Left-wingers in violent attack on Pegida protest in Frankfurt against Islamic atrocities

The Muslim Issue 16 March 2015

Violence broke out in central Frankfurt on Monday evening when left-wing demonstrators attacked a small Pegida demonstration, leading to serious clashes with the police. The


Political majority wants Hizb ut-Tahrir banned

cphpos 1 March 2015

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Copenhagen earlier this month, a majority in parliament has agreed to look into the possibility of banning the Islamist group Hizb


Newcastle Football Fans Unite Against Pegida Anti-Islam March

The Huffington Post 20 February 2015
By Sara C. Nelson

Newcastle United football fans are rallying against a German anti-Islam movement, which will stage its first UK protest in the city next week. Pegida (Patriotic Europeans


Interfaith March in London Against Muslim Terrorism

Israel National News 20 February 2015

Christians, Jews and Muslims from all walks of British life made a pilgrimage through central London on Thursday, in a show of unity against the hatred that drove recent


Brno has anti-Islam rally for Valentine’s Day

Prague Post 17 February 2015

Some 600 people took part in an anti-Islam demonstration according to the Czech News Agency’s estimate today and they were freely mingling with the participants in a separate


First victim of "blasphemy laws” would be Islam itself

The Commentator 13 February 2015
By Raymond Ibrahim

Soon after Muslim gunmen killed 12 people at Charlie Hebdo offices, which published satirical caricatures of Muslim prophet Muhammad, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)


• Historical Documentation: The Jihad That Led to the Crusades

Center for the Study of Political Islam 12 February 2015
By Dr. Bill Warner

Obama’s remarks about the evil of the Crusades, needs to be factually examined in detail. Here is such a list: 0355 After removing a Roman temple from the site (possibly the


Muslims Protest Downing Street, Warning Britain Not to Insult Mohammed

Breitbart 9 February 2015
By Andre Walker

Ten thousand Muslims are protesting outside Downing Street and the Ministry of Defence against the publication of cartoons depicting Mohammed. The cartoons – which led to the


Video: Paul Weston: "We are going to stop Islam from taking over this country"

youtube 9 February 2015
By Liberty GB

Liberty GB leader Paul Weston speaking at the EDL demonstration in Dudley on 7 February 2015.


First anti-Islam Pegida rally set for Sweden

The Local 9 February 2015

As anti-Islam movement Pegida that has made headways in Germany prepares to hold its first public meeting in Sweden, a Malmö vicar has told The Local why he believes it is


British Muslims protest Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons

Swiss News 9 February 2015

Thousands of British Muslims protested against cartoons of Mohammed in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, in a demonstration near the office of Prime Minister David


Alevis gather in Istanbul to demand greater freedoms

Today's Zaman 9 February 2015

Thousands of people affiliated with the Federation of Alevi Foundations (AVF) staged a demonstration on Sunday in Istanbul's Kadiköy district to demand rights the demonstrators


Pegida movement to hold first UK rally

The Independent 6 February 2015
By Kashmira Gander

The UK-based incarnation of an anti-Islamic movement hijacked by the far-right in Germany, is to hold its first rally in England this month. Patriotic Europeans Against The


Video: Examine whether Islam is antithetical to Human Rights 2 February 2015

This petition urges the leaders of the Western and non-Muslim World and the UN to examine whether Islam is in fact antithetical to Human Rights law, and incites violence towards non-Muslims and apostates, incites hatred and the rejection of Civil Law. We the undersigned urge our Political Leaders and the United


Islam opponents march through Prague

Prague Post 2 February 2015

About 500 people gathered in a central square of Prague and protested against Islamisation and Muslim immigrants in the Czech Republic today. The crowd listened to speeches


Tens of thousands protest after president resigns in Yemen

The Telegraph 26 January 2015
By Ahmed Al-Haj

Tens of thousands of Yemenis marched in protest on Saturday against Shiite rebels who hold the capital, amid a power vacuum in a country that is home to what Washington


Pegida Cancel Lastest Dresden Demonstration After Threats

The Huffington Post 19 January 2015
By Jack Sommers

The group that has attracted tens of thousands to its anti-Islam rallies has called off the latest one because of an alleged terrorist threat against one of its organisers. Pegida, or Patriotic


New Charlie Hebdo Edition An ‘Act Of War’

In Serbia 14 January 2015

A record 3 million copies of the new edition of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have appeared on French newsstands, with new caricatures triggering outrage among Muslims all over the world, and threats from radical Islamists. British radical preacher Anjem Choudary, who is allegedly connected with armed militant groups, decried the new


20,000 at Brussels unity march, 2,000 in Luxembourg: police

Swiss News 14 January 2015

At least 20,000 people marched through the Belgian capital Brussels on Sunday in one of the biggest marches outside France in solidarity with the Paris terror attacks,



PEGIDA 14 January 2015
By Europenews

PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) stands for:
1. We are IN FAVOUR OF harbouring war refugees and those who are being persecuted for political or religious reasons. It is our human duty!
2. We are IN FAVOUR OF anchoring both the rights and the duties

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