Persecution of Christians

Muslims of the Americas' Anti-Semitic Interfaith Campaign

Clarion Project 7 April 2014
By Ryan Mauro

The Muslims of the Americas, an extremist group whose leader is in Pakistan, held another interfaith event in late March in Binghamton, NY. The group also says it has an


Chaldean Patriarch on the Uncertain Future of Eastern Christians

AINA 5 April 2014
By Mar Louis Raphael I Sako

In recent days, Mar Louis Sako Raphael I took part a seminar sponsored by the Université catholique de Lyon, France, on "The Vocation of Eastern Christians". For the Chaldean


Muslims Escalate Attacks on Churches in Crete

Atlas Shrugs 5 April 2014
By Pamela Geller

And the dhimmi Greek Socialist Party SYRIZA (and some others) wants to help build mosques in Greece. How about Muslims abandon their violence and hate-filled supremacism and


The Mainstream Muslim Guide to Holy War

Gatestone Institute Mag 3 April 2014
By Bassam Tawil

"Allah will gather them [the Israelis] so that we can kill them." — Abbas Zaki, Fatah Central Committee member, March 12, 2014 The truth is, however, that...even Israeli Arabs have no desire to exchange Israeli citizenship for a Palestinian Authority passport.


Muslims Escalate Attacks on Churches in Crete

Atlas Shrugs 3 April 2014
By Pamela Geller

And the dhimmi Greek Socialist Party SYRIZA (and some others) wants to help build mosques in Greece. How about Muslims abandon their violence and hate-filled supremacism and


Open Season on Austrian Churches

Gates of Vienna 3 April 2014
By Baron Bodissey

Earlier this week an Austrian man was arrested after committing serious vandalism at a number of churches and cathedrals in Austria. Below is a translated article from Krone that


Sweden Protesters Try To Break Into Malmo Jewish Center

Forward 3 April 2014

Police in Malmo arrested two people who tried to break into a Jewish community building during a demonstration that featured anti-Semitic slogans. Five people gathered outside


Vienna Church Vandalized by 'Asylum Seeker'

Halal Porkshop 2 April 2014

St. Stephen’s cathedral, the parish church of Breitenfeld (Josefstadt), the parish church of Neuottakring (Ottakring) as well as the Lazaristenkirche (Neubau) were vandalised


Are There ‘Moderate’ Muslims? How about ‘Moderate’ Jews and Christians?

PJ Media 2 April 2014
By Davis P. Goldman

The last heretic hanged by the Catholic Church was a Spanish schoolteacher accused of Deism in Valencia as recently as 1826.


Sinking in Shifting Sands: the EU in North Africa

ISN 2 April 2014
By Lisa Watanabe

The EU’s influence in Northern Africa wasn't strong before the Arab Spring. And now, warns the CSS’ Lisa Watanabe, things are only about to get worse. That is, of course, unless Brussels


Two churches set ablaze in northwestern Nigeria

Turkish Press 2 April 2014

Two churches were set ablaze by angry Muslim youths in Nigeria's northwestern state of Katsina on Monday in response to an alleged blasphemous comment on Islam's Prophet


Fatah spokesman: We “blackmailed” Israel to release the prisoners

Palestinian Media Watch 2 April 2014
By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

The Palestinian Authority's only reason for agreeing to and continuing the peace negotiations with Israel is to bring about the release of prisoners, Fatah's spokesman Ahmad Assaf


Arab [Muslim] League rejects Israel as Jewish state

Atlas Shruga 2 April 2014
By Pamela Geller

Nothing new. It’s all the same Muslim Jew-hatred — 1,400 years old, as old as Muhammad himself. The Arab [Muslim] League has rejected, yet again, Israel as a Jewish homeland


Islamic intolerance and the Temple Mount

The Jerusalem Post 1 April 2014
By Charles Bybelezer

Clearly, though, there will never be peace, not in Israel nor anywhere else in the region, until Muslims reconcile themselves to a co-existence with the “others” in their midst


Turkey’s Latest Jihad on Christian Armenians 1 April 2014
By Raymond Ibrahim

Far from being repentant of the Armenian Genocide, Turkey, under the leadership of Prime Minister Erdogan, is again targeting Armenians; is again causing their death and


Video: 'Brave German Woman' Heidi Mund: Why I Rebuked Islam

Charisma News 1 April 2014
By Dale Hurd

Heidi Mund, an atheist-turned-Christian, has gained global notoriety for standing up to Islam's creeping influence in her homeland, Germany.


Turkey Releases Men Accused of Torturing, Slitting Throats of 3 Christians

AINA 31 March 2014
By By Morgan Lee

A law passed earlier this month seeking to reform Turkey's criminal justice system has allowed five men accused of killing three Christians to be placed under house arrest. Emre


IHH Head Tweets New Plans For The Infamous MV Mavi Marmara; Ship Was Lead In June 2010 Gaza Flotilla

Bulent Yildrim, the head of the Istanbul-based Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH), has tweeted a statement suggesting that the ship known as the MV


Kessab Attacked: Armenian Population Flees as Town Is Attacked

Mirror Spectator 31 March 2014

Asbarez newspaper reported that the Armenian-populated town of Kessab and its surrounding villages were the targets of three days of brutal cross-border attacks from Turkey by al Qaeda


Pakistani man sentenced to death for blasphemy over 'Prophet Mohamed insult'

The Independent 31 March 2014
By Andrew Buncombe

Activists have condemned a decision by a Pakistani court to sentence to death a Christian man convicted of blasphemy. The case last year led to a mob ransacking a Lahore neighbourhood

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