Islamic State selling church artefacts worth millions to western collectors

Christian Today 19 December 2014
By Carey Lodge

Western collectors are thought to be in direct contact with Islamic State looters, who have taken millions of pounds worth of artefacts from ancient churches across Iraq and Syria


At Least 180 Killed in al-Qaeda Offensive Against Syrian Troops 17 December 2014
By Jason Ditz

At least 180 fighters, including 100 Syrian soldiers and 80 members of al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra were killed in a 24 hour span yesterday, as Nusra pushed into key military bases


Nusra Front shoot two men for blasphemy

The Daily Star 17 december 2014

The Nusra Front has been accused of executing two men in Syria’s Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp for blasphemy, sparking angry reactions on social media. A video purporting


About 300 Chinese said fighting alongside ISIS in Middle East

The Daily Star 16 December 2014

BEIJING: About 300 Chinese people are fighting alongside ISIS in Iraq and Syria, a Chinese state-run newspaper said Monday, a rare tally that is likely to fuel worry in China


Tracking a month of deadly attacks

BBC 15 December 2014

Jihadist attacks killed more than 5,000 people in just one month, an investigation by the BBC World Service and King's College London has found. Civilians bore the brunt of the violence, with more than 2,000 killed in reported jihadist incidents during November 2014. Islamic State carried out the most


When Jihadists Capture a Woman, They Have a Guide to Consult on What to Do With Her. Some of the Directives Are Truly Disturbing 15 December 2014

The Islamic State group has reportedly issued a guide on how to treat female slaves which allows jihadist militants to rape them, including girls who have not yet reached


ISIS beheads four men for blasphemy in Syria

Al Arabiya 15 December 2014

A self-declared police force loyal to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria decapitated four men in western Syria after accusing them of blasphemy, a rights group monitoring the


Mehdi Masoor Biswas, the Bengal Jihadi is a man of Trinity liking ISIS, SIMI abd TMCP.

Bengal Spotlight 15 December 2014
By Sambuddha Gupta

Now it is too much publicized that a Muslim young techie suspected of running an influential Twitter account promoting Islamic State (IS) has been arrested in Bangalore in Karnataka


Chicago: Three ‘American’ Muslim teen siblings arrested en route to join Islamic State

Creeping Sharia 11 December 2014

Mohammed Hamzah Khan, 19, rose before dawn on Oct. 4 to pray with his father and 16-year-old brother at their neighborhood mosque in Bolingbrook. When they returned


ISIS Mass Beheading Video Took 6 Hours to Film and Multiple Takes

TIME 10 December 2014
By Naina Bajekal

Jihadi group has access to expensive equipment and professional film makers The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria’s (ISIS) video of the beheading of 22 Syrian soldiers


CNN Report: Raqqa, Syria: ISLAMIC STATE Thugs Top – Civilians Flop

Vlad Tepes 10 December 2014

It is highly predictable that a thug state based on piracy will fail. Howsoever long that people are willing to submit to extortion though, the state can grow and even thrive.


ISIS Releases Chilling Checklist of How to Treat Thousands of Kidnapped 'Yazidi' Sex Slaves

International Business Times, India Edition 10 December 2014
By Johnlee Varghese

The Islamic State (ISIS) has released a chilling list of dos and don'ts instructing its followers on how to treat the thousands of Yazidi sex slaves held in the terror group's prison-brothels.


Terrorist Wanted: How ISIS Recruits Western Women

Brown Political Review 10 December 2014
By Kanika Khanna

Recruitment within terrorist organizations was long considered a homegrown issue, where groups attracted new members within the countries that they operate, drawing from


Islamic State in Syria beheads man for blasphemy

Yahoo News 10 December 2014

The militant Islamic State group beheaded a man in northern Syria after accusing him of blasphemy, a militant website and a rights group said on Tuesday. The man was killed in a public


CIA torture report: Isis supporters react on Twitter

International Business Times UK 10 December 2014
By Maria Khan

Following the release of the CIA torture report, several militant-affiliated social media accounts have been trying to shift attention towards Islamic State (Isis) news. While US


Georgian Militant Fighting With IS Reported Killed In Kobani

Al-Qaeda has spoken out against the practice of beheading, as used by the Islamic State (IS) militant group. Nasr bin Ali al-Ansi, an official in Al-Qaeda's branch in Yemen,


Mother sues France over jihadist son’s trip to Syria

FRANCE 24 9 December 2014
By Sam BALL , Steven JAMBOT

In the first case of its kind, a mother is suing the French state after her teenage son travelled to Syria to join jihadists fighting there, claiming the authorities should


Justice Minister Peter MacKay says Ottawa man in Syria is being monitored

CBC News 9 December 2014
By Laura Payton

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney says Canadian officials revoked the passport of John Maguire, an Ottawa-area man who joined ISIS in Syria and who is calling for Muslims to


ISIS Making Profit Selling Organs Harvested From Its Dead Fighters

Assyrian International News Agency 9 December 2014
By Johnlee Varghese

Reports out of Iraq have found that the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group are making huge profits by selling harvested organs of its own dead fighters. ISIS, is currently


‘ISIS Sees Turkey as Its Ally': Former Islamic State Member Reveals Turkish Army Cooperation

Newsweek 9 December 2014
By Barney Guiton

A former member of ISIS has revealed the extent to which the cooperation of the Turkish military allows the terrorist group, who now control large parts of Iraq and Syria, to

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