The Religion of Peace – Belligerent Reality

American Center for Democracy 22 January 2015
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

"Sunni and Shiite believers of the fictional "religion of peace” could not have chosen a better time to expand their jihad against the infidels. The misleading portrait of the


Suppose Islam Had a Holocaust and No One Noticed

the Sultan Knish blog 22 January 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

While Western newspapers were debating whether or not to reprint the Mohammed cartoons, in Nigeria as many as 2,000 people were massacred by the Islamic State in Nigeria, also


ISIS, Boko Haram, and the Growing Role of Human Trafficking in 21st Century Terrorism

The Daily Beast 22 January 2015

The intersection of drugs and terrorism has long been investigated. Now, the recent actions of ISIS and Boko Haram are drawing attention to the role of human trafficking. The list


Uganda Imam Allegedly Beats Daughter to Death for Converting to Christianity

Gospel Herald 22 January 2015

A 12-year-old girl who was hospitalized for two weeks after her Muslim father beat her and her sister for converting to Christ last month is traumatized after learning that her sister


African States Get $189m Financing From Islamic Lender

Ventures Africa 21 January 2015
By Niyi Aderibigbe

The Board of Executive Directors of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has approved a new round of financing worth $189.4 million for development projects covering important


Europe Unable and Unwilling to Confront Islamic Extremism

The Gatestone Institute 19 January 2015
By Peter Martino

The Algerian example shows that deploying a few thousand French troops is hardly sufficient to win this war. While the French Pied-Noirs in Algeria in 1962 still had a place to be "repatriated" to, for the indigenous Europeans who want to escape Islam, there is simply so safe haven any more. Fear is already ruling Europe.


Deadly anti-Charlie Hebdo riots as France defends free speech

Yeahoo News 19 January 2015
By Anne Chaon with Boureima Hama

Five people were killed and churches set on fire in Niger in fresh protests against the French weekly Charlie Hebdo's cartoon of Mohammed, as France condemned the violence and


Blasphemy must stop, say Cape Muslims

iol news 19 January 2015
By Natasha Bezuidenhout

Blasphemy and vulgarity must stop was the message from religious leaders at Athlone Stadium, where thousands of Muslims gathered to celebrate the life of Prophet


Islamic Violence, the MSM, and I

Frontpage Mag 16 January 2015
By Raymond Ibrahim

Two events recently transpired that forced mainstream media to address a question they habitually dodge: Is Islam intrinsically violent? First, on New Year’s Day, Egyptian


Boko Haram targets India for drug dealing income

Money Jihad 16 January 2015

The jihadist group Boko Haram killed up to 2,000 people in northeastern Nigeria last week. The operation would have cost Boko Haram a great deal of money in terms of arming and


Boko Haram: 'For five kilometres, I kept standing on dead bodies'

The Sydney Morning Herald 16 January 2015
By Paul McGeough

It's a "brief" war, which is to say that media reports on the brutal, dehumanising violence as Boko Haram consolidates its hold on a nation-sized slice of Nigeria invariably are "briefs"


Boko Haram Massacres Thousands

Tthe Trumpet 14 January 2015
By Callum Wood

Radical Islam has been making its presence known in 2015. The attack on Charlie Hebdo offices in France and the ensuing manhunt have dominated news headlines. But this attack


Fear of Ebola Curtails Female Genital Mutilation, Offers Hope of Curbing Brutal Ritual

Bloomberg 14 January 2015
By Silas Gbandia and Makiko Kitamura

As the death toll from Ebola approaches 9,000 in West Africa, the illness has at least temporarily disrupted female genital mutilation, a centuries-old practice that brutally


Tanzanian girls return home after fleeing genital cutting

NewsDay 14 January 2015

Police Commander for Tarime Special Police Zone, Benedict Mambosasa, has ordered parents to immediately stop "cutting” their girls and failure to adhere to the directive would


The History of Islamic Violence, Enslavement, and Ransom is Important for People to Know About

Citizen Warrior 12 January 2015

Yesterday I was talking with some of my fellow co-workers on a break and we were talking about the Charlie Hebdo massacre. One of them said, "The French brought this on themselves, you know." "What do you mean?" I asked. He said, "Algiers used to be a French colony, so of course, a lot of the Muslims


In Nigeria, New Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Tactic: ‘It’s a Little Girl’

The New York Times 12 January 2015

DAKAR, Senegal — A girl perhaps no more than 10 years old detonated powerful explosives concealed under her veil at a crowded northern Nigeria market on Saturday, killing as


Terror Expert Louise Shelley: 'Islamic State Is a Diversified Criminal Operation'

Spiegel Online 12 January 2015
By Markus Dettmer and Jörg Schindler

Where does Islamic State get its money? In an interview, terrorism expert Louise Shelley says it operates like a run-of-the-mill crime syndicate in which ideology takes a back


French ignored Algerian intelligence warning of Charlie Hebdo's attack; British intelligence services: "Al-Qaida is planning att

The Jerusalem Post 12 January 2015

A failure in French intelligence services surfaced over the weekend, when news broke that Algerian intelligence sources warned their French counterparts on January 6th of the


Stop Pretending Terrorism Has Nothing To Do With Islam

The Federalist 10 January 2015
By David Harsanyi

And while you're at it, stop treating criticism of religion as racism. Guess what? An idea isn’t a human being. Neither is a sacred cow. And those who confront, dismiss,


800 million Muslims out of 1.4 billion are illiterate: Dr Farrukh Salem

Muslim Statistics 6 January 2015
By Dr Farrukh Saleem

Fact to realize is, Muslims have been poor, illiterate, war mongering savages for 1,400 years because they are kept hostage by Islam – a medieval hate ideology perpetrated by a

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