The UK’s Political Establishment Is Still Failing Rape Victims

Daily Caller 19 February 2015
By Ryan Girdusky

The story of the thousands of young, mostly white girls who were raped by British-born Pakistani Muslims has just become more grotesque. A government report issued last week by


There Is No Modern Islam

FrontPage Mag 19 February 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

Like math and the Midwest, ISIS confuses progressives. It’s not hard to confuse a group of people who never figured out that if you borrow 18 trillion dollars, you’re going to


Why do you think women get harassed in the streets of Egypt?

youtube 19 February 2015
By Dignity Without Borders

Watch and listen to school kids speak their says a lot about their education, upbringing, ignorance and much more. All of these contribute to the widespread


Channel 4 News scolds Danish terror survivor for imputing Islamist motivation to gunman

cifwatch 19 February 2015
By Adam Levick

Agnieszka Kolek was one of the Norwegian artists at a debate on free speech and Islam at Krudttonden Cafe in Copenhagen on Sunday, where a terrorist fired dozens of rounds at


1 in 5 UK Muslims Never Held a Job

FrontPage Mag 19 February 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

Or as Anjem Choudary calls it, they’re living on the Jihad Seeker’s Allowance. But they simply don’t work. At least not officially. Unofficially they mug for a living. They


Denmark Terror Attack Survivor Said She Won’t Submit to Shariah Law. That’s When the News Anchor Interrupted Her.

TheBlaze 19 February 2015
By Sharona Schwartz

When a survivor of Saturday’s terrorist attacks in Copenhagen told a television interviewer she would not be silenced by Shariah law, the news anchor interrupted her, saying,


Danish newspaper: Muslim inbreeding costs millions 19 February 2015

In Copenhagen municipality alone, the number of disabled children increased 100 percent in 10 years. The explanations are many: Many women give birth later in life. More


Denmark: Muslims celebrate Omar the dead terrorist "This is Islamic law … this man, as a Muslim, we support” 19 February 2015

"While in 13 cities across the country Monday held memorial services for the two men, Finn Nørgaard and Dan Uzan, who were killed during Saturday’s terrorist attack in


Iran: Banned director wins Berlin film festival’s Golden Bear

artsfreedom 19 February 2015

A film by dissident Iranian director Jafar Panahi has won the Golden Bear, the Berlin Film Festival’s top prize. Jafar Panahi won the award for his Tehran road movie ‘Taxi’


What happens to migrant women when there's no happily ever after

WAtoday 19 February 2015

Forced underage marriage, trafficking, female genital mutilation and domestic violence – this doesn't sound like the "lucky" country. However, the harsh reality is that there


Denmark: Elite soldiers patrol Copenhagen in full combat gear 19 February 2015

Not many details have been released about the use of the Danish military’s elite combat troops against the jihad attack in Copenhagen on February 14th. But it is a fact that


France hands over jihadist cell suspect to Belgium

Expatica 19 February 2015

One of two Belgian brothers linked to a dismantled jihadist cell has been handed over to Belgium after he was arrested in France last month, the prosecutor's office


Belgium revelers mock ISIS in annual parade

Al Arabiya News 19 February 2015

Belgium revelers marked an annual carnival this week by mocking the Islamist Militants Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The three-day Aalst Carnival begins each year


Radical Jihadis Focusing on ‘Soft’ Jewish Targets in France

Charisma News 19 February 2015
By David Parsons

With an estimated 550,000 members, France currently has Europe's largest Jewish community and ranks third in the world behind Israel and the United States. The perception that


Copenhagen attacks challenge soft Nordic approach to radicals

Yahoo News 19 February 2015
By Sabina Zawadzki and Erik Matzen

Known for a soft approach to security that emphasizes helping radical Muslim youths with housing and jobs, Denmark may face pressure after the Copenhagen attacks to prioritize


France debates ban on Muslim veils in universities

FRANCE 24 19 February 2015

The debate over wearing veils at public universities has resurfaced after reports of professors singling out women for wearing hijabs. Both politicians and the public are


Start-up Muslim party eyes local ballots to make its name in France

FRANCE 24 19 February 2015

The Union of French Muslim Democrats (UDMF) has said it hopes to field candidates in eight cities in French elections next month, a modest objective for a young party with big


The cartoonists are right to fight blasphemy

The Times (subscription) 19 February 2015
By Daniel Finkelstein

Charlie Hebdo and friends may not be to your taste but they have a duty to challenge pernicious, self-perpetuating laws Oy! You! Yes, you, big nose, the one reading this


The English Defence League and the new far-right

openDemocracy 19 February 2015
By Hsiao-Hung Pai

A street demo against "Islamisation" shows the potential for the English far-right to regain lost momentum. Britain's political far-right is in its weakest position for


Most Muslim organisations condemn weekend terror attacks

The Copenhagen Post 19 February 2015

Only Hizb ut-Tahrir says that Muslims ?should not? distance themselves from the violence. Martin Henriksen maintains that Hizb ut-Tahrir should be shut down

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