Female Genital Mutilation is About Controlling Female Sexuality

youtube 20 May 2015
By Clarion Project -

The International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) aims to raise awareness about the brutal practice of FGM. Clarion Project's film Honor Diaries


Getting Away with It: What Has Happened to Rule of Law?

Gatestone Institute 20 May 2015
By Douglas Murray

But the question that hangs over Rotherham -- and which even the latest independent review could not answer -- is why so many people got away with these crimes for so


Charlie Hebdo: media,'Luz to leave the magazine' Mediapart,'cartoonist cannot stand it anymore',leaving Sept.

ANSAmed 19 May 2015

PARIS - Cartoonist Renard Luzier, known as Luz, is preparing to leave satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, according to local media. Luz, one of the leading figures of the


Charlie Hebdo Suspends Columnist Who Received Death Threats for Bashing Radical Islam; Fellow Writer Claims Newspaper Is Hypocri

Christian Post 19 May 2015
By Samuel Smith

A man holds the new issue of satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo entitled "Tout est pardonne" ("All is forgiven"), which shows a caricature of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, in


Paris: In Latest Violent Antisemitic Attack Two Assailants Pin Down Victim While Another Beats Him

The Algemeiner 19 May 2015

A Jewish youth was violently attacked in Paris on Friday afternoon just days following a similar attack on a Jewish woman and two weeks after 40 men assaulted two Jewish youths


French convert to Islam convicted for involvement with al-Qaida in northern Mali

Fox News 18 May 2015

A Paris court has convicted a 60-year-old Frenchman and sentenced him to eight years in prison for belonging to al-Qaida's North African affiliate and taking part in armed actions in


Hypocritical Charlie Hebdo suspends journalist who criticized Islam

Jihad Watch 18 May 2015
By Robert Spencer

These are defining days. Many, many people whom I had thought to be clear-sighted, strong and courageous have proven to be cowardly, pusillanimous and self-serving, eager to betray the


Study: Muslims Responsible for ‘Disproportionate’ Number of Europe’s Anti-Semitic Attacks

Breitbart 13 May 2015

A new study published by the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy (ISGAP) confirms what many have long suspected: that the worst crimes against Jews in


5 Reasons The Qur’an Can Never ‘Coexist’ With The Constitution… Ever

WesternJournalism 13 May 2015
By Steven Crowder

In case you were wondering about that "peaceful religion" thing... Steven Crowder May 11, 2015 at 10:23am In case you were wondering about that "peaceful religion” thing…


France: Muslim girl returns to school in 'banned skirt'

Islamist Watch 13 May 2015

Sarah K, the 15-year-old school girl who was banned from attending classes for wearing long skirts, sparking an uproar in France and the world over, has returned to school in


"Stay Quiet and You'll Be Okay" The War on Free Speech 11 May 2015

As we mentioned a week ago, I'm none too well at the moment, and it so happens my preferred position in which to write causes me severe pain - which is presumably some kind of


Winning Muhammad cartoonist: ‘I’m not hiding’

creepingsharia 11 May 2015

Bosch Fawstin’s world has changed dramatically less than a week after he spoke with WND on a barricaded sidewalk as he was about to enter the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland,


Video: Survey shows European Muslims are much more antisemitic than non-Muslims (update)

Elder of Ziyon 8 May 2015

A new paper was released by ISGAP, "Antisemitic Attitudes among Muslims in Europe: A Survey Review" by Günther Jikeli. It proves that European Muslims are more antisemitic


Counting Muslim kids: A very French scandal

Islamist Watch 7 May 2015
By Ben McPartland

A far-right French mayor caused one heck of a hullaballoo this week when he admitted using the names of school children to count the number of Muslim pupils. A classic Made in France


French Parliament Approves Sweeping Surveillance Law

Gatestone Institute 6 May 2015
By Soeren Kern

Critics say the oversight role is illusory and that the law effectively centralizes surveillance power in the hands of just a few individuals. "A law that will


Eleven Reasons to Reject Sharia Law in Any Form

Citizen Warrior 4 May 2015

The following list was posted at the Infidel Blogger's Alliance and has been attributed to Larry Houle. It is a countdown of the top eleven reasons to reject Shari'a. Shari'a


The Erosion of Free Speech

Gatestone Institute 4 May 2015
By Denis MacEoin

"If PEN as a free speech organization can't defend and celebrate people who have been murdered for drawing pictures, then frankly the organization is not worth the


Rabbi in France shortly after the Charlie Hebdo-Kosher deli attack documents European suicide and suggests Jews leave Europe

Vlad Tepes 4 May 2015

Thank you Oz-Rita for putting in a great deal of effort and time into translating this document by this French Rabbi. He makes a pretty strong case.


Salman Rushdie calls six writers "pussies” for boycotting PEN America Gala for giving Freedom of Expression Courage Award to Cha

BareNakedIslam 30 April 2015

If there is any group of people on the planet who should feel solidarity with the slain editors of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, it is writers. Yet the award has


France: Muslim Girl Banned from Class for Wearing Long Skirt

Arutz Sheva 29 April 2015

The case of a 15-year-old Muslim girl who was banned from class twice for wearing a long black skirt seen as too openly religious for secular France has sparked an outcry, AFP

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