France, Islam and the 'Spreading Hatred'

Wall Street Journal 16 April 2014
By John Vinocur

There's an area of French society bleak beyond any let's-pretend action-plan or incantatory chorus about brotherhood. The country's existential problem of coming to terms


What is France doing about the stealth Islamization of its public schools?

Bare Naked Islam 14 April 2014

Virtually nothing. A confidential report of the French intelligence services, acquired by ‘Le Figaro,’ reveals that, in an insidious manner, a type of Islamic communitarianism is closing in on


Barbarous gang rape in Évry

GalliaWatch 11 April 2014

While I try to decide what is most important to write about, in a time of continuous and momentous headline news, here is a story of a crime that took place in Évry on March


Video: Native French under Attack in Muslim Areas

CBN News 11 April 2014
By Dale Hurd

PARIS -- Violent crime can happen anywhere and to anyone and for many reasons, but in Muslim-controlled parts of France, it has become especially dangerous to be white.


France: 18-year-old girl raped by 4 Muslim minors "because she is French and the French are all sons of whores”

Bare Naked Islam 11 April 2014

A young French girl of 18 gets off the train at Évry station. At the exit, while using her cell phone, 4 Muslim teenagers abduct her and take her to a neighboring park. They


European jihadists form ISIS brigades in Syria

Al-Monitor 10 April 2014

Recent reports in the European press and evidence from social media implicate European jihadists fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in atrocities


Ex-French soldier challenges Paris’s version of Rwandan genocide

France 24 8 April 2014

As performers at a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide enacted some of the horrors of the past in Kigali on Monday, thousands of miles away from the


Le Pen party to stop schools offering special lunches to Muslim pupils

Irish Times 7 April 2014

Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen said yesterday it would prevent schools from offering special lunches to Muslim pupils in the 11 towns it won in local elections, saying such


Chaldean Patriarch on the Uncertain Future of Eastern Christians

AINA 5 April 2014
By Mar Louis Raphael I Sako

In recent days, Mar Louis Sako Raphael I took part a seminar sponsored by the Université catholique de Lyon, France, on "The Vocation of Eastern Christians". For the Chaldean


Video: Leading French patriot stabbed while celebrating local election victories of the (anti-Islam) Front National Party

Bare Naked Islam 3 April 2014

Following Marine Le Pen’s Front National Party’s excellent results in France’s municipal elections over the weekend, Philippe Vardon, a leading French patriot, who has been involved with the Bloc Identitaire movement, was stabbed in Fréjus while celebrating the Front National’s victory there.


Euro-Jihad: An Inside Look At The Recruitment Of European Muslims to Holy War

Atlas Shrugs 2 April 2014
By Pamela Geller

Jihad is jihad. Islam is Islam, and the nationality or skin color or sock color, for that matter, is of no import in this war against the "non-believers.” The common thread


European Elections a Turning Point for Europe?

Gatestone Institute 2 April 2014
By Peter Martino

The municipal elections in France resulted in a huge victory for the Front National of Marine Le Pen. For the first time since 1995, France will again have FN mayors. Marine Le


Le Pen: ‘We don’t have problems with Islam’ 2 April 2014
By Elaine Ganley

HENIN-BEAUMONT — Marine Le Pen saw political gold in the abandoned coal mines of northern France that once pumped life, jobs and an identity into places like Henin-Beaumont — a


France takes anti-jihad effort to schools

Columbia Misouri News 2 April 2014

PARIS — To stop the stream of French youths pursuing jihad in Syria, France is preparing to try to tackle terrorism before it starts by involving schools, parents and


French human rights defender becomes far-right mayor

France24 2 April 2014
By Guillaume Guguen

At first glance, Robert Ménard is an unlikely champion of France’s far-right National Front party. He founded and led the freedom-of-expression group Reporters Without Borders (RWB)


French Socialism Melting Like the Wicked Witch

American Thinker 2 April 2014
By Chriss Street

French President and Socialist Party leader Francois Hollande announced the resignation of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and his replacement by hard-line anti-immigration and


France Reaches Out to Muslim Community to Help Fight Terrorism at its Roots

The Epoch Times 2 April 2014

To stop the stream of French youths pursuing jihad in Syria, France is preparing to try to tackle terrorism before it starts, by involving schools, parents and local Muslim leaders


France leads new counterterrorism tack, stung by lure of Syria war for young French jihadists

Atlas Shrugs 1 April 2014
By Pamela Geller

“Radicalization no longer takes place inside the town, which you can control, inside mosques, which you can control.” It is unlikely that there has really been a big change, and he must have


France in new tack to fight roots of terrorism

Dawn 1 April 2014

To stop the stream of French youths pursuing jihad in Syria, France is preparing to try to tackle terrorism before it starts, by involving schools, parents and local Muslim leaders


Mini-summit on Central Africa crisis in Brussels on Wednesday

Hurriyet Daily News 1 April 2014

French President Francois Hollande is to co-chair a "mini-summit" of 15 European and 15 African nations in Brussels on Wednesday over the escalating crisis in the Central African Republic

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