Hezbollah says its 'precision rockets' could kill tens of thousands of Israelis

Haaretz Daily Newspaper 20 August 2012

The Iranian-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah said on Friday it could kill tens of thousands of Israelis by striking specific targets in Israel with what it described as


Video: Mumbai Riots by Muslims

Islam Watch 20 August 2012

In a protest against violence in Assam between native Assamese and supposed Bangladeshi Muslim settlers, which claimed dozens of lives -- Muslims in Mumbai organized demonstration on 11 Aug 2012, wherein they unleashed ruthless vandalism of public property and assaults on security officers.


Video: Israel a ‘cancerous tumor’ and Middle East’s biggest problem, Iranian supreme leader says

The Times of Israel 20 August 2012
By Greg Tepper

Israel is a “cancerous tumor” and is the biggest problem facing the Muslim world, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said on Sunday, immediately after the international community condemned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for making similar comments.


Video: Mali's Islamist warlord declares war on the West

Channel 4 News 20 August 2012
By Lindsey Hilsum

A militant Islamist leader whose forces have just conquered two-thirds of the West African state of Mali vows to launch holy war against the West. They trek across the desert by donkey cart, pots, pans and blankets piled high on top.


German court OKs use of Prophet Muhammad pics at upcoming far-right rally

GlobalPost 17 August 2012
By Kristin Deasy

BERLIN, Germany -- A German court today ruled that images of Prophet Muhammad banned by Islam as idolatrous can be shown at an upcoming far-right rally, a decision that has


Amiens riots thrust 'left-wing Sarkozy' into spotlight

France 24 17 August 2012
By Rachel HOLMAN

Although an uneasy calm has settled over France’s northern city of Amiens after rioting erupted there earlier this week, the violence has thrust the country’s Interior Minister


Al Quds Day – the UK agrees to host a racist, Islamist event 16 August 2012

Al Quds (Jerusalem) is allegedly the third most holy site in Islam. Strange, then, that it is not mentioned anywhere in the Qur’an or ahadith. Some background: Before


Saudi Arabia's Gender Apartheid City

AINA 16 August 2012

Saudi Arabia has taken its gender apartheid system to new heights with its plans to build an industrial city populated exclusively by female workers. The all-female municipality, which


Olympic Silence: The Anti-Semitic Past of the IOC

Gatestone Institute 14 August 2012
By Peter Martino

During the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, Count Jacques Rogge, the Belgian who is the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), refused to hold a minute of silence for the eleven Israeli Olympic athletes murdered forty years ago at Munich. Instead, a week before the official opening of the Games, the Belgian aristocrat held a minute of silence during a minor ceremony in the Olympic village.


AFDI Pro-Israel bus campaign: Hamas-CAIR's sharia petition to stop the ads in accordance with the blasphemy laws

Atlas Shrugs 14 August 2012
By Pamela Geller

More media blowback on the bus ads. Muslim Brotherhood groups are weighing in as well. First they were calling on followers to vandalize our bus ads; now genocidal


Hizballah: Our rockets can hit all of Israel

Jihad Watch 14 August 2012

They boast in their capacity for bloodshed and murder, and the world continues to shower opprobrium not upon them, but upon the target of their jihad: Israel. "Hezbollah


Irshad Manji's Publisher Granted Leave For Judicial Review Hearing

BERNAMA 14 August 2012

KUALA LUMPUR -- The High Court here Monday granted leave to hear a judicial review application to challenge the ban on the book by the publisher of Irshad


A Mosque Is Not Like a Church or a Synagogue

American Thinker 13 August 2012
By Janet Levy

The marked proliferation of mosques in the U.S. since 9/11 should raise a red flag for Americans. Recent controversies surrounding mega-mosque construction projects countrywide -- many in locations with almost no Muslims to speak of -- have grave implications for the future of these targeted communities and areas beyond.


UAE emirate launches Quran website 13 August 2012

Ajman: Muslims can easily browse and download the Holy Quran in Arabic and English thanks to a new website launched by the UAE emirate of Ajman. "Our goal is to


Yemen Mufti prohibits watching TV series

Yemen Observer 13 August 2012
By Mohammed al-Kibsi

The Mufti of Yemen, Sheikh Mohammed al-Amrani issued a fatwa prohibiting the screening or watching Omar Ibn al-Khatab TV series that has been broadcasted by some Arab Satellite


Video: Anna Ringstrom of Reuters: Freedom Equals Racism

Atlas Shrugs 6 August 2012
By Pamela Geller

First of all, we were "outnumbered" because we had to conduct our rally surrounded by police vans and police in riot gear -- not because we were violent, but because of the bloodthirsty leftist hoodlums who were screaming their bloodlust and doing everything they could to break through the police lines and do physical harm to the freedom fighters present.


Misreading the Quran

American Thinker 6 August 2012
By Jay Schalin

Few topics are more important to the future of the free world than its relationship with Islam. Muslims are on the march, here and in Europe, and many make it clear that they have no intention of leaving the West as they found it.

Frighteningly, the university dialogue about this crucial relationship, which often spills over into national policy, is usually controlled by academics who willfully ignore Islam's less savory aspects. Whether they deliberately aid the cause of "jihad" or are so enamored of their own studies of the Islamic world that they are blind to its dark side doesn't matter; either is perilous to our society's long-term security.


Liberals concerned over ban on Kurdish names

Today's Zaman 6 August 2012

Given Turkey’s mixed and often less than proud record of banning the use of the Kurdish language in the public sphere, it came as no surprise this month when the Diyarbakir


France's "Enemies of the People" Recognizing Anti-Semitism

Gatestone Institute 3 August 2012
By Guy Millière

In France today, Muslim anti-Semitism is spreading. But as it is now Muslim and not coming from the "far right," those who claim to fight anti-Semitism refuse to see it as

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