Spain arrests al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb suspect

BBC News 18 August 2011

Spanish police have arrested a Moroccan man they say is linked to al-Qaeda's North African offshoot, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). Abdellatif Aoulad Chiba, 37, is suspected of


Nearly 100 illegal immigrants reach Spain's coasts in one day

Expatica 17 August 2011

COASTGUARD rescuers had their work cut out this evening when a total of 96 would-be migrant attempted to access Spain via the back door by sailing into various ports on jerry-built rafts. A fleet


European Concerns Over Muslim Immigration Go Mainstream

Hudson New York 16 August 2011
By Soeren Kern

A new opinion survey shows that more than half of all Europeans believe there are too many immigrants in their countries and that immigration is having a negative impact on their lives.

The findings – which come as Europeans are waking up to the consequences of decades of mass immigration from Muslim countries – point to a growing disconnect between European voters and their political masters regarding multicultural policies that encourage Muslim immigrants to remain segregated rather than become integrated into their host nations.


Different Rules for Different Fools

Gates of Vienna 8 August 2011

"The European Union is the principal motor behind the Islamization of Europe. It is formally surrendering an entire continent to Islam while destroying established national cultures, and is prepared to harass those who disagree with this policy.

"This is the greatest organized betrayal in Western history.”

— Fjordman

The above quote from Fjordman is dismayingly appropriate to his current situation. He has been demonized in the media and forced into the public spotlight. Now he does not know whom to fear more, his own government or the combined forces of the Islamic zealots and "anti-fascists”. It’s no wonder he decided to quit blogging and go into hiding.


Over a million Muslims in Spain have started Ramadan

Expatica 5 August 2011

MUSLIMS in Spain have started the Holy month of Ramadan this week, during which they are unable to eat, drink alcohol, smoke or have sexual relations until sundown. The official hour for the


Muslim-Western suspicions remain on both sides

Attitudes about Muslim-Western relations have become slightly more positive in the U.S., Britain, France, Germany and Russia compared with five years ago, though negative views between Muslim


Spain indefinitely extends mandate for Libya mission

Expatica 21 June 2011

The Spanish parliament voted on Monday to indefinitely extend Spain's mandate to take part in the NATO-led international military operation aimed at preventing attacks on civilians in Libya. After


More than 100,000 in Spain anti-crisis protests

Expatica 20 June 2011

More than 100,000 protesters took to the streets in Spain on Sunday blaming bankers and politicians for causing a financial crisis that forced the country to adopt painful spending


A HOUSE BUILT ON SAND? The ECB and the hidden cost of saving the euro

Open Europe 8 June 2011
By Raoul Ruparel, Mats Persson

Executive summary:

The role of the ECB in the ongoing eurozone and banking crisis has been significantly understated. In parallel with the IMF’s and EU’s multi-billion euro interventions, the ECB has engaged in its own bail-out operation, providing cheap credit to insolvent banks and propping up struggling eurozone governments, despite this being against its own rules. The ECB is ultimately underwritten by taxpayers, which means that there is a hidden – and potentially huge – cost of the eurozone crisis to taxpayers buried in the ECB’s books.


Turkey vetoes ex-Austrian foreign minister's OSCE candidacy

News.Az 6 June 2011

Ankara says cannot accept Plassnik's candidacy for OSCE chief. Ankara has vetoed the candidacy of a former Austrian foreign minister to be the secretary-general of the


Freedom is Slavery

Gates of Vienna 3 June 2011
By Nicolai Sennels

Below is a brief essay by Nicolai Sennels on the strange metamorphosis of the Left over the past fifty years from the champions of the oppressed into the oppressors themselves.

The reversal of Left and Right
by Nicolai Sennels

In the good old hippie days, the socialists on the Left were the good guys. They risked their jobs and reputations demonstrating for the equality of women, sexual freedom, and freedom of speech to criticise the system and the authorities.


Video: Tentacles of Islam Slowly Enveloping Europe?

Christian Broadcasting Network  1 June 2011
By Dale Hurd

While the idea of Muslims taking over Rome as prophesied by the Prophet Mohammed may seem far-fetched, the historically Christian capital of Italy is now the site of the largest mosque in Europe.


The Pain in Spain

Huffington Post 1 June 2011
By Eric Margolis

BARCELONA -- Viva la revolution! Spain's youth are staging boisterous but peaceful protests across the country that many call the Iberian version of the popular revolutions sweeping the Arab


The Great EU debt write off?

Open Europe Blog 24 May 2011

Over on Conservative Home Steve Baker highlights a new paper from two professors at ESCP Europe Business School, which demonstrates the huge level of interconnectivity between the debt problems of different EU economies. The paper suggests that countries should cancel out or write off debt which they owe each other.


Europe Has Immigration Problems on Steroids

Family Security Matters 23 May 2011
By Dr Laina Farhat-Holzman

For all the problems we think we have with immigration, Europe's problems far exceed ours. The U.S. has always had a history of panic about new and alien groups pouring into our country (Irish, Italians, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and now Hispanics). But all of these groups came here to become American; they integrated and contributed.

By and large, the same is true of Muslim immigrants to the U.S. today-particularly Iranians and Afghans. In Europe, however, many in the flood of Muslim immigrants are not integrating well-partly out of today's spate of Islamism but partly because ordinary Europeans find these immigrants adhere to an alien culture.


Spain is still revolting...for another week at least

Expatica 23 May 2011

PROTESTORS who have been camping in the main squares of most of Spain's provincial capital cities since last Sunday – May 15 – say they intend to stay there for at least another week. The revolt is


Boatload of African migrants caught off Almeria coast

Expatica 23 May 2011

A MOTORBOAT heading from Morocco carrying 40 would-be migrants attempting to enter Spain via the 'back door' has been intercepted near Punta Sabinar (Almería). The coastguard


Islamic "Shariah-Compliant" Banking Takes Root in Europe

Hudson New York  20 May 2011
By Soeren Kern

The European Union is emerging as a major center of Islamic finance, based on Islamic Shariah law, and which critics say amounts to "financial Jihad" by Islamists intent on Islamifying the


The EU and the Mediterranean: good neighbours?

Open Europe 19 May 2011
By Vincenzo Scarpetta & Pawel Swidlicki

Executive summary:

• The home-grown revolutions across North Africa and the Middle East have provided great cause for ptimism. But they have also raised questions about the EU’s record in promoting reform and stability in these areas – and, more importantly, about how Europe can best support this region in future.


Camp of the Saints: The Numbers Game Redux

Gates of Vienna 19 May 2011

Before getting down to the detailed articles about the Mediterranean refugee crisis, here’s a general statement of principle from the President of the

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