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New details on Lieberman's secret trip to Vienna

i24 news 19 September 2014

Israeli FM secretly met with Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz and anti-Muslim Serbian nationalist leader Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, recently


Australian police stop ISIS plot to kidnap victim and videotape beheading in Sydney

New York Daily News 19 September 2014
By Corky Siemaszko

The Islamic State’s sinister plan to spread unholy terror Down Under by snatching a stranger off a Sydney street and cutting off his head was stymied Thursday by police. In


Australia Foils Alleged Beheading Plot Linked to Islamic State

The Wall Street Journal 19 September 2014

Police carried out early morning raids in two major Australian cities, including Sydney, in a strike aimed at disrupting what they said were plans by local Islamic State


Dissident rapper Mouad El Haqed released

Arts Freedom 19 September 2014
By Nadir Bouhmouch

Arrested on 18 May 2014, El Haqed was charged by a lower Casablanca court with public drunkenness and the assault of a police officer. Supporters claim that these are trumped


Islamic professor backing inter-religious marriage shot dead in Pakistan

Aquila Style 19 September 2014

A professor of Islam known for his liberal religious views was shot dead in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi Thursday, officials said, two years after he was labeled an


Attempted Synagogue Arson in Germany Carried Out by Muslims

Frontpage Mag 16 September 2014
By Daniel Greenfield

The New Moderate Nazis are here. At the height of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, amid a major surge in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, Molotov cocktails were thrown at the synagogue


German man, 20, goes on trial for Islamic State membership

The Jerusalem Post 16 September 2014

A German man charged with joining Islamic State forces in Syria last year went on trial in Frankfurt on Monday in the first such case in Germany. Police arrested 20-year-old Kreshnik Berisha, who was


The War at Home

Frontpage Mag 16 September 2014
By Robert Spencer

As the Islamic State beheads a third hostage and the world recoils in horror and reassures itself that all this has nothing to do with Islam, it is useful to remember that jihad activity continues in


Germany tries alleged 'IS' fighter

Deutsche Welle 16 September 2014

A young German who allegedly fought for 'Islamic State' faces trial. Western countries are desperately searching for ways to stop the spread of Islamist propaganda and the


American Teen Shannon Maureen Conley Pleads Guilty For Conspiring With ISIL Fiancé

China Topix 12 September 2014
By Kristina Fernandez

An American teenager Shannon Maureen Conley pleaded guilty to terrorism charges on Wednesday morning for conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State (ISIL)


Rotherham child sex abuse files 'missing from archive'

BBC News Online 11 September 2014

Key reports detailing child sexual exploitation have disappeared from the archives, the outgoing chief executive of Rotherham Council has told MPs. Martin Kimber said he had


5 Muslim Grooming Gang Members On Trial In Sheffield

Kafir Crusaders 11 September 2014

Just a stones throw from scandal hit Yorkshire town, Rotherham. We have another Muslim paedophile gang on trial for sexual exploitation. Grooming gangs are massive problem


Suspect murdered NJ teen as revenge for U.S. military killings in Middle East: police

American Action News 11 September 2014
By Meg Wagner

The shooter accused of gunning down at least four men in two states said he murdered a New Jersey teenager as revenge for Muslims killed overseas. According to court


Four Islamists in dock over railway bomb plot in Germany

GlobalPost 11 September 2014

Germany put on trial Monday four alleged Islamist militants for plotting a failed bomb attack at a railway station and planning the murder of a far-right anti-Muslim


Muslim Majority Grooming Gang Charged In Bucks

kafircrusaders. 11 September 2014

Thames Valley Police said the alleged exploitation of two girls between 2005 and 2012 had prompted the raids Eight men have been charged with sexually abusing girls under


Controversial Canadian Muslim preacher accused of inciting terrorism and arrested in Philippines

National Post 11 September 2014
By Stewart Bell

After being expelled from Germany and banned from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, a Canadian Muslim preacher was detained in the Philippines on Wednesday for


Colorado woman accused of jihadist ties is expected to plead guilty

Los Angeles Times 11 September 2014
By Jenny Deam

The young suburban Denver woman arrested as she tried to board a plane in the hope of joining the Islamic State militant group in Syria is scheduled to plead guilty Wednesday


Three Jihadis Released After Court Decision

A Dutch court has decided that three out of the four jihadis planning to go to Syria should be released, as there is not enough evidence to warrant keeping the two women and


Psychologist on Muslim rape gangs: Psychology of sexual abuse is ingrained in their religion and culture

The Jihad Watch 6 September 2014
By Nicolai Sennels

The recent rape scandal in Rotherham, England, where authorities ignored the fact that packs of Pakistanis were abducting, raping, and torturing children by the hundreds, forcing them to abort


French Islamist tells court he took part in Somalia ambush

Expatica the Netherlands 4 September 2014

A French Islamist suspected of heading a militant network told a Belgium court Tuesday that he took part in a deadly ambush against African peacekeeping troops in

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