British extremist claims 'mentor' role

A British Islamic extremist reportedly has claimed he’s become a mentor and adviser for Norwegian Islamists, although they don’t seem to entirely agree. Several of the men who


Video: Norway Parliament shocked at Palestinian jew hate propaganda – wants to stop all funding support

themuslimissue 5 March 2013

Welcome to the real world. Better late than never. Just wait when Europe and the U.S. wakes up to the fact that the entire Palestine-Israel conflict is built on nothing else


Norwegian Politicians Challenge Funding of PA After Report on Anti-Israel Incitement

Algemeiner 5 March 2013

sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Jordan’s King Abdullah II last week in Amman to discuss the peace process, according to a report in Agence France-Presse


Taliban negotiators leave Qatar to see snow in Norway 28 February 2013
By Ken Hanly

More than a year ago about a dozen or so Taliban representatives came to Doha in Qatar to prepare negotiations with the US with the aim of eventually entering direct


Norway Forms Antiterror Unit After Two Crises

Wall Street Journal 19 February 2013

OSLO—Norway will establish a counterterrorism unit after the small Nordic nation lost more than 80 lives to acts of terror on home soil and abroad in about 18 months. The


Norway, Hypocrisy, and Palestinian Terrorism 15 February 2013
By Baron Bodissey

To be fair, Norway holds no monopoly on hypocrisy when it comes to the funding of Palestinian terrorism. Most Western nations provide generous ongoing financial support for the


(Norway) Muslim Crime Rate 400% Higher

The Muslim Issue 13 February 2013

Brainwashed: Violence. Norwegian TV investigates whether violence is more prominent in some people than others. Psychologists, researchers and authors investigate whether


Rape epidemic in Norway caused by Muslim immigration

The Rape Jihad 28 January 2013

Back in May it was reported that every rape assault in the city of Oslo in the last five years had been committed by a person with a "non-Western” background – a Norwegian euphemism for Muslim. Now it turns out that there have already been twice as many rape assaults in Oslo so far this year as there were in all of 2010.

Pat Dollard At least one member of Parliament, André Oktay Dahl of the Conservative Party, calls the situation "critical” and is brave enough to acknowledge that many of the perpetrators come from cultures "with a reprehensible attitude toward women.”


Norway library gets materials on Muslim culture

Lewiston Sun Journal 24 January 2013
By Leslie H. Dixon

The Memorial Library has been awarded a collection of materials to help patrons learn about Muslim cultures around the world. Katherine Morgan, left, and Julia Hoisington,


State TV in Norway: Paying to Be Propagandized

FrontPage Magazine 23 January 2013
By Bruce Bawer

Well, it’s done. I just made the first of my two compulsory yearly payments to NRK – short for Norsk rikskringkasting.

In English it calls itself the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, but believe me, there’s nothing remotely corporation-like about it. It’s a fully government-owned and government-operated


Video playlist: Europe’s daily problem nowadays: CCTV footage of Muslim gang attacks

themuslimissue 15 January 2013

Teenage Gang In Berlin,Germany Leave Innocent Guy In Coma
see more


Norway’s Happy Lies on Muslim Immigration

FrontPage Magazine 14 January 2013
By Bruce Bawer

Should one laugh or cry? That perennial question raised itself yet again on January 10 when Norway’s purported newspaper of record, Aftenposten, ran what several readers, in


Video: Norwegian Leftist Debates Fundamentalist

Tundra Tabloids 14 January 2013
H/T & upload: Vlad

Qureishi makes it clear at the end of the debate, that to criticize the invited speaker (al-Hadad) who promotes the values of Mohamed, is then guilty of blaspheming against


Norwegian Students to Become a Minority in Oslo Schools in 8 Years

FrontPage Magazine 11 January 2013
By Daniel Greenfield

This is the way Norway ends, not with a bang (well eventually with a bang) but with an immigration policy. The real majority in a country is not the percentage of the total population, but the percentage of the population under 18.

When you know that percentage and its trend, then you know the future. This is your future with Muslim immigration.

"In the last five years the number of schools where Norwegian pupils are in the minority increased by 18, from 40 to 58. At the turn of the millennium 31 percent of students in Oslo were minorities. Ten years later, the share has risen to 40 percent. The share of minority pupils in Oslo schools has grown by one percentage point a year, which means that pupils with Norwegian as their native language will be in the minority in 2021.”


No hijab for Norway female police officers

The New Age Online 8 January 2013

Female police officers in Norway will not be allowed to wear the hijab -the Muslim headscarf - as part of their uniform, the minister of culture said Monday, rejecting a


EU uses crisis and immigration to get more power

EuropeNews 3 January 2013
By Nicolai Sennels

To EU it is all about power. Of course EU knew about the poor economies of especially the South European countries but used the situation like any other mafia and lended even more money to them so they could use it as an excuse for demanding power over the indebted nations

Not surprisingly it was EUs own honey pot that lured populist and opportunist - and primarilly Leftist - politicians to make risky plans for the future because they knew they would share the bill for their own supersized welfare services and low production with the rest of the Euro zone - as promised by the "helpful" EU.

With rules inforced by a self appointed commission, including a president whose name only few remember, EU breaks open our national borders and force us to live with millions of people with completely other values.


Norwegian court strikes down terror charges against Islamist cleric, reduces prison time

Victoria Times Colonist 7 December 2012

A Norwegian appeals court has struck down terror charges against an Iraqi-born Islamist cleric currently serving time for making death threats against a Norwegian politician


Internet Hate and Double Standards

FrontPage Magazine 5 December 2012
By Fjordman

Geir Lippestad was the primary defense lawyer for the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. After the trial ended, he apparently couldn’t resist the urge to act like a Social Democratic politician for the Labor Party — which is exactly what he is.

Lippestad claimed that the Internet alone was responsible for creating Breivik, and wanted children to be warned against "Internet hate” in school, by which he seemingly meant all those who oppose Islamization. He admitted that there are "great tensions” in Europe at the moment, but linked these exclusively to unemployment.


Europe Unites to Fight Rising Intolerance and Xenophobia

Gates of Vienna 4 December 2012

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from today’s VG, and includes this introductory note: The article concerns a seminar on ‘political

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