Persecution of Christians

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Has Gone Mainstream With Our Message

Citizen Warrior 7 March 2012

I DON'T KNOW HOW she did it, but Ali has an article in the February 13 issue of Newsweek. Not only that, but it's the cover story! The cover says simply, "The War on Christians." The name of the article is this gem: "The Rise of Christophobia."

She makes some great points in the article, including an admonition to pay attention to the differences in "intolerance." The "intolerance" in the West comes in the form of cartoons, films, and writings. The intolerance against Christians in the Muslim world is expressed with knives, guns, and grenades.


The 1,500 Year Old 'Bible' and Muslim Propaganda

AINA (press release) 1 March 2012
By Peter BetBasoo and Ashur Giwargis

Much has been made of the recent discovery in Turkey of a Bible purported to be written in the Aramaic language, 1,500 years ago. The Muslim media, as well as Western media outlets, quickly pounced on this, claiming this Bible contains verses attributed to Jesus Christ, in which Christ predicts the coming of Muhammad. No media outlet has published a facsimile of these verses.


BBC Chief: Christianity Is Treated With Less Sensitivity Than Other Religions

Mediaite 1 March 2012
By Meenal Vamburkar

Religion is a touchy topic, and more so in the media realm — especially recently. From a New York Times columnist joking about Mitt Romney‘s Mormon faith to Rev. Franklin Graham questioning President


Pakistani Extremist Coalition Leaves Government Impotent 1 March 2012
By Jeremiah Jacques

Thousands of jihadists poured onto Islamabad’s streets on February 20 chanting "death to America,” demanding holy war against the West, and heaping scorn on Pakistan’s government. The gathering


Car bomb targets church services in central city of Jos

FRANCE 24 27 February 2012

A suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a church in the Nigerian city of Jos on Sunday, killing two people and wounding 38, and Christian youths beat two Muslims to death in


Christians Stoned by Muslim Mob at Temple Mount

Christian News 22 February 2012
By Setrige Crawford

Christian tourists have been stoned by a mob of Palestinian Muslims during a visit to Temple Mount in Jerusalem. A mob of 50 Muslims reportedly attacked a group of Christian tourist's atop


UK Christian Woman Denied Rights Given to a Muslim Over Work Days

The Christian Post 22 February 2012
By Eryn Sun

A Christian care worker from the U.K. claims that she was discriminated against when she was not allowed accommodations from her employers for her beliefs while her Muslim co-worker was treated


A New Year of ‘Dhimmitude’ for Egypt’s Copts

FrontPage Magazine 20 February 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

The following article was first published by the Stonegate Institute.

For Egypt’s Christian Copts, the New Year began with threats that their churches would be attacked during Christmas mass (celebrated on January 7).  Because many were eyeing the situation—several Coptic churches were previously attacked, including last Christmas (eight dead) and New Year’s day (23 dead), not to mention ominous harbingers around the world, such as the Nigerian Christmas day church bombings (40 dead) —the Muslim Brotherhood proclaimed it would "protect” the Copts during their church services.  Happily, Coptic Christmas came and went without incident.


Indonesia: Attacks on religious minorities remain largely unchallenged by justice institutions

Asian Human Righs Commision 20 February 2012

A written statement submitted by the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC), a non-governmental organisation with general consultative status The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) has noted with


Turkish Christians Subject to Discrimination, Attacks 17 February 2012
By Will Morris

ISTANBUL -- Despite some promising developments, Christians in Turkey continue to suffer attacks from private citizens, discrimination by lower-level government officials and vilification in both


Secularism is not militant but tolerant 17 February 2012

In HER speech at the Vatican, and her Daily Telegraph article on Tuesday, Sayeeda Warsi has once again criticised 'militant secularisation' as 'intolerant' and 'illiberal' and called for Christianity


Turkish Christians Subject to Discrimination, Attacks, Report Says

The Christian Post 16 February 2012

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Despite some promising developments, Christians in Turkey continue to suffer attacks from private citizens, discrimination by lower-level government officials and vilification in both school textbooks and news media, according to a study by a Protestant group.


Hey, don't you know that only Muslims can be victims 16 February 2012
By Christine Flowers

Marwan Kreidie is angry. How dare any religion other than Islam claim persecution? Haven’t we already decided that only Muslims can be victims of discrimination and abuse? The thing that raised


Video: Islamic religious persecution goes unnoticed

Washington Times Communities 16 February 2012
By Peter Bella

First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me. (Martin Niemöller)


20,000 Muslims Attempt to Kill Pastor and Torch Church in Egypt 15 February 2012
By Mary Abdelmassih

A mob of nearly 20,000 radical Muslims, mainly Salafis, attempted this evening to break into and torch the Church of St. Mary and St. Abram in the village of Meet Bashar,in Zagazig, Sharqia province.


Bibles that Translate "The Father” as "Allah”

National Review Online 15 February 2012
By Nina Shea

The most astonishing example of the global inroads being made by Muslim blasphemy codes may well be found in a deepening controversy over the Bible translations for many Muslim cultures by Wycliffe,


Somalia: Islamist militants behead another Christian convert

Inspire Magazine 14 February 2012

Islamist militants in Somalia have beheaded a Christian relief worker – the third Christian to be killed in this way since September, reports Release International. It has emerged that al-Shabaab



The signature of ACTA by European countries does not mean the deal is done, needs to be ratified by the European Parliament.

They will vote on june 2012 to either ratify or reject ACTA. Please read more how to act and call your MPs, tell them tovote against ratification. This would disarm ACTA in Europe.



Turkish Islamists Turn Church Into Mosque

Commentary Magazine 10 February 2012
By Jonathan S. Tobin

A story in today’s International Herald Tribune (read here on the New York Times website) provides an interesting insight into exactly what happens when a secular state is taken over by Islamists.


Muslim Persecution of Christians: January 2012

FrontPage Magazine 10 February 2012
By Raymond Ibrahim

The beginning of the New Year saw only an increase in the oppression of Christians under Islam, from Nigeria, where an all-out jihad has been declared in an effort to eradicate the Muslim north of

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