Immigration or Invasion?

Islamist Watch. 21 August 2013
By Enza Ferreri

What we insist on calling "immigration" from the Third World to Western European countries like Britain is a historically new phenomenon, for which a case can be made that


Bill Warner: Inoculating Against Islam

Political Islam 21 August 2013

Every since 9/11 Americans, including Christians, have been converting to Islam or become apologists for Islam. Can this be stopped and how?

There are many reasons they choose Islam. Islam is furiously masculine and today Christianity has become feminine, yin, in its approach to life. So, if you are a woman and want a more masculine man, you are much more apt to find that in Islam. Also, if you are a woman and want a husband, Muslims are the marrying kind. Then, there are people in this world who want discipline and Islam certainly gives structure. Once you get on the Islam train you no longer have to worry about choices. Islam tells you how to eat, have sex, brush your teeth, use the bathroom and every other aspect of life. There is also the social bonding of being in a tight knit group-club. These are a few of the reasons people convert.


Malaysian Muslims ask Vatican to recall envoy over use of "Allah”

The Washington Post 23 July 2013
By Richard S. Ehrlich

The Vatican’s first envoy to Muslim-majority Malaysia should quit and go back to Rome, angry Malaysian Islamists said after the Roman Catholic cleric said Christians may use


Female genital mutilation: 30 million girls 'at risk'

BBC News 23 July 2013

More than 30 million girls are at risk of being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) over the next decade, a study by Unicef has found. It said more than 125 million


Italian minister hosts iftar dinner for Muslims in Italy

worldbulletin 19 July 2013

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Emma Bonino hosted Muslim ambassadors in Italy, administration of Italian Islamic Cultural Centre and representatives of Muslim communities


Pope Francis to visit Turkey in November 2014

ANSAmed 17 July 2013

Preparations are under way for the Istanbul visit of Pope Francis, which is expected to take place in November 2014, English-language daily Today's Zaman reported


Italy: "Fighting in the Name of Allah"

Gatestone Institute 10 July 2013
By Soeren Kern

According to Italian law enforcement officials, some of the Italian jihadists have links with a Belgian Salafist group, "Sharia4Belgium," and are actively seeking to recruit fellow Muslims to overthrow the democratic order in Italy.

Italian counter-terrorism authorities are monitoring several dozen Italian Muslims who have obtained combat experience in Syria and are now promoting jihad, or holy war, in


Italy: Albanian hurls wife to death from 9th-floor apartment

An Albanian woman was killed in northern Italy after her husband threw her from the balcony of their ninth-floor apartment during an argument, police said on Monday. The


The Vatican and Islam

Gatestone Institute 2 July 2013
By Lawrence A. Franklin

In Europe, Muslims are engaged in religious proselytizing; on the Arabian peninsula, all proselytizing for any faith other than Islam is forbidden. This lack of reciprocity


Europe: Islam, Rape & Theology

By Bruce Bawer

Five days before 9/11, a famous Norwegian social anthropologist (and Norway may well be the only nation on Earth where there is such a thing as a famous social anthropologist) instructed her countrywomen that the way to bring down the high number of rapes – most of which, even way back then, were already being committed by "non-Western immigrants” – was for them to stop dressing in a manner that Muslim men found provocative. Norway, she lectured, was steadily becoming "a multicultural society,” and Norwegian women, if they didn’t want to wind up being brutally ravished in an alleyway by some Pakistani gang, should choose their wardrobes appropriately.



Real Apartheid: Italian Jew Banned from PA Delegation

israelnationalnews 1 July 2013

He sent Abbas a letter, a missive from a proud Jew whose words show up the cowardly Italian government and the ignored apartheid of the Palestinian Authority.


Islam in a Nutshell Brochure

Citizen Warrior 26 June 2013

Islam in a Nutshell (PDF document)

The Counter Jihad Coalition in California put together a brochure entitled "Islam in a Nutshell." Here's what the creators of the brochure said about it:

What we have found is that many people still do not know Islam. And they do not want to take much time to learn it. This simple short brochure gives a good summary about the doctrine in 10 minutes of reading.


Italian Dies in Syria While Fighting with the Rebels against Assad

Islam versus Europe 26 June 2013

Giuliano Delnevo, a 25-years-old Italian from Genova, died during the clashes between the Syrian rebels whom he was affiliated to and the troops of Bashar


Egyptian Muslim Leader to Pope: Declare Islam a Religion of Peace 19 June 2013

The leader of Islam’s most important university has offered to renew relations with the Vatican -- with one condition

The leader of Islam’s most important university and also the Egyptian mosque by the same name, Al-Azhar, has offered to renew relations with the Vatican. The olive branch came with a note that first Pope Francis should publicly declare that "Islam is a peaceful religion."

In response, a Christian Coptic organization suggested that Muslim leaders are the only ones who can make Islam a peaceful religion, and encouraged the imam to make that happen.


Italy: Intelligence monitoring 'dozens' of radicalised Muslim converts

Radicalised Italian converts to Islam like 20-year-old Giuliano Delnevo, who allegedly died in Syria fighting alongside rebels, have been under close surveillance for some


Pamphlet to Hand Out at Protests and Elsewhere 18 June 2013

The following is a pamphlet someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) wrote for the protest in Manchester, Tennessee.

It is meant to be printed on both sides and folded in half. You have the author's permission to use it in any way you want.


Turkey enraged at Vatican for Pope’s remarks on Armenian Genocide

atlasshrugs 17 June 2013

Uh, Armenians are upset about the jihad slaughter of millions of Armenians. This Islamic denial of their historic bloodlust and their subsequent bullying is pure supremacism

Savage. Do Muslims expect the sanction of their victims? The Armenian genocide took place under Turkey’s Islamic Ottoman Empire, during and after WWI. "Out of an


Italy: Police arrest Muslim blogger for plotting jihad against Italy and France

Jihad Watch 17 June 2013

"The suspect had created an 'Italian' branch of the grassroots jihadist movement Sharia4 via his blog, Sharia4Italy, according to investigators." But...but...Sharia is benign


Italian Chamber passes measure on violence against women

ANSAmed 5 June 2013

The Italian Chamber unanimously approved a measure to combat violence against women on Tuesday, with 521 votes in favor. The measure, which now goes to the senate, includes


Italy paid refugees €500 to leave for Germany

The Local 29 May 2013

Some 300 African refugees currently living behind Hamburg's Bismarck monument reportedly received €500 from the Italian government to leave for Germany. Officials are unsure

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