immigration is an instant fifth column. A video released today by the Islamic State (IS) urges Muslims to "slaughter”


55.5% of Aussies against women wearing burqas in public: poll

The Islamist Watch 25 September 2014
By Lin Taylor

An increasing number of Australians are against women wearing burqas in public, according to a new Roy Morgan poll. Of the 1,328 Australians surveyed, 55.5 per cent didn't


Australian Navy member allegedly attacked and threatened with beheading in Sydney

Bare Naked Islam 25 September 2014

NSW Police confirmed today that they were investigating the alleged attack on a member of the Australian Defence Force in full navy uniform at 6 o’clock this morning. It is

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