Turkey: Don't Get Mad, Take Over a Bank

Gatestone Institute 6 February 2015
By Burak Bekdil

Erdogan is raising the stakes, not just to hit Gulen. The way he fights Gulen has a message to present and potential enemies: if you dare to gain my enmity, this is what


The European Secular Right as Defenders of Minorities Against Islam

FrontPage Mag 6 February 2015
By Daniel Greenfield

We’re entering somewhat strange territory here. French gay voters are falling for the Front National’s leader, Marine Le Pen. A survey by the polling firm Ifop indicates


The Great Awakening Has Begun

Citizen Warrior 5 February 2015

FRANCE: Several polls show that more than 70% of the French think Islam is incompatible with democracy and Western civilization. Those polls predate the Charlie Hebdo attack


Sweden's New Approach to Jihadis: Jobs!

Gatestone Institute 5 February 2015
By Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard

It soon appeared that Mona Sahlin seemed more concerned with the well-being of the jihadis than with that of the country's peaceful majority. "If you want to


Indonesia and Nepal threaten to stop sending workers

Star 4 February 2015

PETALING JAYA: Two of the biggest source countries of foreign workers in Malaysia are threatening to stop sending their workers here following steep hikes in visa


The Islam Tax

Political Islam 2 February 2015
By Bill Warner

Look at your next airline ticket and you will find a "Security Fee”. What is the Security Fee that was passed after September 11, 2001? It is an Islam tax. It is more money out of an American’s pocket to pay for the privilege of living with Muslims amongst us.It turns out that we pay an enormous amount of money for


Spain’s hawala network funds ISIS and al-Nusra

Money Jihad 2 February 2015

Intelligence services and Spanish authorities say that with a network of over 250 hawala dealers, Spain has become a financial center for funding terrorists in Iraq and Syria.


Qatar Airways takes $1.7 bln stake in British Airways-owner IAG

full-time whistle 2 February 2015

What next, Buckingham Palace? Is there anything quintessentially British that the Qataris don't want to own? A near-10 per cent chunk of British Airways, via its parent IAG, is


Free speech? Not at four in five UK universities

The Guardian 2 February 2015
By Louise Tickle

According to research by online magazine Spiked 80% of universities have restrictions on free speech – from banning sombreros to excluding the Sun Professor Tom Scotto Spiked


Terror-Supporting Qatar Sinks Its Teeth into the West

Right Side Publications 2 February 2015
By Rachel Molschky

Qatar buys up the West, but its affection for terror groups cannot be ignored… The oil-rich Arab nation of Qatar has bought about 10 percent of International Consolidated


Moderate Muslim Dubai Mandates Separate Cashiers for non-Muslim Foods

creepingsharia. 2 February 2015

While Muslims force Islam and sharia on Western nations, they are simultaneously segregating non-Muslims to the lowest levels in Islamic countries (at least when they aren’t


Finances questioned at Islamic Center in Dearborn

Detroit Free Press 30 January 2015
By Niraj Warikoo

Some board members of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn are accusing the mosque's religious leader of a pattern of financial irregularities, threatening to report


Shame and scandal in Saudi Arabia

Toronto Sun 29 January 2015
By Tarek Fatah

There is a disgraceful spectacle unfolding in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in which some of the leading lights of the West are playing the role of medieval court jesters, singing


Israel shutters 3 Islamic Movement front charities

Money Jihad 26 January 2015

Ruad Al-Aqsa, the Al-Jaffar Fund, and Muslims for Al-Aqsa Association have been raided and closed by Israeli authorities for financing Hamas affiliates. News reports like this


Terror on Twitter: How banned terror organisations are making a mockery of the law on social media 23 January 2015
By Holly Watt

The government moves to ban terrorist organisations, but they continue to spread messages of hate and extremism on social media including Twitter and YouTube. Two terrorist


Websites of At Least 40 Spanish Towns Hacked With ‘I Love ISIS’ Messages

Breitbart 23 January 2015
By Frances Martel

The websites of at least 40 towns and cities in northern Navarre, Spain, were hacked yesterday and replaced with pro-Islamic State messages and a promise that Allah "would


Denmark's "Open Door" and its Limitless Beneficiaries

Gatestone Institute 22 January 2015
By Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard

As Amir Taheri said: If you want to integrate newcomers, you have to get rid of people who make a living out of integrating them. Whether or not the majority if


French security forces to get better weapons to fight terror

The Seattle Times 22 January 2015

French security forces will get better weapons and protection to fight terror and the country will hire 2,600 new counter-terrorism officers, the prime minister announced


Austrian chancellor gives Saudi-backed centre ultimatum

YAHOO! News 22 January 2015

Austria's chancellor threatened Tuesday to withdraw support for a Saudi-financed religious dialogue centre unless it condemns the public flogging of a Saudi blogger that has


Austria's €290m plan to fight terror

The Local Austria 22 January 2015

After a week of intensive discussion triggered by the tragic events in Paris, the Austrian government has announced a package of various measures intended to help it in the

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