Brussels Process Launched By The International Civil Liberties Alliance On 9 July 2012

International Civil Liberties Alliance 12 July 2012

On 9 July, the International Civil Liberties Alliance presented an International Human Rights and Freedom of Speech Conference in the European Parliament in Brussels. Over 100 people from numerous, countries, cultures, and backgrounds took part in this milestone event at which Lars Hedegaard of the Danish Free Press Society received the "Defender of Freedom” award.


Islamic Jihadists Using Switzerland as Base

Gatestone Institute 10 July 2012
By Soeren Kern

Radical Muslim groups are using Switzerland as a base from which to promote Islamic jihad in Europe and beyond.

Islamists in Switzerland are providing jihadists with logistical support, and also stepping up their use of Internet websites there to spread Islamic propaganda as well as to incite their supporters to commit acts of terrorism and violence.

Swiss authorities have identified at least 10 trips by Islamists from Switzerland to jihadi training camps overseas just during the past 12 months.


A Slap on the Wrist

Gates of Vienna 5 July 2012

Last year a Muslim zealot in Switzerland threatened Filip Dewinter, the Flemish politician and Vlaams Belang leader, with death. The perp was eventually caught, tried, and sentenced — to 46 hours of community service.

Here’s the story from the Austrian magazine Unzensuriert. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:


Mosque struggles to shrug off extremist label

swissinfo.ch 5 July 2012
By Samuel Jaberg

Accused of preaching a fundamentalist line of Islam, the Errhamen Mosque of Biel is once again in the firing line for having welcomed amongst its worshippers young men who have


Video: Islam or Europe - Which will it be

GalliaWatch 5 July 2012

A reader sent this video, which many of you have probably already seen since it dates from 2010. It's worth revisiting, on this July 4, late in the day, as America gets ready for fireworks.


Trial of Algerian over European tourist kidnappings delayed

Expatica 4 July 2012

The trial of an Algerian Islamist implicated in the kidnapping of 32 European tourists in the Sahara desert in 2003 was delayed by a court in Algiers on Tuesday because of the


Tariq Ramadan – "Are You Swiss or a Musli"

British Freedom 3 July 2012

Are you Swiss or a Muslim?” "Silly question!” Thus spoke Tariq Ramadan to a mainly Anglican audience earlier this year. The audience laughed, and that is as far as he


Switzerland: No Entry For Student Suspected Of Jihadist Ties

Eurasia Review 2 July 2012

The Swiss authorities are refusing to let back into Switzerland a Jordanian refugee who had been given asylum following his indictment by a Kenyan court for alleged links to


Law tightened on female genital mutilation

swissinfo.ch 2 July 2012
By Susan Vogel-Misicka

A change to the Swiss penal code on female genital mutilation comes into force on Sunday which aims to prevent Swiss-based families from having their daughters circumcised,


Mutilation victim finds a voice in Switzerland

swissinfo.ch 2 July 2012
By Susan Vogel-Misicka

Wearing a pale pink headscarf and a long floral skirt, she meets me at the train station in Basel so we can take the tram to her home. She’s warm and chatty, and soon whips out


No entry for student suspected of jihadist ties

The Swiss authorities are refusing to let back into Switzerland a Jordanian refugee who had been given asylum following his indictment by a Kenyan court for alleged links to


Video: Using theatre to cross cultural divides

swissinfo.ch 2 July 2012

Theatre is tackling the problems of female genital mutilation. Such plays are supported by the charity Caritas Switzerland as part of its campaign to inform immigrant groups about the issue.


The Price of European Immigration

FrontPage Magazine 28 June 2012
By Fjordman

In his 2008 book Et Delt Folk ("A Nation Divided”), The Danish historian and writer Morten Uhrskov Jensen carefully went through publicly available sources. He demonstrated that the opening up of his country for mass immigration was arranged by just part of the population, sometimes in the face of considerable popular opposition.

Roughly speaking, those representing the political and media establishment and the upper classes were in favor of open borders, whereas those from the lower classes were often opposed. This divide is viewed by those from the upper segments of society as caused mainly by racism, prejudice, ignorance and xenophobia.


Apology and resignation after offending tweet

swissinfo.ch 28 June 2012

The Zurich man at the centre of a Twitter controversy has apologised for sending an Islamophobic tweet and resigned from the Swiss People's Party. He is under investigation for suspected


Parliament moves to tighten asylum laws

swissinfo.ch 26 June 2012
By Urs Geiser

Asylum seekers face cuts in welfare payments as part of a series of measures discussed in parliament. These are aimed at reducing the number of requests for a stay in Switzerland for humanitarian reasons.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday voted to reduce payments to a basic minimum for all asylum seekers even before their applications are considered by the authorities.


Jihadis using Switzerland as a base: police

The Local 26 June 2012
By Lyssandra Sears

The Swiss Federal Police are worried that Islamic terrorists are using Switzerland as a base. "Suspected jihadis continue to use Switzerland as a base to acrtively support Islamist


A Hamas victory at the UN Human Rights Council

Jerusalem Post 26 June 2012

A Hamas-affiliated organization and its supporters held an "informal parallel meeting” promoting the destruction of the Jewish state. The Obama administration’s political and financial


Switzerland Steps Up Efforts To Monitor Jihadist Websites And Traffickers

Eurasia Review 25 June 2012

The Swiss Federal Police Office (fedpol) says it has stepped up efforts to monitor radical Islamic websites and boosted international cooperation to fight the Italian mafia and crack down


Shrinking Europe

Dry Bones Blog 20 June 2012
By Yaakov Kirschen


Western Critics of Democracy: "Accomplices to Injustice"

Gatestone Institute 12 June 2012
By Michael Curtis

Support for people who criticize their own Western democratic societies is now all too apparent among many Western intellectuals, academics, members of the media, international organizations, and religious groups which, while refusing to challenge cases of injustice, particularly in Muslim countries, instead criticize and condemn the state of Israel at every turn, despite the continuing physical and rhetorical aggression against it.

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