Belgium: Jihadist Calls On Young Muslims To Follow Example Of Jewish Museum Killer

Islam versus Europe 9 June 2014
By Anders Nyström

Azzedine Kbir Bounekoub, an inhabitant of Antwerp who went to Syria to join the fight, called on young Muslims via Facebook to follow the example of the man who carried out the


1000 people attend synagogue ceremony for the victims of Brussels Jewish Museum attack

European Jewish Press 8 June 2014
By Yossi Lempkowicz

BRUSSELS --- A united and solidary Belgium paid homage to the victims of the attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, during a ceremony in the Great Synagogue of the


The French Jihadist Killings in Belgium: This is Just the Beginning

Breitbart 6 June 2014
By Abigail R. Esman

At around 3:50 pm on Saturday, May 24, a man dressed in a blue sweater and baseball cap walked casually into the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium. Pulling a Kalashnikov rifle


EU and UK: Stabbing and beheading while praising Allah is not "religiously inspired terrorism”

The Jihad Watch 5 June 2014
By Nicolai Sennels

A small detail in EuroPol’s report "European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2014” underlines the cowardice of the EU and the UK when it comes to confronting Islamic


Terrorists and Europe's "Newspeak" When Is Hate Crime Not Hate Crime?

The Gatestone Institute 5 June 2014
By Peter Martino

Britain strips British nationality from immigrants with dual nationality who go to Syria to fight. This act allows British authorities to ban them from re-entering the country. Why don't European countries do the same?


Suspect in Brussels attack well known to police

Israel Hayom 5 June 2014
By Claude Kandiyoti and Yehuda Shlezinger

The suspect in the deadly shooting at Jewish museum found with weapons, an al-Qaida flag and a 40-second confession video in his bag • Cousin of the murdered Israeli couple: No


The Week Europe Died

FrontPage Magazine 5 June 2014
By Michael Widlanski

You may not have noticed, but, over the weekend, Europe died. "The First World” basically succumbed to a long illness. It gave up the ghost as an economic force, as a culture and even as a continental political entity.


Muslim Kills Jews in Brussels, Brussels Mayor Says City Needs More Diversity

FrontPage Magazine 5 June 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

If there’s a problem with diversity, just add more diversity. It’s bound to make things better. Yesterday, French police arrested the terrorist accused of murdering three


French Jihadist Arrested For Brussels Jewish Museum Attack

Gatestone Institute 3 June 2014
By Soeren Kern

Still another proposal involves making changes to French law that would enable police to confiscate the passports and seize the assets of suspected would-be jihadists, and


The Brussels Shooting and Why Europe Won’t Confront Islamic Jew-Hatred

Commentary Magazine 3 June 2014
By Tom Wilson

The revelation that the Belgium police have now made an arrest in relation to the recent shooting at the Jewish museum in Brussels, and more significantly that the suspect is a


Tariq Ramadan: Victims of Brussels Jewish Museum shooting were Israeli agents

Jihad Watch 3 June 2014
By Robert Spencer

It is unusual to see the slick pseudo-moderate Tariq Ramadan, who is so skillful at manipulating credulous Infidels into thinking that he is the very model of the modern


Is Mehdi Nemmouche the Brussels al Qaeda killer – or accomplice who removed the evidence?

DEBKAfile 3 June 2014

Mehdi Nemmouche, 29, the jihadi arrested Friday, May 30, at Marseille bus station, carried in his luggage guns and ammunition of the types used to murder four people, including


Jihadist Arrested for Brussels Jewish Museum Murders

Just as many had suspected, the motivation behind the shootings at a Jewish museum in Brussels was jihad, Muslim terrorism. The ‘Frenchman’ arrested for the murders was Mehdi


Czech Republic President says: “Islam (NOT radical Islam) is to blame for the attack on Jewish Museum in Brussels”

Bare Naked Islam 29 May 2014

Czech Republic president, Milos Zeman, who is considering moving the Czech Republic embassy in Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital in Jerusalem, said, “Islamic ideology rather than individual groups of religious fundamentalists, is behind the kind of violent actions similar to the shooting attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels that killed four people.”


Ze’ev Jabotinsky and the Belgium Terror Attack

Frontpage Mag 29 May 2014
By Ronn Torossian

An Israeli married couple in their 50s from Tel Aviv, touring Belgium, were shot to death on Sunday in an anti-Semitic attack. And, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Brussels, Hotbed of Jew-Hatred

Israel National News 29 May 2014
By Giulio Meotti

Three killed outside the Jewish museum of Brussels. There is nothing shocking in this terror attack. The EU's capital is a factory for Jew-hatred. The daily De Morgen published the results


It's time to wake up, Europe

Israel Hayom 27 May 2014
By Boaz Bismuth

Jews make up just 0.3 percent of Belgium's population, yet that is apparently enough to make them a preferred target for terror attacks. The first time was during the Passover holiday


Brussels Shooting Labelled 'Terrorist Assassination'

The Belgian federal prosecutor's office Monday said a probe had been opened into "terrorist assassination" in the weekend shootings by a lone gunman at the Jewish Museum


How Muslim Immigration Affects Our Schools

Cherson and Molschky 19 May 2014
By Rachel Molschky

Muslim immigration is transforming Western society. Our native cultures are dismissed as irrelevant and our religions unimportant. Values like "freedom of religion” are taken


Brussels Fights Against Anti-Semitism

American Thinker 14 May 2014
By Michael Curtis

The city of Brussels, Belgium, may be short of water, but on May 4, 2014 the police in the city used water cannons to disperse a crowd of about 400 who had gathered to attend a

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