Europe: Treating Homeschoolers Like Terrorists

Gatestone Institute 11 September 2013
By Peter Martino

One of the largest Jewish schools in Belgium is at risk of losing its state recognition and subsidies because it is "too conservative." Meanwhile, the Belgians have opened


Belgian Equality Minister on Syrian Refugees: "We should do what Sweden has done ... there are six million people to help!"

Islam versus Europe 11 September 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

Joëlle Milquet, Belgian deputy prime minister and minister for the equality of opportunities, thinks Belgium should do more to help Syrian refugees. There are two


Video: BOMBSHELL! Belgian Journalist held prisoner in Syria confirms that the poison gas attack was carried out by FSA ‘rebels,’

Bare Naked Islam 10 September 2013

Not that this is likely to have any effect on the al-Qaeda supporter hell-bent on bombing Syria.


Guest Column: Bombing Into Unintended Consequences in Syria

The Investigative Project on Terrorism 4 September 2013
By Abigail R. Esman

In the Netherlands these days, politicians discuss revoking the passports of citizens who join the opposition to Bashar al-Assad's government in Syria. In Belgium, the


French and Dutch Becoming "Partly Foreign" Languages in Brussels

Islam versus Europe 30 August 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

The Brussels Studies Institute this morning published a study that shows the increase in the number of pupils who speak neither French nor Dutch at home, complicating the work


Op-Ed: Western Christians Are Out Fighting en Masse for Islam

Arutz Sheva 29 August 2013
By Giulio Meotti

The latest video of Jihadist propaganda from Syria shows the black flag proclaiming allegiance to Allah and a man who calls himself Abu Abd Al-Rahman.

"I am French," he says. His parents were baptised as Catholics - as was he - and they know him as Nicolas. He is a 30-year-old convert from a middle-class background in Toulouse, where four Jews were gunned down last year. His mother works for the French army. In the the video, Nicolas appears in military fatigues, a Kalashnikov rifle across his legs.


Belgium: Machine-gunned because he asked them to keep the noise down

Islam versus Europe 28 August 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

Michel Godart was fired at 16 times for having complained about "jeunes" who were making a ruckus. Michel Godart lives in the Gayolles a Gilly housing estate, a place where,


Tunda confirms Hafiz Saeed planned jihad in Europe

Hindustan Times 21 August 2013
By Shishir Gupta

Arrested terrorist Abdul Karim Tunda has confirmed that Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) was a global terrorist group and its chief Hafiz Saeed was responsible for transferring funds and


Bill Warner: Inoculating Against Islam

Political Islam 21 August 2013

Every since 9/11 Americans, including Christians, have been converting to Islam or become apologists for Islam. Can this be stopped and how?

There are many reasons they choose Islam. Islam is furiously masculine and today Christianity has become feminine, yin, in its approach to life. So, if you are a woman and want a more masculine man, you are much more apt to find that in Islam. Also, if you are a woman and want a husband, Muslims are the marrying kind. Then, there are people in this world who want discipline and Islam certainly gives structure. Once you get on the Islam train you no longer have to worry about choices. Islam tells you how to eat, have sex, brush your teeth, use the bathroom and every other aspect of life. There is also the social bonding of being in a tight knit group-club. These are a few of the reasons people convert.


Belgium: ‘Syrian fighters’ benefits cut’

presseurop. 20 August 2013

Municipal authorities in Antwerp and Vilvoorde have removed 29 people who have left Belgium to fight in Syria from social welfare registers, effectively cutting them off from


Belgium: Syrian Jihadist's Wife Gets Her "Integration Money" Cut Off

islamversuseurope. 20 August 2013

The Centre for Public Assistance in Antwerp has suspended the payment of integration money to the wife of a presumed Syrian combatant. According to the weekly newspaper Het


Islam Conquering Higher European Education

Gatestone Institute 20 August 2013
By Soeren Kern

Critics say that such efforts to create a "European Islam" are naïve and misguided, and will serve only to contribute to the "mainstreaming" of a religious and political


Belgium: Islamic supremacist group hoarding weapons and explosives, recruiting Muslims for Syrian jihad

Jihad Watch 20 August 2013

Belgium's newest and proudest export, the fruit of its grand policies of multiculturalism: Balgium is now a key supplier of Islamic jihadists to Syria. "Belgium: Joining the


U.S. Brotherhood Front Group Works for Islamization in Bosnia

Islamist Watch 23 July 2013
By Ryan Mauro

Nazry Bahrawi writes in the Guardian that the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity based in Virginia, is involved in the Islamization of "Bosnia's higher-education sector."

The Clarion Project has reported on how IIIT has partnered with U.S. universities. In addition, one of its officials said that the U.S. government and military are


EU blacklisting of Hezbollah military wing is over Syria involvement

RT 23 July 2013

The EU has blacklisted the armed wing of the Lebanese group Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, citing a bombing from last year. This may not be the sole motivation, Sami


Female genital mutilation: 30 million girls 'at risk'

BBC News 23 July 2013

More than 30 million girls are at risk of being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) over the next decade, a study by Unicef has found. It said more than 125 million


Islamic Centre in Brussels holds Quran competition for youngsters

Kuwait News Agency 22 July 2013

The Islamic Cultural Centre in Brussels Saturday organised a competition on the Holy Quran for youngsters on the occasion of the fasting month of Ramadhan. The Director of the


Islamic Studies Institute Established in Belgium

Jean-Claude Marcourt, Higher Education Minister in the region, said the institute is a non-governmental one, rtbf website reported. He said it is aimed at preventing


Belgium: The Name Mohamed Strongly Associated With Academic Failure

Islam versus Europe 11 July 2013

A study has just been done in Belgium tracing the statistical association of forenames with successful school results. It was found that the name Mohamed was strongly


Italy: "Fighting in the Name of Allah"

Gatestone Institute 10 July 2013
By Soeren Kern

According to Italian law enforcement officials, some of the Italian jihadists have links with a Belgian Salafist group, "Sharia4Belgium," and are actively seeking to recruit fellow Muslims to overthrow the democratic order in Italy.

Italian counter-terrorism authorities are monitoring several dozen Italian Muslims who have obtained combat experience in Syria and are now promoting jihad, or holy war, in

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