Video: Turkish Femicide up 1400 percent PressTV

youtube 28 February 2011
By vladtepesblogdotcom


Turkish PM slams German 'xenophobia', urges integratation

Expatica Germany  28 February 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday slammed "xenophobia" in Germany as he urged Turkish workers there to integrate into German society, but without abandoning their own


Dutch shock at Turkey convent seizure

Expatica Germany  28 February 2011

The Dutch Christian Democrats CDA are outraged at a ruling by Turkey's Supreme Court authorising the expropriation of lands belonging to a Syrian Orthodox monastery.


Islamist political icon's 50-year career spanned 3 coups

Hurriyet Daily News  28 February 2011

One of the most colorful personalities in Turkish politics, Necmettin Erbakan will be remembered as the person who established political Islam in Turkey under the name "National View” and mentored


European court fines Turkey for jailing author and publisher

Hurriyet Daily News 24 February 2011

Turkey has been fined 30,000 euros by the European Court of Human Rights for failing to respect freedom of expression and the right to a fair trial of a book’s author and publisher. Nevin Berktaº,


Turkish authorities trying to 'suppress' critics, CPJ says

Hurriyet Daily News 18 February 2011

Turkish authorities in 2010 "paraded" journalists into court in an attempt to "suppress critical news and commentary," the Committee to Protect Journalists said Tuesday in its annual worldwide


From the Bosphorus: Straight - Appeasement in our time

Hurriyet Daily News 16 February 2011

In the days since popular uprisings began in Tunisia, spread to Egypt and now – with two dictators toppled – knock at the door of authoritarians throughout the Middle East, a curious thing has


Oda TV raid renews fears of media witch hunt in Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News 16 February 2011

Press organizations and journalists have reacted harshly against a police raid on the headquarters of Oda TV, a website that is known for being a fierce critic of government policies. The


Immigrant women miss out on jobs through poor health  16 February 2011

The health of Turkish-Dutch women is much poorer than that of other immigrant women which is why fewer of them have a job, according to research published on Tuesday by the government's social policy


Turkish comics magazine apologizes for anti-religious joke

Hurriyet Daily News 15 February 2011

Popular weekly satirical Turkish comic magazine Penguen has apologized for a caricature featuring what many called irreverently anti-religious content after reactions from Muslims. In the graphic


Turkey's absurd flotilla report

Elder of Ziyon 14 February 2011

Turkey today released its report on the flotilla incident. I haven't yet found the full report, but the conclusions are laughable. Here are some: 3. There were no firearms on board the


Turkey's Gul arrives in Iran on maiden trip

AFP 14 February 2011

TEHRAN — Abdullah Gul arrived in Tehran on Sunday on his first trip as Turkish president aimed at boosting economic and political ties with the Islamic republic. During his visit which ends on


Muslim Brotherhood in talks with Turkey?

Hurriyet Daily News 11 February 2011

Although there has been no official dialogue between Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a senior Turkish diplomat indicated Thursday that discussions were likely occurring at the party


Discovery of Kurdish Mass Graves Leads Turkey to Face Past

Voice of America  10 February 2011
By Dorian Jones

Excavations are continuing at two mass graves which have been discovered in the southeast of Turkey, a predominantly Kurdish southeast Turkey. The bodies are believed to be


German prosecutors indict alleged Islamist for helping al Qaeda 9 February 2011

Federal prosecutors have charged a man who is suspected of trying to recruit members and acquire bomb-making materials for the Islamist terror group al Qaeda. The 25-year-old has


Glenn Beck is Right

The Atlantic 9 February 2011
By Jeffrey Goldberg

Pete Wehner has launched another of his intemperate attacks on the American patriot Glenn Beck. This latest scurrilous attack was prompted by Beck's criticism of Bill Kristol, a Wehner ally and an


Erdogan warns Israel not to interfere in Egypt

Hurriyet Daily News  8 February 2011

We had the opportunity to fly with Prime Minister Erdogan to Hatay and Aleppo this weekend to attend the ground breaking ceremony for the "Friendship Dam” to be built jointly by the two countries on


Swiss minaret ban to blame for xenophobia, Turkish report says

Hurriyet Daily News  7 February 2011

A ban on minarets in Switzerland that was approved in a nationwide referendum in November 2009 is responsible for increasing already-high levels of xenophobia and Islamphobia


Video: An Armenian Genocide App for the iPhone

Asbarez Armenian News  4 February 2011

A young Armenian-American animator and radio-podcast host is developing a free iPhone App dedicated to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The "Armenian Monument” app, produced by the


Hammarberg concerned about freedom of religion in Turkey

Todays zaman 4 February 2011

A Council of Europe commissioner has said that although positive steps have been undertaken to allow religious minorities to freely practice their faith in Turkey, a number of outstanding issues

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