Turkey and the End of Secularism

Family Security Matters 17 September 2010

At the weekend, Turkey had a referendum. The population of the nation voted to amend the constitution, a constitution that had been re-written in 1980. On Monday (September 13) Turkey’s president


Church Controversy Fuels Fresh Turkey-Armenia Tensions

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty  17 September 2010
By Irina Hovanissian, Karine Simonyan

VAN, Turkey -- It was meant to be a day of spirituality and reconciliation, a symbol of warming ties between two historical foes. Instead, a planned religious service at an Armenian church in


Turkey's Islamization: One Step Closer

Assyrian International News Agency 17 September 2010
By Ryan Mauro

The referendum proposed by Turkey's government has been passed with 58 percent of the population approving it in a vote with 77.5 percent turnout. The Obama Administration is praising the 26


Turkish court orders removal of school boycott posters

Hurriyet Daily News 16 September 2010

A Diyarbakir court ordered Thursday the collection of banners in the city calling on parents to boycott the first week of school in the name of the right of education in students’ mother tongue,


European Court rules against Turkey over journalist's murder

Amnesty International 16 September 2010

Amnesty International has welcomed a European Court of Human Rights ruling that Turkey failed to protect the life of journalist and human rights activist Hrant Dink, who was killed in Istanbul in


Turkey: Islamism's Consequences for the West

Hudson New York 15 September 2010
By Steven Simpson

The "good times" between Turkey and the West seem to be over. As the Erdogan years in Turkey have attempted to turn Turkey from a once-secular country into a de facto Islamist country, the West


Turkey respects European Court's verdict

The Turkish foreign office stated it has no intention to appeal against the European Court’s verdict on the Hrant Dink murder case. Turkey will carry out relevant work in conformity with the verdict and take


54 Pro-Kurdish Mayors Acquitted of "Propaganda" Charges

Bianet 15 September 2010

The Diyabak?r 5th High Criminal Court acquitted the 54 mayors who were tried for calling the militant PKK the "Kurdish opposition". The mayors had been facing prison sentences but the court followed the final plead of


Turkey referendum called watershed victory for Islamic agenda

World Tribune  15 September 2010

ANKARA — Turkey's decision to change its secular constitution is being marked as a milestone in the nation's path toward Islam. Analysts said Prime Minister Recep Erdogan won a victory in a Sept.


Video: Turkey undermines German sovereignty

Tundra Tabloids 13 September 2010

In spite of the Islamic fundamentalist Turkish regime's positive economic policies, it still nonetheless represents very bad news for Europe

They are highly motivated to place Europe firmly within the house of Islam, if you don't believe me, believe the Turkish PM himself as he demonstrates his willingness to repeatedly stick his nose in German domestic political affairs, while encouraging ethnic Turks in Germany


Honor Killings; An Islamic Cultural Tradition 13 September 2010
By R. C. Camphausen

At least 5,000 women a year are killed or driven to suicide by fathers or brothers who think that, according to tribal tradition, the inferior female has shamed the family. It is most worrying that


Turkey poised for major shakeup as voters back constitutional reforms

The Guardian  13 September 2010
By Robert Tait

Turkey stood on the brink of a ground-breaking political transformation tonight after voters in a referendum backed a constitutional shakeup designed to tame its once mighty secular establishment.


Turkish Jews: Reform strengthens Islam

Ynetnews 13 September 2010
By Aviel Magnezi

While international community welcomes referendum approving changes to Turkey's constitution, some locals fear development will weaken army, allow promotion of 'controversial' Islamic


Aybars Gorgulu: victory in referendum will be a litmus test for Turkish ...

PanARMENIAN.Net 13 September 2010

The results of referendum on changes to Turkish constitution are not surprising. AKP has consolidated its power once again and became hopeful for the general elections that will be held in less that 10


Bulgarian Ethnic Turkish Politicians Quarrel over Nepotism Claims 10 September 2010

Bulgaria's Culture Minister Vezhdi Rashidov and Deputy Chair of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms have gotten into an ugly fight over nepotism accusations. Vezhdi Rashidov, a renown Bulgarian


Turkish PM says opposition's referendum campaign full of 'black propaganda'

Turkish Daily News 9 September 2010

The Turkish opposition has been holding a campaign of "misinformation and black propaganda," Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an told the BBC in an interview published


Ankara Concerned about Bulgaria's Chief Mufti Controversy  8 September 2010

The Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, had made inquiries about the issue with the Chief Mufti in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian news agency BTA informs, citing Turkish


EU says Turkey needs more public debate on reforms

Financial Mirror 7 September 2010

The European Union accused the Turkish government on Tuesday of stifling public debate on planned constitutional reforms that have provoked strong domestic


Turkish physicists lose faith in Hawking

Hurriyet Daily News 7 September 2010

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking's new claims that there need not be a God behind the creation of the universe have stirred debate on physics and theology in Turkey and around the world. Many Turkish scientists


Access to Playboy website banned in Turkey 7 September 2010

Turkey has put a ban on the website of the well-known Playboy magazine, Turkish blogs inform. According to Turkish bloggers, Turkey continues to be a country of prohibitions and limitations. This time a ban was

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