Fact #2: One quarter of Israeli citizens are not Jewish

Arab Israeli Conflict 24 January 2015

Though Israel was envisioned by the founders of Zionism as a home for the Jewish people after two thousand years of statelessness and persecution, that vision also included coexistence with the local non-Jewish populations. Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, specifically called for integration and warned


Fatah Lauds Tel Aviv Stabbing as 'Self-Sacrificing Operation'

Arutz Sheva 23 January 2015
By Ari Yashar

An Arab terrorist from Tulkarem in Samaria stabbed at least 12 people on a bus in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, and the Fatah faction of Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud


Fact #1: Jews have been living in Israel continuously for over 3,000 years

10 Facts About the Arab-Israeli Conflict 22 January 2015
By Charles Krauthammer

The Jewish people have maintained a well-documented, unbroken presence in Israel for well over 3,000 years, beginning in the 2nd millennium B.C.E., continuing under a long


12 Injured in Tel Aviv Stabbing Attack

Israel Defence Forces 22 January 2015

On the morning of January 21, 2015, a Palestinian terrorist injured twelve people in a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv. Security forces neutralized the terrorist and are currently searching for


Palestinian cartoons praise Tel Aviv stabbing attack

Jerusalem Post 22 January 2015

Palestinian media rejoiced Wednesday over the gruesome Tel Aviv stabbing attack with a series of celebratory cartoons. The first cartoon, drawn by cartoonist Bahaa Yaseen, was posted


Terror attack in Tel Aviv: Palestinian seriously wounds 4 in stabbing rampage on bus

Jerusalem Post 21 January 2015

A Palestinian man from the West Bank stabbed several people Wednesday morning, in a suspected terror attack on the 40 bus line in central Tel Aviv. At least four of the victims –


Hamas: Tel Aviv stabbing attack 'heroic act'

Hamas condoned on Wednesday a stabbing attack on a Tel Aviv bus which left nine people injured, calling it an act of heroism. A 23-year-old man from the West Bank city of


France is Selling the Jews to buy Quiet from Islam

Israel National News 19 January 2015
By Giulio Meotti

We now know that France’s President Francois Hollande didn’t want to see Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the mass rally in Paris against terrorism. Those Israeli


Israeli helicopters targeted 6 Hizballah and Iranian officers as warning that Golan is out of bounds

DEBKA file 19 January 2015

Lebanese and Western intelligence watchers of the Syrian conflict reveal that the two missiles fired Sunday, Jan. 18, by Israeli helicopters at an armed military convoy on the


Israel says cracks first local Islamic State cell

Yeahoo News 19 January 2015
By Dan Williams

Israel said on Sunday it had cracked the first Islamic State cell on its soil, made up of seven Arab citizens who would be prosecuted on charges of planning attacks in the


Turkey's Erdogan Hits Out at Netanyahu for Role in Paris Rally

Kafir Crusaders 14 January 2015

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan denounced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on for attending a solidarity rally in France after the attack on satirical journal Charlie Hebdo and


Turkey defends ties with Hamas

Rudaw 14 January 2015

Turkey’s Prime Minister said that his country does not regard Hamas as a terrorist organization, just as Ankara was sidestepping blame for Islamists using its territory to


45% of British Public Hold Anti-Semitic Beliefs

Forward 14 January 2015

A quarter of Jews in Britain have considered leaving the country in the last two years and well over half feel they have no long term future in Europe, according to a survey


Jordan amends bill to avoid blacklisting Hamas

Middle East Monitor 14 January 2015

Jordan's House of Representatives yesterday amended a bill pertaining to financing terrorism, a move seen as an attempt to sidestep labelling the Palestinian movement Hamas as


Let's Laugh at Islam

Sultan Knish 12 January 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

Anyone who seriously believed after 9/11 that victory against the ongoing Islamic conquest would be accomplished by military force has by now been steadily disabused of that


Paris Terror Attacks: Hamas, Fatah Fooling Europe

The Gatestone Institute 12 January 2015
By Bassam Tawil

Hamas should be the last to denounce assaults on journalists and free speech. Its security forces in the Gaza Strip continue to arrest and intimidate Palestinian journalists on


French Multi-Culti System Forces Jews To Flee…

The Tundra Tabloids! 10 January 2015

Sometime this century the French can say goodbye to porc forever as well! But just think of all the kebab stands that resulted from the grand (epic fail) experiment that


Hamas, Palestinian Authority Step Up Human Rights Violations

Gatestone Institute 10 January 2015
By Khaled Abu Toameh

It would be a good idea if the international community and media stopped turning a blind eye to the suffering of Palestinians at the hands of Hamas and the Palestinian


Fatah Facebook Pic Shows Netanyahu Headed for Hanging

Breaking Israel News 10 January 2015
By Ahuva Balofsky

An image of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu facing a hangman’s noose has appeared on an official Fatah Facebook page. The image, bearing the words "coming soon” in


Hundreds of Hamas Terrorists in Israel Switching to ISIS

Arutz Sheva 10 January 2015
By Ari Yashar

As new details are revealed in the investigation of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror cell in Hevron, security officials estimate that hundreds of Hamas terrorists are leaving

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