Jean-Marie Le Pen does it again

Galia Watch 12 June 2014

The remarks made by Jean-Marie Le Pen at his blog on Friday aroused a wave of indignation. "We'll put a batch into the oven next time", spat the honorary president of the Front


Muslims attack French Jewish Teens with Axes in Paris

Atlas Shrugs 10 June 2014
By Pamela Geller

Why aren’t interfaith groups protesting these vicious Muslim Jew-haters? "Jewish Teens Escape Axe Attack Near Paris,” The Forward, June 8, 2014 (thanks to


Print no evil

GalliaWatch 8 June 2014

Read this English-language article on the ground rules for reporting racial issues imposed on British Journalists by the NUJ (National Union of Journalists). It was posted


Syrian Jihad Comes to France

FrontPage Magazine 6 June 2014
By Stephen Brown

Last February, French authorities broke up a terrorist plot they described as "imminent,” seizing nine hundred grams of explosives from the apartment building of a twenty-three


Analysts Debate Long-Term Effects of Islamists in Europe

Arutz Sheva 6 June 2014

Politicians, security experts weigh if the EU severely underestimated the risks Islamist pose to the West, compare Belgium attack to 9/11.


Extracts from a report on terrorism in Europe by Europol

Vlad Tepes 6 June 2014

France is on the first rank among countries exposed to terrorism in Europe. That is the result of the annual report from Europol published last Thursday on the evolution of terrorism. They report that between 2009 and 2013, the number of arrests of islamist activists has doubled in Europe. France had the greatest number of islamist activists.


The French Jihadist Killings in Belgium: This is Just the Beginning

Breitbart 6 June 2014
By Abigail R. Esman

At around 3:50 pm on Saturday, May 24, a man dressed in a blue sweater and baseball cap walked casually into the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium. Pulling a Kalashnikov rifle


EU and UK: Stabbing and beheading while praising Allah is not "religiously inspired terrorism”

The Jihad Watch 5 June 2014
By Nicolai Sennels

A small detail in EuroPol’s report "European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2014” underlines the cowardice of the EU and the UK when it comes to confronting Islamic


‘We are Not Afraid’ Says Mother of Jewish Brothers Brutally Beaten Outside Paris Synagogue

The Algemeiner 5 June 2014
By Shiryn Ghermezian

The mother of two Jewish brothers, who are recovering after being severely beaten on Saturday night outside of a Paris synagogue, told The Algemeiner on Thursday that her


Terrorists and Europe's "Newspeak" When Is Hate Crime Not Hate Crime?

The Gatestone Institute 5 June 2014
By Peter Martino

Britain strips British nationality from immigrants with dual nationality who go to Syria to fight. This act allows British authorities to ban them from re-entering the country. Why don't European countries do the same?


The Week Europe Died

FrontPage Magazine 5 June 2014
By Michael Widlanski

You may not have noticed, but, over the weekend, Europe died. "The First World” basically succumbed to a long illness. It gave up the ghost as an economic force, as a culture and even as a continental political entity.


Arrest shows Europe's challenge to track jihadi

Tuscaloosa News 5 June 2014
By Lori Hinnant

Four people were arrested Monday in a sweep against French jihadist recruiters, the country's top security official said a day after authorities announced the detention of a


French Jihadist Arrested For Brussels Jewish Museum Attack

Gatestone Institute 3 June 2014
By Soeren Kern

Still another proposal involves making changes to French law that would enable police to confiscate the passports and seize the assets of suspected would-be jihadists, and


Tariq Ramadan: Victims of Brussels Jewish Museum shooting were Israeli agents

Jihad Watch 3 June 2014
By Robert Spencer

It is unusual to see the slick pseudo-moderate Tariq Ramadan, who is so skillful at manipulating credulous Infidels into thinking that he is the very model of the modern


Jihadist Arrested for Brussels Jewish Museum Murders

Just as many had suspected, the motivation behind the shootings at a Jewish museum in Brussels was jihad, Muslim terrorism. The ‘Frenchman’ arrested for the murders was Mehdi


The EuroVote

Dry Bones Blog 29 May 2014
By Yaakov Kirschen

According to International Business Times: EU Elections: Anti-Immigrant Wave Sweeps Europe


European Islamization Rapidly Rising

Jewish Press 29 May 2014
By Soeren Kern

On April 28, envoys from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries accused the Norwegian government of doing too little to protect its Muslim minority, and called for all criticism


Turkey's 'Winter Sleep' takes top prize at Cannes

Eye Witness News 29 May 2014

Turkish film Winter Sleep examining the huge divide between rich and poor and the powerful and powerless in Turkey won the Palme d'Or award for best film for director Nuri Bilge Ceylan


Somalia's Shebab claim Djibouti attack against 'crusaders'

Expatica 29 May 2014

Somalia's Shebab rebels on Tuesday claimed responsibility for a weekend bomb attack on a Djibouti restaurant packed with Westerners, saying it targeted French "crusaders".


France: Niqab banned at Cannes Film Festival

World Bulletin 27 May 2014

The administration of the Cannes Film Festival in France is officially banning the niqab on the red carpet as well as inside the Festival Palace. "In accordance with the

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