Australia can secure journalist Peter Greste's freedom by not supporting the Muslim Brotherhood

Terror Finance 23 April 2014
By Ganesh Sahathevan

The Australian Government is reported to be in negotiations with the Egyptian Government to secure the release of one of it's citizens, the Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste.


Holy War‘like’: Islamic preachers using Facebook as call to jihad

RT 20 April 2014

Radical Islamic clerics have been using social media to try and increase support for jihad in Syria, which is "considered the most socially-mediated conflict in history,” a


Video: Savage abuse of Australian cattle continues in Gaza five months after first being reported.

Bare Naked Islam 16 April 2014

Savage abuse of Australian cattle continues in Gaza five months after first being reported.


Adelaide-based Shiekh Sharif Hussein free to preach race hate 16 April 2014

POLICE say they will not act against a radical preacher who publicly prayed for the slaughter of Hindus and Buddhists, leaving him free to spread his messages of hatred. A


Video: Australia bans cattle exports to Gaza due to animal cruelty

Elder Of Ziyon 14 April 2014

Commonwealth authorities have effectively banned live cattle exports to the Gaza while they investigate shocking images of animal cruelty in the streets of the Palestinian territory.


National Australia Bank Considering Selling Shariah-Compliant Bonds

Shariah Finance Watch 14 April 2014

National Australia Bank is considering selling up to $US500 million ($482m) in Islamic bonds in what would be the country’s first issuance of sharia-compliant debt securities.


Australian Navy sailors sacked over anti-Islamic remarks 10 April 2014

Melbourne: Several Australian Navy sailors have been sacked or ordered to justify their jobs after allegedly posting 'anti-Islamic' comments on social media. The Royal


More on That Not So Little Mosque In Bendigo, and those who Approve, or Who Oppose

Sheikyer Mami 9 April 2014

“Bendigo’s Sacred Heart Cathedral Monsignor Frank Marriott has called for greater tolerance and harmony among religious groups, following the announcement of a proposed mosque


Geert Wilders on Arabic television channel

EuropeNews 7 April 2014

The Arabic television channel Al Hayat, which airs to viewers in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, America and Australia, has started a regular show with the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, called The Geert Wilders Weekly.


Sydney police probe anti-Islamic posts 5 April 2014

Community leaders and police have appealed for calm after gunshots were fired at the western Sydney house of a senior member of an anti-Islamic group. The attack on Nathan


Australia Deports Pedophile Holy Man

Sheikyer Mami 2 April 2014

Cleric who ‘married’ 12-year-old believed he had done nothing wrong. Of course not. Muhammad married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine. He was


Video: “Prominent Sydney Sheik” Waging Jihad in Syria

Sheikyer Mami 1 April 2014
By Andrew Bolt

Again, how did our immigration authorities allow such a person or his family to come here in the first place? And will they keep him out in future?


(AUS) Pedophile Blames 'Cultural Differences' - Judge Agrees

News 1 April 2014

Refugees and other visa-holders face a tougher character test to stay in Australia after authorities were left struggling to remove a refugee convicted of child sex offences and accused


"I was sold as a child bride,” tells Aisha

Atlas Shrugs 25 March 2014
By Pamela Geller

And the horrible reality is that any group (SIOA), organization (AFDI) or people (me) that publicly offer help to Muslim girls in danger are "racists,” "Islamophobes,” and


Australia: Charges dropped against Muslim registered sex offender because of "cultural differences”

Jihad Watch 25 March 2014
By Robert Spencer

Ali Jaffari was charged with attempted child-stealing. "Magistrate Ron Saines said if he was hearing the matter, he would have reasonable doubt, citing ‘cultural differences’


South-west Sydney ‘a recruitment hotspot for Islamic fundamentalists’

Daily Telegraph 21 March 2014
By Geoff Chambers and Ben Mcclellan

SOUTH-western Sydney is a recruitment hotspot for ­Islamic fundamentalists sending idealistic young men to their death in war-torn Syria, a police counterterrorism boss said yesterday


"I will kill you if you don’t take us to Australia”– is that the kind of cultural enrichment we want?

Winds of Jihad 19 March 2014
By Andrew Bolt

I do not criticise the ABC at all for the way it presented a video made by boat people who were towed back to Indonesia by our navy. I am simply surprised that the boat people


Multiculturalism’s Child Brides

Quadrant online 1 March 2014
By Mark Durie

Recent reports of under-age marriages in Australia are evidence that the authorities need to do more to enforce marriage laws in Western nations, and in particular to restrict the practice of unregistered ‘clandestine’ religious marriages, particularly Islamic marriages.


The UAE's crucial roles in the new Islamic Museum of Australia

Islamist Watch 25 February 2014
By Saeed Saeed

Distance is no barrier when it comes to achieving a dream. When the Islamic Museum of Australia founders Moustafa and Maysaa Fahour relocated their family to Dubai in 2012


Video: Young Australians turning to Islam

World Bulletin 20 February 2014

An increasing number of young Australian men and women are now converting to Islam. A televison program broadcasting in Australia tells the stories of young people

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