Finally, a political alternative for Germany 4 September 2013
By Henrik Raeder Clausen

In Germany, the fresh political party Alternative für Deutschland (”An Alternative for Germany”) is causing unrest in German politics before the September 22nd elections. The party is inspired by the German government frequently stating that there is no alternative to the euro and the large bailout packages. AfD, loaded with professors in economics, asserts that there is – and popular resistance to the bailout policy gives the party a decent chance of beating the 5 % electoral threshold in Germany.


Video: "Allahu Akbar!": Muslim Brotherhood Show of Force in Centre of Stuttgart

Islam versus Europe 4 September 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

This demo was held to call for more "democracy" in Egypt. Sure.


Muslim Converts from Germany Participated in Massacre of Christians in Syria

Islam versus Europe 4 September 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

In Syria, Christians are persecuted and murdered. According to FOCUS information, Islamist fanatics from Germany are also participating in the brutal ethnic cleansings. Around


Berlin: Kreuzberg Bans Christmas

Islam versus Europe 4 September 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

Recently, I wrote about a ban on the use of Christian symbols in the public celebration of Christmas in the German city of Solingen. Now the virus has spread to Berlin.


German hostage escapes from Syria

Deutsche Welle 4 September 2013

A German engineer who was abducted in Syria by jihadists has managed to free himself and escape to Turkey. He had been kidnapped in May with two other aid workers. 72-year


Op-Ed: Western Christians Are Out Fighting en Masse for Islam

Arutz Sheva 29 August 2013
By Giulio Meotti

The latest video of Jihadist propaganda from Syria shows the black flag proclaiming allegiance to Allah and a man who calls himself Abu Abd Al-Rahman.

"I am French," he says. His parents were baptised as Catholics - as was he - and they know him as Nicolas. He is a 30-year-old convert from a middle-class background in Toulouse, where four Jews were gunned down last year. His mother works for the French army. In the the video, Nicolas appears in military fatigues, a Kalashnikov rifle across his legs.


German Elections: More EU, More Islam

Gatestone Institute 28 August 2013
By Peter Martino

German voters already know that whichever party wins September's election will only bring more of the same: more restriction of German sovereignty. It is therefore no


Kashmiris want 'ban on Beethoven'

Deutsche Welle 28 August 2013

Separatists in Jammu and Kashmir have called for the cancelation of Western classical music icon Zubin Mehta's upcoming musical symphony sponsored by the German embassy in


German Police Recruiting From The Extremist Milli Gorus Movement

Islam versus Europe 26 August 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

The German police is holding a recruitment event in a mosque controlled by the extremist Milli Gorus movement. Milli Gorus was founded in Turkey in 1969 by the politician


Cologne: "Whore, Put Something On!"

Islam versus Europe 26 August 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

Too short, too attractive, too frivolous: because two men (25, 26) didn't like the young woman's clothing, they swore at the 19-year-old at the ring in Rudolfplatz. And then


Video: Germans to blame for immigrant crime

Islam versus Europe 23 August 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

This article was prompted by the Jonny K. case, which attracted a lot of attention in Germany. It involved five Turks attacking someone for no reason, and then attacking Jonny K. when he tried to intervene. He suffered severe injuries then died a few days later. Last week the perps were sentenced to just a few years in prison.


The west is helpless in the wake of Syria chemical attacks

American Thinker 23 August 2013
By Rick Moran

We won't put boots on the ground, we won't go too far in trying to get rid of Assad, we won't give the rebels the weapons they need to win. About all the west has done - and


Germany: City Government Demands Shop Owners Avoid Using Christian Symbols in Christmas Lights

Islam versus Europe 22 August 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

The aim of refraining from the use of Christian symbols in the new Christmas lights in the city centre has met with criticism and incomprehension. "This is misinterpretation of


Germany: Christians Attacked During Church Service, Muslims Barge in and Start Preaching from the Koran

islamversuseurope. 21 August 2013

Just to be clear, several different incidents are described here. It's not clear whether all involved Muslims, although that must be the suspicion. Pforzheim. Three


Immigration or Invasion?

Islamist Watch. 21 August 2013
By Enza Ferreri

What we insist on calling "immigration" from the Third World to Western European countries like Britain is a historically new phenomenon, for which a case can be made that


Bill Warner: Inoculating Against Islam

Political Islam 21 August 2013

Every since 9/11 Americans, including Christians, have been converting to Islam or become apologists for Islam. Can this be stopped and how?

There are many reasons they choose Islam. Islam is furiously masculine and today Christianity has become feminine, yin, in its approach to life. So, if you are a woman and want a more masculine man, you are much more apt to find that in Islam. Also, if you are a woman and want a husband, Muslims are the marrying kind. Then, there are people in this world who want discipline and Islam certainly gives structure. Once you get on the Islam train you no longer have to worry about choices. Islam tells you how to eat, have sex, brush your teeth, use the bathroom and every other aspect of life. There is also the social bonding of being in a tight knit group-club. These are a few of the reasons people convert.


Female genital mutilation: 30 million girls 'at risk'

BBC News 23 July 2013

More than 30 million girls are at risk of being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) over the next decade, a study by Unicef has found. It said more than 125 million


Bat Ye'or: Understanding Dhimmitude

By Mordechai Nisan

The books and articles by Bat Ye’or on Islam and jihad, dhimmitude and the collapse of Oriental Christianity, Eurabia and the Muslim-Christian anti-Zionist alliance, compose an oeuvre of historic proportions and scholarly significance.

In a period of some thirty years she wrote five major works that substantiated with massive evidence the historic persecution of Jews and Christians (dhimmis) under Islamic rule and the contemporary Arab project for the Islamization of Europe and the West.


German police: Muslim riots result of failed immigration, asks politicians to 'wake' up

islamversuseurope. 18 July 2013

Now the district head of the relevant station in Hamburg-Altona and the fathers of responsible young people want to sit together at a "round table". ...The police trade union

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