French Islamists seek to use blasphemy law to silence critics

National Secular Society 22 February 2014

French Islamists are suing the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for blasphemy after it published a front cover carrying the slogan "The Koran is crap, it doesn't stop


Turkey Implicated in Paris Assassinations of Kurdish PKKs

The Clarion Project 19 February 2014

A crisis in European-Turkish relations may be about to erupt because of evidence that the Turkish government sponsored the assassination of three female Kurdish activists in Paris


Hollande recalls French ‘debt’ to Muslim WWI fighters

Dawn 19 February 2014

President Francois Hollande on Tuesday said France “owed a debt” to Muslim soldiers who died in World War I and pledged a tough fight against racism and discrimination


Muslims sue satirical paper for blasphemy, MP for hate speech

RFI 19 February 2014

French Muslims are taking satirical paper Charlie Hebdo to court for blasphemy over a front page insulting the Koran. In a separate case, a right-wing MP is being sued for


EU, France troops pledge over Central Africa violence

Expatica the Netherlands 18 February 2014

The European Union and France pledged to sharply increase troop deployments to the Central African Republic on Friday as concern mounted over a horrific spiral of violence


French judge calls for strategy to stop jihadist volunteering in Syria

NewsWires 18 February 2014

A French judge has called for action to stop the exit of volunteers to the conflict in Syria, many of whom return to Europe to step up a recruitment drive in their own


Neither Christian Nor Muslim Is Safe In Central African Republic

National Public Radio 18 February 2014
By Gregory Warner

Last year, Muslim militias helped overthrow the country's Christian president of the Central African Republic and marauded through Christian areas. Today, the circumstances


France to send 400 more troops to Central African Republic

Yahoo! News 18 February 2014
By James Regan and Michelle Nichols

PARIS/UNITED NATIONS - France said on Friday it plans to send another 400 troops to help combat a crisis in the Central African Republic as U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon


Video: Feminism can save France from Islam: that's the real message of Majorité Opprimée 15 February 2014
By Richard Seymour

The gender role reversal video purports to target sexism and homophobia. But its essence is class bigotry, racism and misogyny


French recycling company bans headscarves in workplace

World Bulletin 11 February 2014

As a strictly secular country, France has been leading the way in Europe to introduce curbs on all religious clothing, including the face veil which was banned last year


Al Qaeda-linked Islamists abduct Red Cross workers in Mali

France 24 11 February 2014

An al Qaeda-linked Islamist group has kidnapped a Red Cross team working in northern Mali, a spokesperson for the militants, known as the Movement for Oneness and Jihad


Opposition to Muslims and the Muslim headscarf in Western Europe 10 February 2014
By Alexandra Raphel

It has been almost 10 years since France’s National Assembly and Senate approved a controversial law prohibiting students from wearing "conspicuous” religious symbols in public


Al-Qaeda And Affliates Train And Indoctrinate Children Captured on Twitter

Right Side News 10 February 2014

Increasingly over the past decade, Al-Qaeda and its affiliates and sympathizers have been aiming their outreach and recruitment efforts at pre-teens, and even much younger


The Arab Spring, Islam and oil wealth

Al Monitor 10 February 2014
By Talal Salman

Both the western and eastern parts of the Arab world today seem quite different than three years ago, when the so-called Arab Spring started. Several regimes are gone and have


Merkel Holds Out Turkey EU Prospect While Reiterating Skepticism

Bloomberg 6 February 2014
By Patrick Donahue

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Turkey’s talks on joining the European Union can move ahead if the next phase focuses on civil liberties and ensuring an independent judicial system.


French Muslims Protest Gender Education

onislam 6 February 2014

Hundreds of France's Muslims have joined mass protests against the legalization of gay marriage and gender equality teaching in schools considering it a "violation” of


CAR kill fest stopped - French army

News24 6 February 2014

The violence in Central Africa has been "partly halted", the head of the French army said on Monday, even as reports emerged that at least 75 people had been killed in a single


Polish missionaries attacked in Central African Republic

Polish missionaries came under attack on Monday as fighting escalated between Muslims and Christians in the Central African Republic.


Two French high school students charged in connection with terrorist enterprise

The Voice of Russia 3 February 2014

Two French high school students who ran away to fight in Syria were charged by a special anti-terrorism judge Friday, a rare step for suspects who are minors. The two Muslim


Trials in France, Belgium Reflect Radicalization Fears

Voice of America 31 January 2014
By Lisa Bryant

PARIS — Two trials opened in France and Belgium Thursday, underscoring a worrying trend: young Europeans heading to Syria to join the ranks of Islamist fighters. One of the

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