Video: FAKE! PHONY! PURE CRAP! Muslim-produced social experiment attempts to show how Australians...

Bare Naked Islam 9 October 2014

How would Australians react if they witnessed a Muslim person being abused? In a social experiment orchestrated by Muslim filmmaker Kamal Saleh, we see Muslims in Islamic


Video: Watch Ben Affleck and Bill Maher fight about radical Islam

Lightly Buzzed 6 October 2014
By Dan Zinski

Noted anti-religion nut Bill Mayer and good Catholic boy Ben Affleck really went at it last night on Maher’s as-yet-uncancelled HBO show "Steal Time.


Young Nasrallah: Lebanon Should Be Part of the Islamic Republic Ruled by Iran's Leader

youtube 6 October 2014
Memri TV

In an address delivered by Hassan Nasrallah in the late 1980s, he said: "Lebanon should not be an Islamic republic on its own, but rather, part of


Video: Fatah official accuses Hamas of stealing $700m from Gazans Read more: Fatah official accuses Hamas of stealing $700m

The Times of Israel 6 October 2014
By Stuart Winer

Despite a recent rapprochement between the rival Palestinian factions, a Fatah spokesman recently accused the Hamas terror of stealing $700 million in charity donations that were supposed


Video: Ben Affleck in heated TV debate over Islam

The Independent 6 October 2014

The actor-director Ben Affleck makes a passionate defence of Islam on Bill Maher television show


Islamic State - Do We Believe Obama or Mohammed?

youtube 29 September 2014
By Bill Warner

Obama and the media tell us that Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL, has nothing to do with Islam. Well, Mohammed says that Islamic State is pure Islam.


Video History: Islamic Conquest of Persia

islam-watch 29 September 2014

By 639, Islam's growing new caliphate included the Arabian Peninsula, Syria, Palestine, and most of Mesopotamia. The Muslims had delivered a devastating blow to the Christian


American Cleric Yasir Qadhi Calls upon Westerners to Refrain from Jihad in Syria

youtube 29 September 2014

In a lecture delivered in Oslo, Norway, Yasir Qadhi, an influential American cleric and scholar, said that while Jihad against Bashar Al-Assad was "the greatest Jihad,"


Video:Switzerland: Muslims Laugh, Celebrate While Christian Church Burns To The Ground

Atlas Shrugs 27 September 2014
By Pamela Geller

Imagine if a video emerged of Christians and Jews laughing and celebrating as a mosque burned to the ground. Bam! "Switzerland: Muslims Laugh, Celebrate While Christian