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Tsarnaev blamed bad grades on loss of loved ones in Chechnya

Albany Times Union 25 March 2015
By Denise Lavoie

Three months before he bombed the Boston Marathon, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told college officials he had been unable to concentrate on his studies because he had "lost too many" loved ones in


France: Court house vandalized, "The prophet will judge you”, "Warning” 20 March 2015

No wonder that courts are being attacked: 75 percent of Muslims living in Europe think that religious laws are more important than secular laws. In 2014 a court was bombed in


Mother of Gang Rapist Gives Middle Finger to Finland

Tundra Tabloids 18 March 2015

Rape in Finland becoming a regular phenomenon as in Sweden. This is in connection with the five Somali Muslims who raped a Finnish woman after harassing her on a train and


Pamela Geller Wins Right to Run Ads in Philly

FrontPage Mag 18 March 2015
By Matthew Vadum

A federal court has struck a blow for the First Amendment by ordering Philadelphia’s public transit system to accept an eye-opening ad that spotlights Islamic Jew-hatred and


French police go on trial 10 years after fierce riots

The Local 16 March 2015

Nearly a decade after three weeks of nightly rioting raged across disaffected French housing projects, two police officers go on trial on Monday over the deaths of two youths


Senators Denounce Pastor Abedini Imprisonment In Iran

Women Against Shariah 16 March 2015

U.S. Senators at a subcommittee hearing have been told that high-level U.S. attention to Iran's imprisonment of American Pastor Saeed Abedini is helping to keep him alive, The


The Lessons of Rotherham

National Review 16 March 2015
By Daniel Allott, Jordan Allott and Ben Allen

Political correctness played a major role in a shocking child-sexual-abuse scandal. Last August, Rotherham, an industrial town in northern England, was thrust into the headlines when a government report detailed how gangs of local men had raped and trafficked at least 1,400 girls, some as young as eleven


German court fines relatives for abducting gay Muslim

Toronto Sun 16 March 2015
By Madeline Chambers

A German court fined the father and two uncles of an 18-year-old Muslim citizen for depriving him of his personal freedom when he was a minor in an attempt, the victim says, to


MADRID: Islamic jihad massacre, 11 March, 2004 — #11-M 12 March 2015

Jihad in Spain. The 2004 Madrid train bombings (also known in Spain as 11-M) were simultaneous, coordinated Islamic bombings against the commuter train system of Madrid, Spain,


Kosovo imam faces terror charges

SETimes 12 March 2015
By Linda Karadaku

For the first time, Kosovo is set to prosecute citizens for alleged ties to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terror organisation. Some 55 alleged jihadists


Fundamentalist Towns Under U.S. Scrutiny

Courthouse News Service 12 March 2015

Police in towns dominated by fundamentalist Mormon leader Warren Jeffs' polygamous sect on the Utah-Arizona border altered official reports from the twin towns, the Department


Arrest Ordered for Woman Who Fled With Son Over Circumcision

ABC News 12 March 2015
By Matt Sedensky

A judge issued an arrest order Tuesday for a Florida woman who fled with her son to prevent his circumcision and ignored a demand to appear in court. Circuit Judge Jeffrey Gillen signed


Calgary Imam Wanted In US On Sex Assault Charges lied to gain refugee status & federal court was fine with that

Blazing Cat Fur 11 March 2015

The 46-year-old Somali national, who runs the Abu Bakr Mussallah place of worship in southeast Calgary, was charged after he spent time working as a respiratory therapist in 2006


American Jailed In UAE For ‘Cyber Slander Against Islam’ on Facebook

Breitbart News 11 March 2015
By John Hayward

The Tampa Tribune brings us the amazing and outrageous story of local helicopter mechanic Ryan Pate, who worked as a contractor for a company called Global Aerospace Logistics,


Five Suspects arrested in murder of Boris Nemtsov Murder are reportedly Chechen MUSLIMS

Bare Naked Islam 10 March 2015

The suspect who confessed to killing Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov is a decorated former Chechen Muslim police officer who was deeply offended by depictions of the


Female Islamic State recruiter arrested at Barcelona airport

Swiss News 10 March 2015

A Moroccan woman was arrested at a Spanish airport Saturday on suspicion of recruiting European and North African women to join the Islamic State group, authorities


Norway 'unlikely' to arrest 1982 Paris attack suspect

The Daily Star 9 March 2015

Norway is unlikely to extradite a citizen suspected of links to a 1982 attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris after France issued an arrest warrant for him, an official said


Police bust Muslim gang in Oxfordshire who sexually exploited over 300 girls

Pakistan Today 9 March 2015

A report found that over 300 victims may have been groomed and assaulted by Oxfordshire gangs over the last 16 years. The report found that as many as 373 girls may have


Sobbing parents of Martin Richard hear how Boston bomber purposely planted explosive behind their 8-year-old son – blowing off h 5 March 2015

The child lost so much blood, there was almost none left in his body. The Boston jihadi Tsarnaev "believed what he had done was good, that he is a Muslim soldier in a holy war


Pakistani student found guilty by US court of heading Al Qaeda cell that plotted bomb attacks

blazingcatfur 5 March 2015

A Pakistani student at the helm of an British Al Qaeda cell has been found guilty of plotting to bomb a Manchester shopping centre and the New York subway. Abid Naseer, who

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