Islamic State Supporters Visible Across Europe

the Clarion Project 5 August 2014

The Netherlands has banned the black flag of jihad ahead of a large demonstration scheduled for today in Amsterdam to support Hamas against Israel. The flag is used by various


‘Jihad cool’: an Islamist version of Occupy

spiked 6 July 2014
By Frank Furedi

Throughout the West, we are hearing stories about young Muslims who turn from party animals focused on having a good time into zealous holy warriors off on a mission to turn


The Terrorists Are Among Us

Gatestone Institute 4 July 2014
By Geert Wilders

In several Western countries, the authorities are concerned about the security risk posed by young Muslim immigrants who went to Syria and Iraq to wage jihad and are now


Why is This Not Betrayal?

Gates of Vienna 1 July 2014
By Fjordman

It is dismissed as a "crazy conspiracy theory” if one suggests that Western political elites actively support the Islamization of Europe and the Western world. Yet one might argue that this is not a conspiracy theory — or even a theory — merely an observation.


Islamic Values vs. Judeo-Christian Values

FrontPage Magazine 1 July 2014
By Nonie Darwish

My dear friend Ali Sina mentioned in his most recent article that a Muslim professor, Hossein Askari, believes that Western nations lead the World in "Islamic values” and that most Muslim nations practice the least Islamic values.


Kuwait donates USD 140,000 to Islamic center in Switzerland

KUNA 27 June 2014

Kuwait's Zakat House has donated USD 140,000 to the Islamic cultural center in Switzerland to fund building a center for raising awareness about Islam. Kuwaiti Ambassador to


Swiss Red Cross worker killed in Libya

Channel NewsAsia 8 June 2014

TRIPOLI: Gunmen killed a senior Swiss staffer of the Red Cross in Libya on Wednesday, hours after a rogue ex-general who has taken on the country's jihadists was lightly


Swiss canton says 'no' to Muslim nursery school

The Voice of Russia 3 June 2014

The first Muslim nursery school in Switzerland which was planned to be opened this year will not open in Zurich. The Education Department of the German language canton has


Sunday Times report reveals how Qatar allegedly bribed FIFA officials with millions to secure 2022 World Cup

news.com.au 3 June 2014

AUSTRALIA may have been cheated out of hosting the 2022 World Cup, after damning new evidence has revealed how the chosen hosts Qatar allegedly bribed FIFA officials to secure


Qatari paid millions for World Cup bid support - report

LONDON: A British newspaper alleged on Sunday that a former top Qatari football official paid $US5 million ($5.3 million) to get support for the emirate's campaign to host the


Qatar 2022: Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce 'would support' re-vote if corruption proven

The Independent 3 June 2014
By Jack Simpson , Rob Williams , Paul Peachey

Fifa vice-president, Jim Boyce, has said he would back a re-vote to find a new host of the 2022 World Cup if allegations of corruption can be proven. Boyce, who took up


Gang Raping, "I Love Al-Qaeda" and Who Is Advancing Islam?

Gatestone Institute 25 May 2014
By Soeren Kern

In Austria, police say they believe that two teenage girls who vanished from their homes in the capital of Vienna on April 10 may be in Turkey, and that whoever helped them get there is using them as pin-up girls to boost recruitment efforts for the "holy war" in Syria.


How Muslim Immigration Affects Our Schools

Cherson and Molschky 19 May 2014
By Rachel Molschky

Muslim immigration is transforming Western society. Our native cultures are dismissed as irrelevant and our religions unimportant. Values like "freedom of religion” are taken


Swiss Convict 2 Brothers of Ties to Cleric's Group

ABC News 8 May 2014

Two Iraq-born men who were involved with a Norway-based Islamist cleric's group were convicted Friday in Switzerland of membership in a criminal organization and


First Islamic academic center opens in Switzerland

KUNA 23 April 2014

The Swiss Islamic Shura Council has launched the first Islamic research center in the European nation; "The Islamic Sciences Institute." Abdullah Nicholas Blancho, board member of the


Muslim, gay, and making no apologies

timesofindia 14 April 2014
By Aida Alami

He was born inside the public library of Rabat in Morocco where his dad worked as a janitor and where his family lived until he was 2. For most of his childhood, he hid his sexuality as best he


Man held in Turkish killings not Swiss: report

The Local 1 April 2014

The 23-year-old man implicated in the killing of three people and wounding of five others in Turkey last week is not Swiss, a newspaper in Switzerland reported on Thursday


A Nation's Attempt to Survive Isn't Racism

Diana West 1 April 2014
By Diana West

It may surprise some Americans to learn that almost one-quarter of the people living in Switzerland are foreigners. Even so, just over 50 percent voted last month to cap immigration, which, unchecked, could leave indigenous Swiss a minority in 50 years. Newsweek’s headline over the story was typical: "Switzerland’s Sudden Fear of Immigrants.”


Video: Not a total disaster, after all

Galia Watch 13 March 2014

Before yesterday's anti-immigration rally, a writer at Riposte Laïque had complained about the silence of the media that made no announcements, rendering low participation predictable


FIFA authorizes wearing of veils, turbans during matches

Saudi Gazette 4 March 2014

Football’s world governing body FIFA Saturday officially authorized the wearing of head covers for religious purposes during matches. “It was decided that female players can cover

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