Persecution of Christians

Egyptian Preacher Suggests Christian Women Wear Veils to Avoid Rape

Christian Post 11 January 2013
By Katherine Weber

A radical Salafist preacher who is a proponent of anti-vice police recently shocked Egyptians when he appeared on primetime television to urge women to wear headscarves to


• Video: Sabatina James Christmas Interview

EuropeNews 10 January 2013

Sabatina James, an ex-Muslim of Pakistani origin, explains the dire situation for those in Pakistan and elsewhere who do not accept Islam as their religion, but are finding that Christianity is a more humanitarian religion and are putting their faith in Jesus. A human rights disaster usually ignored by our governments.

Christmas interview with Sabatina James from EuropeNews TV on Vimeo.


Islamic extremism dominates persecution list

BP News 10 January 2013
By Tom Strode

Islamic extremism, especially in Africa and the Middle East, dominates the latest annual report on global persecution of Christians. Eight of the top 10 persecutors of


Persecution of Christians on the rise worldwide 10 January 2013
By Carola Finch

"Islamism has risen in every country that experienced the Arab Spring," said Ron Boyd-MacMillan, Open Doors Chief Strategy Officer. "This has resulted in massively increased


Human Rights Activist: Many Christians 'Ignorant' of Extent of Persecution

Christian Post 10 January 2013
By Michael Gryboski

A human rights activist with more than 25 years' experience in ministering to persecuted Christians said Tuesday that many Christians are "ignorant" of the extent of


Upheaval In Islamic World Greatest Threat To Christians In 2013

Cross Rhythms 10 January 2013

Continuing upheaval in the Islamic world looks set to pose the greatest threat to Christians in 2013, believes Release International, which serves persecuted Christians


Growing Persecution of Coptic Christians Under Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

AINA (press release) 10 January 2013

CAIRO -- The history of Christianity in Egypt dates back to the visit of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph to that land. (Matt. 2) It predates any claimed Islamic


100M Christians persecuted around the world — report

GMA News 10 January 2013
By Tom Heneghan

About 100 million Christians are persecuted around the world, with conditions worsening for them most rapidly in Syria and Ethiopia, according to an annual report by a group


Saudi Arabia Beheads Young Sri Lankan Maid

KL.FM 96.7 10 January 2013

A young Sri Lankan housemaid has been beheaded in Saudi Arabia for killing a baby who was in her care. Rizana Nafeek had denied strangling the four-month-old baby in 2005


Report points to 100 million persecuted Christians

Deutsche Welle 9 January 2013

The non-denominational Christian relief organization Open Doors has said about 100 million Christians face persecution around the world. The group pointed to an increase in


Secularism, Islamism and multiculturalism: threats highlighted by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali's new book

ChristianToday 8 January 2013
By Wayne Clarke

When Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali was born in Pakistan to Christian converts from Islam, his rise to being a distinguished bishop and senior figure in the Church of England could


Non-Muslims must not use ‘Allah’, says Selangor Sultan

The Malaysian Insider 8 January 2013

The Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah is shocked at Lim Guan Eng’s remarks over the word "Allah” and has called for an emergency meeting with state Islamic


First Christmas for Egypt Copts under Islamist rule

FRANCE 24 7 January 2013

Egypt's minority Coptic Christians celebrate on Monday their first Christmas under Islamist rule and amid a climate of fear and uncertainty for their future. "I do not


A ‘Sudanese Genocide’ in Egypt?

FrontpageMagazin 4 January 2013
By Raymond Ibrahim

The current tensions in Egypt between the Muslim Brotherhood-led government and a fragmented populace that includes large segments of people who oppose the Islamization of


Hunting the Unicorn of Moderate Islam

American Thinker 3 January 2013
By Glenn Fairman

In hunting the unicorn of moderate Islam, the West has occupied itself by passing through a mental gauntlet of Herculean moral contortions in separating the proverbial sheep from the goats.

As I see it, those "moderate" voices of Islam, which have been protesting the violence of their brethren by thundering at the volume of a hushed whisper, will diminish even more fully as the Islamicist ascendency moves towards its apex.

Who can doubt that in time the faint defiant murmurs of "peaceful Islam" will ultimately become qualitatively indistinguishable from the bloody rancor of the vox bellicose?


Syria rebels 'beheaded a Christian and fed him to the dogs' as fears grow over Islamist atrocities

Daily Mail 2 January 2013
By Nick Fagge

Syrian rebels beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to dogs, according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic extremists. The nun said


Killing Charity Workers and Women in the Name of Jihad in Pakistan

Pakistan Christian Post 2 January 2013
By Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

The stark reality of the New Year is that Islamists will continue to kill in the name of Allah in many nations just like usual. In Syria radical Islamists are killing


Several Christians dead after aerial attacks in Sudan 2 January 2013

Non-Arab Christians in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains said they feel forgotten after Sudanese air forces killed at least 11 of the faithful in bombings before and after Christmas,


Iranians seek relief in Christmas celebrations

CNN 2 January 2013
By Tara Kangarlou

Gold, red and green gift boxes decorated a large Christmas tree in a popular food court in the Islamic Republic’s bustling capital of Tehran. Nativity scenes of Mary, Joseph


Texas teaching 'Allah is the Almighty God'

WND 16 December 2012
By John Griffing

In the 70 percent of Texas public schools where a private curriculum has been installed, students are learning the "fact” that "Allah is the Almighty God,” charge critics of a new online

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