Florida: School board decides to keep biased, Islam-favoring history book

Creeping Sharia 21 November 2013

"An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” ~ Winston Churchill Islamophiles rejoice. After the timely, fake /non-existent threat cancelled the


Geert Wilders invites Nigel Farage to join anti-EU alliance

The Telegraph 20 November 2013
By Bruno Waterfield

Geert Wilders has appealed to Nigel Farage to join him alongside France’s Front National in building a new international movement united on an anti-European Union


Santa’s helpers, in blackface, ignite a controversy in the Netherlands

The Washington Post 20 November 2013
By Anthony Faiola

AMSTERDAM — Six weeks before Americans celebrate Christmas, Sinterklaas comes to town. The Dutch Santa Claus travels by steamboat instead of sleigh and from Spain, not the


2013 Exhibition 19 November 2013


The rise of the far right is overplayed – but austerity increases the threat 19 November 2013
By Andrea Mammone

The Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders has announced plans for a pan-European alliance with Marine Le Pen's Front National party in France ahead of the 2014 European


Switzerland: Muslims distribute peaceful "interfaith" literature in German, hateful jihad literature in Arabic

Islam versus Europe 19 November 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

On the first Saturday of the month in Claraplatz, four to five men in kaftans and long beards, whose wives remain constantly invisible in public, always stand and distribute


Illegal Southend Mosque Given Six Months To Close. Anyone Else It Would Of Been Immediate

kafircrusaders 19 November 2013

Authorities in Southend have given an illegal mosque based at an old bungalow in Fairfax Drive, Westcliff 6 months to close. One local said it is used day and night, with


Amsterdam: "Black Pete" banned from hospital

Islam versus Europe 19 November 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

This year there will be no ‘Black Piets’ (Zwarte Pieten) hanging as an ornament for ‘Sinterklaas’ at the Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital. The Newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ reported on


Australia: Muslims told not to cooperate with law enforcement

Jihad Watch 19 November 2013
By Robert Spencer

The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has given Muslims in the U.S. the same advice, as per the poster above. "Muslims told to turn their backs on


Islam-critical art exhibition survived despite threats

Jihad Watch 15 November 2013
By Nicolai Sennels

Two days before the opening, the gallery owner canceled the Passion For Freedom art exhibition in London. She feared "being killed by gentlemen from the Religion of Peace."


The hottest Christmas gift this year! The Lars Vilks calendar 2014

Free Speech Europe EN 15 November 2013

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‘Bastards of the Infidels’ 15 November 2013
By Eric Nazarian

Reflections on the Hrant Dink Foundation’s Conference on Islamized Armenians "Bastards,” "infidels,” "remains of the sword” were the derogatory words directed at Armenian


Exploiting Christian Persecution to Demonize Israel

American Thinker 15 November 2013
By Raymond Ibrahim

What's worse than the silence of Western Christians concerning the Muslim persecution of their coreligionists in the Islamic world? Answer: Cynically exploiting that


China pressures Muslim Uighur lawyer families on burqas, beards 15 November 2013
By Michael Martina

BEIJING - China's far-flung western region of Xinjiang is demanding that lawyers guarantee family members don't wear burqas or grow long beards, the latest government


Legal Support for Terrorism at the University of Haifa

FrontPage Magazine 15 November 2013
By Steven Plaut

In recent days the University of Haifa in northern Israel, where I am also employed, has come under intensive criticism because the "legal clinics” operated by its School of


Hezbollah will stay in Syria as long as needed - Nasrallah 15 November 2013
By Dominic Evans

BEIRUT - Shi'ite militants from Hezbollah will keep fighting in Syria's civil war alongside President Bashar al-Assad's forces as long as necessary, the group's


Libya will modify existing law to conform to Sharia code

The Raw Story 15 November 2013

Libya is seeking to revise existing legislation to make it conform more to Islamic sharia law, a justice ministry document obtained by AFP shows. The text announces the


Upgrade planned for mosque

St George & Sutherland Shire Leader 13 November 2013
By Maria Galinovic

TO BETTER explain the intentions of the Australian Islamic Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina to upgrade its Penshurst mosque, Imam Salih Mujala brought out a photo. The


China's Muslims wage holy war on Tiananmen Square because they can't get no respect

Atlas Shrugs 13 November 2013
By Pamela Geller

Last week, jihadis drove a white sport utility vehicle, entered a sidewalk and drove nearly 500 yards, plowing through tourists and police, until it stopped near the portrait


ACLU Honors CAIR With Civil Libertarian Award

The Clarion Project 13 November 2013
By Ryan Mauro

Every year, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) chapter of Washington state bestows a defender of freedom with a Civil Libertarian Award. Of the seven million people in

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