The "Explosive Growth" of Jihadism in the Netherlands

The Gatestone Institute 4 November 2014
By Soeren Kern

"The increasing momentum of Dutch jihadism poses an unprecedented threat to the democratic legal order of the Netherlands." — Dutch intelligence service, AIVD. "For adherents unable or unwilling to join the armed struggle in Syria or elsewhere, social media offers a form of involvement that allows


Isil jihadists 'offered teenager $25,000 to carry out bombings in Vienna'

The Telegraph 4 November 2014
By Justin Huggler

A 14-year-old boy suspected of planning a series of bombings in Vienna was reported on Thursday to have been offered $25,000 (L16,000) by the Islamic State of Iraq and the


French bomb-maker with Khorasan radicalized over 'several years'

CNN 4 November 2014
By Paul Cruickshank

When the United States unleashed 47 U.S. Navy Tomahawk missiles on September 22 on suspected Khorasan Group sites to the west of Aleppo, Syria, one of their top targets was an


Video: ISIS slave auction video

American Thinker 4 November 2014
By Thomas Lifson

ISIS warriors cite the Koran as they look forward to raping captured Yazidi slave women. This is the most disgusting spectacle in a long time. This should be required viewing for anyone who


Bulgarian Man Fighting for Haqqani 'Died in NE Pakistan'

Novinite 4 November 2014

A Bulgarian man died in Pakistan while fighting on the Islamist insurgent group Haqqani network in 2013, an investigation of a leading Bulgarian channel shows. The man


Islamic State may use Ebola as bio weapon against West, Spain says

Pan Armenian 4 November 2014

The Spanish government said it is concerned that terrorists could use the Ebola virus as a biological weapon against the West. A close eye is being kept on online chat rooms,


How did Islamists receive American weapons? See the evidence from guided missile that exploded near Syrian front line

The Independent 3 November 2014
By Robert Fisk

Syria’s special forces troops are strung out across a pinnacle of hills here just north east of Lattakia on one of the country’s most dangerous front lines, under daily missile


UN Report On 15,000 Foreigners Joining ISIS Fighters In Syria And Iraq Will Shock You

IBTimes 3 November 2014
By Revathi Siva Kumar

The United Nations warns that foreign converts are joining the Iraq and Syria war in droves on "an unprecedented scale" from countries that had not previously contributed to


Jihadist Jane: Islamic State seeking out women

USA News 3 November 2014

A member of the Iraqi pro-government forces walks in front of flames rising on the horizon south of Baghdad on Oct. 27, 2014, after the forces retook the area from Islamic


Why Islam Attracts the Violent

Israel National News 2 November 2014
By Hugh Fitzgerald

Isn't that the question that ought to be asked all over the Western world? Not to try to say that the mentally ill, who just happen to be converts to Islam, kill people, but that those who are psychically off, if they convert to anything, nowadays will almost certainly to convert to Islam. So what is it about Islam


Indictment on Terrorism Charge Traces Man's Arc From Germany to Syria and Back

Assyrian International News Agency 2 November 2014
By Melissa Eddy

The authorities were watching Ismail Issa when he returned to Germany last year for an unusual shopping spree: four sports watches from the discounter Aldi for 28 euros; 10


We will not be intimidated!

DW 1 November 2014

First there was the attack with a car on two police officers on Montreal, then two days later came the assault on the honor guard of Canada's National War Memorial and shooting


Video: CNN Interviews Yazidi Girl Kidnapped and Raped by Islamic State Terrorists

freebeacon 1 November 2014
By Sam Taylor

A 19-year old Kurdish Yazidi girl who was kidnapped by the Islamic State recounted a harrowing tale of how IS members systematically enslave and rape young girls captured by


The Kurds' Lonely Fight against Islamic State Terror

Spiegel International 1 November 2014
By Ralf Hoppe, Maximilian Popp, Christoph Reuter and Jonathan Stock

The headquarters of one the world's mightiest terrorist organization is located in the mountains northeast of Erbil, Iraq. Or is it the nerve center of one of the Western


ISIS hostage Peter Kassig's family highlights his Muslim faith, humanitarian work in plea for his release

New York Daily News 1 November 2014
By Meg Wagner

The family of an American aid worker held hostage by ISIS testified to their son's faith in a unique appeal for his life. Ed and Paula Kassig — parents of Peter Kassig —


Fearing uprising, Iraq militants hunt ex-police

North West Herald 1 November 2014

The Islamic State group wanted to send a warning against anyone who might plot against its rule. Back when the extremists took over the northern Iraqi city of Mosul in June,


Ban launches campaign to end female genital mutilation

news24 1 November 2014

The UN chief Ban Ki-moon launched on Thursday a global campaign to end the often deadly practice of female genital mutilation within a generation, as survivors said it had


Islamic State conflict: Kurdish fighters arrive in Turkey

BBC 29 October 2014

A group of 150 Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters have arrived in Turkey from where they plan to cross into Syria to battle Islamic State (IS) militants besieging the town of


1,800 radical German Muslims now in Syria, Iraq

The Jerusalem Post 28 October 2014

BERLIN – Germany’s domestic intelligence agency severely underestimated the number of radical German Muslims who are fighting for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, a


ISIS is Islam!

American Thinker 28 October 2014
By G. Murphy Donovan

Barack Obama is given to making extraordinary pronouncements. Many of the more dramatic assertions seldom are based on facts, reason, or reflection. Put aside, if you can, the

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