Bosnia Divided

ROADS & KINGDOMS 15 May 2014
By Luke Ginnell

There is a natural desire, on the part of everyone from pundits to fans to football bureaucrats, to exult in the power of the World Cup to unify. This is especially true in


Bosnia: Law allowing jail terms for jihadists adopted

In Serbia 2 May 2014

The upper house of parliament voted unanimously in favor of the bill, which states that any Bosnian citizen found guilty of joining a foreign military or paramilitary organization to fight


Turkey must accept the truth about the Armenian Genocide

Full Comment 29 April 2014
By Jonathan Kay

Though almost a century has passed since the beginning of the Armenian Genocide on April 24, 1915, it is important that we continue to mark its occurrence — especially because there


New muftis appointed in Bosnia 28 April 2014

The Assembly of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at its session in Sarajevo on Saturday, confirmed the appointment of a number of new muftis and amended its


Never again, never forget: Remembering the Armenian genocide

Daily Collegian 24 April 2014
By Maral Margossian

William Saroyan, an Armenian-American writer, wrote in his short story “The Armenian and the Armenian,” “I should like to see any power of the world destroy this race, this small tribe


Genocide and evacuation of Armenian children from Ottoman Empire during 1915-1923

Panorama 24 April 2014

As a result of the Armenian Genocide about 500 000 Armenian children were killed during 1915-1923 (they were burned, poisoned, strangled), some of them died of starvation


Kurds and the Armenian Genocide

AINA 24 April 2014
By Deniz Serinci

What role did the Kurds play in the Armenian genocide under the Ottomans? On April 24 every year, Armenians worldwide commemorate the genocide, in which between 1-1.5 million died


Turkey’s Armenian syndrome

Al Monitor 23 April 2014
By Fehim Tastekin

On April 20, a solemn couple lit candles and prayed in a church in Derik, a town near Turkey’s ancient city of Mardin, that has come to symbolize religious peace. They were there all alone, for the Surp Kevork Armenian Church has neither a bishop nor any parishioners but them.


Hundreds protest MB death sentences in Bosnia

World Bulletin 23 April 2014

More than 200 demonstrators gathered in the Bosnian capital to protest against the death penalty for 528 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The crowds chanted slogans


A "Wadjda" for Kosovo

Gatestone Institute 22 April 2014
By Visar Duriqi

Saudi Arabia, a male-dominated country, is changing slowly. One example of its cautious new openness is the 2012 movie Wadjda, Saudi Arabia's first feature film, by its first female director, Haifaa Al-Mansour.


Neighbors say Kosovo smuggles drugs and organs

Money Jihad 14 April 2014

The president of the Czech Republic says that Kosovo, a self-declared independent state that is 95 percent Muslim, is funding terrorism from drug smuggling. President Zeman’s


Srebrenica relatives drag Dutch state to court

Relatives of those killed in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre opened a civil suit against the Dutch government on Monday, saying its peacekeepers should have helped prevent


U.S. study: Serbs and Croats do not want Bosnia

B92 7 April 2014

The study, that the Banja Luka daily Nezavisne Novine had access to, was produced last year by the Congressional Research Service think-tank, instead pointed the finger at local Serbs


After 44 Years, This European Country Is Finally Getting Its First Mosque

TakePart 1 April 2014
By Rebecca McCray

After 44 years of petitions from the Islamic community, many in this tiny central European country hope that the opening of Slovenia's first mosque marks the beginning of its


Angelina Jolie Emotional in Sarajevo; Cries for the Rape Victims of Bosnian War

International Business Times 31 March 2014
By Jenille Cristy Maido

Angelina Jolie went on a visit in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, March 27, not as a Hollywood actress to promote her film, but as a United Nations Special Envoy with a mission


Fully Half Of The Area's Muslims Are Bosnians

St. Louis Public Radio31 March 2014
By Patricia Rice

Mehnaz Afridi was astonished to learn that half of this area’s Muslims are Bosnians. The Muslim scholar will be in the area March 31 to give the Lee Institute lecture on the issues faced by


Serbia "to protect survival" of Serb entity

B92 25 March 2014

But the deputy prime minister in the outgoing government and leader of the SNS party added that the country "would always protect the survival of the Serb political entity in


War is over – now Serbs and Bosniaks fight to win control of a brutal history 25 March 2014
By Julian Borger

After survivors and bereaved families put up a memorial to the mass slaughter in 1992 of Muslims in Višegrad, the response of the Serb authorities in the eastern Bosnian town


Bosnian Serb war criminal Radislav Krstic brought to Poland to serve sentence

Edmonton Journal 25 March 2014

WARSAW, Poland - A Bosnian Serb war criminal has been brought to Poland to serve out his sentence after he was assaulted


Crimea legally declares independence, Kosovo was illegal

B92 22 March 2014

President of the Serb Republic, RS, Milorad Dodik stated in Banja Luka that "no parallels can be drawn between the situation in Kosovo and that in Crimea." This is because

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