Belgian Weatherman Victim of Muslim Road Rage, Posts Anti-Muslim Rant on Facebook Page then is Sacked by Employer

Islam versus Europe 29 April 2013

Luc Trullemans says he isn't a racist. The RTL weatherman, who has just been suspended following a slip-up on Facebook, says today that he acted "in the heat of anger". We


From Belgian school to Syrian battleground

BBC News 26 April 2013
By Duncan Crawford

Hundreds of Europeans are fighting with rebel forces in Syria and intelligence agencies are concerned some could return home to launch terrorist attacks. One Belgian family


Belgian Police Attacked: "Belgian Filth! Don't Touch me, Female!"

Islam versus Europe 24 April 2013

MARCHE-EN-FAMENNE - In the middle of Friday afternoon, a vehicle moving to the Avenue de la Toison d’Or, in Marche was identified by a police motorcyclist. The driver, a person


Why the EU Should Follow Bahrain on Hezbollah

By Joseph Puder

The European Union (EU) has been reluctant to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, principally for reasons of cowardice and intimidation (the Netherlands is the


Survey: Young Belgian Muslims feel discriminated against

Kuwait News Agency 22 April 2013

A survey published by a Belgian newspaper today found that many young Muslims in Belgium don't feel accepted by the Belgian society. The survey of several hundred young Muslims


Belgium vs. Islamic Jihadists

Gatestone Institute 22 April 2013
By Soeren Kern

Some 1,000 Muslims from across Europe are currently active as Islamic jihadists in Syria, which has replaced Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia as the main destination for militant Islamists to obtain immediate combat training with little or no official scrutiny

Belgian police have carried out dozens of raids and arrested six Islamists -- including the pugnacious ringleader of a Belgian Salafist group called Sharia4Belgium -- suspected of recruiting foreign fighters for the war in Syria.


'Hamas to ask EU to remove it from terrorism list'

JPOST.COM 22 April 2013

The new Hamas politburo plans to recruit support for the movement in Europe in order to try and remove it from the EU's terrorism list, Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported


Qatada deportation fight may go to highest court in country

Yorkshire Post 18 April 2013

THE Government has asked permission to take its fight to remove hate preacher Abu Qatada from the UK to the highest court in the country. Home Secretary Theresa May’s appeal


Belgian police raid homes in connection with Syrian terror groups recruits

RT 18 April 2013

Belgian police stormed 46 homes in the northern city of Antwerp and detained at least one man for allegedly recruiting volunteers to fight in Syria’s civil war. Authorities


French jihadist killed fighting in Syria

RFI 18 April 2013
By Mike Woods

Belgian police carried out 46 early morning raids on radical Islamist groups early Tuesday morning in an attempt to stop the recruitment of volunteers to fight the regime of


EU court stops extradition of UK Islamist

Adelaide Now 18 April 2013

THE European Court of Human Rights has ruled against the extradition from Britain of a mentally ill man who is wanted by US authorities for conspiring to establish an Islamist


FGM 'must be brought to public attention', European Parliament hears

International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics 16 April 2013

MEPs were called on to ratify and enforce policies regarding forms of violence against women, including female genital mutilation (FGM), at a hearing hosted by Romania's Social Democratic Party on April 10th

The party's vice president, Corina Cretu, said: "There are essentially new crimes that people must be persecuted for, including forced marriage, forced abortion, female genitalia mutilation, rape and domestic violence.”


Frenchman active in Belgian Islamist circles killed in Syria

GlobalPost 16 April 2013

A 38-year-old Frenchman well-known in radical Islamist circles in Belgium was killed Sunday while fighting for an Islamist brigade in Syria, Belgian media said. Raphael


European funding to the Palestinian Authority pay salaries to terrorist prisoners – while Europe denies it

themuslimissue. 15 April 2013

Rare interview with wife of Palestinian prisoner proves PMW’s contention that PA pays salaries to prisoners, including terrorists, and not social welfare to their families, as


Predictable: EU-mediated talks over the status of Serb-dominated northern Kosovo fail to reach a deal

sheikyermami 4 April 2013

EU-mediated talks over the status of Serb-dominated northern Kosovo fail to reach a deal. (al Jizz) Leaders from Serbia and Kosovo have failed to come to agreement on the


EU under pressure to blacklist Hezbollah 2 April 2013

France and Germany reportedly are prepared to brand Hezbollah's military arm a terrorist group after the conviction of an operative in Cyprus on terror-related charges


Study: Half of Belgian Muslim teens have anti-Semitic views

JTA 28 March 2013

A major survey among Belgian teenagers indicated that anti-Semitism was seven times more prevalent among Muslim youths than in non-Muslim teens. Conducted in recent months


Belgium: Government Renames Christian Holidays

Islam versus Europe 28 March 2013

The government of the French-speaking part of Belgium has just renamed all the Christian school holidays. A new decree henceforth establishes a series of regulations to


Belgium: For the Sp.a the headscarf is allowed 28 March 2013

The new Declaration of Principles of the sp.a ends the ban at work to wear a headscarf, according to the Corelio Newspapers. 'Instead of hiding differences, we'd rather


Belgium to investigate reports on Belgian youngsters fighting in Syria

Kuwait News Agency 25 March 2013

Belgian Interior Minister Joelle Milquet has formed a body to look into the problem of Belgian youngsters going to Syria to fight there, Belgian media reported Sunday. The

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