Video: Sean Hannity Interview Geert Wilders About Radical Islam

FOX News 4 May 2012


More Turkish Colonists on the Way

Islam in Europe 26 April 2012

In recent years, many European governments have grasped that the Muslims are using family reunification or marriage rules to bypass normal immigration requirements. Consequently, the rules


The Jihadist Roots of the Norway Massacre

Jihad Watch 26 April 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

Over at FrontPage Magazine (via, I discuss how, if Anders Breivik's goals were anti-Islamic in nature, his actions, those things which we are rightly judged by—in his case, from terrorizing and killing the innocent, to planning video-recordings of beheadings—were jihadist in essence:


Paris seeks to become Islamic finance hub in Europe

Zawya 24 April 2012

A report prepared by KFH-Research stated that new global markets are seeking to join the main players in the Islamic financing industry and services, such as France. France is working


Anders Behring Breivik denies contact with EDL

The Guardian 23 April 2012
By Helen Pidd

Anders Behring Breivik has denied having contact with the English Defence League, the anti-Islamic network formed in Britain in 2009. Giving evidence on the fifth day of his 10-week


The Scandalous Lies of ‘Hope Not Hate’

FrontPage Magazine 20 April 2012
By Bruce Bawer

The list reads, in large part, like an honor roll of courageous truth-tellers.  In the U.S., people like David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Ibn Warraq, Mark Steyn, Robert Spencer, and Andrew McCarthy.  In Canada, Ezra Levant.  In the U.K., Roger Scruton.  In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders.  In Denmark, Lars Hedegaard.  And so on.


Exclusive: Turks to get same rights in Europe's economy as EU residents

The Slog 19 April 2012
By Commission decision taken last week

Commission decision taken last week.

Brussels bringing Turkey into EU under the radar.

Detailed plans to extend the same rights to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel.


Main source for Norway mass murderer Breivik's twisted worldview: Wikipedia

Jihad Watch 19 April 2012
By Robert Spencer

What? Not that hateful mass-murdering wannabe Spencer? "Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik trial: day two live," from the Telegraph, April 18 (thanks to Anne Crockett):

The questioning resumes. What was the greatest influence on Breivik's ideology? What was the main source for his worldview? His answer is emphatic: "Wikipedia".


The destruction of free speech: Europe's auto-immune disease

Daily Mail 19 April 2012
By Melanie Phillips

In decadent Europe, freedom of speech is dying. Loudly trumpeted as a ‘human right’ for any attacks on America, Israel, Christians or on the core values of the west, it is swiftly


Norwegian killer, Breivik says he was inspired by Al-Qaeda

TruthDive 19 April 2012
By Kanchana Devi

Oslo: Anders Behring Breivik, the extremist who was behind Norway massacres said on Tuesday that al-Qaeda was the inspiration to him and added that he desires to repeat the killings if it could be possible for him.

Breivik told these words on the 2nd day of trial. He said he has killed 77 people in the twin attacks and they were pointed at preserving "ethnic Norwegians culture and indigenous people” on rising multiculturalism.


Witness for the Defense

AINA (press release) 17 April 2012
By Bruce Bawer

In 2009, the Danish writer and historian Lars Hedegaard, who is the founder and president of the Danish Free Press Society, made remarks in his home about the treatment of women in Muslim communities. His observations, while expressed in broad generalizations, were based in fact, although when they were made public and resulted in widespread criticism he apologized for the way he had expressed himself. This was not good enough for the Danish courts. He was charged with violating Denmark’s racism law, and went to trial in January 2011. He was acquitted, but was tried again on the same charges three months later. This time he was found guilty. Last Friday Hedegaard initiated an appeal of his conviction before the Danish Supreme Court.


Fjordman: The Breivik Trial Begins

EuropeNews 16 April 2012
By Fjordman

The trial against the confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has started in Oslo and will last until June 22, with a verdict expected at some point in July.

Professor Ole Gjems-Onstad is concerned that the mass murderer, who craves personal attention above else, has become a money machine and formed a symbiosis of sorts with newspapers, lawyers, publishing houses and others who make good money from his atrocities while turning him into the mega-celebrity he always wanted to be, instead of ridiculing him as the pathetic creature he is. He thinks the extensive list of ideological witnesses should have been cut, and that "The attempt to turn evil into politics is a diversion."


Circus Breivik

Gates of Vienna 13 April 2012

To understand the context of the image above, first pay a visit to Steen’s place. He has posted the promotional photos of Anders Behring Breivik’s legal defense team.

It’s for real. The original, that is. A breathtaking social cluelessness that must be labeled Only In Norway. (Or perhaps North Korea?) Could the gleam of avarice and opportunism show through the heavy-handed "Nordic Law and Order” grotesquerie any more clearly than it does in those pictures?


The New Trojan Horse for Democracies

Gatestone Institute 10 April 2012
By Michael Curtis

The United States and the democratic European countries both face a challenge: to respond to terrorism, particularly from home-grown terrorists, without violating individual and group civil rights. Britain faced this as a result of the events of July 7, 2005 when four Islamic suicide bombers, most of whom were born and raised in Britain, denoted bombs in London's transport system, killing 52 and injuring over 700. France has now. in March 2012, experienced the brutality of its home–grown terrorist.


The Throat-Slitters of Grünerlokka

Gates of Vienna 10 April 2012

This is another example of a brutal crime in Oslo in which any hint of ethnicity has been carefully cleansed from the Norwegian media report. Once again, I’ll offer to eat my pickelhaube if there turns out to be no cultural enrichment involved.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer, who translated the report, has this to say about it:


The Many Appetites for Cruelty

Family Security Matters 5 April 2012
By Edward Cline

Daniel Greenfield, during an interview on Jamie Glasov’s radio show on March 28th, was discussing Hitler and Stalin when he noted that they had an "appetite for cruelty.” That got me thinking about the nature and purpose of cruelty.


The New Anti-Semitism

Hoover Institution 4 April 2012
By Victor Davis Hanson

While it is true that Israeli forces stayed put on neighboring lands after the 1967 war, subsequent governments eventually withdrew from the Sinai, southern Lebanon, and Gaza—areas from which attacks were and are still staged against it. The Economist’s choice of "appealing” is an odd modifying adjective of the noun "enemy,” particularly for Iran, which has both promised to wipe out Israel and is desperately attempting to find the nuclear means to reify that boast.


Video: Jihad in the West: Ongoing Threat Within

Family Security Matters 4 April 2012
By Diana West

On page 330 of the 2002 book Islam and Dhimmitude, the great historian Bat Ye'or writes:

It was in the early 1970s, with the outbreak of Arab Palestinian terrorism worldwide that dhimmitude erupted on European soil through violence and death deliberately inflicted on one category: the Jews, who were singled out as in the Nazi period by their religion.


Norwegian secret police (PST): Increased threat from "radical Muslims"

Jihad Watch 3 April 2012

Translated by Nicolai Sennels, VG Nett, April 1: "Still more often visiting radical Muslims": PST makes contact when they are worried that a person is flirting with radical opinions. In 2011,


The Terror Attack in Toulouse: Aberration or Symptom

Canada Free Press 3 April 2012
By Shimon Stein and Yoram Schweitzer

The events in Toulouse shone a spotlight on the threat posed by global jihadism to Europe and on several problems that for some time have been on the French and European Union agenda, first and

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