Big interest, no interest

The Economist 16 September 2014

AFTER morning coffee but before the keynote speaker came the muezzin’s recitation from the Koran: "Those who consume interest cannot stand except as one stands who is being


9/11 hijackers funding: names and numbers

Money Jihad 13 September 2014

If you follow the money, the men in the middle of the disbursing of funds to the 9/11 hijackers were United Airlines Flight 175 hijacker-pilot Marwan al-Shehhi and a UAE-based


Brits Donate $14.5 Million to 'Gaza Crisis': Where Does It Go?

The Clarion Project 12 September 2014
By Sam Westrop

In early August, most of Britain's broadsheet newspapers published a full-page advertisement for a "Gaza crisis" appeal launched by the Disasters Emergency Committee [DEC], a


Currumbin City Council members getting death threats for supporting proposed mosque plan

Bare Naked Islam 12 September 2014

A Gold Coast City councillor says she’s been threatened with gang-rape and death over a proposed mosque, and Facebook has been protecting the identity of her


Oman fund says working with Bulgaria to solve Corpbank problem

Zawya 11 September 2014

Oman's biggest sovereign wealth fund, the State General Reserve Fund ( SGRF ), is working with the Bulgarian government to try to resolve problems at Corporate Commercial Bank


Muslim students will be offered sharia-friendly student loans by government in bid to get more Islamic pupils to go to...

Daily Mail 11 September 2014
By Lucy Crossley and Alicia Rouse

Muslim students are to be offered Sharia-compliant interest free loans by the government in an attempt to get more Islamic pupils to go to university. Since tuition fees


Hong Kong Raises $1 Billion in Debut Islamic Bond Issue

Bloomberg 11 September 2014
By Elffie Chew

Hong Kong sold $1 billion of sovereign Islamic bonds in its first-ever issue of the securities, attracting orders for 4.7 times the amount on offer. The dollar-denominated


Turkey Refuses to Transfer 'Inhumane' Israeli Gas to Europe

Arutz Sheva 11 September 2014
By Ari Yashar

Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz essentially blackmailed Israel on Tuesday, demanding that the Jewish state make "peace" with the Gaza-based terrorist organization Hamas


Imran Khan says ditch the banks and use hawala

Money Jihad 11 September 2014

The ex-cricket star, political gadfly, and possible future prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is commanding his supporters and their families abroad to send money back and


UN, PA Seek $550 Million for Gaza

Cherson and Molschky 11 September 2014
By Rachel Molschky

The United Nations and Palestinian Authority are seeking $550 million to supposedly rebuild Gaza after Hamas terror instigated a war. As usual, the plea is for humanitarian


How our allies in Kuwait and Qatar funded Islamic State

The Telegraph 9 September 2014
By Andrew Gilligan

In the great jihadi funding bazaar that is the Gulf state of Kuwait, there’s a terror finance option for every pocket, from the private foundations dealing in tens of millions


Officials in Qatar Confirm Detention of Britons Researching Migrant Labor

The New York Times 8 September 2014

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Qatar has confirmed that it is holding two Britons who went missing while researching migrant labor issues, saying that the men are being


Is Qatar the Foremost Supporter of the Islamic State's Sunni Jihad?

Breitbart 8 September 2014
By Jordan Schachtel

Following Al Qaeda’s September 11, 2001 attack against the United States, Qatar’s state-owned Al Jazeera was introduced to the U.S. public as the channel that received the tape


3 Islamic Relief affiliates reliant on Turkey’s IHH

Money Jihad 6 September 2014

The Turkish front charity IHH partnered with either Islamic Relief UK or its parent organization, Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), during earthquake recovery operations in early 2013.


Goldman Sachs Just Gave The Biggest Signal Yet That Islamic Finance Is Going Mainstream

Business Insider 5 September 2014
By Archana Narayanan

DUBAI/KUALA LUMPUR - Goldman Sachs is reviving plans to issue at least $500 million worth of Islamic bonds, a sign that Islamic finance is going mainstream as


Exclusive: Islamic Relief Deutschland partners with Hamas-funding charity in Syria

Money Jihad 5 September 2014

Islamic Relief Deutschland, the German chapter of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), listed the Islamic front charity IHH as an "implementation partner” for a €150,000 aid project


Islamic Debt Seen Funding U.K. Wind Farms to Rail Tracks

Bloomberg 5 September 2014
By Lyubov Pronina

Islamic debt could become a source of funding for U.K. infrastructure projects from wind turbines to high-speed trains and airports as Britain cements its position as the first


Kuwait gives second donation to Islamic ctr in Switzerland

KUNA 4 September 2014

BERN - Kuwait Ambassador to Switzerland Bader Saleh Al-Tunaib handed out Tuesday the second donation of Kuwait Zakat House designated for funding anIslam-awareness center.


Turkey struggles to benefit from study abroad

Al-Monitor 2 September 2014
By Pinar Tremblay

Research shows that studying and working abroad makes you "smarter." The impact of higher education on the economy, the diversity of college campuses and the potential


Britain's Phantom Immigration Menace

Wall Street Journal 28 August 2014

Here they come: Vast hordes of indigent Romanians and Bulgarians, piling into Albion to steal good jobs from native-born Britons—when they're not sponging off taxpayer-funded

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