United Kingdom

Legoland hotel closed for weekend after threats over Muslim 'Funday'

CNN 7 March 2014
By Tom Watkins

It was the threats that took the fun out of "Family Funday."
A Muslim group had sold more than 4,000 tickets to the private event, set for this Sunday at a theme park in suburban


UK party suspends member for insulting Muslim women

World Bulletin 7 march 2014

Chris Johannides, who is of Greek Cypriot origin, was banned by the Conservative Party after he compared Muslim womens' burkas to black dustbin liners. A council member in the London borough


Ritual Slaughter 'Cruelty' Ban: Muslims and Jews Unite in Battle with Government's Top Vet

International Business Times 7 March 2014
By Samantha Payne

Britain's top vet has been accused of 'inflaming' prejudice within the Jewish and Muslim communities following his proposal to stop the ritual slaughter of animals. John Blackwell


EDL "terrorise” Legoland staff over Muslim family day out

Index on Censorship 5 March 2014
By Alastair Sloan

A day out for Muslim families at the childrens’ theme park Legoland in Windsor was cancelled last week after multiple threats were received from far-right groups. The Daily


Video: Pat Condell "Message to offended Muslims"

youtube 4 March 2014
By Pat Condell

Boo-hoo, poor you.


Boris Johnson: Children at risk of Islamic extremism should be taken into care

Metro 4 March 2014
By Evan Bartlett

Boris Johnson has claimed that Muslim children at risk of radicalisation from their parents should be taken into care. The mayor of London believes that children at risk of extremist


The Rising Sex Traffic in Forced Islamic Marriage

Middle East Forum 4 March 2014
By Mark Durie

In 2008, the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and Nicholas Phillips, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, both suggested that the UK could consider, in Lord Phillips's


UK Uncovers Islamist Plot to Take Over State Schools

The Sunday Times 4 March 2014
By Richard Kerbaj and Sian Griffiths

An apparent plot by Muslim fundamentalists to destabilise and take over state schools in England is being investigated by council officials and monitored by police. Birmingham city council began


Video: Reality of UK Muslim child pimping: 4% Muslims have 200x more perpetrators than any other goups

The Muslim Issue 4 March 2014

These numbers, that Muslims who consist of only 4% of the UK population have 200 times the number of sexual perpetrators than any other group, is only a small number of the actual reality.


UK Muslim Brotherhood Leader Featured At Demo In Support Of Former Guantanamo Inmate Held By UK Police

According to event publicity materials, UK Muslim Brotherhood leader Anas Altikriti was the lead speaker in a demonstration held today in support of ex-Guantanamo prisoner Moazzam Begg


Ex-Guantánamo detainee Moazzam Begg held in Birmingham terror raids

The Guardian 4 March 2014
By Vikram Dodd

Begg, released from Guantánamo without charge, arrested with two men and a woman on suspicion of Syria-related offences. The former Guantánamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg


Joining Syrian ranks of al-Qaeda 'in vogue' for young British Muslims

The Telegraph 4 March 2014
By Holly Watt and Claire Newell

“Multiple thousands” of young British Muslim men using internet to research visits to war zone and then to boast about their exploits. Travelling to Syria to fight for al-Qaeda is “in vogue”


Women teachers told not to apply for jobs at UK Muslim school

RT 2 March 2014

An Islamic boy’s school in Leicester, central England, advertised for a new science teacher but ruled out any female applicants. Secular campaigners are saying this is


Britain: Islamists Create Climate of Fear to Curb Free Speech

Gatestone Institute 2 March 2014
By Soeren Kern

"My intention was to carve out a space to be heard without constantly fearing the blasphemy charge, on pain of death." — Maajid Nawaz, Liberal Democratic Party candidate for Britain's


Two “Soldiers of God” Go Ballistic in the Courtroom Read more: Family Security Matters

Because Great Britain does not have the death penalty, the judge in Court Room No. 2 of Old Bailey in London pronounced sentence on the two African young men


Louise Mensch Praises British Muslims On Twitter - But Sunny Hundal Is Sikh

The Huffington Post 2 March 2014

Former Conservative MP Louise Mench was left red-faced on Wednesday night, naming "British Muslims" she respected, without realising one of them is a Sikh


Young American & British Muslims

American Thinker 1 March 2014
By Paul Austin Murphy

You might have noted that many non-Muslim commentators suggest (or hint) that it's a good thing that Muslims in the U.S. and UK are less 'ethnic' than they used to be. Good for whom, exactly?


Lee Rigby Murder: Radical Islamists who slaughtered British soldier on busy London street get jailed for life

India Today 28 February 2014

Two British Muslim converts were sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday for hacking a soldier to death on a London street in broad daylight, a gruesome killing that horrified the nation


Video: 5th Passion For Freedom Festival

Passion For Freedom 27 February 2014

Passion for Freedom gives a unique opportunity for artists to openly debate and exercise freedom of speech.


Teenage Jihadists, Car Burnings and Muslim-Only Cemeteries

Gatestone Institute 27 February 2014
By Soeren Kern

During a press conference on January 14, French President François Hollande revealed that French intelligence services believe more than 700 French nationals and residents