French principal flees Qatar after claims of anti-Muslim attitudes

The National 8 November 2013
By Colin Randall

The principal of a French lycée in Qatar hurriedly left his job and the country in a deal struck by diplomats after being accused of having anti-Muslim attitudes and told he faced imprisonment.


The Medieval Anti-Semitic Views Of 150 Million Europeans: An Interview With Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld 5 November 2013

Recently, a new book, Demonizing Israel and the Jews by Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, sent shock waves across Europe by revealing the frightening levels of anti-Semitism and vicious


Holocaust Remembrance: New Tool for Anti-Semitism?

Gatestone Institute 5 November 2013
By Peter Martino

"[N]o, we are not living in a new dark age and, no, the lights are not going out all over Europe." — Jonathan Freedland, The Daily Beast. "When faced with examples


Muslim party founded in France

Islam versus Europe 4 November 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

It doesn't call itself a Muslim party. It calls itself the party of the "banlieue". The word "banlieue" literally means suburb, but in practice it has come to acquire something


France: Génération Identitaire stages anti-Islam stunt in Lorraine 4 November 2013

Des Dômes Et Des Minarets reports on the latest anti-Muslim initiative from the French far-right group Génération Identitaire, who were responsible for a widely publicised


European jihadists: The continuation of a historical trend

Stratfor 4 November 2013
By Stratfor

Reports have circulated for months about the growing number of foreigners fighting alongside Islamists in places such as Libya and Syria. European authorities will intensify counterterrorism efforts, but preventing all attacks will not be easy, writes Stratfor

"In April of this year, EU Counterterrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove estimated that some 500 European citizens were fighting in Syria, most of them from the United


Qatar removes Zidane headbutt statue amid outcry

France 24 4 November 2013

Qatar has removed a massive bronze statue immortalising former French footballer Zinedine Zidane’s infamous headbutt during the 2006 World Cup, after religious conservatives in


France: Anti-Semitism Now Mainstream

Gatestone Institute 31 October 2013
By Guy Milliere

A few weeks ago, when French Jewish actor Elie Semoun was a prime-time guest on one of the main French television channels, Canal Plus, the words of Sebastian Thoen, a standup


Video: Trappes: 1100 sheep butchered in two days

Islam versus Europe 29 October 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

I violently and resolutely accuse successive governments for the total indifference they display towards such a serious and indecent problem, letting the murderers, the torturers satisfy their bloodlust with blades upon the legendary innocence of the lamb delivered up for sacrifice.


Goodbye Muslim

Islam versus Europe 29 October 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

I've written a few times about Rachid Nekkaz, a millionaire Muslim colonist living in France, who offered to pay all the fines imposed on women who wore burkas and attempted to


Op-Ed: Europe's Supercessionism: Islam Replaces Christianity

Arutz Sheva 29 October 2013
By Giulio Meotti

A Catholic church in the UK has been sold to the Muslim community. St Peter’s Catholic church in Cobridge will become the Madina Mosque. The site was put on sale following a


Most Britons want full face veils banned in all public places 29 October 2013
By Miranda Prynne

The majority of Britons want to see a ban on full face veils in all public places, similar to the laws in France which have sparked violent protests. A total of 55 per cent


French schoolchildren forced to learn how to "find their way around a mosque"

Islam versus Europe 25 October 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

The document we reproduce here is an exercise given by a teacher in a 5th year class - the children are around 13 - in a secondary school in Bordeaux! The children must learn


Immigration to France

Islam versus Europe 25 October 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

As you can see from this diagram, immigration to France overwhelmingly comes from the uncivilised world. Mainstream "thought leaders" constantly discuss immigration in economic


Europe turns blind eye on home-bred radical Muslims to preserve ‘pool of agents’

RT 23 October 2013

With hundreds of European Muslim youths going abroad to fight international jihad, governments chose to ignore a possible blowback problem, seeing local minority communities as


Video: "Islam is filth": three criminal complaints follow

Islam versus Europe 23 October 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

Three Muslim association have filed criminal complaints about public insults regarding religious faith.

ChristineTasin przez V1683


FRANCE: "Islam is filth,” says a small French woman to an angry Hamas-supporting Muslim

Bare Naked Islam 23 October 2013

Courageous French woman Christine Tasin, challenges Muslims re: the inhumane, filthy, unsanitary conditions associated with halal slaughter which apparently makes up 60% of the


Video: Christine Tasin, "Islamophobe”

Gates of Vienna 22 October 2013
By Baron Bodissey

Christine Tasin is a French Counterjihad activist for Résistance Républicaine. In a recent street encounter, she was upbraided by a Muslim for her "Islamophobia” in an attempt to force her into a humiliating retreat while the cameras were running. Despite the bullying, Ms. Tasin kept her cool throughout the confrontation.


The Cross and the Crescent: Rhodes, 1522 (Part 3)

Gates of Vienna 21 October 2013
By Baron Bodissey

Seneca III concludes his three-part account of the Siege of Rhodes in 1522. Previously: Part 1, Part 2. The Cross and the Crescent: Rhodes, 1522 by Seneca III Part III.


Demonizing Israel More Important Than Defending Persecuted Christians?

American Thinker 18 October 2013
By Michael Curtis

It continues to be a source of amazement that the mainstream Christian churches in the West and in the Middle East pay so little, if any, attention to the plight of Christians

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