Saudi Shariah judges decry Westernising ‘stench’ of legal reforms

Pakistan Daily Times 7 November 2012

RIYADH: Saudi judges who enforce sharia have condemned what they see as "the stench of Western ideas” in sweeping legal reforms pushed by King Abdullah, underscoring friction


Salafis storm church property

Daily News Egypt 7 November 2012
By Basil El-Dabh

The diocesan headquarters of the Coptic church in Shubra Al-Kheima was stormed by Salafis on Monday after afternoon prayers. The group raised a banner reading "Rahma Mosque”


Bahrain: Four Arrested in Bombings; Officials Hint at Hezbollah Role 7 November 2012

The authorities said Tuesday that four suspects had been arrested in connection with deadly bombings the day before, and that the Shiite militant group Hezbollah may have


Why Major Art Museums Are Going Gaga For Islamic Art

Business Insider 6 November 2012
By Jennifer Polland

Last month, Paris's Louvre museum opened its new Islamic Art Wing amidst uproar over the series of controversial Mohammed cartoons that were published in the satirical magazine


Der Spiegel: Online Jihad Cool, Getting Cooler

The Jewish Press 6 November 2012

Jihad marketers are making militant Islam cool, according to a new article in Germany’s Der Spiegel newspaper. Berlin hip-hop artist Deso Dogg has catapulted to fame since


Greek, Cypriot Flags Replaced with Turkey’s at Church 6 November 2012
By Nicky Mariam Onti

The Greek and Cypriot flags atop St. Antoni’s Church in the Cypriot village of Kellia were taken down and replaced with a Turkish flag, and words written in Turkish were found


Bulgaria's Far Right Demands Ban of Ethnic Turkish Party 6 November 2012

Bulgaria's far-right party "Ataka" has started a petition among the Members of Parliament in order to ask the Constitutional Court to declare the ethnic Turkish party DPS


Party Chief Backs Bulgarian Ethnic Turks in Ottoman Liberator Dispute 6 November 2012

Ahmed Dogan, leader of the ethnic Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms, DPS stresses on the need for all ethnicities in Bulgaria to have a common interpretation of


Gardai hunt Irish racists who burned the Koran

The Sun 6 November 2012

A TOP Muslim has appealed for calm after a vile hate video was posted online by bigots in GALWAY. Now gardai are probing the six-minute clip of racists burning the


Moroccan Group Hacks French Literary Website "To Teach You the Real Message of Islam"

Islam versus Europe 6 November 2012

The French Maison des Ecrivains et de la littérature [House of writers and literature] website was hacked last Friday by a bunch of Moroccans calling themselves the Moroccan


Hamas commits war crimes, launching 600 rocket attacks on Israeli civilians: Where's the UN condemnation?

Flame 6 November 2012
By Dave Nogradi

Dear Friend of FLAME: Unless you happen to stumble across just how many missiles Hamas has shot at Israel in 2012, based on the coverage of the world's media sources you


Anti-jihad ads are hate speech and erroneous

The Daily Tar Heel 6 November 2012

While I agree with Cody Welton’s position that the town of Chapel Hill should allow political and religious messages to promote community discourse, I disagree with his casual


Islamic radicalism a real threat in Malaysia

Radio Australia 6 November 2012

Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr has announced an exchange programme between Australia and Malaysia, which he says aims to foster moderate Islam. Under the programme,


Anti-Sharia Activist Takes Leeds City Council To Tribunal

International Civil Liberties Alliance 5 November 2012
By Chris Knowles

Chris Knowles a human rights activist from the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) has confirmed that he has initiated Employment Tribunal proceedings against Leeds City Council.  Mr Knowles’ case for unfair dismissal is scheduled to be heard by the Employment Tribunal on 13 March 2013.


2012 Passion For Freedom Art Festival Success

International Liberties Alliance 5 November 2012

ICLA’s Chris Knowles outside the event venue

Last Saturday senior members of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) were honoured to accept invitations to attend the Passion for Freedom art festival. This prestigious art festival took place in the centre of the British capital.  It is an important annual event that draws attention to increasingly ignored human rights issues.

As a human rights organisation that aims to uphold democracy, freedom and individual liberties, ICLA attaches great importance to such cutting edge events. Events that highlight our current slide into tyranny are now more vital than ever.


Police: sorry for racial profiling on ID checks

The 31 October 2012
By Hannah Cleaver

The German police have apologised for targeting a black German for spot ID checks on the basis of his skin colour – after a judge said it was illegal to do so, contradicting an


Video: Belgian Muslim State? Islamists vow campaign after election win

youtube 31 October 2012
By RussiaToday

A Muslim party in Belgium says it's preparing to campaign for setting up an Islamic state there. Two candidates from the newly-established Islam party won seats in a recent municipal election. RT discusses this with Philip Klaas, a Belgian Euro MP.


Conversion of non-Muslim places of worship into mosques

Wikipedia 31 October 2012

The Conversion of non-Muslim places of worship into mosques occurred primarily during the life of Muhammad and continued during subsequent Islamic conquests and under historical Muslim rule. As a result, numerous Hindu temples, churches, synagogues, the Parthenon and Zoroastrian temples were converted into mosques. Several such mosques in Muslim or ex-Muslim lands have since reverted or become museums, such as the Hagia Sophia in Turkey and numerous mosques in Spain and Israel.


Wilders speaks up for banned lawyer Moszkowicz 31 October 2012

Geert Wilders spoke up on Tuesday afternoon for lawyer Bram Moszkowicz whose licence to practice was revoked earlier in the day. The anti-immigration PVV leader, who was


Muslims treat Paris to pastry protest on Eid

France 24 31 October 2012

In an amusing response to a conservative French politician’s incendiary comment that thugs snatched children’s pastries during the holy month of Ramadan, a French Muslim rights

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