'Attractive Jihadists' are Luring British Muslim Girls to Join Isis, Believe UK is 'Enemy': Report

International Business Times, India Edition 5 March 2015
By Gopi Chandra Kharel

"Attractive" or good-looking jihadist fighters play a vital role in luring British Muslim women or girls into believing that western countries, including the United Kingdom,


The bloody ballad of Broken Hill: How jihad came to the Australian outback in 1915

The Independent 5 March 2015
By Nicholas Shakespeare

In Australia, two men responded to a call to jihad by indiscriminately opening fire on a group of New Year picnickers. But this wasn't the post-9/11 age, it was 100 years ago.


Australian army to recruit first Imam

AMT News 4 March 2015

The Australian Defence Force is recruiting an Imam into the army as an attempt to attract individuals from different languages and cultures to fight for their country. The first ever


Jacqui Lambie receives beheading threat, ordering her to help implement Sharia law in Australia

ABC Radio Australia 2 March 2015
By Tyson Shine

A letter containing a threat to behead Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie unless she helps implement Sharia law in Australia sparks a security assessment at the outspoken


Prime Minister Tony Abbott vows to crack down on terrorism in Australia and overseas during national security address

The Daily Telegraph 2 March 2015

AUSTRALIANS who attempt to join up to death cult terrorist groups abroad will be stripped of their citizenship under dramatic new laws to be brought before the Parliament


KSA gives $1m in donation to Islamic Museum in Australia

ARAB NEWS 2 March 2015

The Kingdom has donated $1 million to the Islamic Museum in Australia (IMA). Presenting a check to Australian Foreign Minister Julie Joseph, Saudi Ambassador Nabil bin Mohammed


Badness finds Allah but does not support extremism of Islamic State

Herald Sun 1 March 2015
By Anthony Downsley

Christopher Dean "Badness” Binse has joined a growing band of prisoners converting to Islam but has distanced himself from the ideology of homegrown terrorists supporting


Islamic State magazine celebrates Sydney terror attack

The Australian News 1 March 2015

ISIS has celebrated attacks in Australia and other Western countries and called for a continuation of its campaign of "terror” in the latest issue of its propaganda magazine


Does Australia Have a Contract With Mohammedans?

Winds of Jihad 28 February 2015

STILL reeling from the news that a 23-year-old student from Perth has joined Islamic State fighters in Iraq, Western Australia’s Islamic community says it is disappointing


Australia: PM announces he will strip returning jihadis of citizenship

Jihad Watch 25 February 2015
By Robert Spencer

This is long overdue. Other countries in the West should follow suit. Obama should also consider imitating Abbott’s relative forthrightness in articulating what we’re up against: “The


Islamic 'radicals' at the heart of Whitehall

The Telegraph 23 February 2015
By Andrew Gilligan

Entryism, the favourite tactic of the 1980s’ Militant Tendency, is when a political party or institution is infiltrated by groups with a radically different agenda. Since


Thirty jihadis return to Australia after waging jihad in Iraq and Syria

Jihad Watch 23 February 2015
By Robert Spencer

Thirty battle-hardened Muslims committing to waging jihad against Infidels, returning to Australia after having aligned themselves with an entity that considers itself to be


Australia: Muslim jobless rates twice the national average, says census data

muslimstatistics 19 February 2015
By John Masanauskas

MUSLIMS have jobless rates more than twice the national average, says an analysis of census data. And more than a third of Muslims had weekly incomes less than $400 in 2011,


Radical Muslim organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir calls ‘emergency’ meeting after Tony Abbott announces security crackdown 18 February 2015

Controversial radical Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir has called an "emergency” press conference after Prime Minister Tony Abbott called for sweeping changes to Australia’s


Hizb ut-Tahrir pre-empts crackdown ahead of PM national security statement

SBS 18 February 2015

The Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir has moved to pre-empt a crackdown on the controversial organisation ahead of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's first national security statement next


Australia: Muslim jobless rates twice the national average, says census data

Muslim Statistics 16 February 2015
By John Masanauskas

And more than a third of Muslims had weekly incomes less than $400 in 2011, the report said. Released by the Immigration Department, The People of Australia study revealed


Senator calls for halal financial transparency

Money Jihad 13 February 2015

Questioning whether the halal industry in Australia may be financing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Sen. Jacqui Lambie is introducing a bill mandating disclosure of halal


Rows over Halal and terrorism linkage

Ron Sutton 13 February 2015
By Ron Sutton

A defamation case unfolding in the New South Wales Supreme Court is set to bring Australia's halal-food industry -- or, more so, the anti-halal movement -- into the


• Historical Documentation: The Jihad That Led to the Crusades

Center for the Study of Political Islam 12 February 2015
By Dr. Bill Warner

Obama’s remarks about the evil of the Crusades, needs to be factually examined in detail. Here is such a list: 0355 After removing a Roman temple from the site (possibly the


Anti-halal campaigner sued over claims Islamic certification supports terrorism

The Guardian 11 February 2015

A prominent anti-halal campaigner and the "Islam-critical” Q Society are being sued for defamation over their claims the Islamic certification industry is corrupt and funds

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