Video: Downward Spiral: Erdogan's Radical Makeover of Turkey

CBN 5 April 2014
By Erick Stakelbeck

From Harry Truman to Barack Obama, U.S. administrations have long viewed Turkey as a key ally and force for moderation in the Muslim world. In recent years, however, Turkey has moved in a radically different direction: journalists thrown in jail, Twitter and YouTube shut down, and political opponents threatened with prosecution.


Soviet Sweden? Model Nation Sliding to Third World

CBN 5 April 2014
By Dale Hurd

When President Barack Obama visited Sweden last year, he expressed his deep admiration for the Swedish model. But that should make Americans a little nervous. One U.N. report says Sweden will be a third-world nation in about 15 years, below Libya and Bulgaria. Sweden is a society that believes it is racing into the future, but critics warn that it is racing to the bottom.


Video: "Women's Voices Can't be Silenced"

The Clarion Project 5 April 2014

Heidi Basch-Harod, producer of Honor Diaries, talks about the scale and impact of the abuses of honor violence, FGM and other abuses. Clarion Project's National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro interviews one of the producers of Honor Diaries Heidi Basch-Harod.


Video: Prime Minister orders Muslim Brotherhood probe

Belfast Telegraph 5 April 2014

The Prime Minister has ordered an inquiry into the Muslim Brotherhood's "philosophy and activities", with information being gathered by both MI5 and MI6. Speaking at a No 10 news conference, he said that the Government was committed to encouraging people away from the path of extremism.


Video: CAIR Reacts to Megyn Kelly's Epic Smackdown!

Answering Muslims 5 April 2014
By David Wood

This video is a possibly futile attempt to teach the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) a lesson about consistency.


Video: Hamas-CAIR Tries To Shut Down Documentary on Honor Killing

Creeping Sharia 5 April 2014

And succeeds in the occupied territory of Dearbornistan. "CAIR should be hosting screenings rather than shutting them down.” via CAIR Tries To Shut Down ‘The Honor Diaries’ | actjonesboroar.


Video: Leading French patriot stabbed while celebrating local election victories of the (anti-Islam) Front National Party

Bare Naked Islam 3 April 2014

Following Marine Le Pen’s Front National Party’s excellent results in France’s municipal elections over the weekend, Philippe Vardon, a leading French patriot, who has been involved with the Bloc Identitaire movement, was stabbed in Fréjus while celebrating the Front National’s victory there.


Video: So, this is how Barack Hussein Obama is getting weapons from Benghazi to the jihadists/terrorists in Syria

Bare Naked Islam 3 April 2014

I always knew they were going through Turkey but wasn’t exactly sure how. In case you forgot, this was the reason Ambassador Christopher Stevens was at a U.S. mission/warehouse, NOT a consulate, in Libya.