Jihadis call The Hague Jihadi City

Jihadis call The Hague Jihadi City. With at least 200 members the group of radical Muslims in The Hague has as many supporters as the extreme right in the entire Netherlands.


The myth of Islamophobia

spiked 11 July 2014
By Tim Black

Children as young as 10 are among those racially abusing Muslims in Britain’, shouted the Daily Mail last week; ‘Women targeted in rising tide of attacks on Muslims’,


Morocco: Open letter to Moroccan minister about El Haqed 11 July 2014

The Moroccan rapper Mouad Belghaoute – also known as Lhaqed or El Haqed, ‘the enraged one’ – was sentenced on 1 July 2014 to four months in prison amid concerns that the trial


Australia parties stand by Bendigo mosque plans

World Bulletin 7 July 2014

In the Austalian state of Victoria, two major political parties have thrown their support behind the construction of a controversial mosque that has divided a regional


"Tackle the Islamic terrorists and their sponsors, now!”

Geert Wilders Weblog 6 July 2014
By Geert Wilders

Today, De Volkskrant, one of the leading newspapers in the Netherlands, published an op-ed article by Geert Wilders. The original article (in Dutch) can be read via this link:


Rome will be conquered next, says leader of ‘Islamic State’

Atlas Shrugs 6 July 2014
By Pamela Geller

But it’s the Islamophobes — they’re the problem. Baghdadi, who holds a PhD in Islamic studies, vowed to take Rome. He has a PhD? I am sure Harvard has a tenured position for


Palestinian Girl Killed by Uncle: Where Is the Outrage?

Cherson and Molschky 5 July 2014
By Rachel Molschky

On July 2, the body of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khder was found, and all hell broke loose. On the very same day, The Jewish Press reported on the murder of a 15


Wirathu's 'Buddhist Woman Raped' Facebook Post Stokes Anti-Muslim Violence in Mandalay

International Business Times 5 July 2014
By Gianluca Mezzofiore

A Buddhists mob has clashed with Muslims in Myanmar's second largest city of Mandalay after monk Ashin Wirathu - the self-styled Burmese bin Laden - shared claims that a


UK: Uphill Battle in Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation

Gatestone Institute 4 July 2014
By Soeren Kern

Thousands of schoolgirls in the United Kingdom are at high risk of undergoing female genital mutilation [FGM] during this year's summer break, according to the British


Gaza residents celebrate at news of missing Israeli teens

Ynetnews 4 July 2014
By Roi Kais

Residents of Gaza have celebrated the presumed kidnapping of three Israeli teens who disappeared while hitchhiking in the West Bank, while Hamas lashed out at the Palestinian


Video: Reading Is Islamophobic

Answering Muslims 4 July 2014
By David Wood

Some people complain about Islam because of the endless terrorist attacks they read about every day. Others complain about Islam because they read the Qur'an and Hadith and


Dutch Jihadi Movement Bigger than Ever

Minister of Justice and Security, Ivo Opstelten (Liberals) has said that the Dutch Jihadi movement is bigger than ever. It forms an increasing threat for national security. He


Europe's rights court upholds French burqa ban

Deutsche Welle 4 July 2014

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Tuesday dismissed arguments that France's 2010 ban on the full-face veil was a breach of religious freedom contravening the


Norway Islamist launches anti-gay pride site

The Local 1 July 2014

A Norwegian Islamic extremist has launched a Facebook campaign against the Europride festival, which is held in Oslo this week, describing homosexuality as "a nasty and cruel


Protest held against planned Astley Bridge mosque

The Bolton News 1 July 2014
By Tui Benjamin

PROTESTERS took to the steps of Bolton Town Hall to rally against plans to build a new mosque in Astley Bridge. More than 100 campaigners, who insisted they were not


Vatican partners with Islamic museum for unique exhibition

Deutsche Welle 27 June 2014

Ulrike al-Khamis has outdone herself. In a project that began six years ago, the art historian from Germany was tasked with bringing the extensive collections of the Emir of


Convert British music star Ashley Anthony advises Muslim youths to uphold Islamic values, shun sectarianism

Pakistan Observer 27 June 2014
By Amanullah Khan

Karachi—The dire consequences of the absence of Islam as the governing system of today’s society are manifesting themselves in all aspects of our lives, this was stated by the


Video: Abbas' Fatah movement to Israelis: "Stop and consider, sons of Zion, that death is near, All you'll get from us is death

PMW Bulletins 27 June 2014
By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Only four days after the kidnapping of the three Israeli youths, Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement posted a video on its Facebook page promising Israelis: "Death is near."


Party for Freedom (PVV) proposes plan against Islamic terrorism in the Netherlands

Geert Wilders Weblog 25 June 2014

Islam shows its true face in Syria and Iraq. Gruesome fanatics, including terrorists with Dutch passports, leave a trail of blood throughout the Middle East. The Netherlands have to protect themselves. If we don’t, the barbaric scenes that play today in Syria and Iraq will soon be repeated in our country.


French Muslim leaders start drive to combat violent extremism

RFI 25 June 2014

An group of muslim religious leaders in south eastern France met in Avignon on Wednesday to discuss ways of stopping young people from turning towards violent extremism. The

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