Esplora il significato del termine: 50 Italians Fighting with ISIS50 Italians Fighting with ISIS

Corriere Della Ser 26 August 2014
By Virginia Piccolillo

There are at least fifty of them, often recruited via internet. Most come from the north of Italy, especially Brescia, Turin, Ravenna, Padua and Bologna, as well as the small


Mosques Launch Anti-ISIS Twitter Offensive

NL Times 26 August 2014
By Maxime Zech

Dutch mosques are going to take to social media in an effort to counter the flood of muslim youths being recruited by terrorist organization IS. Young islamists are being


UN rights chief accuses IS jihadists of 'ethnic cleansing'

Swiss News 26 August 2014

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay said on Monday a ruthless campaign of "ethnic and religious cleansing" by Islamic State jihadists in Iraq amounted to a crime against


Muslim leader 'appalled' by suspected jihadists

The Local 26 August 2014

In an interview with the Austrian national Ö1 radio on Sunday, quoted by the Austrian ÖRF television teletext, Sanac said he was shocked that, according to the interior


The British Connection

The National Review 26 August 2014
By Jonathan Bronitsky

For many, the British accent of the Islamist who executed American journalist James Foley was almost as shocking as the barbaric murder itself. In the days that follow, critics


Dutch Official Calls ISIS "A Zionist Plot"

The Gatestone Institute 26 August 2014
By Evelyn Markus

The charge of "Islamophobia" is being used to silence people, so that any opposition will be neutralized before it can even start. On Tuesday last week, Yasmina Haifi, an


Are there more British Muslims fighting for the Islamic State than for British military?

Catholic Online 26 August 2014

Official government estimates put the number of British Islamic State fighters operating in Syria and Iraq at up to 800, although the Foreign Office cautioned that it is


European Jews threatened by returning Islamic State terrorists

World Jewish Congress 26 August 2014

European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor has said Jews in Europe were under an immense threat from citizens returning from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and the


Complaint filed against politician for Islamophobic tweet

Swiss Info 26 August 2014

The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland has filed charges against a Swiss politician for incitement to commit a crime after he appeared to welcome the recent shooting of a


Turkey protest in Istanbul over Syrian refugees

BBC News 26 August 2014

Hundreds of people have clashed with Turkish police in Istanbul during a protest against the rising number of refugees from Syria. Businesses were attacked, windows broken


London hate preacher Anjem Choudary indoctrinates Melbourne Muslims

Herald Sun 26 August 2014
By James Dowling

A firebrand UK cleric who reportedly helped radicalise the men suspecting of beheading an American journalist has given "spiritual guidance” to several Melbourne


Australian Muslims feel under siege

Arab News 26 August 2014
By Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg

Australia is home to a sizable number of Muslims, who number about 500,000, just over two percent of Australia’s population. Fifty percent of Muslims live in the state of New


Bulgarian Turks face severe identity problems

World Bulletin 26 August 2014

A prominent researcher and writer in Bulgaria pointed at the internal and external migration as one of the main phenomenon threatening Turkish identity in Bulgaria. Ibrahim


Norwegian Muslims organize mass protest against Islamic State

Europe Online Magazine 26 August 2014

The rally was also aimed at groups in Norway that have voiced support for the Islamic State, which has spread terror and committed atrocities in Syria and Iraq.


The "Brad Pitt” of Muslim clerics demonstrates the principle of taqiyya (lying)

Allen B. West 26 August 2014
By Allen West

There’s a reason why UK Prime Minister David Cameron decided to cut his vacation short — he realizes there’s an Islamic jihadist problem in his country.


Suspected 'Irish' jihadists travelling on fake passports 26 August 2014
By Jim Cusack

The suspected "Irish" jihadists said to be operating in Syria and Iraq are likely to have been transient visitors here or travelling on false documents, sources in the Muslim


3 Chinese workers abducted in Turkey

Yahoo News 26 August 2014

Kurdish rebels have abducted three Chinese workers in southeast Turkey and attacked a thermal power plant where they worked, injuring a security guard, Turkey's state-run news


Will Hamas Be Held Accountable for War Crimes?

The Gatestone Institute 26 August 2014
By Khaled Abu Toameh

What Khaled Mashaal forgot to mention was that Hamas and the Islamic State do have at least one thing in common: they both carry out extrajudicial executions as a means of


ISIS a Jewish Plot? Propaganda and Islamic Jihad

The Investigative Project On Terrorism 26 August 2014
By Abigail R. Esman

It took her more than nine years of working in the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, but Yasmina Haifi finally uncovered the secret truth about the Islamic State: It


Anti-Semitic Muslim Protesters Chant ‘Heil Hitler’ in London

The Algemeiner 26 August 2014
By John Rossomondo

A previously unreported video filmed last month in heart of London and posted to YouTube illustrates the anti-Semitic rage enveloping Europe since the start of the latest Gaza

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