Persecution of Christians

Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: May the Muslims Wage War on America

These are the people Obama is pressing the Israelis to make concessions with in order to establish “peace.” Obama knows what he is about. Six years into his presidency, there is no


The Islamic State Is Destroying Thousands of Years of Cultural and Literary History

Mic 11 March 2015
By Tom McKay

The human cost of the rise of the Islamic State group is well-documented: thousands shot or killed, women forced into sex slavery and billions in forced tribute and stolen resources.


Jordan’s King Abdullah: “Islamophobia” helps strengthen Islamic State

Jihad Watch 11 March 2015
By Robert Spencer

The Islamic State kills, rapes and maims in the name of Islam and in accord with Islamic texts and teachings. But Jordan’s King Abdullah is saying that if you take note of that, you’ll just


Hizb ut-Tahrir leader Ismail Alwahwah calls for jihad against Jews in inflammatory video

The Daily Telegraph 10 March 2015
By Taylor Auerbach

A sickening video of Muslim extremist delivering a speech to a rally in Sydney in which he calls for jihad against the Jewish people is the subject of a complaint to the NSW


Hizb ut tahrir poster in Denmark

Vlad Tepes 10 March 2015

The blind, anti-islamic tyranny has reached insane heights with Danish politicians, communes and government. Under the guise of "fear of radicalisation”, Muslim children are


'Inevitable' that Extremists Gained Entry into UK Schools

The Clarion Project 9 March 2015
By Samuel Westrop

The Daily Telegraph reports that the British education watchdog, Ofsted, has placed yet another British school "in special measures... with its head and governors likely to be


The Palestinians Want... Peace?

The Gatestone Institute 9 March 2015
By Khaled Abu Toameh

The latest PLO and Fatah campaign is not directed only against settlement products. Rather, it is targeting anything made in Israel, as a part of an "anti-normalization"


Video: A False Hope of a Reformed Islam

Yout Tube 9 March 2015
By Political Islam

There is an ongoing fantasy that Islam can be reformed so that it is moderate. This ignores the fact that Islam is based upon the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed, none of which can be changed. A recent effort of good will towards Jews by Muslims is a false hope.


Banning and Boycotting in the Age of ‘Tolerism’

Frontpage Mag 9 March 2015
By Howard Rotberg

In an age where so many of our elites assert that tolerance, pacifism and dialogue are the foundation of the moral life, we are certainly seeing a lot of intolerant banning,


Video: What Happens When a Christian Wears a Cross in Israel?

Israel National News 9 March 2015
By Ari Soffer

What's it like being a Christian in Israel? That's a question Father Gabriel Naddaf - a Greek Orthodox priest and founder of the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum and Christian Empowerment


A reputation at risk

The Economist 9 March 2015

REPORTS that “Jihadi John”, a particularly ghastly member of the Islamic State who has been identified as the beheader of at least five Western hostages in Syria, is a Briton named


Michigan Town council passes sharia resolution against ‘islamophobia’

The Michigan Taylor City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday that supports a campaign in support of sharia under the guise of “hate based on religion.” Islamic


Islamic State bulldozed ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud

Jihad Watch 9 March 2015
By Robert Spencer

There are men, and there are destroyers. These Muslims, acting on principles of Islam, are the enemies of life and creativity; they love only death and destruction. Besides


800 Villagers in Mueang Nan Protest Mosque Construction

ThaiVisa News 9 March 2015
By Larry Banks

Thailand is predominately Buddhist with a mere 5 percent of the population being Muslim. The construction of a new mosque in northern Thailand, in the Nan province, sparked


Obama's response to Bibi has a subconscious message

Elder of Ziyon 4 March 2015

One issue that we will be discussing is Iran, and obviously that's been a topic of great interest today. So let me just make a couple comments on that. I did not have a chance to watch


Spy Chief Says 40 Americans Who Went To Syria To Join ISIS Have Returned To U.S.

Women Against Shariah 4 March 2015

About 180 Americans have traveled to Syria to join Islamist militants and around 40 of them have returned to the United States, the U.S. National Intelligence director, James Clapper,


Saudi Arabia Gives Top Award to Prominent Hate Preacher

The Clarion Project 4 March 2015

Saudi Arabia has given one of the country’s highest honors to Dr. Zakir Naik, a well-known Islamist hate preacher from India. The award, given by Saudi’s new king himself, Salman, was for


Blasphemy Law in Indonesia sows radicalization: Experts

AsiaOne Asia News 4 March 2015
By Fedina S. Sundaryani

Experts have warned that implementation of the Blasphemy Law could lead to the radicalization of Muslims. Tobias Basuki, a political analyst from Jakarta-based Centre for Strategic and


Executions top long UN list of human rights concerns in Iran

The Daily Star 4 March 2015

Iran had a "deeply troubling" number of executions last year and did not keep a promise to protect ethnic and religious minorities, the United Nations said Tuesday in its annual report


Video: Muslim cleric: Those who don’t respect Muslims have "no right to live”

The Jihad Watch 3 March 2015
By Robert Spencer

Watch the video. He keeps saying that it is not he who is saying these things, but that they’re Islamic teachings. Will some Muslim spokesmen in the West who claims to

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