Despite brutality, ISIL continues to recruit European teens 15 October 2014
By Colin Randall

The stream of would-be Islamists leaving Europe to fight in Syria or Iraq has left relatives distraught and authorities scratching their heads. It also shows the success of


Reactions to riots in Hamburg, Celle

Deutsche Welle 11 October 2014

German officials and media have reacted with alarm to two violent outbreaks amid otherwise peaceful, mainly Kurdish, protests in Germany over the fighting in Syria and Iraq.


"A crime against peaceful coexistence”: Muslims burn Coptic church in Germany

The Jihad Watch 10 October 2014
By Robert Spencer

"On his part, Abba Demian, bishop of Germany, said that he didn’t expect such attack against a church in Germany.” Well, he should expect many more such attacks, for the


Video: Pro-ISIS radicals with machetes, knives attack Kurds in Germany

RT 10 October 2014

Peaceful protests against IS in Syria and Iraq organized by Kurdish nationals in several German cities ended with serious clashes with pro-jihadist Muslims in Hamburg and Celle. Police had to


Reactions to riots in Hamburg

DW 10 October 2014

German newspaper commentators said in their Thursday editions that clashes in the two northern cities on Tuesday evening had illustrated the potential spillover impact of the


German concern over Islamist attack eclipses U.S. spying scandal

Chicago Tribune 10 October 2014
By Patrick Donahue

Concern that Islamist fighters returning from Syria could carry out terror attacks in Germany is eclipsing the country's debate over mass surveillance. The advance of Islamic


Isis' 15,000 foreign fighters may pose threat on return 10 October 2014
By Carol J. Williams

As the migration of disaffected young men and women to join the fighting in Syria and Iraq intensifies, so do fears among security services worldwide that their radicalised


Video: Leading German Journalist Admits CIA 'Bribed' Him and Other Leaders of the Western 'Press'

OpEdNews 9 October 2014
By Eric Zuesse

Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (which is one of Germany's largest newspapers), has decided to go public about the corruption of himself and the


50 Police Officers Called to Muslim-Yazidi Brawl in Germany

Breitbart 9 October 2014
By Oliver Lane

Fifty police officers had to be deployed to break up an enormous brawl between Kurds and Muslims in North-West Germany last night, as angry migrants took to the streets to vent


Jihadism 'has become a German phenomenon'

DW 6 October 2014

Mr. Steinberg, you are an expert on jihadism, Iraq and Syria and have just written a book on this topic. How deeply rooted do you think the jihad movement is in German


43 Islamists on trial for Euro-terror plot

WND 6 October 2014
By Michael Carl

Under the banner of multiculturalism, European countries have supported Muslims through immigration provisions, allowances for Islamic law and special advocacy for mosques and


When schoolgirls dream of jihad, society has a problem. Look at France

The Guardian 6 October 2014
By Nabila Ramdani

Teenage angst can cause all kinds of unfortunate behaviour, but when schoolgirls tell their parents they want to join the fight in Syria and Iraq, then society has a serious


Stop Denying the Obvious: Islam is a problem 29 September 2014
By Geert Wilders

To defeat IS we should do more than just bomb its strongholds in the Middle East; we should no longer turn a blind eye to the violent nature of Islam. We should demand that


Sex with Slave-girls and Captive-women in Islam

Sex in Islam 29 September 2014
By Abul Kasem

I Read quite a number of essay of Islamic scholars on the sexual use of slave-girls and captive-women in Islam. It is quite amusing to note the desperation of these 'Islam lovers' to save Islam from the stigma of abysmal sexual exploitation of female slaves caught in a war. Here is what the 'real Islam' says about


German court backs Christian hospital against headscarf nurse

Expatica the Netherlands 27 September 2014

A German court ruled Wednesday that Christian church-run institutions may generally bar their employees from wearing a Muslim headscarf. The Federal Labour Court was


Islamists in Philippines threaten to kill German hostages

The Guardian 25 September 2014
By Philip Oltermann

Islamists in the Philippines have threatened to kill two German hostages unless Germany pays a ransom and withdraws its support for the US fight against Isis in Syria and


The Men With Many Wives review – who would be a polygamist?

The Guardian 25 September 2014
By Tim Dowling

My official position on the manner in which consenting adults choose to arrange their personal lives is: I don’t care. In reality, I faintly disapprove of almost everything


Labor Court: Institutions can ban Muslim attire at work

DW 25 September 2014

The Federal Labor Court in Erfurt, eastern Germany, ruled on Wednesday that church institutions are permitted to ban the wearing of the Muslim hijab headscarf at work if they


"We Will Enslave Your Women by the Permission of Allah.”

Frontpage Mag 25 September 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

The Islamic State has another reminder that Muslim immigration is an instant fifth column. A video released today by the Islamic State (IS) urges Muslims to "slaughter”


Can Muslim women wear a headscarf at work in Germany?

DW 25 September 2014

A German labor court ruled Wednesday that church institutions are permitted to ban the wearing of the Muslim hijab headscarf at work if they see it necessary. The ruling was

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