Video: Pat Condell "Sweden - Ship of fools "

youtube 16 October 2014
By Pat Condell

The shape of things to come on planet "progressive".


British Islamist Abu Baraa in Support of ISIS: We Can Start Having Slave Girls Again

youtube 16 October 2014

In several videos, posted on the Internet during July and August, British Islamist Mizanur Rahman (a.k.a. Abu Baraa) came out in defense of the Islamic State. According to Abu


Berlin Imam: Anti-ISIS Coalition Fans the Flames of Terrorism

youtube 16 October 2014

In a Friday sermon delivered at the Ibrahim Al-Khalil Mosque in Berlin, Imam Abdel Kader Dawud said: "It is this hypocrisy, this coalition that sides with one party


Video: Geert Wilders 10 year threat interview

Geert Wilders Weblog 16 October 2014

Please click here for the post at Gates of Vienna, including a video transcript


Hey UK! Is this one of the "thousands of Muslim terrorist suspects you are monitoring?”

BareNakedIslam 16 October 2014

Or does he get a pass, like all the other Muslim hate preachers/parasites, who are traitors to your country? From the UK, Abu Baraa, expresses joy over ISIS and the emerging


Video: Turkey Sits Out Battle in Syrian Border City

Wall Street Journal 11 October 2014
By Yaroslav Trofimov

Turkey’s unwillingness to intervene in the battle over a predominantly Kurdish Syrian city on its border has earned the country harsh criticism from Washington, exposing a


Video: Pro-ISIS radicals with machetes, knives attack Kurds in Germany

RT 10 October 2014

Peaceful protests against IS in Syria and Iraq organized by Kurdish nationals in several German cities ended with serious clashes with pro-jihadist Muslims in Hamburg and Celle. Police had to


Video: Netherlands under threat of terror attacks by Dutch jihadists returning from Syria

Bare Naked Islam 10 October 2014

The threats are coming from a "Dutch” Jihadist fighting in Allepo Syria. His threats on video and Twitter were directed toward the Dutch government and especially against the military,