Who was Daniel Siefert?

EuropeNews • 20 March 2014
Pics by German Defence League

Last weekend the German Defence League staged a campaign against the intentional murder of German youngsters by immigrants. Especially the case of Daniel Siefert was heartbreaking. To memorize Daniel's death they adjusted street signs with his name at several places and squares in German cities. Here is what the GDL has to say about it:


Video: Turkey Protests: 'The Worst Is Yet To Come'

Huffington Post 19 March 2014
By Lauren Betesh

The death of Berkin Elvan -- a Turkish teenager who died after being hit by a tear-gas canister on his way to buy a loaf of bread during last summer's Gezi protests-- has once again fed anti-government sentiment in the country.


UK Qur’an teacher who sexually abused 11-year-old girl spared jail because his wife doesn’t speak English

Jihad Watch 19 March 2014
By Robert Spencer

Suicidal Britannia does it again. “This is a man who doesn’t pose any risk of harm to his children.” How does anyone know that? “He has problems with his kidneys and is due to go back


UK Muslim Brotherhood Leader Featured Speaker At US Muslim Brotherhood Conference; US Officials Also Present

The Muslim American Society (MAS) has announced that UK Muslim Brotherhood leader Anas Altikriti was scheduled to speak last week at a Washington DC conference titled


The Reawakening of National Identity

Gates Of Vienna 19 March 2014
By Baron Bodissey

Two articles about two European nations — one inside the EU and one outside it — illustrate in their different ways the growing awareness within Europe that national identity actually


A savage journey to the heart of the Turkish nightmare

Hurriyet Daily News 19 March 2014
By Can Erbil

Last June, I was in Istanbul with 30 MBA students from Boston when the protests began. What started with the protests of an opulent shopping mall being built in Istanbul’s Gezi


Head teachers reveal how they've been bullied, smeared and driven from their jobs for resisting Islamic extremists

Daily Mail 19 March 2014
By Sue Reid and Lucy Osborne

Erica Connor's eyes widen as she reads the four-page letter purportedly outlining a plot by Muslim fundamentalists to take over state education. It brings back terrible memories for the


Video: Do Muslims Respect Jesus?

Answering Muslims 19 March 2014
By David Wood

Our Muslim friends often claim that Jesus is highly honored and respected in Islam. But then they tell us that Jesus' message was corrupted (by Allah himself, along with others), that Jesus' followers abandoned his teachings, and that we needed Muhammad to come along to accomplish what Jesus couldn't accomplish.


Hamas seeks to retain Saudi ties despite Brotherhood ban

Al Monitor 19 March 2014
By Adnan Abu Amer

Saudi Arabia took Hamas by surprise with its unprecedented decision to designate a number of Islamist organizations — including the Muslim Brotherhood — as terrorist groups on March


Puppy Jihad: New Levels Of Cruelty Reached By Muslims In Jerusalem

Atlas Shrugs 19 March 2014
By Pamela Geller

Indiscriminate savagery. Inhumane for the hell of it. Slaughter for kicks. Using puppies ….. ugh. This is not new. Jihadists have used puppies as living firebombs in Egypt. Not surprising, as their


Valerie Jarrett, the CEO of Obama Inc.

Frontpage Mag 19 March 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

For eight years, the media envisioned Dick Cheney as the ‘evil genius’ behind the Bush White House, but few in the media have wanted to take a long look at the ‘evil genius’ behind


Video: Former Obama groupie burns 2008 campaign shirt, calls him “biggest fraud ever”

Allen B West 19 March 2014
By Allen West

I don’t think Ms Carey Welder will be signing up for Obamacare any time soon. It seems this young lady has come to realize that “Mr. Hope and Change” is just another shape-shifting politician. Now, am I under any ill-conceived notion that Ms. Welder has overnight become a conservative?


U.S. Islamists Fundraise for Virginia Congressman

Islamist Watch 19 March 2014

A pro-Muslim Brotherhood group is holding a fundraiser on March 22 for Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA). The congressmen's Islamist donors prompted one expert, Paul Sperry, to dub him


Gen. McInerney: Malaysia Airlines jet held by terrorists in Pakistan

Atlas Shrugs 19 March 2014
By Pamela Geller

A LIGNET analyst received information from a source at Boeing that the company believes the plane did land in Pakistan . . . Israel is taking the possibility of a terrorist attack


Pakistan: Five 'Crimes' That Can Get You Executed

International Business Times 19 March 2014
By Ludovica Iaccino

Capital punishment is legal in Pakistan, also one of the eight countries in the world where people under the age of 18 can face execution for committing certain crimes


Islamic Cleric: Indian Politicians should be more critical of Modi to get certificate of secularism

Imam of city’s Tipu Sultan Mosque Maulana Barkati lashed out at Modi for seeking the votes of the Muslim community. He asked Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee to be more


Mining magnate Andrew Forrest launches Global Freedom Network in bid to end slavery

Yahoo News 19 March 2014

Mining magnate Andrew Forrest has launched an organisation to end modern slavery, with the support of the Pope and the senior Islamic authority


A simple way to fight CAIR’s sharia-promoters and get Florida to pass the ‘Anti-Sharia’ bill once and for all!

Bare Naked Islam 19 March 2014

FLORIDA FAMILY ASSOCIATION makes emailing 13 subcommittee members as easy as Clicking and Signing your name and Email address. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Florida


Islamists Call Christian Churches 'Dens of Nonbelievers' Before Attacks

Charisma News 19 March 2014

A series of bomb blasts in Tanzania’s island of Zanzibar is stoking fears that an Islamist breakaway movement is increasingly targeting Christians

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