U.S. had ISIS leader in custody in 2009, let him go

The Gatestone Institute 16 June 2014
By Pamela Geller

"Iraq crisis: the jihadist behind the takeover of Mosul – and how America let him go,” by Colin Freeman, the Telegraph, June 11, 2014: The FBI "most wanted” mugshot shows a


Islamic preacher in Graz arrested for recruiting men for Syria

Vienna Times 11 June 2014

Groups recruiting Muslims in Austria to fight in Syria have been dealt a blow after police arrested an Islamic preacher in Graz who is thought to be involved in efforts to send


Islamist Threat on the Rise

Family Security Matters 11 June 2014
By Peter Brookes

Since the national conversation of late has been riveted on terrorism spurred on by the controversy swirling around the Taliban prisoner swap, it's a good time to take stock of


After Mosul, Al Qaeda seizes 38,000 sq. km of Iraqi territory, division-size armored vehicle fleet

DEBKA file 11 June 2014

After occupying the oil town of Mosul in northern Iraq, Al Qaeda’s ISIS (Islamist State of Iraq and the Levant) went on to seize more slices of Nineveh province. By Wednesday,


At least 630 killed in jihadist offensive in Syria

The Indian Express 11 June 2014

An offensive by a breakaway al-Qaida group in eastern Syria against Islamic rebel factions has killed more than 630 people and uprooted at least 130,000 since the end of April,


72 percent of Dutch Muslims approve of Jihad in Syria

The Jihad Watch 10 June 2014
By Nicolai Sennels

Translated from Dagelijksestandaard by Roni, via New research shows again that Dutch Muslims live in a completely different world from ours. NCRV1 programs


European women find appeal in Syrian jihad

Al Monitor 10 June 2014
By Brenda Stoter

Khadija (not her real name) enjoyed a quiet life in the Netherlands, the country she grew up in. She had a place to stay and the opportunity to study.? However, over the last


Assad wins Syria election with 88.7% of votes-speaker

RTE News 10 June 2014

Bashar al-Assad won 88.7% of the vote in Syria's presidential election, parliament speaker Mohammad al-Laham has said. He secured a third term in office despite a raging


Death of a Terrorist: Hezbollah Operative Recently Killed in Syria

1. On May 26, 2014, Hezbollah announced the death of Hajj Fawzi Mustafa Muhammad Ayoub (Hajj Abu Abbas). He was a senior field operative with a long history of terrorist activity


Op-Ed: Syrian Islamic Rebels Sign Covenant of Honor

Arutz Sheva 9 June 2014
By Dr. Mordechai Kedar

The most difficult problem facing the anti-Assad forces is that there is no single Opposition to Assad. Instead, there is a plethora of opposition forces, with different goals


Syrian Jihad Comes to France

FrontPage Magazine 6 June 2014
By Stephen Brown

Last February, French authorities broke up a terrorist plot they described as "imminent,” seizing nine hundred grams of explosives from the apartment building of a twenty-three


Terrorists and Europe's "Newspeak" When Is Hate Crime Not Hate Crime?

The Gatestone Institute 5 June 2014
By Peter Martino

Britain strips British nationality from immigrants with dual nationality who go to Syria to fight. This act allows British authorities to ban them from re-entering the country. Why don't European countries do the same?


Arrest shows Europe's challenge to track jihadi

Tuscaloosa News 5 June 2014
By Lori Hinnant

Four people were arrested Monday in a sweep against French jihadist recruiters, the country's top security official said a day after authorities announced the detention of a


From ‘blind eye’ to crackdown: UK confused over Brits fighting in Syria?

RT 5 June 2014

Britain is about to unleash plans for a tougher crackdown on Britons allegedly fighting in Syria. Human rights activists believe the UK could have inspired some of its citizens


Analysts Debate Long-Term Effects of Islamists in Europe

Has Europe under-estimated the security threat posed by battle-hardened homegrown Islamic militants returning from Syria? After the chance arrest in France of the suspected


In Brussels, the first of the Syrian jihadis comes home to roost

The Times of Israel 3 June 2014
By Mitch Ginsburg

If initial reports regarding Mehdi Nemmouche’s Syrian indoctrination are correct, then the Jewish Museum murders are ‘a sign of the future,’ Israeli expert says


PYD Leader: Our Fighters are a Bastion Against Jihadist Threat to Europe 24 May 2014
By Harvey Morris

LONDON – Kurdish fighters in Syria represent a bastion against foreign jihadists who pose a future threat to Europe, according to the leader of the dominant Democratic Union


Lebanon and Syria: Shia and Christian Unity under Hezbollah and FPM is Essential

Modern Tokyo Times 24 May 2014
By Jibril Khoury and Lee Jay Walker

Gulf and Western powers easily sacrificed the Christians of Iraq and clearly the same powers care little about the Alawites, Christians and the Shia minority in Syria which


The challenge of keeping Denmark's Muslims out of Syria

BBC News 20 May 2014
By Murad Batal al-Shishani

What can turn a "normal, smiling Danish kid" into an Islamic extremist opposed to "his own society, the West and even fellow Muslims"? That is the question Denmark's


Video: ‘Defeat the Infidels’: Could Jihad Be Headed to Ukraine? 20 May 2014
By Sharona Schwartz

Islamist rebels fighting in Syria are apparently calling on Muslims in Ukraine to wage jihad on their home front and have suggested eventually taking the battle to Moscow and

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