The Balkans confront rogue mosques

SETimes 6 September 2014
By Miki Trajkovski

The Balkan Islamic Communities need to co-operate more closely with authorities to control rogue mosques and prevent them from becoming recruiting centres for conflicts in


British hostage threatened by Jihadi John helped Muslims in Balkans

The Telegraph 6 September 2014
By Bill Gardner and Gordon Rayner

A British hostage threatened with beheading by Islamist terrorists spent years helping Muslims rebuild war-torn communities in the Balkans, it has emerged. Former colleagues


Terrorism recruits a threat back at home

The Spectator 6 September 2014

Religious extremists killing and recruiting. What is it about religion that brings out the zealots who declare that their version of religion is the proper one and they are


Islamic State recruits fighters through social media campaigns

In Serbia 6 September 2014

Terrorist organization ISIS is using social media campaigns to urge young Europeans to travel to Syria and Iraq and become radical Muslims, and it still remains fairly unclear


Obama Denies Existence of Fundamentalist Islam

Breitbart 6 September 2014
By Abraham H. Miller

The brutal murder of war correspondent James Foley drew a strange response from President Barack Obama. In his address to the American public, Obama told us that Foley’s


Islamic State: The Best-Funded Jihadist Group in History

Shariah Finance Watch 6 September 2014

"[Islamic State’s] criminal activities—robbery, extortion, and trafficking—have helped the organization become the best-funded terrorist group in history,” the senators wrote.


US-Iranian military, intelligence cooperation in war on ISIS reaps first successes in Syria and Iraq 5 September 2014

At least 18 foreign ISIS fighters including Americans and Europeans were killed Thursday, Sept. 4, in a Syrian air raid of the Al Qaeda-ISIS’ northern Syrian headquarters in


Bosnia police arrest more than a dozen for supporting terrorism in Iraq, Syria

Deutsche Welle 5 September 2014

Some 200 Bosnian police launched a sweep against suspected Islamist militants on Wednesday, targeting 17 locations across the country. At least 15 people were arrested


Iraq and Syria: the Situation in Six Maps

AINA (press release) 4 September 2014
By Maher Mughrabi

In recent weeks the long-running Syrian civil war - which began after a brutal crackdown on protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad - has grown into a larger conflict


Video: Homeland Security Chair: 200 Americans Fighting for Islamic State in Syria, Iraq

Atlas Shrugs 4 September 2014
By Pamela Geller

"Homeland Security Chair: Up to 200 Americans Fighting for Islamic State in Syria, Iraq,” September 2, 2014 • By Daniel Halper House Homeland Security Committee


Obama silent on crisis threatening 200,000 3 September 2014
By Bob Unruh

A looming humanitarian crisis threatening the lives of 200,000 or more is being ignored by the United States, according to activists trying to save the thousands of Christians


Video: Bulldozing the Border Between Iraq and Syria: The Islamic State (Part 5)

youtube 3 September 2014
By VICE News

On August 8, nearly three years after the United States pulled out of Iraq, President Barack Obama ordered airstrikes to commence on Islamic State positions in northern Iraq, as the group’s fighters advanced towards the Kurdish capital of Erbil.


Is Jihad Un-Islamic?

FrontPage Magazine 2 September 2014
By Fjordman

So-called "Islamophobes” such as Bat Ye’or and others have been warning for years against the possible rise of a new Islamic Caliphate. They have been largely ignored and partly ridiculed for doing so.


Video: Cameron: ISIS a ‘Direct Threat to Every European Country’

Breitbart 2 September 2014

British Prime Minister David Cameron echoed the belief of the European Council that ISIS poses a "direct threat to every European country” in a speech on Monday.


Islamic State and the appeal of 72 Virgins-in-waiting: Video games, boredom and the lack of future prospects

RT 2 September 2014
By Dr. Can Erimtan

Muslim extremism has been NATO's enemy-of-choice since the mid-1990's, and now this amorphous opponent has once again assumed the shape of a recognizable organization headed by


Merkel Says Islamic State Is Regional Threat Beyond Iraq

Businessweek 2 September 2014
By Patrick Donahue

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Islamic State militants pose a threat beyond the Middle East, justifying Germany’s decision to arm Iraqi security forces to counter the group’s


Difficult times now and in the future for Iraq’s minorities

The Daily Star 2 September 2014
By Christine Allison

In Nineveh Province, in northern Iraq, an extinction event unfolds. The delicate latticework of religious communities that have co-existed for centuries has been smashed by the


Video: Christians in the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 4)

youtube 2 September 2014
By VICE News

The lightning advances of the Islamic State across Syria and Iraq in June shocked the world. But it’s not just the group's military victories that have garnered attention — it’s also the pace with which its members have begun to carve out a viable state.


British Student Hails 'Golden Era Of Jihad'

Breitbart 1 September 2014
By Nick Hallett

A 21-year-old British student has posted a video on social media urging Muslims to join the "golden era of jihad". Hamzah Parvez had told his family he had gone to study in


Islamic State: Winning Over Next Generation of Jihadis

The Clarion Project 1 September 2014
By Ryan Mauro

The Islamic State is winning over the next generation of Sunni jihadists for two main reasons: Success and "coolness.” Many Islamic State supporters are foul-mouthed, highly

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