A Few Words About Paris

gatesofvienna 10 January 2015

Jussi Halla-aho is a Finnish writer and an MEP for the Finns Party who has been publicly demonized, tried, and convicted of "hate speech” for his opposition to mass immigration


How Terrorism Harms Radical Islam

Daniel Pipes Blog 10 January 2015
By Daniel Pipes

An epidemic of recent high-profile attacks by Muslims in the name of Islam – in Canada, Israel, Nigeria, Australia, Pakistan, and France – raises an obvious question: How do


Former Egyptian MP Mamdouh Ismail on Paris Terror Attack: France Is the Mother of Terrorism

youtube. 10 January 2015

In response to French President Hollande’s denunciation of the recent terror attack in Paris, former Egyptian MP Mamdouh Ismail accused France of having "introduced terrorism


AQAP to reap windfall from Paris attacks

Money Jihad 10 January 2015

After Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed responsibility for planning the attack against Charlie Hebdo, former CIA deputy director Mike Morell told CBS Radio News


‘I AM NOT CHARLIE’: Leaked Newsroom Emails Reveal Al Jazeera Fury over Global Support for Charlie Hebdo

National Review 10 January 2015
By Brendan Bordelon

As journalists worldwide reacted with universal revulsion at the massacre of some of their own by Islamic jihadists in Paris, Al Jazeera English editor and executive producer Salah-Aldeen Khadr sent


New mosque ban in Padua after Paris attacks

Islamist Watch 10 January 2015

he mayor of Padua has said that no more permits will be granted for the construction of mosques in the northern Italian city in the wake of the shooting at the offices of


French Multi-Culti System Forces Jews To Flee…

The Tundra Tabloids! 10 January 2015

Sometime this century the French can say goodbye to porc forever as well! But just think of all the kebab stands that resulted from the grand (epic fail) experiment that


Cherif Kouachi had history of jihad

WPTZ Burlington 10 January 2015
By Scott Bronstein

One of the two main terrorists accused in this week's attacks in Paris had a long history of jihad and anti-Semitism, according to court documents that CNN obtained in


Reports: French terror suspects dead, three hostages killed

fox4kc 10 January 2015

PARIS — Two al-Qaida-linked brothers suspected in the Charlie Hebdo massacre came out of their hideaway with guns blazing Friday and were killed in a clash with security


France to hold emergency meeting to stop more terror attacks

TVNZ. 10 January 2015

Key members of the French government will meet tomorrow to decide on new measures aimed at thwarting a repeat of the attacks in Paris. World leaders have telephoned


Europe: Raising Questions Within Islam After France Shooting

The New York Times 10 January 2015

CAIRO — Islamist extremists behead Western journalists in Syria, massacre thousands of Iraqis, murder 132 Pakistani schoolchildren, kill a Canadian soldier and take hostage


Paris attacks: The toll of fearless free speech

The Age 10 January 2015
By Dominic Knight

The team that produced Charlie Hebdo were exceptionally irreverent, frequently hilarious, and relentless in their attacks on France's most powerful institutions. But most of


Terror attacks in France: French ambassador thanks Italians

ANSAmed 10 January 2015
By Séverine Kittler

In an interview with ANSA on Friday, French ambassador Catherine Colonna said that Italy's solidarity was of ''immense comfort'' amid the anguish following the killings at the


Charlie Hebdo and the Right to Commit Blasphemy

New York Mag 10 January 2015
By Jonathan Chait

Just over three years ago, the office of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine whose staff was horrifically murdered, was firebombed. Time’s Paris bureau chief, Bruce


Blasphemy Is at the Front Lines of Free Speech Today

TIME 10 January 2015
By Walter Olson

There is no middle ground, no soft compromise available to keep everyone happy If you defend freedom of speech today, realize that "blasphemy” is its front line, in Paris


A Brutal Awakening in France

POLITICO 10 January 2015

PARIS—The news, when it came Wednesday morning, was hardly surprising. Yet the shock was instantaneous and deeply unsettling. That paradox perhaps explains everything about


Lesson From Paris: Political Correctness On Islam Kills

People's Pundit Daily 10 January 2015

If America can learn one thing from Wednesday’s terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper offices in Paris, it should be this: Islam is not a religion of


France’s Cassandra: why Michel Houellebecq predicts an Islamist France in 2022

London Evening Standard 10 January 2015

As staff were massacred at the French satirical magazine they were completing an issue featuring controversial writer Michel Houellebecq. David Sexton reports on another


Artists defiant after Paris killings but fear censorship on Islam

SBS 10 January 2015

Cartoonists and writers defended freedom of expression after Wednesday's attack on a satirical magazine in Paris but the reality for some artists accused of insulting Islam has


The Muslim occupation of Europe

ynetnews 10 January 2015
By Eitan Haber

France will hesitate on the day after the attack against satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, and its leaders will say a few words of grief and threaten the Muslim world. The

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