ISIS: House Speaker Boldrini, no to violence in God's name

ANSA med 20 October 2014

Italian Lower House Speaker Laura Boldrini on Friday called for ''no violence in the name of God'' during an event against terrorism organized at the grand mosque in Rome by


Outrage over swim class for Muslim women

Islamist Watch 16 October 2014

A sports centre in Sesto, northern Italy, will in January offer a swimming course specially designed for Muslim women, a decision that has sparked outrage from a right-wing


Despite brutality, ISIL continues to recruit European teens 15 October 2014
By Colin Randall

The stream of would-be Islamists leaving Europe to fight in Syria or Iraq has left relatives distraught and authorities scratching their heads. It also shows the success of


Alfano, new Eu multinational team to face foreign fighters

ANSAmed 11 October 2014

LUXEMBOURG - "The Italian presidency will carry out a new initiative, already discussed during the recent meeting of the police's chief executives, building a


Husband attacks Pakistan wife with shovel handle

ANSA 6 October 2014

Police arrested a man who accused his Pakistani wife of dressing in a style he thought was too Western and then chased her up the street, striking her with the wooden handle


Imam in Andria sentenced for terrorism

AGI 27 September 2014

Five people have been sentences to between three and five years in prison in a trial held in Bari. The five defendants, charged with forming an international criminal


Rome immigrants attack 2 buses driven by women in 2 days

ANSA 23 September 2014

Rome, September 22 - Immigrants in Rome have attacked two buses driven by two women in outlying areas in two days. Two immigrants were beaten up by angry residents in a


Pope Faces Serious Islamic Threat on Albanian Trip

News Max 19 September 2014

Concluding his weekly catechesis in St. Peter's Square Wednesday, Pope Francis asked the faithful to accompany him in prayer as he travels to Albania on Sunday. "I decided


Isil plans to kill Pope says Vatican envoy 18 September 2014
By Nick Squires

Pope Francis is at risk of an assassination attempt by the Islamic extremists of Isil, the Vatican has been warned, ahead of his first visit to a Muslim-majority country this


Italy will not be 'entry gate' for Isis: Alfano

The Local Italy 16 September 2014

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano has promised to block Islamic jihadists from entering Europe, while also saying Italy’s Christian past makes the country a target for Isis


Italy part of drive for 'swift action' to defeat ISIS

Gazzetta del Sud On 16 September 2014

Italian ministers stressed Monday that Italy is part of the drive to defeat Islamic State (ISIS) after a summit of 30 countries in Paris agreed "swift action" two days after


Italian bishop: Muslim immigrants should denounce terror or leave

Catholic Culture 11 September 2014

An Italian bishops has issued a call for Muslims living in Europe to denounce terrorism and persecution, or else leave Europe. Bishop Tommaso Ghirelli of Imola, writing in


Italian Minister Says Rome 'Primary Target' for Islamic State

Arutz Sheva 11 September 2014
By Ari Yashar

The jihadist Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) regime imposing brutal Muslim law on the large areas of Iraq and Syria it has captured now has its sights primarily set on Italy,


Three Italian nuns murdered in Burundi: officials

Yeahoo News 9 September 2014
By Patrick Nduwimana

Three Italian nuns were found killed, two of them raped and decapitated, over the weekend in the north of Burundi's capital, officials and a priest in the African state said on


Is Turkey the weakest link in anti-IS coalition?

Al Monitor 9 September 2014
By Kadri Gursel

Turkey is likely to be the weakest, most reluctant and most timid member of the coalition Western allies are building to combat the Islamic State (IS), judging by Ankara’s


Burundi police say elderly Italian nuns raped, one beheaded

ANSA 9 September 2014

Three Italian nuns murdered while working as missionaries in the African nation of Burundi were raped and one decapitated, according to media reports on Monday. Godefroid


Migration of Radicalized European Muslims to Syria to Engage in Jihad Widespread Problem, Study Shows

Homeland Security Today 8 September 2014
By Dr. Dave Sloggett

Editor's note: Given the growing concern over the number of radicalized Muslim citizens of Western nations who've joined the Islamic State's fight in Syria and Iraq, Homeland


Grooming Gangs and Sharia

American Thinker 8 September 2014
By Sonia Bailley

Muslims groups around the world are crying Islamophobia and playing the victim card as horrific Islamic-motivated crimes, such as grooming and rape-gangs, rage on with impunity


Italian senator meets mufti, denounces terrorism

The Daily Star 6 September 2014

BEIRUT: Italian Defense Commission head Nicola Latorre said Thursday that terrorism was the enemy of all religions. Accompanied by Italian Ambassador to Lebanon Giuseppe


Two-year-old boy lost in Aleppo after jihadist father took him from Italian home 4 September 2014
By Tom Kington

An Italy-based Muslim who took his two-year-old son with him to fight in Syria has been killed near Aleppo, leaving his family desperate for news about the child. Ismar

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