Islamization of Europe: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Right Side News 11 September 2012
By Bruce Bawer

Few readers of this website will be unaware that over the last several years plenty of books, including my own While Europe Slept, have warned about the present and future effects of the rise of Islam in Europe. Some writers, notably Christopher Caldwell and Mark Steyn, have gone into considerable detail about the now widely recognized fact that the low birth rate among ethnic Europeans, the high birth rate among European Muslims, and the steady arrival of new Muslim immigrants on the continent will mean an increasingly Muslim Europe in the decades to come and, ultimately, a majority Muslim population in one country after another.


Criminal Proceedings: Canton Schwyz tests express procedures for criminal asylum seekers

Blick.ch 5 September 2012

Schwyz - The public authorities of the canton Schwyz are launching a pilot project with express procedures for criminal asylum seekers. Instead of weeks as it is now, these


Plan for Catholic church makes waves in Bahrain

Fox News 4 September 2012

MANAMA, Bahrain – The building of the largest Roman Catholic church in the Gulf was supposed to be a chance for the tiny island kingdom of Bahrain to showcase its traditions


Europe’s Muslim population triples in 30 years

Pakistan Daily Times 3 September 2012

KARACHI: Europe’s Muslim population has tripled over the last 30 years. Many European see Islam as a threat and Muslim fundamentalism as a challenge to their values,


Video: ‘Islamist terrorism is the biggest threat in Europe’

RT 31 August 2012

Islamist terrorism and the radicalization of young Muslims has taken center stage in Europe. With schools, universities and even sport clubs becoming hotbeds of Islamism, experts argue that some European countries have willingly allowed it.


Swiss implement 48-hour asylum procedure

The Local 23 August 2012

The vast majority of asylum requests to Switzerland from certain European countries are bogus and from now on will be processed within 48 hours, Swiss authorities said on


Switzerland: Prohibited zones for criminal asylum-seekers

Tagesanzeiger Online 20 August 2012

Several Swiss cantons have declared villages and urban districts as prohibited zones for criminal asylum-seekers. If they enter the area they will be arrested. In Kreuzlingen these measures are already showing results.

Besides the many asylum-seekers within Switzerland who have not done anything wrong there is also a growing number of those who commit crimes. Just within the canton of Zurich the number of criminal asylum-seekers has grown by 49 percent in recent years.


The Failure of Multiculturalism in Europe

Islam Watch 20 August 2012
By Hanne Nabintu Herland

Multiculturalism is heavily tinted with an underlying socialistic racism which implies that people with dark skins who do not originate from Europe should be "pitied”. These people must be helped, provided with welfare benefits and excused if they commit crimes. This socialistic racism is denigrating, and today permeates governments and social structures in a number of European countries, amongst these Norway. Instead of showing immigrants respect by offering them work, we shuffle the non-Western into an underclass of welfare-dependent victims.


The Circumcision Debate in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Gatestone Institute 31 July 2012
By Veli Sirin

A German regional court held at the end of June that circumcision of males, practiced by Jews and Muslims, is a "bodily injury" of the child and punishable as a crime. German political leaders reacted against the opinion, and the probability that it would portray today's Germany in a negative light. The court order will likely be nullified definitively by the German parliament and constitutional court, but anti-circumcision policies have spread to Switzerland and Austria as well.


Hospitals in Austria and Switzerland suspend circumcision

The Guardian 26 July 2012

A group of Orthodox rabbis warned on Wednesday that the ancient Jewish practice of infant male circumcision could face further restrictions in Europe after some hospitals in


Muslim cemeteries face generation gap

swissinfo.ch 25 July 2012
By Ariane Gigon

More Swiss cemeteries are setting aside special Muslim plots, but controversially these remain largely empty, with older Muslims preferring to be buried in the land of their


Swiss Hospitals Follow German Ban on Circumcision

the Algemeiner 24 July 2012
By Ezriel Gelbfish

Two hospitals in Switzerland have suspended the practice of non-medical circumcision within their walls. The move comes just weeks after a German court in Cologne ruled that


Video: Switzerland - Stunning Rise In Criminality, Banks Attacked With Bazookas (text below).

youtube 23 July 2012
By BritishFreedomTV

Cross-border crime is on the rise, and becoming ever more violent, in western Switzerland and the Ticino, according to new statistics: The latest figures produced by Swiss border authorities show a significant increase in the number of arrests being made at the borders, newspaper Tribune de Geneve reports.


• Aargau takes drastic measures against criminal asylum-seekers

EuropeNews 20 Juli 2012
Original: Aargau greift gegen kriminelle Asylbewerber durch, Berner Zeitung
Translation by Nicolai Sennels

With more police stop-and-search operations and special prosecutors, the Aargau cantonal council will take action against criminal asylum-seekers. The collaboration of the canton authorities will be strengthened.

The goal is to "improve the security situation", senior cantonal councillor Urs Hofmann (Social Democrats) said in front of the media on Thursday in Aarau. The community members and local authorities were irritated.


European Muslims 'Vacation' in Terrorist Training Camps

radicalislam.org 20 July 2012
By Soren Kern

Increasing numbers of Muslims in Europe are travelling to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and other conflict zones to obtain training in terrorist methods. Although


Police put out warrant for Zurich stabbing suspect

The Local 18 July 2012
By Lyssandra Sears

Swiss police have issued an international arrest warrant for Shivan Mohamed, a 21-year-old Iraqi thought to have stabbed two brothers in Zurich on Sunday morning. The


What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam

Citizen Warrior 17 July 2012

NOT ONLY ARE are some people killing non-Muslims in the name of Islam (in impressive numbers) but some are doing something less newsworthy but potentially more disconcerting: Demanding and gaining concessions from non-Muslims, and slowly encroaching on democratic freedoms with the end-goal of establishing Sharia law in Western democracies (and already succeeding). This must be stopped and your help is needed.


Conny Meier Of Pax Europa Speaks at International Conference for Free Speech and Human Rights

Liberties Alliance 16 July 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends of Free Speech,

its a very great honor for me and I’m proud to be here in Brussels and to speak to you representing the foremost German Human Rights Organisation that stands for the preservation of freedom and democracy against Islamic supremacism, the Citizens Movement PAX EUROPA. Thank you very much, Elisabeth, Alain, Chris, Ned and my dear friend Henryk and all of You.


Woman told to accept abuse or leave country

Islamist Watch 16 July 2012
By Lyssandra Sears

Switzerland's supreme court has intervened to stop a young Kosovan woman having to decide whether to remain with her abusive husband or lose her Swiss residency permit. The

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