Turkey’s current account deficit increases by 180 percent

Hurriyet Daily News 11 August 2010

Central Bank chief Durmus Yilmaz. AA photo Turkey's current account deficit increased by 180 percent in the first six months of 2010 compared to the same period a year earlier, according to


Two Wahabi ideologists hiding in Turkey - Chechen president

Interfax-Religion 11 August 2010

Two renowned Wahabi ideologists, Isa Umarov and Shamsuddi Batukayev, are hiding in Turkey, the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said. "Intelligence information indicates that Isa Umarov, one of


Turkey condemns Australia for "distorting history" 10 August 2010

Turkish Foreign Ministry said that Turkey condemned opening of an "Assyrian Genocide" Monument in Sydney, which "distorted history and accused Turkey". Turkish Foreign Ministry


Turkish Airlines starts Ramadan campaign

Hurriyet Daily News 10 August 2010

Passengers on Turkey’s leading airline have the opportunity to take advantage of 94-Turkish Lira flights during the holy month of Ramadan. According to a recent press release from Turkish Airlines, or THY, the campaign will involve all domestic flights to and from Istanbul between Aug. 11 and Sept. 6, as passengers will be able to pay only 94 liras, including all taxes, for a one-way trip.


Turkish Kurdish armed clash

ecPulse 10 August 2010

Turkish authorities announced Monday that an armed clash took place between Turkish troops and Kurdish armed men in the south east of Turkey resulting in the death of five Kurds. The reason behind


Coping with Turkey's Islamist Lurch

American Thinker 9 August 2010
By Joel J. Sprayregen

As Congress wakes up to Turkey's terrorist alliances, Britain's new Prime Minister made a fool of himself in Ankara. David Cameron, on his maiden official visit to the Middle East last week, proved


17-aged German raped in Antalya resort

The rape of 17-aged German girl by 6 Turks in one of the resorts of Manvagat region (near the Turkish city of Antalya) made a stir in Germany. According to the Turkish Milliyet, the woman was


Man arrested for wife beating blames traditional Turkish dance

Daily Mail 6 August 2010
By Paul Chapman

A Turkish migrant arrested in New Zealand for allegedly beating his wife says police failed to understand that the couple were simply engaging in a lively traditional dance.


Turkish ban on vuvuzela in soccer stadiums

Radio Netherlands 6 August 2010

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has decided to ban the vuvuzela in soccer stadiums in Turkey. The federation says that the vuvuzelas has a negative effect on the players. "The vuvuzela will


German teenager raped on Turkish beach

The Local 5 August 2010

A 17-year-old girl German girl has allegedly been raped on a beach by six men while on holiday in Turkey. The girl, from the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein, was apparently


SE Turkish mayor refuses to back down from remarks

Hurriyet Daily News 4 August 2010

Despite being the subject of a preliminary assessment by two inspectors for comments he made Saturday in calling for an autonomous Kurdish region as a solution to the Kurdish issue, Diyarbakir’s


Police officer charged with insulting Turkish PM

Hurriyet Daily News 3 August 2010

Prosecutors have opened a judicial inquiry into Gülsüm Gültepe, a chief police officer, for allegedly sharing a photo depicting Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as an Indian with an earring on


Cameron's Shortcut through Turkey to "Eurabia" 2 August 2010
By Diana West

This week's column: The battle over whether to admit Turkey into the European Union seems eternal, at least among the EU's rulers. Among the peoples of Europe, when granted the rare chance to go to the ballot box -- increasingly window-dressing as far as the EU's soft totalitarians are concerned -- there is little argument.

In fact, there is bona fide consensus: NO to Turkey becoming a part of Europe. Why? Because, culturally and historically, it is not.


How Not to Conduct Diplomacy: UK PM in Turkey

Global Politician 2 August 2010
By Prof. Barry Rubin

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s July 27 speech in Turkey will not live on in history. But it should, as an example of the decline of Western diplomacy, of suicide by Political Correctness, as a textbook example of how not to conduct international affairs.

It crossed my mind that the speech was written by the Foreign Office for the express purpose of making Cameron look foolish, but then I realized that he and his top advisors probably have no idea why it was such a disaster.


Hamas Honors Turkey by Haniyeh’s Naming Grandson ‘Erdogan’

Arutz Sheva 2 August 2010
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Turkey’s rapid drift to the Iranian-Hamas axis has reached new heights, with de facto Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh naming his grandson "Erdogan,” after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip


• Open letter to PM David Cameron regarding Turkey

EuropeNews 28 July 2010
By Nicolai Sennels

Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,

You say you want Turkey to be member of EU. I personally think that you just want the rest of Europe to have the same problems with Muslims as you do. But that is my personal guess - here are the hard facts:

Video clip of Cameron endorsing Turkish EU membership. Visiting YouTube to see readers' comments is encouraged.


Cameron's Despicable Toadying To Turkey

Eurasia Review 29 July 2010
By Daniel Greenfield

It is sadly unsurprising that Prime Minister Cameron's highly publicized trip to Turkey went with no mention of that country's continued denial of the Armenian Genocide, and its suppression of Kurdish and Armenian minorities.

Indeed when Turkish leader Erdogan discussed his threats of ethnically cleansing Armenians in the UK, Gordon Brown made no more comment on the matter than if Erdogan had been discussing his favorite television programs. It is in keeping with that conspiracy of silence, that Cameron made no mention of the thousands of political prisoners in Turkish jails, there often for merely expressing an opinion at odds with the state


The world has forgotten the plight of Cyprus

Pottstown Mercury 29 July 2010
By Tony Phyrillas

The recent controversy over whether singer Jennifer Lopez would perform at a luxury hotel in Turkish-occupied Cyprus brought much-needed attention to a tragedy that is fading from most people's memory

Thirty-six years ago this month, Turkey invaded the tiny nation of Cyprus, killing thousands and forcing 200,000 Greek-Cypriots from their homes before establishing a military occupation of the northern third of the island. Lopez was offered $3 million to headline the grand opening of a luxury resort in the occupied portion of Cyprus. That led to a grassroots campaign by bloggers and on Facebook to persuade Lopez to


Muslim Backlash over Victoria Beckham`s Turkish Vogue Cover

BBC 29 July 2010
By Nigel Pauley

VICTORIA Beckham is facing a backlash from Islamic fundamentalists over her sexy photoshoot for Turkish Vogue. Posh, 36, is seen on the cover holding a cocktail glass, wearing a mini-skirt with


Ataturk tattoos rise in popularity in Turkey

Alarabiya 29 July 2010

Tattoos of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s signature, founder of the modern day secular Turkey, is becoming more of a popular choice among secular Turks. "This tattoo is getting more and more popular

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