The UN’s hypocritical Human Rights Council 5 November 2013
By Vivian Bercovici

On Oct. 29, in a United Nations chamber in Geneva, a well-orchestrated farce played out. Unsurprisingly, the western media gave it scant attention. As is customary for the


Istanbul Conference Opens Discussion on Islamized Armenians

Hetq 5 November 2013
By Hrant Gadarigian

Over the centuries, untold numbers of Christian Armenians have converted to Islam. The vast majority have done so under various degrees of pressure and given the exigencies of the time.


Muslim Veils are 'kind of a bag', Says UK Minister

A former interior minister in the cabinet of UK Prime Minister David Cameron stirred up another controversy regarding Islamic scarves on Sunday, when he advised the government


Muslim party founded in France

Islam versus Europe 4 November 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

It doesn't call itself a Muslim party. It calls itself the party of the "banlieue". The word "banlieue" literally means suburb, but in practice it has come to acquire something


German church collects donations to build a mosque

Islam versus Europe 4 November 2013
By Cheradenine Zakalwe

A few years ago he wouldn't have been ready for this idea, admitted Hartmut Demski. At the annual reception of the evangelical church community last night, however, the dean


Muslims Urged To 'Wear Poppies, Not Burn Them' As Stalls Set Up Across Country

Huffington Post 4 November 2013

Muslim-led poppy stalls are to be set up across London and a number of other English cities this week as religious leaders call for Muslims to "wear poppies, not burn them" on


Ken Clarke says the Muslim face veil is a "peculiar costume” which should be banned in court 4 November 2013
By Tom McTague

Top Tory Ken Clarke today described Muslim face veils as a "peculiar costume” which should be banned in court when giving evidence. The veteran Cabinet Minister said women


France: Génération Identitaire stages anti-Islam stunt in Lorraine 4 November 2013

Des Dômes Et Des Minarets reports on the latest anti-Muslim initiative from the French far-right group Génération Identitaire, who were responsible for a widely publicised


Video: Kurds at Norwegian embassy in Helsinki demand punishment of two Kurds who burnt koran in Norway…

Tundra Tabloids 1 November 2013

What they’re demanding is for non-Muslims to convict two people for violating the Islamic sharia. The fact that it’s two Kurds who did the burning makes this an interesting incident, the authorities couldn’t easily classify it as ‘racism and/or incitement of an ethnic minority’.


Europe to Monitor Citizens 'Intolerant' of Islam

The Clarion Project 1 November 2013
By Soeren Kern

While European leaders are busy expressing public indignation over reports of American espionage operations in the European Union, the European Parliament is quietly considering a proposal that calls for the direct surveillance of any EU citizen suspected of being "intolerant."


EU Unveils Crackdown on Free Speech

FrontPage Magazine 31 October 2013
By Bruce Bawer

The first thing I ever wrote about Islam was an essay for Partisan Review entitled "Tolerating Intolerance,” which was published a few months after 9/11. My argument, in brief,


Who’s the Real Iron Lady of Norway?

FrontPage Magazine 31 October 2013
By Bruce Bawer

As Norway’s non-socialist coalition government has been settling in, I’ve been poking around in New Wind over Norway, an assemblage of sixteen essays "about freedom and


Muslim Fair in Brussels attracts thousands

World Bulletin 31 October 2013

A fair organized by Muslims in Belgian capital Brussels has attracted thousands of visitors at its stands mainly theming clothes, accessories, halal food and natural cosmetics


Muslim leaders gather in London for World Islamic Economic Forum

The National 31 October 2013
By Frank Kane

More than 2,600 Muslim leaders of business and politics are gathering in London for the ninth World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), the first to be held outside an Islamic


Free Sherif Gaber Now

Waleed Al-Husseini of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain just informed me that a young Egyptian atheist who posted on his Facebook page has been arrested for his atheism


Video: Helping Muslim Girls is "Racist": Edmonton Transit Submits to Sharia, Takes Down AFDI Bus Ads

youtube 31 October 2013
By Pamela Geller

Helping Muslim Girls is "Racist": Edmonton Transit Caves to Islamic Supremacist Demands and Takes Down AFDI Bus Ads Controversial ads on Edmonton Transit Service buses will be removed, and one city council member is pledging to work on ways to prevent similar ads from being allowed in the future.


What happened when anti-FGM campaigner asked people in the street to sign a petition in favour of mutilating girls

Evening Standard 30 October 2013
By Anna Davis

A Londoner who suffered female genital mutilation has warned that political correctness is hampering the fight to stamp it out after asking people to sign a fake petition


Islamic Economic Forum begins today 30 October 2013

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be among the prominent leaders from the Muslim world at the ninth World Islamic Economic Forum opening in London on Tuesday which


Demonstrators Clash With Police in Turkey's Capital 30 October 2013

Protesters in the Turkish capital Ankara have clashed with police in connection with the trial of a policeman charged with the killing a demonstrator in June. Massive


Bangladesh poll protest violence kills 15 in four days 30 October 2013
By Ruma Paul

DHAKA - At least 15 Bangladeshis have been killed and hundreds wounded in all-too familiar political violence, police said on Monday, the second day of a strike led

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