Qatar is a key partner to Bulgaria 19 April 2013

Qatar is a key partner to Bulgaria, which has the potential to take part in specific infrastructure projects, said Bulgarian caretaker PM Marin Raykov. Wednesday Raykov


The highest minaret in Europe is in Serbia

InSerbia News 19 April 2013

Funded by Muslim believers from Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, USA, Australia and other parts of the world, in village Delimede on Pešter, Tutin muncipality, new Islamic Centre


Bosnia: church near Srebrenica mass grave 'a provocation'

ANSAmed 18 April 2013

The US Embassy in Sarajevo on Tuesday called on authorities from the Republika Srpska (RS - a Serbian-majority enclave in Bosnia) and from the Serbian Orthodox church to desist


Predictable: EU-mediated talks over the status of Serb-dominated northern Kosovo fail to reach a deal

sheikyermami 4 April 2013

EU-mediated talks over the status of Serb-dominated northern Kosovo fail to reach a deal. (al Jizz) Leaders from Serbia and Kosovo have failed to come to agreement on the


EU under pressure to blacklist Hezbollah 2 April 2013

France and Germany reportedly are prepared to brand Hezbollah's military arm a terrorist group after the conviction of an operative in Cyprus on terror-related charges


Turkey scraps flights to Armenia after Azeri resistance

Saudi Gazette 2 April 2013
By Jonathon Burch

Turkey has cancelled the first ever scheduled Turkish flights to its long-time rival Armenia, days before the first plane was due to take off, officials have said, following


Belgian police to show arms haul after terror suspect killed

Expatica 28 March 2013

Belgian police were Wednesday due to display guns, ammunition and explosives seized after a motorway chase ended in a deadly shootout with a man suspected of terrorist


Bulgaria: EU could still act against Hezbollah

JPOST.COM 28 March 2013

BRUSSELS - Bulgaria will provide more evidence Hezbollah planned an attack that killed five Israelis last year, in a move it said on Wednesday should convince European Union


Bosnian extremist wants to tax non-Muslims 27 March 2013

A Bosnian Wahhabi leader was heard calling for a ten-percent tax to be introduced for Serbs and Croats in that country - modeled after Ottoman practices. A video was posted


Turkey to restore two more mosques in Balkans

World Bulletin 27 March 2013

Following Ottomans' withdrawal from the Balkans in 1912, several Ottoman monuments were destroyed while several of them left to their fate. Turkey, in the last ten years, had


Dutch soldier awarded damages for Srebrenica massacre trauma 26 March 2013

A Dutch soldier must be paid damages by the government for the trauma he suffered while serving as a UN peacekeeper in Srebrenica, the highest Dutch military court said on


Religious Freedom in Bulgaria

TheHuffingtonPost 26 March 2013
By John Feffer

The "case of the 13 imams" sounds almost mythic. But the current case the Bulgarian government is prosecuting against 13 imams from the area of Pazardzhik -- west of Plovdiv on


Bulgaria will not take lead in blacklisting Hezbollah, says PM

Israel Hayom 19 March 2013

Interim Prime Minister Marin Raikov says he won't push for EU sanctions on Lebanese Shiite group despite its clear link to Burgas attack • All 27 EU member states must agree on


Bulgarian Turks: Revival Process Should Be Included in Schoolbooks 19 March 2013

The former Bulgarian Communist's regime attempt to forcefully assimilate Bulgarian Muslims, known and the "Revival Process", should be included in the country's history


Athens Mosque Will Cost Greece $1.1M

Greek Reporter 12 March 2013
By Andy Dabilis

It will cost the cash-strapped Greek government, which is cutting pay, raising taxes and slashed pensions for workers, pensioners and the poor, some 846,000 euros, about $1.1


Europe Rolls Over for Hezbollah Blackmail

Gatestone Institute 12 March 2013
By Soeren Kern

The recent cases in Bulgaria and Cyrus provide irrefutable evidence that Hezbollah is highly active in Europe, where it raises funds, launders money, traffics drugs, recruits operatives and plots attacks with impunity

The main objective of Israeli President Shimon Peres's week-long state visit to Brussels, Paris and Strasbourg March 5-12 is apparently to persuade reluctant European leaders to designate Lebanon's Hezbollah movement a terrorist organization.


Italy, UK, Greece confirm Nigeria hostage deaths

CNN 12 March 2013
By Matt Smith

Britain, Italy and Greece on Sunday confirmed that hostages from their countries were among seven construction workers reported killed in Nigeria over the weekend. "This was


'Radical Islam' Trial Set to Resume in Bulgaria 12 March 2013

A Bulgarian court is to hold a new hearing Monday in the trial against thirteen religious leaders accused of preaching radical Islam. The defendants face up to five years in


Qatar-Bosnia business Forum to boost economic relations

Peninsula Online 12 March 2013

Qatar-Bosnia and Herzegovina Business Forum was held in Doha last night between Qatari businessmen and their Bosnian counterparts, in presence of Deputy Prime Minister and


Kosovo's radicals form first Balkan Islamist political party 7 March 2013
By Katerina Nikolas

Pristina - Opinion is divided in Pristina over the legitimacy of a newly formed Islamic political party registering as a political entity. Bashkohu will be the first fundamentalist Islamist political

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