ISIS video purportedly shows child executing 'Israeli spy'

Ynetnews 11 March 2015
By Roi Kais

Radical terror group Islamic State released footage on Tuesday evening purportedly showing a child executing an 'Israeli spy.' Twitter accounts linked with ISIS had published a preview clip


The Islamic State Is Destroying Thousands of Years of Cultural and Literary History

Mic 11 March 2015
By Tom McKay

The human cost of the rise of the Islamic State group is well-documented: thousands shot or killed, women forced into sex slavery and billions in forced tribute and stolen resources.


Jordan’s King Abdullah: “Islamophobia” helps strengthen Islamic State

Jihad Watch 11 March 2015
By Robert Spencer

The Islamic State kills, rapes and maims in the name of Islam and in accord with Islamic texts and teachings. But Jordan’s King Abdullah is saying that if you take note of that, you’ll just


Street preacher and ISIS supporter Abdul Salam Mahmoud reportedly killed in Syria

Sydney Morning Herald 11 March 2015
By Rachel Olding

An Australian street preacher has reportedly been killed in a regime stronghold in Syria that has been a focal point of rebel fighting. Abdul Salam Mahmoud maintained a strong social


The ‘Islamophobia’ Scam Returns

Frontpage Mag 10 March 2015
By Robert Spencer

In recent weeks, the terror group calling itself the Islamic State (aka ISIS and ISIL) has beheaded journalists and social workers, burned a pilot alive, and forced hundreds of captive women into sex slavery – all while citing Islamic texts to justify their actions and appeal for new recruits. A Muslim in the latest


French PM sees 10,000 EU jihadis by 2016

The Daily Star 10 March 2015

As many as 10,000 Europeans could be waging jihad in Iraq and Syria by the end of this year, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned Sunday, a three-fold increase on current


Prime Minister: Let Dutch Jihadis Die in Middle East

Prime Minister Mark Rutte (Liberal) has said in a televised debate that jihadis which leave the Netherlands to kill in Iraq or Syria will do the same when they come back to the


Female Islamic State recruiter arrested at Barcelona airport

Swiss News 10 March 2015

A Moroccan woman was arrested at a Spanish airport Saturday on suspicion of recruiting European and North African women to join the Islamic State group, authorities


650 Germans have joined Isis jihad: minister

The Local 10 March 2015

Speaking on the Maybrit Illner TV talk show, de Maiziere said that the trend in Germany – of ever more people travelling to the Levant to fight for the radical Islamist


What Antidote to Radical Islam?

Algemeiner 9 March 2015

"Radical Islam is the problem, moderate Islam is the solution,” has been my watchword since 2002, meaning that Islam’s many problems will be solved only when Muslims leave


ISIS is the Syndrome, Sharia the Real Malignancy

American Thinker 9 March 2015
By Alex Alexiev

As the US-led kinetic war against ISIS continues with indifferent success and less than certain prospects to date, answering the obvious question of what motivates that


Italy on Alert Over Jihadist Threat From Balkans

Turkish Weekly 9 March 2015

Italian authorities are increasingly concerned by the number of radicalized Muslims emigrants from the Balkans joining the ranks of the Islamist militants. In a video


Over 300 British Jihadists Back In UK

Arab Times Online 9 March 2015

Around half the estimated 700 Britons who have gone to fight with Islamic State jihadists in Syria have returned home, The Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported. The weekly


'Britain's white jihadi', who joined Islamic State, a teen from Australia: report

First Post 9 March 2015

A westerner pictured alongside Islamic State group fighters and dubbed by media as "Britain's white jihadi" is in fact a teenager from Australia who converted to Islam, a


Poor, poor John: Driven to jihad?

Columbia Tribune 9 March 2015
By Rich Lowry

Mohammed Emwazi, aka Jihadi John, the masked, British-accented butcher of hostages on ISIS videos, makes an unlikely victim, to say the least. The entire point of the videos


French recruit in latest IS propaganda video

Swiss News 9 March 2015

A French Islamic State fighter painted a rosy picture of life under the group's so-called caliphate in a video released Saturday, the latest example of the jihadists' campaign


ISIS profits from 20% tax on smuggled loot

Money Jihad 9 March 2015

Why 20 percent? The Koran 8:42 says that "when ye have taken any booty, a fifth part belongeth to God and to the Apostle…” This one-fifth tax, or khums, on booty or the spoils


Lebanese TV host pulled the feed on a Muslim scholar after he told her it was beneath him to be interviewed by a women

Equal Times 9 March 2015
By Isabelle Merminod

Four years after the revolution, Tunisia has a new constitution and recently had new elections. Despite all the progress made, there is still much more to be done and women


Counter-terrorism laws are stopping our charity doing vital work

The Guardian 9 March 2015
By Jehangir Malik

The breadth and vagueness of UK counter-terrorism legislation has created a fog of uncertainty not only for charities – Muslim and non-Muslim – but also for banks and the


Islamic charities lose millions as ‘risk-averse’ banks block donations – think tank

RT 9 March 2015
By Chris Helgren

Millions of pounds worth of donations to British charities have been blocked or returned by global banks, amid terror financing concerns. Humanitarian operations in Syria, Iraq

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