Pamphlet to Hand Out at Protests and Elsewhere 18 June 2013

The following is a pamphlet someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) wrote for the protest in Manchester, Tennessee.

It is meant to be printed on both sides and folded in half. You have the author's permission to use it in any way you want.


Muslim Days of Rage

By Bruce Bawer

One night back in the summer of 1990, I traveled by train from Munich to Berlin. The Wall had come down, in the sense that the borders between East and West could now be crossed at will, even though the two Germanys had yet to become one and the actual physical Wall itself was still largely intact

(In Berlin, I would find natives and tourists alike busily chopping away at it.) When, in the dead of night, the train stopped at a dilapidated, seemingly deserted station somewhere in the East, there appeared on the platform an aging, grim-faced woman, dressed in an extremely shabby military (or military-style) uniform and holding a clipboard, who, making her way along the length of the train,


Norway Loses $713,000 on Every Muslim Immigrant

By Daniel Greenfield

What is the price of diversity? Aside from all the violence, it’s $713,740.30 per immigrant.

The newspaper has previously revealed that Norway loses 4.1 million kroner ($713,740.30) for each non-western immigrant coming into the country and that immigration has cost 70 billion kroner ($12,185,810,000) in seven years. On Wednesday the newspaper determined that the government spends 2 million kroner ($348,110) per newly arrived non-Western immigrant they get to work or study.

And what is the Norwegian government getting for all its money?


How Much Does Immigration Cost Norway?

Gates of Vienna 16 May 2013

This is a pressing question for Norwegian society, as the importation of cultural enrichment continues to accelerate. Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated


Norway spends 265,000 euros on getting a single non-western immigrant in work or studies

Islam versus Europe 14 May 2013

Denmark spends 1.1 percent of GDP to try get the unemployed into work. It is among the highest in the world and a large portion of the money belongs on the list of expenses


Norwegians: Outsiders in Their Own Country

By Bruce Bawer

It just keeps coming, the propaganda. A new wave every day. Poured out by ideologues determined to flood the truth – to drown it out – in wave after wave of lies.

"Norway isn’t becoming less Norwegian because it’s changing,” a man named Salimi cheerfully reassured Aftenposten the other day. Salimi – who came to Norway 37 years ago and was in on the founding of SOS Racism, the Anti-Racist Center, and various other enterprises and activities, including a well-known annual food festival in Oslo – described today’s Norway with enthusiasm as a place where immigrants and natives are gradually and peacefully adapting to one another, each embracing the new and mysterious aspects of each other’s cultures.


Survey: Every second Westerner "Islam does not fit into the Western World"

Islam versus Europe 30 April 2013

"Islam does not fit into the Western World"

Islamonausea is spreading rapidly among civilized people:

    - Israel: 65%
    - Canada: 49%
    - USA: 44%
    - South Korea: 29%
    - Turkey: 25%
    - Spain: 65%
    - Swizerland: 59%
    - France: 55%
    - Germany (East): 51%
    - Germany (West): 49%
    - Sweden: 48%
    - Great Britain: 46%

Oslo, Norway. First city district with majority of immigrants

Islam versus Europe 29 April 2013

Oslo is collapsing into multi culturalism: "Oslo has its first district of immigrant majority. The new figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) show that Southern Nordstrand


Norway: Muslims praise Boston jihadis

Islam versus Europe 26 April 2013

"The Islamic group Prophet's Ummah has repeatedly and publicly praised terrorist acts carried out abroad. Also the terrorist attack in Boston on Monday is hailed by the


Norwegian police warns about immigrants due to EU border policy. "The police can not handle this alone."

Islam versus Europe 22 April 2013

Why do we accept that EU forces open our borders when this is the result? "With the EU enlargement Norway will not only get new doctors, craftsmen and nurses. Also


The highest minaret in Europe is in Serbia

InSerbia News 19 April 2013

Funded by Muslim believers from Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, USA, Australia and other parts of the world, in village Delimede on Pešter, Tutin muncipality, new Islamic Centre


Norwegian Girls "Convert to Islam" for Justin Bieber Tickets

CBN News 18 April 2013

TV Norway aired a comedy show last night that featured Norwegian teen girls converting to Islam (sort of) for the chance to win tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. The


Norway employer regrets hijab gaffe

Islamist Watch 18 April 2013

Senior management in western Norway have issued an apology after asking a female staff member refrain from using her hijab at work. The incident was sparked off after Upper


Two Terrorists and a Double Standard

Gates of Vienna 18 April 2013
By Fjordman

The mass murder committed by Anders Behring Breivik during his twin attacks in Norway in 2011 understandably attracted a lot of media attention

ABB claimed to represent a much larger organization called the Knights Templar, which triggered a massive hunt for potential accomplices at home and abroad. Not a single trace has been found of this organization, which is most likely a figment of Breivik’s vivid imagination.


Immigration Will Bankrupt Norway

Gates of Vienna 15 April 2013

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a brief article from about the cost of importing non-Western immigrants into Norway. He includes these


Selling Out Western Culture in Norway

FrontPage Magazine 21 March 2013
By Bruce Bawer

If you wanted to give some innocent soul a quick education about how things operate in today’s Europe, you could do worse than to point to the career of a certain gentleman named Shoaib Sultan

In 2007, as Secretary-General of Norway’s taxpayer-funded Islamic Council, he made headlines when he refused to publicly criticize the execution of gays in Iran; two years later, he declined to comment on Islamic scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s praise for the Holocaust as a "gift from Allah.”


Lying About Immigration in Norway

FrontPage Magazine 7 March 2013
By Bruce Bawer

NRK has done it again. I’ve written before about Norway’s state broadcasting service, which magically converts Norwegians’ compulsory "license fees” into – as I put it last October – "outright, shameless, and (not infrequently) downright vile propaganda.”

Propaganda, for example, against the critics of Islam. Propaganda, a few weeks back, about a gypsy lady whose involvement in child rape NRK omitted from a report early this year in a plain effort to burnish the image of gypsies. Propaganda about the niqab, which NRK depicted last month as "liberating.”


Psychological Consequences of Islam's Views on Women

Jihad Watch 7 March 2013

Nicolai Sennels is a Danish licensed psychologist known for his writings about the psychology of Islam and Muslim culture. Sennels is author of the book, "Among Muslim Criminals: a Psychologist's Experiences from the Copenhagen Municipality," based on his work in Danish capital's youth prison Sønderbro

He has also published a high number of articles on the subject, which are spread widely on the internet. Together with renowned writers on Islam such as Ibn Warraq, Hans Jansen and Bat Ye'or and others, Sennels contributed a chapter to the Dutch book Islam: Critical Essays on a Political Religion.


British extremist claims 'mentor' role

A British Islamic extremist reportedly has claimed he’s become a mentor and adviser for Norwegian Islamists, although they don’t seem to entirely agree. Several of the men who

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