Turkey extends mandate for Iraq strikes on Kurd rebels

AFP 6 October 2011

ANKARA — Turkey's parliament on Wednesday extended the government's mandate to order military strikes against Kurdish rebels holed up in neighbouring Iraq. The vote comes as increasing attacks by


Evangelical Christians Targets of Religious Persecution

AINA (press release) 30 September 2011

Iranian authorities should immediately free pastor Yousef Nadarkhani and drop all charges against him, Human Rights Watch said today. Nadarkhani, who has been charged with apostasy and is in Rasht


Al-Qaeda Collects $5m Monthly in Iraqi City of Mosul

MEMRI 15 September 2011

The Islamic State of Iraq, the Iraqi branch of al-Qaeda, is reported to be collecting $5 million a month in the form of a protection racket for business establishments, pharmacies and jewelers in the


Killing of 22 Shiite pilgrims underscores Iraq's insecurity 14 September 2011

BAGHDAD -- Twenty-two Shiite Muslim men were slain late Monday in Iraq's Anbar province in a reminder that the country remains a place of startling violence just three months before U.S. troops are


Swedish terror suspects are immigrants from Somalia, Iraq

The Washington Post 13 September 2011

STOCKHOLM — Four men arrested on terror suspicions over the weekend in Sweden’s second-largest city were identified in court documents Monday as local residents in their 20s and originally from


9-11, Ten Years Later: Islam’s Unmitigated Success

Chronicles 12 September 2011
By Dr. Srdja Trifkovic

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I thought that the Muslims had made a big blunder. At first I believed that they had scored an auto-goal: this was the sort of thing that would shake up the Western world, wake it up to the fact that the Islamic demographic deluge—a process that had been in full swing for some two decades prior to 2001—would now be subjected to some long-overdue critical scrutiny to which the politicians would have to respond. I hoped that the end-result might be the kind of formative, life-altering awakening that, particularly in the case of Western Europe, would prevent our further slide into self-destruction.


Turkish planes bomb Kurdish rebels in Iraq

Africasia  19 August 2011

Turkish planes bombed Kurdish PKK positions in northern Iraq for a second night Thursday, the rebels and news agencies said, hours after Ankara vowed new tough measures to counter the outlawed


Kemal Burkay: Iraqi Kurdistan Can Be A Model For Turkey

Rudaw 16 August 2011

ANKARA, Turkey -- After living in exile in Sweden for 31 years, Kurdish leader Kemal Burkay enjoyed a surprisingly warm welcome when he returned to Istanbul last month. Immediately after his arrival,


Seven killed in twin west Iraq blasts: police

AFP 4 August 2011

BAGHDAD — Twin bomb attacks in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi killed seven people and wounded 13 others on Wednesday evening, part of nationwide violence that left 10 dead, security officials


Bomb Attack Outside Iraqi Christian Church Wounds 23

Voice of Africa 3 August 2011

Police in northern Iraq say a car bomb has exploded outside a Christian church in the ethnically-divided city of Kirkuk, wounding at least 23 people. Authorities said the blast Tuesday damaged the


Post-Surge Iraq: 2010 'Worst Year' for Christian Minority

American Thinker 18 July 2011
By Andrew G. Bostom

General David Petraeus continues to receive plaudits for the "successful surge" in Iraq -- based upon his credo, "What have you done to win Iraqi hearts and minds today?" -- as he transitions to becoming the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Asia Times, in this report, provides more evidence of how ephemeral, if not meaningless, the so-called "success" of that surge, contingent on winning Iraqi Muslim "hearts and minds," actually was.


Islamists Kill 92 Iraqi Christians For Their Faith In 2010

Weasel Zippers 18 July 2011

The year 2010 was the worst year to date for the Christian community in Iraq, it has been revealed by the organization for human rights in Iraq, Hammurabi. Many Christians were forced to leave the


Bomb hits French embassy convoy in Baghdad

Times of India  21 June 2011

BAGHDAD: Seven people were wounded on Monday when a French embassy convoy was hit by a make-shift bomb in Baghdad in the second attack on the mission's vehicles in a month, an embassy official and


Video: Some American Muslims honor Ayatollah Khomeini

act for america 15 June 2011

Ayatollah Khomeini was a terrorist and a jihadist. He established a brutally repressive regime that is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world today. But in this short video news


Nepali women victims of prostitution and slavery in Muslim countries

Jihad Watch 10 June 2011

Might this have to do with the belief that Muhammad legitimized sex slavery for infidel women? 'Nepali women victims of prostitution and slavery in Arab countries," by Kalpit Parajuli for


Talabani: Our Relations With Saudi Arabia Are Strategic

MEMRI 7 June 2011

In an interview with the London daily al-Sharq al-Awsat, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani characterized his country's relations with Saudi Arabia as "necessary and strategic."


Iraqi Youth Challenge Extremists on Facebook

Al-Arabiya  23 May 2011
By Noora Faraj

In Basra, Iraq, a Facebook group representing the city youths are frustrated with a group of extremists who have attempted against their rights on a peaceful sit-in. Having an appreciation for


Video: Muslims Terrorizing Christian Girls in Iraq

FrontPage Magazine 20 May 2011
By Frank Kitman

I edited and translated a most heartbreaking testimony by Sister Hatune of the Syrian-Orthodox monastery in Warburg, Germany. She makes an amazing effort to help and protect the ruthlessly persecuted Christians in Iraq.


Video: Blood of the Martyrs: Christian Man Tortured, Beheaded in Kirkuk

Catholic Online  20 May 2011
By Deacon Keith Fournier

On Monday, May 16, 2011, a 29 year old Christian husband and father of three children was kidnapped by Islamic militants in Iraq. His mutilated body, showing signs of extreme torture, was found by a bridge. His head had been severed and his eyes gouged out.

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