Hamas reconstructing terror tunnels using Israeli materials

Ynetnews 19 December 2014
By Elior Levy

Hamas has been commandeering building materials from Israel transferred into the Gaza Strip for reconstruction for the purpose of rebuilding its offensive 'terror tunnels', Ynet has


Salafists claim bombing of Gaza’s French Cultural Center

Al Arabiya News 19 December 2014

A small Islamic militant group claimed responsibility Thursday for a bomb attack that slightly damaged the French Cultural Center in Gaza City last week without causing any casualties.


Hamas holds biggest military exercise in Gaza since end of Operation Protective Edge

Jerusalem Post 19 December 2014

Hamas held its biggest military exercise since the end of the 50-day war in Gaza over the summer, according to Israeli media reports on Thursday morning. Residents of southern


European Fear

The Dry Bones Blog 17 December 2014
By Yaakov Kirschen

Help us fight back! join the Dry Bones Team. For details please click on


Palestinians: The Big Lie 17 December 2014
By Eli E. Hertz

The artificiality of a Palestinian identity is reflected in the attitudes and actions of neighboring Arab nations who never established a Palestinian state themselves.


1939 Palestinian Flag. What does it look like? Surprised? 17 December 2014

This a Larousse French dictionary from 1939. In the appendix it lists all the then current flags of the world in alphabetical order. You’ll notice that for Germany at that time


The Watchman Show: Israel a Safe Haven for Middle East Christians

CBN News 16 December 2014

On this week's edition of The Watchman, we sit down with Father Gabriel Naddaf, head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Yafia, outside Nazareth, to discuss how Christians


Israel rules out arson in November mosque fire

Ynetnews 16 December 2014

The fire department said Monday that a blaze last month at a West Bank mosque most likely resulted from an electrical problem, not arson. The November 12 fire destroyed the first


Israeli Forces Nab Hamas, Fatah Members Inciting for Jihad on Facebook 16 December 2014
By Dave Bender

A joint operation between the Shin Bet intelligence service and the Israeli police overnight arrested eight eastern Jerusalem Arabs suspected of inciting for jihad attacks against Israelis


At its 27th birthday parade, Hamas vows to destroy Israel

RT 15 December 2014

Hamas paraded 2,000 of its armed fighters and truck-mounted rockets through Gaza on Sunday, vowing to destroy Israel. It comes as a sluggish rebuilding program of the coastal


Western Indifference to the Palestinian Culture of Hate

Frontpage Mag 15 December 2014
By Ari Lieberman

A shockingly, disturbing video has recently surfaced exposing the true and pernicious face of Palestinian extremism and xenophobia. The video, made available by Middle East


Hamas in Gaza and Turkey seeking to create terrorism in West Bank

The Jerusalem Post 15 December 2014

Hamas branches in Gaza and in Istanbul, Turkey, are seeking to orchestrate terrorist attacks in the West Bank, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Sunday during a tour of the IDF’s Central


Hamas shows off its weapons in military parade marking anniversary

The Jerusalem Post 15 December 2014

Hamas held a military rally iin Gaza on Sunday in which convoys paraded signs of the organization's military prowess through the streets of the coastal territory. The military parade, which featured


Preacher in Al Aqsa: We Will Slaughter You Jews

Arutz Sheva 11 December 2014
By Tova Dvorin

A preacher at the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem - Judaism's holiest site - engaged in blatant incitement against Jews and Israel in an impromptu speech


Israel indicts American for plotting to blow up Muslim holy sites

CTV News 11 December 2014
By Peter Enav

An American Christian who passed himself off as an ex-U.S. Navy SEAL faces charges in Israel of trying to blow up Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, Israeli authorities said Tuesday. Israeli


Husband, ex-husband and brother of Ramle woman arrested over 'honor killing'

Jerusalem Post 11 December 2014

The husband, ex-husband and brother of a Ramle woman have all been arrested and face indictments in the coming days for her drive-by murder in the city. Central District police said on


Poll: 80% of "Palestinians” support jihad terror attacks on Israeli civilians

Jihad Watch 10 December 2014

hey’re approving of hit-and-run attacks on Israeli civilians, and of stabbing whole families to death in the homes in the middle of the night. They’re glorifying and


Palestinian "witnesses" do what they do best - lie. The media plays its part. (update)

the elder of ziyon - 10 December 2014

Check out Ma'an's report of the incident in Turmsayya this morning: The head of the Palestinian Authority committee against the separation wall and settlements died


Israeli Police: Palestinian Man Attempted to Kill President Obama By Recruiting anti-Muslim Texan

Shalom Life 10 December 2014
By Daniel Koren

Israeli police indicted a Texas-born American living illegally in Israel Tuesday, after they discovered he was planning on staging attacks on holy Muslim sites. The Texan,


‘Amnesty are victims of Hamas propaganda’ – Israeli FM spokesman

RT 10 December 2014

Israel assumes that Amnesty International has fallen into a trap of the radical Palestinian organization Hamas, the deputy spokesman for Israel's Foreign Affairs Ministry, Alon Melchior,

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