Sisters in Islam co-founder gets France’s highest award

The Malaysian Insider March 07 2014

Advocacy group Sisters in Islam (SIS) co-founder Zainah Anwar, who will be conferred the French government's highest award, the Legion of Honour, regards it as a recognition of the


French cyber-jihadist jailed for publishing Al Qaida propaganda

RFI 5 March 2014

A man who published Al-Qaida propaganda translated into French on the web has been sentenced to a year in prison. A Paris court found. Romain Letellier, alias Abou Siyad


Op-Ed: In France, Muslims are Freedom Fighters, Jews are Nazis

Arutz Sheva 5 March 2014
By Giulio Meotti

This is how history is skewed and the present is falsified. In 1943, the French-Nazi forces arrested a French Resistance group called the "Manouchian Group”. Half of its


Secularism On The Decline In France 5 March 2014
By Emma-Kate Symons

PARIS — When 34 percent of surveyed voters admit they agree with the ideas of a political movement that is protectionist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-Euro, France has


French teenage girl caught heading for Syria jihad

RFI 4 March 2014

A 14-year-old French girl is in a care home after being stopped at Lyon airport, apparently heading for Syria to wage jihad. She is the third French minor to be found trying to fight


Little hope for C.Africa Muslims ahead of French president visit

Expatica 28 February 2014

Reeling from savage attacks, Central African Republic's Muslim minority have little faith that Friday's visit by President Francois Hollande will change their fortunes, while the French military


France's relationship with its Arab population is defined by hatred

The Economist 28 February 2014
By Andrew Hussey

Far from the smart salons of historic Paris, France’s banlieues form the front line of an “unacknowledged civil war”. The heavily immigrant housing estates that ring French cities


Teenage Jihadists, Car Burnings and Muslim-Only Cemeteries

Gatestone Institute 27 February 2014
By Soeren Kern

During a press conference on January 14, French President François Hollande revealed that French intelligence services believe more than 700 French nationals and residents


France to Extend Military Campaign in Central African Republic

The Wall Street Journal 27 February 2014
By Stacy Meichtry

Parliament Backs President Hollande, Votes for Longer Intervention. The French Parliament voted Tuesday to indefinitely extend the country's military intervention in


France in Free Fall

Gatestone Institute 26 February 2014
By Guy Millière

The European Commission asked France to avoid new tax hikes, and repeated that France had to bring its public deficit down. Soon France will have to do what needs to be done


French patriot allegedly verbally attacked Muslim woman for breaking the law by wearing a full face headbag

Bare Naked Islam 25 February 2014

Muslim fully-veiled woman was walking with her toddler in Moselle when a man stopped his car and allegedly shouted to the woman: “You have to go to Iraq eh [...]! In France, we do not


The French Intifada: how the Arab banlieues are fighting the French state

The Guardian 25 February 2014
By Andrew Hussey

The secular republican world of France, the Muslim world of North Africa: how the bitter history of France's relationship with its ex-colonies is played out in the French capital is the subject


French Islamists seek to use blasphemy law to silence critics

National Secular Society 22 February 2014

French Islamists are suing the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for blasphemy after it published a front cover carrying the slogan "The Koran is crap, it doesn't stop


Turkey Implicated in Paris Assassinations of Kurdish PKKs

The Clarion Project 19 February 2014

A crisis in European-Turkish relations may be about to erupt because of evidence that the Turkish government sponsored the assassination of three female Kurdish activists in Paris


Hollande recalls French ‘debt’ to Muslim WWI fighters

Dawn 19 February 2014

President Francois Hollande on Tuesday said France “owed a debt” to Muslim soldiers who died in World War I and pledged a tough fight against racism and discrimination


Muslims sue satirical paper for blasphemy, MP for hate speech

RFI 19 February 2014

French Muslims are taking satirical paper Charlie Hebdo to court for blasphemy over a front page insulting the Koran. In a separate case, a right-wing MP is being sued for


EU, France troops pledge over Central Africa violence

Expatica the Netherlands 18 February 2014

The European Union and France pledged to sharply increase troop deployments to the Central African Republic on Friday as concern mounted over a horrific spiral of violence


French judge calls for strategy to stop jihadist volunteering in Syria

NewsWires 18 February 2014

A French judge has called for action to stop the exit of volunteers to the conflict in Syria, many of whom return to Europe to step up a recruitment drive in their own


Neither Christian Nor Muslim Is Safe In Central African Republic

National Public Radio 18 February 2014
By Gregory Warner

Last year, Muslim militias helped overthrow the country's Christian president of the Central African Republic and marauded through Christian areas. Today, the circumstances


France to send 400 more troops to Central African Republic

Yahoo! News 18 February 2014
By James Regan and Michelle Nichols

PARIS/UNITED NATIONS - France said on Friday it plans to send another 400 troops to help combat a crisis in the Central African Republic as U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon

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