Immigrant Crime

Finland busts 4 Somalis for wires to al-Shabaab

Money Jihad 23 September 2014

As Money Jihad and Tundra Tabloids pointed out earlier this year, Finland criminalized the financing of terrorism 12 years ago, but nobody had been convicted yet. That’s about


Rome immigrants attack 2 buses driven by women in 2 days

ANSA 23 September 2014

Rome, September 22 - Immigrants in Rome have attacked two buses driven by two women in outlying areas in two days. Two immigrants were beaten up by angry residents in a


Muslim Brotherhood dismisses alleged UK restrictions

The Middle East Monitor 22 September 2014

A senior leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood said Monday that the group "does not violate any laws in the U.K." following reports that the U.K. government was planning to


Islam, beheadings and politically correct denial

thecommentator 22 September 2014
By Vincent Cooper

The terrible beheadings in Iraq/Syria are not a new feature of Islamic fighters' behaviour. It was barely reported by our politically correct media that it was going on in the


German Islamic State member played on Jewish soccer team

The Times of Israel 22 September 2014

A 20-year-old German man went on trial in Frankfurt on Monday on charges he was a member of the extremist Islamic State group, the first such case to come to court in


British government to make Muslim schools teach children about Christianity?

Christian Today 22 September 2014
By Cath Martin

A report in the media suggests British government ministers are divided over a proposal to make Muslim schools teach their students about the Christian faith. England's


From gangsta rapper to Islamist militant

YAHOO! News 22 September 2014
By Marc Young

As war in Syria and Iraq attracts a growing number of Muslim extremists from Europe, intelligence officials in Germany believe a former gangsta rapper has joined the inner


'I don't feel sorry for him' Anjem Choudary's cruel outburst on British hostage held by IS

Daily Express 22 September 2014
By Sarah Ann Harris

Choudary said today that he has no sympathy for Alan Henning, a volunteer aid worker who was captured in Syria while delivered food and water to the war-torn country. IS


Taxi driver wanted in connection with sexual assault

This Is Lancashire 22 September 2014
By Andrew Bardsley

A TAXI driver from Bury is being tracked by police in connection with a report of sexual assault. Atif Ratiq, aged 32, is wanted by police in connection with a report of


Hamas Denies Claim Khaled Mashaal to be Expelled From Qatar

algemeiner 22 September 2014

Hamas has denied rumors that its exiled leader, Khaled Mashaal, might be forced to leave Qatar following the expulsion of several top Muslim Brotherhood members. Reports in


Hamas and Fatah Already Fighting Over Gaza Funds

Gatestone Institute 22 September 2014
By Khaled Abu Toameh

"Armed robbery in broad daylight." — Palestinians, after Hamas "seized" $750,000 from Gaza bank. Fatah accused Hamas of "squandering" $700 million of financial aid


VIDEO: Muslim Punches Jew In Health Clinic Waiting Room

Pamela Geller 22 September 2014

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Goulburn Jail: Allah is the cry in the worst riot for ten years

The Daily Telegraph 22 September 2014
By Janet Fife-Yeomans

PRISON officers in riot gear have used tear gas to control maximum security inmates who tore apart Goulburn Jail in a racially fuelled riot ­described as the biggest in 10


The Indian Jihadist Movement: Evolution and Dynamics

Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) 22 September 2014
By Stephen Tankel

Do Indian mujahideen represent a destabilizing threat to US and Western interests in India and to an already wobbly security situation in South Asia? Maybe, says Stephen


Terror raids: The rising fear in Sydney's suburbs

Sydney Morning Herald 22 September 2014
By Tom Allard

It was a terrorist plot marked by its brutality and simplicity, and the ease with which it could be rolled out at a moment's notice: kidnap innocent bystanders, whisk them back


Blasts in China’s Xinjiang kill two, injure ‘many’: govt

Capital Broadcasting Network 22 September 2014

BEIJING, China – Two people were killed and "many” injured by multiple explosions in China’s Xinjiang, the local government said Monday. The blasts struck at least


Inside the Mind of an ISIS Jihadi

The Daily Beast 22 September 2014
By Jamie Dettmer

An FBI profiler and other experts talk about the psychopaths and the deluded young Westerners who join the savage army of the so-called "caliphate.” Some take videos of


The City of London has its own caliphate - and they have away days in Hampshire

City a.m. 19 September 2014
By Sarah Spickernell

Given what we've learned about caliphates over recent months - largely from the rise of the brutal Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East - the City of London, with its


Dutch Islamo-Nazism, Where Did It Come From?

At the beginning of September it became clear, rather suddenly, that Islamo-Nazism in the Netherlands has become substantial and is already a semi-organized movement. Rob


U.S., Europe Ponder Silent Threat From 'Tourist Jihadis'

Bloomberg 19 September 2014
By Mehul Srivastava and Helene Fouquet

As U.S. fighter jets bomb Islamic State strongholds in Iraq, and Australian police officers arrest men intent on capturing and beheading innocents, intelligence agencies are

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