US military class suspended for its view on Islam

Fox News 12 May 2012

A course for U.S. military officers has been teaching that America's enemy is Islam in general, not just terrorists, and suggesting that the country might ultimately have to obliterate the


UK renews court battle to oust preacher

New Zealand Herald 12 May 2012
By Nigel Morris

Home Secretary Theresa May will make a fresh effort to remove Abu Qatada from Britain after the European Court of Human Rights rejected his attempt to appeal against deportation to Jordan


Belgium's integration problem

New Europe 10 May 2012
By Stratis G. Camatsos

New Europe reported a recent incident that occurred on the streets of Brussels which raised questions as to the true integration of the Muslim population in an already divded country.

Crime in EU's capital has been growing as well as minority popoulation. Integration of Muslims into Belgium culture has been extremely difficult. With a rapidly growing population, the capital of Belgium - and of the EU - is already one of the most multicultural in Europe. Muslims are already a majority in some neighborhoods.


Germany weighs ban on Salafists after clashes

TrustLaw 10 May 2012
By Elisa Oddone

BERLIN - Germany is considering a legal ban on ultra-conservative Salafist Muslim groups, its interior minister said on Wednesday after violent clashes with the police, one of which


America Wake up! Obama Betrays our Military Chooses Islam

Right Side News 10 May 2012
By Eliana Benador

Amazing that it was the highest ranking military in our country’s armed forces, General Martin Dempsey, who gave this incredible order. It all started with the content in a course titled "Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism,” an elective at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. That course aimed at captains, commanders, lieutenant colonels and colonels from the four armed services, taught that "Islam had already declared war on the West.”


OIC Launches Global Islamic Media Campaign to Raise Islamic Awareness, Combat Islamophobia

MEMRI 10 May 2012

At the ninth session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers (ICIM), held April 19-20, 2012, in Libreville, Gabon, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) announced its plans to "launch an aggressive media campaign with the purpose of raising awareness of anti-Muslim hate movements in the world."[1] At the conference, on "Information Technologies in the Service of Peace and Development," were delegates from some 30 Arab and Islamic countries, including the "State of Palestine."


'Immigrant kids need more schooling': Sweden

The Local 10 May 2012

The Swedish government has revealed a new directive aimed at improving immigrant students’ education and integration into Sweden, revolving around longer compulsory schooling and a shift in


UK Muslims split over halal slaughter ban proposal

Islamist Watch 10 May 2012
By Bikya Masr

British Muslims are battling over animal rights and calls for an end to halal slaughter in the country. It comes on the heels of a push to end the Jewish and Muslim traditional means of


Toulouse shooter family to file against French police

The Algerian lawyer hired by the family of the shooter who killed seven people in France in March said Monday she would launch proceedings next week against the elite police unit that


Hamas urges French President-elect Hollande to visit Gaza

Ynetnews 9 May 2012

Hamas has urged france's president-elect, Francois Hollande, to visit the Gaza Strip and "correct" French policy towards the Palestinians. "We urge French President-elect Francois


Amnesty urges Bahrain to free tweeting activist

France 24 9 May 2012

Amnesty International urged Bahrain on Tuesday to "immediately" release prominent rights activist Nabeel Rajab who was arrested over tweets deemed insulting to the government. "Nabeel


‘Muslim Day at the Capitol’ for Calif. Muslims 9 May 2012
By Elle Toussi

Members of the California Muslim community gathered today at the Sacramento Convention Center and the State Capitol for the first-ever Muslim Day at the Capitol. The Council on


Egypt: Groups Accuse Muslim Brotherhood of Hindering Constituent Assembly Formation 9 May 2012
By Aswat Masriya

Party heads in the National Front which groups a number of parties and civil powers accused the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) of hindering the formation of the constituent assembly that will


Tunisian Universities Under Islamist Siege

Gatestone Institute 9 May 2012
By Anna Mahjar-Barducci

Tunisian Universities are being threatened by Salafist activists. Since late November 2011, the Faculty of Letters, Arts, and Humanities at the University of Manouba, north of Tunis, has


Muslim Mob Attacks Secularist’s Home in Spain

The Gateway Pundit 8 May 2012
By Jim Hoft

In a recent interview leading secularist Josep Anglada insisted there was a link between immigration and crime. Josep Anglada has received death threats due to his stance on immigration.


Salafis attack and injure 29 German police in clash during anti-Islam demo

FaithWorld 8 May 2012
By Alexandra Hudson

Ultra-conservative Salafist Muslims turned on police protecting anti-Islam protesters in the western German city of Bonn, injuring 29 officers, two of them seriously, police said in a


Muslim Group Terrorises Liberation Day

Dutch News 8 May 2012

VUGHT - A group of radical Muslims figured on making a plea on Liberation Day for the release of Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of filmmaker Theo van Gogh. The activists


Germany accuses Islamist of attempted murder after stabbings

Bellingham Herald 8 May 2012

BERLIN - A 25-year-old Islamist was remanded in custody in Germany on Monday, accused of the attempted murder of three policemen as they were separating neo-Nazis from Islamic


Turkish religion officials rule out haram fatwa for protests

An Islamic body in Malaysia, the National Fatwa Committee, announced May 6 that it was not permissible for Muslims to participate in any rally intending to oust a government or cause


Video: Genital mutilation 'challenging' for Aussie health workers

World news Australia on SBS 8 May 2012
By Katrina Yu

Health workers in Australia are calling for greater education about the practice of female genital cutting - also known as female genital mutilation (FGM) or female circumcision - as they increasingly treat women living with the procedure.

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