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A Warning To The West: A Voice From The Heart Of The Islamic World

No Compulsion 31 January 2015

The following article is not written with "hatred” or "Islamophobia” or "ignorance”. Muslims usually accuse falsely those who dare to criticize Islam or those who make them listen to what they don’t want to hear about their religion. These empty accusations don’t intimidate me now or drive me to a state of


Fact #3: Israel has repeatedly accepted the two state solution

Arab Israeli Conflict 31 January 2015

In 1947, the U.N. voted to partition the British Mandate of Palestine, in light of its recognition that both Jews and Arabs had legitimate claims to the land. The proposed


Man jailed for assaulting boy in woods and in a mosque

Dewsbury Reporter 31 January 2015

A man has been jailed after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a boy in woods and then later in a mosque. The boy’s father went looking for him when he was late home


Video: A word to rioting Muslims

youtube 31 January 2015
By Pat Condell

We don't care if you're offended, and we never will. Get used to it.


Video: Paul Weston: The Immigration Floodgates Are Still Open

youtube 31 January 2015
By Paul Weston

Liberty GB leader Paul Weston explains why immigration must be halted completely.


Boris Johnson: Porn-obsessed Isil jihadis are 'literally w***ers'

The Telegraph 31 January 2015
By Bill Gardner

Young British jihadis are pornography-obsessed inadequates who only turn to radical Islam when they fail to "make it with girls”, Boris Johnson has claimed. The Mayor of


Sharia UK: Police seeking man over derogatory Islam slurs on bus

The Jihad Watch 31 January 2015
By Robert Spencer

Apparently it is now illegal in Britain to criticize Islam on a bus. Can one criticize Islam on a plane? Can one criticize Islam on a train? Or are they all right out now in


Rotherham Victim Says Abusers 'Untouchable'

Sky News 31 January 2015
By Jason Farrell

A survivor of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham claims she still sees her abusers "driving young girls in their car", as a Sky News investigation reveals hundreds of new


Think Scandinavia Is Paradise? Think Again

PJ Media 31 January 2015
By Michael Walsh

That’s expat Michael Booth’s considered opinion in a Washington Post essay today: I live in Denmark, and although it appears to have been surpassed as the happiest country


It should NOT be a crime to join ISIS, says Green party leader who does not want to punish people for what they think

The Daily Mail 31 January 2015
By Matt Chorley

The Green party does not believe people should be banned from joining ISIS or Al Qaeda, its leader has revealed. In an extraordinary claim, Natalie Bennett said people should


Video: A special kind of hate

You Tube 30 January 2015
By Pat Condell


Europe's Real "Resistance"

The Gatestone Institute 30 January 2015
By Bassam Tawil

Europe's policies of encouraging groups such as Hamas, which constantly espouse violence, demolishes the Palestinian effort to achieve a responsible Palestinian state that


Why Won't the BBC Call Charlie Hebdo Attackers Terrorists?

The Clarion Project 30 January 2015
By Elliot Friedland

The head of the BBC Arabic Service refused to use the term terrorist to describe the Al-Qaeda affiliated gunmen responsible for the attack on French satirical magazine Charlie


Jordan Horner banned from protesting or demonstrating with 13 other people

guardian-series 30 January 2015
By Natalie Glanvill

A radical Muslim convert already banned from promoting Sharia law in London has had the terms of his anti-social behaviour order amended. Jordan Horner, 21, of Radbourne


Kenya drops some charges against British terror suspect

Yeahoo News 30 January 2015

A Kenyan court acquitted a suspected British Islamist militant of nine charges Wednesday but the key charge of terrorism for which he is on trial remains, a magistrate


Schools 'should be promoting British values' to combat extremism

itv 30 January 2015

All schoolchildren should be learning "British values" in order to combat extremism, the Education Secretary has said. Nicky Morgan told a think-tank that students should be


'I regard FGM as abhorrent', accused doctor tells court

BBC News 30 January 2015

An NHS doctor accused of performing female genital mutilation on a young mother has told jurors he regards the practice as abhorrent. Dhanuson Dharmasena, 32, is accused of


UK: Anti-Semitic Muslim Gang Went 'Jew-Bashing' During Gaza War

Israel National News 30 January 2015
By Ari Soffer

Members of a Muslim gang who carried out a terrifying anti-Semitic attack in England last summer have pleaded guilty to racially aggravated common assault, according to the


English court on female genital mutilation and male circumcision

The Washington Post 30 January 2015
By Eugene Volokh

An interesting opinion, in In the Matter of B & G (Eng. & Wales Family Ct., Leeds Jan. 14, 2015). The background: These are care proceedings in relation to two children, B,


Islamic Terrorism: The Taboo Topic

Gatestone Institue 28 January 2015
By Uzay Bulut

The political violence of the Koran is eternal and universal. The political violence of the Bible was for that particular historical time and place. This is the vast difference between Islam and