Napolitano in Rome's Mosque, strengthen ties with South

ANSAmed 24 April 2012

ROME - The Islamic Cultural Conference Room inside Rome's Grand Mosque is packed with people. All are keenly awaiting the arrival of President Giorgio Napolitano.


Britain: Muslim 'Cultural Sensitivity' Runs Amok

Gatestone Institute 23 April 2012
By Soeren Kern

The largest university in London plans to impose a ban on the sale of alcohol on campus to accommodate the "cultural sensitivity" of its Muslim students.

London Metropolitan University's Vice Chancellor, Malcolm Gillies, says it would be unwise to "cling" to a "nostalgic" view where the vast majority wants alcohol to be available. Instead, he says that he believes the university should take account of diverging views, namely those of Muslims, who now comprise 20% of the university's 30,000 students.


Toronto in Rage over ‘No God but Allah’ Subway Ads

Israel National News 23 April 2012
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

A Toronto subway ad posted by a radical Islamist group and announcing to riders "There is no God but Allah", has infuriated area residents, but officials say the ad does not violate the


Turks to Get Same Rights in Europe’s Economy as EU Residents

British Freedom 23 April 2012

The Slog has obtained sight of an official Brussels Commission document which, while not confidential, has not as far as I can tell been the subject of MSM [mainstream media] coverage, or indeed any vote at all among MEPs. Although dated March 30th 2012 as a "proposal for a decision”, I can reveal that the decision has been approved and is already going ahead. It is to grant Turkish citizens the same residency and labour rights in Europe as existing EU citizens.


Video: English Defence League will celebrate 3 years with Luton rally

Digital Journal 23 April 2012
By Richard Milnes

Luton - The English Defence League are planning to hold a national demonstration in Luton on Saturday, 5 May 2012. ‘Love Luton – Love the English Defence League’. An EDL facebook group is already spruiking the event as "the biggest demo to date”.


British Freedom Oppose King’s Lynn Mosque Plan

British Freedom 23 April 2012
By Stephen Tweed

I am running a campaign against a planning application to convert a former King’s Lynn pub (above) into an ‘Islamic Community Centre’. There is considerable opposition to the plan, and


Once Turkey recognizes Armenian Genocide, countries that have not done so will look ridiculous (INTERVIEW) 23 April 2012
By Aram Gareginyan

Armenian Genocide recognition campaign is gaining pace in Europe and the Americas. Is it realistic to expect recognition from Turkey as the ultimate addressee? In his interview to Armenian


Video: Islamic teacher under fire for calling on Welsh muslims to support fight for sharia law abroad

WalesOnline 23 April 2012
By James McCarthy

An Islamic teacher whose group was at the centre of an anti-terror raid on a Cardiff community hall has come under fire for calling on Welsh muslims to "physically” support the fight for sharia law abroad.


Bahrain F1 winds up after protest-hit week

Yahoo!7 23 April 2012

MANAMA - Bahrain's controversial Grand Prix race went off without incident on Sunday after a week of angry protests away from the F1 desert circuit that put the non-sporting focus on


Sri Lanka orders mosque move after Buddhist protest

Reuters India 23 April 2012
By Shihar Aneez and Ranga Sirilal

The Sri Lankan government ordered a mosque relocated on Sunday after Buddhist monks said the 50-year-old structure had been built illegally in an area sacred to Buddhists and threatened to


Coalition of Leftist Groups to Disrupt ‘Islamic Apartheid Conference’

FrontPage Magazine 20 April 2012

The David Horowitz Freedom Center and Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom have organized an "Islamic Apartheid Conference” to be held on Monday, April 23rd focusing on the


Sensitive Muslims in the Religion of Peace

Gatestone Institute 20 April 2012
By Mohshin Habib

On Friday, March 30, after Jumma prayer, thousands of Muslims in Bangladesh came out of the different masques in three towns and rushed to loot houses, then burn them down. Witness said several thousand people took part in the attacks, most of them students in Madrassahs [Islamic religious schools].


‘Fed up’ French Muslims mobilize to unseat Sarkozy

Washington Times 20 April 2012
By Karine G. Barzegar

PARIS | France’s Muslim community is mobilizing voters to reject President Nicolas Sarkozy in Sunday’s election to punish the conservative leader for his anti-immigrant and anti-Islam


The Scandalous Lies of ‘Hope Not Hate’

FrontPage Magazine 20 April 2012
By Bruce Bawer

The list reads, in large part, like an honor roll of courageous truth-tellers.  In the U.S., people like David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Ibn Warraq, Mark Steyn, Robert Spencer, and Andrew McCarthy.  In Canada, Ezra Levant.  In the U.K., Roger Scruton.  In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders.  In Denmark, Lars Hedegaard.  And so on.


Iran marks Holocaust Remembrance Day by running cartoons mocking Jews and denying Holocaust

Jihad Watch 20 April 2012

Were this a non-Muslim country mocking and celebrating the mass murder of Muslims, the international outcry would be immediate and insistent. But no one cares about this -- despite its


Islamic Apartheid Conference Under Attack

FrontPage Magazine 20 April 2012
By Robert Spencer

Leftist and Islamic supremacist thugs are planning to protest the Islamic Apartheid Conference that the David Horowitz Freedom Center is sponsoring at Temple University Monday. Hosted by


Exclusive: Turks to get same rights in Europe's economy as EU residents

The Slog 19 April 2012
By Commission decision taken last week

Commission decision taken last week.

Brussels bringing Turkey into EU under the radar.

Detailed plans to extend the same rights to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel.


AP Interview: Le Pen defends anti-Islam fight

Huffington Post 19 April 2012

NANTERRE, France — She calls herself the "voice of the people," the anti-system candidate who will ensure social justice for the have-nots and purify a France she says is losing its voice


Taliban leaders set up fundraising hotlines, plead for donations

The Hill 19 April 2012
By Carlo Munoz

Taliban leaders are appealing to Muslims worldwide to support their war effort and have set up fundraising hotlines for donations. In a rare move for the cloistered leadership of the


US warns citizens radical Islamist sect may bomb Nigeria capital hotels

Fox News 19 April 2012

LAGOS, Nigeria – The U.S. warned its citizens Wednesday that a radical Islamist sect may attack hotels frequented by foreigners in Nigeria's capital, the second time it has advised such an

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