Video: Turkey - Armenian Genocide Today

02 November 2009

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From Journeymans Youtube Channel: Journeyman apologises for any offensive or vulgar comments left by viewers of this film - obviously they have nothing better to do!

The eviction and slaughter of over a million Armenians in Anatolia began in 1915. There's little doubt Turkey was behind this massive ethnic cleansing. Yet the Turkish government denies the historical facts.

Almost a century later, any mention of the genocide is still taboo. A law designed to protect 'Turkishness' is used to sue those who challenge the official version. Nobel Prize winning author Orhan Pamuk was sent to prison for speaking out about his country's guilt.


Ahmadinejad to visit Turkey for OIC economic summit

Xinhua  02 November 2009
By Xiong Tong 

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will depart to Turkey on Nov. 8 to take part in the economic summit of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in the country, the official IRNA news agency


President of Cyprus likens EU-Turkey relations to Nazi appeasement 02 November 2009

The president of Cyprus today urged Europe to get tough with Turkey, likening the EU's concessions to Ankara to the appeasement of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s, and playing down expectations of any breakthrough in


The vessel of Turkey's Muslim Brothers has surfaced in calm waters

The Daily Star 26 Oct 2009

I am often asked these days why Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is so upset with Israel. “It’s so dramatic” people say, adding: “Why did the AKP uninvite Israel to Anatolian Eagle” (a NATO air force exercise held in Turkey)? “Is this the beginning of the end of Turkish-Israeli ties that go back to 1949 just as Israel is most worried about Iran?”


EU Lawmakers Seek Compromise in Internet Access Row

European Union lawmakers renewed efforts Thursday to tackle the politically charged issue of whether governments can bar people from using the Internet, the same day that a new study was released claiming that Internet blocking by national governments is increasingly commonplace in Europe.


Turkey's Worsened Press Freedom Record

Bianet 22 Oct 2009

Turkey fell back 20 places in this year's RSF Worldwide Press Freedom Index. The country shares rank 122 together with the Philippines. The front-runners for press freedom are Denmark, Finland and Ireland. Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea bring up the rear of the index.


Lawyer Calls Turkish Christians’ Trial a ‘Scandal’

Compass Direct 19 Oct 2009

After three prosecution witnesses testified yesterday that they didn’t even know two Christians on trial for “insulting Turkishness and Islam,” a defense lawyer called the trial a “scandal.”


The Cypriot Stumbling Block

PoliGazette 17 Oct 2009
By Robert Ellis

CyprusLike Ireland, Cyprus has been a victim of geography and both are today still divided. As the Arab geographer Muqaddasi wrote in 985: “The island of Qubrus is in the power of whichever nation is overlord in these seas”. And with its position 40 miles off the southern coast of Turkey and 70 miles from Syria it has been a strategic prize for centuries.


Turkey's European stalemate 18 Oct 2009

The EU commission has this year in its annual progress report on Turkey injected a note of urgency with regard to the main obstacle to Turkish membership – Cyprus.


EU wannabe Turkey rapped over rights, media freedoms

Expatica 15 October 2009

In an EU report, Ankara was praised for reaching a deal with Armenia over a "genocide" row going back to World War I but criticised for refusal to open its ports to Cyprus.


Turkey's EU bid fades with little drama

Reuters Blogs (blog)  15 October 2009
By Paul Taylor 

Turkey’s bid to join the European Union is fading away with surprisingly little drama because investors no longer see the prospect of accession as an essential policy anchor. But EU leaders should keep Ankara’s


Expert says Turkey not ready to become EU member 15 October 2009

A new stage is being launched after Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan traveled to Turkey, Ruben Safrastyan, the director of Oriental Studies Institute told the reporters today.


Turkey: EU criticises attacks on Pamuk

Index On Censorship  15 October 2009

The European Union on 14 October called on Turkey to shield Nobel Prize-winning novelist Orhan Pamuk from court cases undermining freedom of expression.


Greek Cyprus urges EU for sanctions on Turkey 15 October 2009

Greek Cyprus urged on Wednesday the European Commission to impose sanctions on Turkey to open its ports to the island. Greek Cyprus, a member of the European Union since 2004, has no diplomatic


Iraq PM warns Turkey: Stop cross-border operations

The Associated Press 15 October 2009

The Iraqi prime minister warned Turkey on Thursday to stop conducting military operations across Iraq's northern border targeting Kurdish rebels and stressed that Iraq's sovereignty can not be violated, according to


Israel Objects to Turkish TV Show - Portrays Israeli Soldiers Shooting Palestinian Children

CBS News 15 October 2009

Israel's foreign minister has ordered ministry officials to summon Turkey's ambassador in Israel and protest to him over a Turkish TV series that reportedly portrays Israeli soldiers murdering innocent children.


US faults Turks for canceling NATO air exercises  14 October 2009

The United States has chided Turkey for canceling a NATO military exercise because Israel also was participating. Neither the Turks nor NATO has confirmed that Israel's participation in the exercises


PEN Canada Honours Turkish/Armenian Editor Hrant Dink as The Empty Chair at IFOA

PEN Canada has chosen Hrant Dink, the influential, outspoken and well-loved editor, assassinated in Istanbul in January 2007, as The Empty Chair for the 30th International Festival of Authors (IFOA XXX) at Harbourfront in Toronto, October 21st to 31st.


Choking scandal: Turkish Prime Minister Abuses 13 Year Old Boy

EuropeNews 12 October 2009
Orginal: Kopp Verlag Sep 09, By Udo Ulfkotte

The internationally courted Turkish Prime Minister Recip Erdogan feels as heir of state founder Atatürk. He wants to be admired. But woe betide those who critizise him. A 13 year old boy dared to criticise him. He publicly got choked.


Turkish PM Encourages Higher Birthrate for 'More Power'

Islam In Action 12 October 2009

Recently Turkish PM Erodgan canceled a joint military exercise with Israel, to show Turkey's support of Palestine. His next move was to tell the people of Turkey to have more children. I am sure that neither

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